Numbness After Surgery Inguinal Herni...

Centreville, VA

#22 Oct 23, 2009
You should not be complaining about numbness in the groin. You do not have pain?

Howie Greene
John E Australia

Brisbane, Australia

#23 Nov 1, 2009
I had open inguinal hernia repair done 8 days ago on the right side. It was made clear to me that the nerves directly under the 8 inches incision were to be removed to avoid complications so I'm guessing that's a pre that many surgeons take. I had no mesh, just dissolving stitches beneath a dirty great line of staples going from the base of my stalk almost to the hip. My cross dressing catwalk days showing the Aussie summer slims are over, but apart from a bit of soreness/tightness I'm looking forward to flying my hangglider again without risk of my guts falling into the trees on takeoff. Good Luck


#24 Nov 17, 2009
A General Surgeon wrote:
I am a general surgeon. Your numbness is most likely due to a ligated ilioinguinal or iliohypogastric nerve. They are senosory nerves located around the spermatic chord. Some surgeons, including myself, will routinely section or cut the nerves in an effort to try to prevent nerve entrapment syndrome which affects roughly 30% of all hernia repairs. Most patients are pain free in 6 weeks but for some the pain and discomfort are very debilitating. The nerves are sensory, so they don't effect muscle strength. They have nothing to do with sexual function. Most randomized studies on chronic nerve pain show no difference in pain scores after 3 weeks or so. There is a slightly decreased incidence of short term pain. The going theory is that the nerves get caught up in the inflammatory process associated with the mesh leading to nerve entrapment and chronic pain. Some surgeons will selectively cut the nerves dependending on where they are in association with the mesh. Typical human healing is 6-8 wks. If you have not regained sensation by then, it is likely you will not.
<quoted text>
Can anyone help me find a surgeon in the Sacramento (California) area who specializes in repair of hernia repair. I had hernia repair many years ago. Over the years I've experienced, what I call, flair ups. Episodes of discomfort and pain located mostly in the right testicle area. I've learned that if I rest and take it easy, these episodes will pass. However, this past May I severely aggravated this area and have been in pain ever since. My GP said I should learn to live with the pain. I'm 53 yrs old, physically fit and very active but have been unable to return to my active lifestyle. Living with the pain seems to be less and less of an option. I want to consult an expert in hernia repair of this type. I would appreciate help in this matter

United States

#25 Nov 17, 2009
I had Laporoscopic inguinal hernia surgery on Nov 10, 2009. Just now I noticed around my incision is numb. Im on here doing some research and am finding out I am not the only one, which is a relief and I guess it happens and is normal.

Selden, NY

#26 Nov 28, 2009
hernia surgery almost 2 yrs ago. Always in pain,but it seems worse lately. Surgeon says all is ok, other surgeons will not see me. If I start running/walking--will this help stretch scar tissue? Pain mgmnt did not help. Not sure what to do now.

Cape Coral, FL

#27 Nov 28, 2009
Frank wrote:
hernia surgery almost 2 yrs ago. Always in pain,but it seems worse lately. Surgeon says all is ok, other surgeons will not see me. If I start running/walking--will this help stretch scar tissue? Pain mgmnt did not help. Not sure what to do now.
Hey Frank, my surgery was a year and a half ago and my discomfort and numbness only started two months ago. I run 3 to 4 miles daily and I think things feel better.
To be honest, some days are just fine with almost no discomfort and other days can really suck.
Sounds like we have a lot of company here.

Tinley Park, IL

#28 Dec 4, 2009
Had open Bi-lateral inguinal surgery 15 days ago....The ilio nerves were cut...I can deal with the numbness, as a matter of fact the left side feels fine but the right side inner thigh feels tight/pulling with some burning sensation. I have read in this forum a 6-8 week healing time. So i am wondering if the burning/pulling is consistent with the healing time. Any one?

Dublin, Ireland

#29 Jan 15, 2010
Hi everyone. I am a 19 y/o male from Scotland. I was due to go in for a inguinal hernia repair (right side) only 3 days ago but pulled out at the very last minute. I pulled out because when the surgeon came to see me on the day (very briefly) he told me that due to the nerve severing that would have to be carried out (illioinguinal nerve) that i would be left with permenant numbness around the scar and also permenant numbness down the left side of my scrotum. I was quite shocked and worried by this so decided to pull out as this was the first I was told about it. Have any of you had this procedure done and been left with permenant numbness on the penis causing problems/decrease in sexual functions (reduced sensitivity in the penis, problems with erections or problems with ejaculating). My hernia is small and not major so i can live with it for now but being told about the permenant numbness in the penis was a big shock so i'm now going back to a surgical consulant to see if this numbness in the scrotum can be avoided because I really don't want to leave this op on stand by any longer because it will eventually have to get done.

Stamford, CT

#30 Jan 16, 2010
I had open inguinal hernia surgery two months ago (mid-November). My recovery seemed to be going fine and I felt I was almost home free. But for the last week, I've been feeling a lot of discomfort in the area, similar to like before the surgery. Should I be concerned about a recurrence this early?

Tinley Park, IL

#31 Jan 25, 2010
Update from my December 4th post. and response to Michael. I was neglecting to do my post operative stretching soon as I started within 2 weeks my pain/burning went away. Needless to say this is a very important part of the heeling process...SO DO YOUR EXERCISES...As for decrease in sexual functions....the answer is no. i too had the illioinguinal nerve severed.....I have experienced numbness at the incisions as well as surface numbness around them but nothing along the shaft or sensitive areas helping erection.(Did they TELL YOU it would create permenant numbness in the penis?).
Michael, this is one of those things that is hard (excuse the pun) to convince someone of so tread lightly get another opinion and well wishes to you from across the pond.

