Laparoscopic Inguinal Hernia Repair ...

Kent, WA

#102 Apr 7, 2009
I would see these surgeon mentioned on various baords

1. Dr. Shirin Towfigh at Cedar Sinai
2. Dr. Todd Heniford Carolina's Medical Center
3. Dr. Kevin Petersen Las Vegas
4. Dr. David Grischkin, Hernia Center Cleveland
5. Dr. Peter Billing near Seattle WA

I could name more but cannot at this time.
James H

Chino, CA

#103 Apr 7, 2009
Can somebody let me know how they were able to get documentable medical proof that the mesh had "balled up"? This is from a laprocsopic surgery (bilatteral, inegual). I would very much like to have the mesh removed. The Doctor used 7 Helicoil tacks to secure it. Having these removed as well would be essential, as I can feel them stabbing me daily. It is like having a thorn from a rose bush stuck in my groing under the skin where I can do nothing but push it in.
Chris A LEH NJ


#104 Apr 8, 2009
does Dr. James Goodyear do a proceedure to remove adhesions post open bilateral inguinal hernia with mesh laser surgery,or should I look into having the mesh remved and the modified shouldice method performed.Will scar tissur reoccure over time and cause the burning and tearing pain

San Diego, CA

#105 Apr 9, 2009
JJW wrote:
If you peopple would lose weight and stop drinking cokes and coffee your hernia would stop hurting. Plastic does not hurt you thats an email hoax from long ago.
this is your opinion however I am not over weight nor do I drink or smoke but have an inguinal hernia

Seattle, WA

#106 Apr 9, 2009
Do not see Dr. Goodyear to remove adhesions. I think Texan listed the correct surgeons.

Kenmore, WA

#107 Apr 11, 2009
I don't think Dr. Goodyear does anything to remove adhesions from a lap repair.

Please email me at [email protected]

I can discuss this better and tell you what I know

Seattle, WA

#108 Apr 12, 2009
Happy Easter
[email protected]

Lancaster, PA

#109 Apr 12, 2009
I had triple lap hernia repair 5 months ago and just this week while swimming I felt nerve twitches down my left leg. Then while running it was worse and now just walking my left leg almost drops out from under me due to the shooting pain. I'm very discouraged that after five months it would start to disable me. My triathlon season is just starting and am very worried that this couple sideline me. I'll be calling my surgeon tomorrow to have him evaluate.

Seattle, WA

#110 Apr 12, 2009
Christ has risen today!( But actually a little more than 2000 years ago)!

Pray that we all find the right doctors to treat our pain.
Mesh can contract!! That's why there is some clinical trials going on as indicated by Dr. Bruce Ramshaw. I think the Carolinas medical center is participating. Please read this board for the best surgeons. Insist they do there job and go back in for a complete laparoscopic diagnostic. It can be quite gruesome as they need to avoid the various arteries. Is Parietex the answer or could it be Timesh as a replacement? I don't know but there is a problem of extreme shrinkage with polypropylene.
Nixa Man

Springfield, MO

#111 Apr 15, 2009
It's nice to find this site.

I had bilateral inguinal Hernia repair with Mesh last August. After the normal 4 -6 weeks of recovery, I still had chronic pain. I was sent to pain management, had 3 injections, 8 weeks of physical therapy and now use a TENS unit.

My pain management doctor agreed that he has tried every thing and that something else is going on and sent me back to my surgeon. My surgeon has now refereed me to a Dr. Bruce Ramshaw in Columbia Mo, to discuss the removal of the mesh.

Is there been any complications from removing the mesh? If they remove it what do they normally do to repair the orginal problem.

Alexandria, VA

#112 Apr 15, 2009
You may have mesh migration. Can you ask Dr. Ramshaw if he uses Timesh or Rebound HRD

Washington, DC

Bremerton, WA

#113 Apr 15, 2009
Yea Nixa Man, ask Dr. Ramshaw about Rebound HRD!!!
Nixa Man

Springfield, MO

#114 Apr 15, 2009
Thanks. I will definitely ask him. Dr. Ramshaw is suppose too be one of the best. He specialize in Hernia Complications. I see him on April 29th. I will report back what he says.
Chris A LEH NJ


#115 Apr 16, 2009
I am going to the pain management doctor to get injections,hopefully that will cool down or erase the nerves memory.The pain comes on bad when I walk or have to do physical work.I hope this works and I can do work without it being painful.

Alexandria, VA

#116 Apr 16, 2009
Rebound HRD may be the next innovation. Can somebody ask Dr. Ramshaw? It wasn't right for Goodyear to more or lesss pooh pooh it!!

I don't know, I really don't know
charles j brainard

Richardson, TX

#117 Apr 20, 2009
Uri wrote:
<quoted text>
this is your opinion however I am not over weight nor do I drink or smoke but have an inguinal hernia
Anyone reading this; Don't bother replying to JJW. He's getting to be fairly well known for going to various sites and stirring things up. He's just some poor lonely slob who's got a lot of opinions and no real knowledge. Feel sorry for him, but don't reply.
charles j brainard

Richardson, TX

#118 Apr 20, 2009
Restaurant Man wrote:
But you are not talking about an inguinal hernia
There is somebody posting about the National Meshoma Foundation. I can't find it and maybe it is a lie.
There is a guy trying to establish it. I've talked to him and he's a very sincere person. He's had horrible complications from mesh procedures himself. There are lots of people suffering from this procedure and the biggest problem is it's being under-reported by doctors because they're so afraid of lawsuits they won't confirm anything (my opinion, I don't know if he shares it). If your doctor isn't giving you reasonable answers, find another one, and then another one if you have to. This is a real issue and it has to come out in the open. DO NOT GIVE UP! I live in Florida whose healthcare system was rated 50th out of 51 (Wash. D.C. was included)in the U.S. in a multi-college study and I'm still trying after a little over 2 years of this.
Good luck all.

Alexandria, VA

#119 Apr 20, 2009
National Meshoma Foundation: Someone may have had a website established temporarily and now it's down. I don't know why they took it off. You would think with all the people posting, everyone could have contributed a little money to keep it up. Then on the other hand, I never found it either. I tried emailing a couple of people who talked about it but they never returned my emails. This is odd, very odd.
Maybe you can go to Dr. Goodyear's website and ask if anyone else had seen it on his North Penn Discussion Board.


Auckland, New Zealand

#120 Apr 23, 2009
i had a right inguinal hernia repair yesterday morning and now my right scrotal sack is very inflamed and full of fluid and air is this normal it is twice the size of the left scrotal sack . should i be worrying ?? my email is [email protected]

Rapid City, SD

#121 Apr 25, 2009
jesse wrote:
i had a right inguinal hernia repair yesterday morning and now my right scrotal sack is very inflamed and full of fluid and air is this normal it is twice the size of the left scrotal sack . should i be worrying ?? my email is [email protected]
Give it some time. Carbon dioxide gas is used during your surgery and this will track into your scrotum.

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