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#166 Jan 23, 2013
Hi everyone I had bilingual hernia done last match and even up to today I get pain in my groin now and than, it's still numb well a little and I get the tingly feeling of something pulling especially on my right groin where it was cut more. Went back to surgeons they said nothing to do with them, last week did MRI let's hope it's nothing serious.

Ascot Vale, Australia

#167 Jan 23, 2013
i had my hernia on my right side 8 months ago i am still haveing pins and needles sensatoin down both legs

Port Saint Lucie, FL

#168 Feb 4, 2013
Iam a female and had open hernia repair surgery over 6 months ago. I still don't have feeling in my left pelvic area. I am numb and have feeling of pins and needles.I am afraid I won't get feeling back.

Saint Louis, MO

#169 Feb 23, 2013
Has been two and a half months since surgery. Originally recovered fine for about five weeks. Then the inguinal one started hurting and it continues to hurt. Wakes me at night when I turn over. If I do anything physical at all, I pay for it later. Rode my stationary bike the other day for a light thirty minute work out. Pain in the evening was 7 or 8 on a scale of 10. See my surgeon again in early March. Will let you know what happens.

Rotherham, UK

#170 Mar 6, 2013
After surgery for hernia, now over a year, I am experiencing a tearing sensation in the groin, it come and goes. As a mesh was used I the earlier surgery I wonder if this is coming away?

Santa Barbara, CA

#171 Mar 20, 2013
Journey wrote:
Doc, I'm a 25 y/o woman. I had an inguinal hernia on my left side. I'm too thin for the mesh, so they used my muscle tissue to repair it and one of my veins had been "cut" accidentally and they tied it off. The surgery was a month ago, and the numbness is still very much there. Any thoughts of when it will go away, if at all?
How did you know you were too thin for mesh implant? My husband is very thin and was not told he couldn't have the mesh, so he had it implanted and now is in extreme pain, where it is not numb. Did your doctor advise you against mesh?

United States

#172 Apr 7, 2013
Mindy wrote:
My husband had hernia operation for a right ingurnial hernia repair in 2003 by laprpscopic his scars are 2 his left side one above his belly button none on the right since the operation he suffers from chronic pain on both side of his body also has numbness along right leg he has burning sensation piercing aching and throbing across the waist line all this from the operation
I would like to know of there is any one out there who has had the same complications as my husband has pls be free to contact me
[email protected] Or even any help someone has to offer
im sorry to hear what happened. I had hernia surgery in July of 2000 over the years the pain is so severe. I had the hernia on my lower right side near my groin area. Any light touches what so ever makes the pain worse. It's very hypersensitive. The pain feels like 100 needles stabbing u. It's a sharp pain burning pain stabbing pain. They have sent me to physical therapy couldn't do it. Bio feedback couldn't do it acupuncture no help two nerve blocks no help so now I take 115 mg of oxycodone a day for pain I have to take meds to sleep and now I have an anxiety disorder. I feel your pain. It ruins your life. No surgery can fix it. I just had my social security disability hearing on April 2nd 2013. It only lasted about ten minutes. Now waiting on a decision. Yes it is a very rare condition but it is real. My doctors call it ilioinguinal nerve neuroma or allodynia. I can no longer drive nor work nothing. It has affected my family financially over the years. I have a wonderful wife and understanding kids. There is something I found somewhat helpful. Type in HERNIA BIBLE. research that. Very good information. Just keep going to the doctors. File for disability if you can't work. God bless you n your family. No one should have to live like this. I am a former Marine and had this surgery while I was on active duty. Remember nerve damage doesn't show up on X-rays ct scans or MRI'S. SEMPER FI.

Morden, UK

#173 Apr 17, 2013
A little surprised you added this comment,a question was asked not a complaint, we all have problems some very small some massive and life changing but we are all allowed to ask advice no matter what.Grow up and realise we are all entitled to seek advice.

Monomoy Island, MA

#174 Apr 23, 2013
anthony wrote:
i had very large left ingunial hernia repair in aug. 07. it was emergency surgery, er doc suspected strangulation because of the pain i had. injury occurred nov 99. i had no insurance so i ignored for years. around may 07 pain and size of the hernia increased. it looked like i had a softball in my scrotum. operation was open with stitches to repair the tear and mesh patch. i'm still in constant pain. i've had mri ct ultrasound all of which show nothing wrong. after incurring 20+ thousand for the surgery hospital stay all the tests, i decided i had enough and just dealt with the pain. several nerve blockers were tried but nothing worked. its been a year since i've last seen a doc about this.the pain is now unbearable i hope nobody else has to go through this hell
Hi, I had the hernia surgery about 15 months ago, i still have the numbness, but i also have been experiencing severe pain lately after lifting heavy objects, I t was so bad the other day i had to go to the emergency room for a cat scan, Yhe other problems that i have is sexual dysfuntion, weight loss, shooting pain down my leg,I have to make an appt today to see my doc, but after talking to him, he acted like i should just go away, I will keep you posted, good luck