Streetsboro, OH

#32 Feb 23, 2010
severe numbness is sometimes just as bad a pain,it makes it extremly hard to shave and beleive it or not it hurts.It feel like pins and needles.So I dont think its fair for you to come down on somebody for whats bothering them.
Scott SE Florida

United States

#33 Feb 23, 2010
Had Inguinal hernia surgery littel more than two weks ago. Initially has severe nerve pain from kneecap up to mid thigh area for the first 10 days. The Piercing pain when moving or stretching has now subsided, however still numb. Hopefully this is s good sign that nerve is healing and umbnes wil go away. I have gone back to gym working very light and when i did machine squats my thighs craped up immediately. Is this a nerve issue? Please post your progress with regards to thigh numbness going away or not? Get well, be healthy...

Tinley Park, IL

#34 Feb 23, 2010
Scott..did you have the ilio nerve cut? that is what some doctors do and if so numbness will be there for awhile. as for the pain you are describing I found that when I did my post operative exercises that went away...did you get a sheet of exercises to do?
Scott SE Florida

United States

#35 Mar 1, 2010
wayne wrote:
Scott..did you have the ilio nerve cut? that is what some doctors do and if so numbness will be there for awhile. as for the pain you are describing I found that when I did my post operative exercises that went away...did you get a sheet of exercises to do?
The doctor never told me that he had to cut the nerve, he just stated when i went for post op visit that it could take up to 6 weeks to get better. However I have good news, as of today the numbness on the left side of my right thigh is gone, with numbness still going across the top of the thigh from inside left to the right side of the kneecap. I have been going to the gym regularly and you are correct the piercing pain is gone now. So I only have the numbness hurdle to contend with.
I was also thinking about the scar tissue that grows over the mesh. Doesn't it make sense to start exercising asap so that the scar tissue builds up in a flexibile way. My Dr said not to exercise for 6 weeks but I felt strong enough to go after 2 weeks just doing very light and 10 days later I am lifting a little heavier weights and doing light squats. This seems to me like it would help build scar tissue that if flexible and based on exercising. Whereas if you wait 6 weeks then the scar tissue build up is like cement and thus probably why i see alot of comments posted about lingering pain in the area even years after surgery. is there a correlation?Scott

Tinley Park, IL

#36 Mar 1, 2010
First off...congrats on the loss of is a good feeling to experience the healing right?..As for the assumption and correlation between flexible and non flexible scaring...that is well beyond me...Everything I read basically indicated that once the surgery is done it is stronger than the day before the surgery..IE once it is surgically repaired it is indeed better than the Hernia condition. the 6 week time frame would certainly indicate that the doctors would want you to have some precaution concerning getting right back into the gym.. Since my gym days are behind me the 6 week do nothing time frame was relatively easy to cope with except pushing the snow blower and lifting heavy sand bags, i have tried my best to just stretch and stay away from lifting. the best thing I read someone say about this was 'what a drag to have to go through this surgery again cause of being impatient". So with that good luck stay light with the weights for a little longer and God Speed your healing.

Las Vegas, NV

#37 Mar 8, 2010
After reading all the previous posts, here is my story. 50+y/o
I had surgery last monday 3/1 morning. felt no pain after outpatient surgery. ate that afternoon. plenty of fluids (mostly h2o) the marcaine the surgeon used around the bilateral inguinal hernia sites wore off around 9pm that night. pain was substancial and didnt sleep all that night. next day started the Rx of lortab. pain was no problem after that. ate lightly next few days. then thursday night following surgery, decided to quit the lortab due to the itching of my scalp area. I delt with the minor pain. Friday morning started new pain in groin area...felt like the edge of mesh was made of metel and every time I rolled over, biting pain in groin. then the agony of the first b/m. was on toilet a long time. no stool softeners prescribed or even consulted about. Second b/m the next monrning (sat) was fast and painless. still off pills over weekend, itching subsided but Sunday night/Monday morning couldn't sleep from this pain as described above. Took 1 lortab and fell asleep. Monday morning now and itching is back. pain is still there. area around incisions still numb and a little puffy. will see dr tomorrow (1 wk,1day after operation) appointment was originally set for 3 wks after. will let you know what I find out.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#38 Mar 15, 2010
I had my operation for a right inguinal hernia over a year ago. I also experienced numbness but it did not bother me at all. About a year later I would get a barely felt pain upon defecating but only sometimes. I never took any pain medications after the operation. Somebody who is knowledgeable advised me to exercise my abdominal muscles and I do. I still feel my operation was a success. And it was fully covered by my insurance which is a government one.

Framingham, MA

#39 Mar 30, 2010
Had hernia op this March 2010. Having problem with right thigh. It is numb and sometimes burns.
How long does this last.

Framingham, MA

#40 Mar 30, 2010
Had hernia surgery on March 2010. They put mesh in I guess there was a hole that had to be coveed. I am having trouble with my right thigh. It get's very numb.

Centreville, VA

#41 Mar 30, 2010
Go to Dr. Goodyear's board and see my post of recommended doctors. Some are from the student advisory blog panel at CASE WESTERN RESERSVE

Dr. Ramshaw
Dr. Shirin Towfigh
etc. Dr. Peter S. Billing, Edmonds, WA

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