Snapped titanium hip

Tomball, TX

#22 Jun 4, 2011
Hi I am 42 years old and just found out yesterday that I have severe arthritis in my right hip and a small spur on my femoral head. I have the benefit of having several friends who are orthopedic surgeons. One of those friends reviewed my x-rays with me yesterday on my computer. He says that I could get a femoral head resurfacing procedure done to smooth out the spur, but there have been s number of studies that have found the resurfacing procedure to be less than desirable. Besides, I would still end up getting the total hip to deal with the arthritis.

I am considering getting one of the new ceramic joint hip replacement procedures done. The wear rate is supposed to be a fraction of the wear rate of it's predecessors that are constructed out of metal. I am very bummed out about the whole process, since I am very active. I compete in triathlons, play soccer with my 5 year old, and have played volleyball for 15 years. I may have to pain pill it until for several more years so I can continue with my active lifestyle (minus the running).

Have any of you had ceramic joint hip replacement surgery?

Nampa, ID

#23 Jul 29, 2011
I have a prosthetic leg and yesterday I was walking in the parking lot into a store and the Titanium rod broke in half and of course, I fell and landed on my good hip and pulled muscles in my good leg. Took x-rays but so far no fractures to my hip. Very sore and of course I can't work right now without my leg. Titanium is suppose to be strong enough for a truck to run over it and it not break. I am not over weight either. Has anyone else had this happen to them. It just broke in half between the knee mechanism and the ankle mechanism. I'm interested to hear your story and what you did about it. If I would have fallen in the dark part of the parking lot, I would have been hit.

Torrance, CA

#24 Aug 4, 2011
If you experienced failure of your hip prostheses, you can have it checked by a doctor who specializes with cases like these. A revision surgery may be needed. Such device failures were reported by recipients of DePuy ASR hip implants and a DePuy hip recall was issued.

Indianapolis, IN

#25 Aug 24, 2011
I had a THR on the left hip the end of March. I noticed immediately that my leg was longer. It's actually 3/4" longer and is causing my a lot of pain.
The pain is actually in my right hip and lower back, which the physical therapist said is due to being so uneven. It's painful to do almost anything. I was very active before the THR even though I was in pain, but now my activities are verry limited. I don't seem to be having a problem with the device itself but I feel that the surgeon made a mistake somehow. Wearing a life in my shoe helps me maintain balance somewhat but the leg length discrepancy is causing problems with my back and legs. Any suggestions? Should I consider suing the surgeon? Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks, Joan

United States

#26 Sep 5, 2011
Hi. I had major surgery after a car accident in 2007 (19yrsold), not a total hip replacement but a smaller "hip fracture fixation".

x-ray image below:

I was wondering how this is going to effect any future childbearing? How was your experience with your hip/pelvis during childbirth?

thanks for posting your stories!

San Jose, CA

#27 Sep 26, 2011
When experiencing problems with a hip replacement, your attending surgeon can best explain what happened and will advice you on what action to take in order to address the problem. Patients who had DePuy ASR hip implants are having trouble with their hip devices shortly after their operation. They might need a revision surgery sooner than expected because the devices were reported as defective.

Torrance, CA

#32 Dec 13, 2011
Usually people undergoing Hip replacement either active in sports or are aging and the causes of this because of fractured hips that may lead to hip pains that triggers people to undergo surgery using titanium.

New York, NY

#33 Dec 20, 2011
Medical products, services and treatments which may cause more harm than good should be watched out by doctors and patients. Similar to your titanium hip, DePuy hip replacement device is example of a defective medical product. It extreme cases, these hip devices may completely fail which will result in a more severe health complication. This happens when the device is not attached to the bone correctly; the unit is dislocated and misaligned; and the bone around the implant is fractured. Moreover, defective hip devices may deposit pieces of toxic metal into the patientís bloodstream. The body tissues may also form pseudotumors. Thus, it is vital to have your hip device checked up regularly. See for more information.

Park City, UT

#34 Jan 19, 2012
Just an additional information, news reports have it that there is now an increasing number of DePuy ASR lawsuit filed against Johnson and Johnson because of the defective hip devices they marketed from 2003-2010. Thus, make sure that the medications and medical products you avail are safe, effective and long-lasting. Seek medical advice on this. See .

Utica, NY

#35 Jul 12, 2012
Elle, I also was born with Congenital Hip Displaysia in 1969. I am now 43. I had surgery and a body cast up until I was 3 years old. This is my first hip replacement and I am scared to death. Everyone here says the Dr I have is a really fantastic surgeon and I am sure he is. I am just wondering about the titanium and if it is safe. I have an upcoming appt. as surgery is not until July 31, 2012. I will have to ask some questions.
ELLE wrote:
Hi I had a hip replacement in 2004 at the age of 28 and mine has been really great! I was born with hip dispacia and I wasn't diagnosed until the age of 2. I had 10 major surgeries as a child and have limped my whole life. I started to experience a lot of pain after the birth of my firstborn in 2002. I went to a specialist in Iowa and he did an amazing job. My weird question is does anybody know if with a titanium hip replacement you can use a tanning bed? Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

Langdon, Canada

#36 Aug 7, 2012
I had a hemi arthroplasty done in February 2011 due to a fall...immediate recovery went well however about every 3 months my hip went into a lock position and the pain was unreal,all I could do was try to walk it out with assistance and cry,now this pain is occuring at least once every few days ,especially when I walk,,the whole groin muscle hurts and the whole hip area, and literally I feel like passing out,,I have become physically ill in a store due to the intense pain and immobility,,my Dr says it is all in my head hahaha wished it was cause then I could take a tylenol and have releif,,plz if anyone has experienced this excruciating pain plz reply as I am now terrified to walk far even in a store,,getting in and out of a car is a lengthy process with pain thanks
John Abiel

New York, NY

#37 Aug 9, 2012
Severe health risks and complications may be caused by a defective medical device. Just like the recalled products of Johnson&Johnson's subsidiary company, DePuy Orthopaedics Inc.