Portal, GA

#175 May 14, 2013
Numbness after hernia op wrote:
My hernia op was nearly two weeks ago and the only thing I still suffer with is the numbness but I'm not really sure what this is.
Is it to combat other pain or is it an anasthetic that has yet to wear off?.
The hernia was on the right hand side just above the groin and the numbness is in my right thigh. I'm not particularly noticing it getting any better and after walking it can sometimes get painful.
Is there anyone who still suffers from this or how long did other people's numbness last for?.
Its because they have to cut the cutaneous nerves to get to the hernia. These nerves usually regenerate.

Dr G

Saint Petersburg, FL

#176 May 16, 2013
Surgery was 3 months ago, still totally numb

Orlando, FL

#177 May 31, 2013
Numbness after hernia op wrote:
My hernia op was nearly two weeks ago and the only thing I still suffer with is the numbness but I'm not really sure what this is.
Is it to combat other pain or is it an anasthetic that has yet to wear off?.
The hernia was on the right hand side just above the groin and the numbness is in my right thigh. I'm not particularly noticing it getting any better and after walking it can sometimes get painful.
Is there anyone who still suffers from this or how long did other people's numbness last for?.
yes i feel excatly the same , and has been 1 year.
Im investigating to its normal or not .
Hopefully i ll find a answer .

United States

#178 Jun 3, 2013
Nandee wrote:
<quoted text>
Me, too! After inguinal surgery (double hernia) 2 weeks ago, still the numbness in the thigh. From what I have been told, not serious. However it is annoying! Accupuncture relieves it for a day or two.... Good luck!
I had the double surgery too. Numbness on both sides at first. Then on the left side only, after 5 weeks. Hope it goes away, but feels the same as the beginning.

Agnaya, Philippines

#179 Jun 9, 2013
2 weeks from now. I undergo a surgical operation inguinal hernia on my right side.. theres a little bit of pain in my right testes. Is it normal? please answer any one. thank you..


#180 Jun 15, 2013
I had double open inguinal hernia repair 8 days ago. Ended up going private at the NHS waiting list was ridiculous. Anyway first few days were really grim and coughing, laughing sneezing were excruciating!!! I also have numbness in the whole of my lower abdomen which I'm not really too bothered about. Thing I'm bothered about is the burning/stabbing pain. It's intermittent but seems to hit you all of a sudden and is very near unbearable at times! I only get this in one side. Is this likely to go away in time?? It's driving me nuts!!! Any help would be much appreciated! Joe

Hillsboro, OR

#181 Jun 19, 2013
I had an open inguinal hernia (not laparoscopic) op 7 weeks ago on left side. While everything looks pretty good, whenever the area around the incision is pressed upon, like with pants, belts, bending over maybe, I feel sharp needle-like pain in that area. Doctors still act vague about it and say give it a little more time, wait for sutures to dissolve...but very frustrating and annoying and physically limiting. Has anyone else had this, only in that area, not down the legs or anywhere else?

Sheffield, UK

#182 Jul 2, 2013
I had surgery 6 weeks ago and now I've got another hernia,I said its in the same place but the doctor says this ones a femoral hernia the other one was a inguinal hernia,so annoying

Chicago, IL

#183 Jul 7, 2013
Hey buddy I just had surgury on my hernia it was open and the dr put mesh there. I was wondering if you have went thru anything like I am
•Does it look like you have a golfball in your sack?
•When will the pain whenever you walk go away
If you could tell me the answers like what you experienced I would like to know I'm worries I have never had any kind of surgury before thanks

United States

#184 Jul 9, 2013
Had surgery 20 days ago and still feeling the burning sensation and pins and needles sensation just under my incision down to the base of my penis and into my legs. Read alot on this and hoping that over time it just goes away. Going in two days to the doc to ask alot of questions. This buring sensation is terrible. Ready for it to be over and back to normal. I was at a 1 on pain scale with the tiny hernia, and now I am in a 4 to 5 all day every day. totally not worth it. Hoping from what I read that it will go away soon, but feeling really scared. If you have had the burning feeling will you post and just say about how long it took to go away? Thanks

North Richland Hills, TX

#185 Jul 12, 2013
I has a livers transplant in 2007 and it was numb til 2011-2012 like 5-6 years and this July 1, 2013 i had a hernia repair and it numb.
By my experience the numb will go away in 5-6 year

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