Flawed hip implants may set down small pieces of toxic metal into the clientís circulatory system. Furthermore, pseudotumors may also be developed in the body tissues.

See for more information.

Langdon, Canada

#38 Aug 9, 2012
John Abiel wrote:
Severe health risks and complications may be caused by a defective medical device. Just like the recalled products of Johnson&Johnson's subsidiary company, DePuy Orthopaedics Inc.
Flawed hip implants may set down small pieces of toxic metal into the clientís circulatory system. Furthermore, pseudotumors may also be developed in the body tissues.
See for more information.
Hi,,can this problem be intermittent,,today was the worst,pain nauseau and could not walk, my doctor who refuses to order x rays says take tylenol but I feel there is more to this pain,my groin muscles are sore and the attact occured at 10 am today and the dull ache still remains so I cannot eat walk or handle this much longer,,plz send any suggestions tylenol is like candy as it does not releive pain and again Dr will not prescribe and pain meds even though the last time I had a narcoti was after the surgery in february 2011 HELP Plz and Thanks


#39 Aug 18, 2012
Peter wrote:
i had a total hip replacement 2.5 years ago. It was great once i healed from the initial procedure. i resumed a normal active life. About 3 weeks ago the neck part of the stem snapped. I had to have a revision which involved fracturing the femur to extract the stem that had fused very nicely to the bone. Every doctor that I spoke to says they have never seen this. Apparently titanium is one of the strongest materials made. I'm interested in knowing if anybody else has suffered the same misfortune as me and what the explanation was.
Hi Peter: Your situation matches mine almost identically, only I had my first operation 4 1/2 yrars ago. I had an operation one month ago and it will be a slow recovery, as the doctors said.

Langdon, Canada

#40 Aug 18, 2012
jo-anne wrote:
I had a thr 3 yrs. ago. Almost a year to the day I received a recall for the titanium screw, the company cheaped out on the metal . I have Pain worse somedays than before I had the surgery. Have been told by my surgeon and doc. no need for concern, what about my quality of life and the rest of my body. Sick and tired of companies making billions of dollars and not caring about human life.

My thr was done in february 2010 and these last few weeks the pain is unreal and makes me sick,,but the doctors all think it is in my head they say walk it off,,some d have this happen to themays I am caught off gaurd and literally cry and vomit in a mall,,so how that can be in my head I have no idea,,these painful episodes began about 3 months after surgery and were not too often,,now a few times a week so my life feels like it is over as I know it,,,maybe my doctor needs a new screw in her head,,old one obviously came loose,,anyone else

Lakeport, CA

#41 Aug 24, 2012
Had bilateral hip replacements 8 yrs ago. Depuy, titanium on titanium. in the last 6 mos have had recurring near slip-out of right femoral head. It rides up and jams for 1-5 seconds and then pops back into place. always on the inside groin side of the hip. has happened once when sitting, with leg relaxed out, and once in bed laying on back w/leg slightly out to right side, and once while doing leg stretches on back. But majority of jamming has been while standing with weight on left leg, or is process of shifting weight back and forth. This has been maybe 6-8 more times. Very unpredictable and PAINFUL! Also now feel clicks in two spots--at 12:00 and 6:00, roughly, when I stand with equal weight distribution and rotate my pelvis counter clockwise. have none of these symptoms in left hip. have seen my surgeon and am waiting to have MRI and get blood results back. My muscle tone in legs is good. only other thing is that over the years when I lean on a counter and take weight off my rt leg I have felt the titanium head sort of clanking around a bit. left side had a little of that, but much less than right.
Has anyone else gone thru something like this--riding up and jamming of the head on edge of socket? Any successful PT that can correct this? Seems like the problem is femoral head size is too small and might need to be replaced... but I really don't want to go thru that surgery if at all possible.
My doc said there could be fluid building up which could cause ball to 'float' out to edge of socket.

Dublin, OH

#42 Aug 31, 2012
It is best for you to have this monitored by your doctor from time to time or check for a possible revision. Yeah titanum are considered strong that's why I wonder why it snapped. Check
Roy Sokolowski

Kailua, HI

#44 Nov 1, 2012
Brian wrote:
<quoted text>
Hi Peter: Your situation matches mine almost identically, only I had my first operation 4 1/2 yrars ago. I had an operation one month ago and it will be a slow recovery, as the doctors said.
My friend just had his titanium hip snap (below the ball near where it attaches to the thigh bone). It snapped at the thickest part of the titanium.

Queensbury, NY

#45 Nov 2, 2012
About child bearing. My advice is this, interview your doctor carefully, tell them about your replacement and that you need a little TLC for it the first time around. Generally I had a little trouble in my later stages of pregnancy with my hip being comfortable. Yes in the late stages most women are not comfortable, I mean specifically my hip had a lot more pressure especially the night I went into labor.

When you gain weight, try to be on the lighter side, if your doctor says exercise is OK, do stretching exercises mostly, careful of your range of motion. If you want a waterbirth, seek out a midwife instead of a traditional doctor. Other than that, childbirth, with a hip replacement is really no big deal. Enjoy. Email me at litleelf (at) if you have other questions.....

Queensbury, NY

#46 Nov 2, 2012

You need a new doctor that listens to you. Has your first doctor even seen you or crated your hip? Honestly it kind of sounds like my first failure.....


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