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David Skipp

Mount Dora, FL

#520 Jun 28, 2011
I recently had a hernia repair lapascopically. The surgeon clipped an artery with the tricor and I had a large hematoma in my stomach. I did not have to have a blood transfusion but came close. I had extensive bruising of my testicles as well as the lower part of my body. I was not able to sit down for a week and took painkillers once every four hours. The bruising and swelling was very painful and extensive. It has taken me three weeks to recover.

Since: Jul 11

Pompano Beach, FL

#521 Jul 8, 2011
James wrote:
<quoted text>
I've had 3 open repairs and one lap, and I now by far prefer lap. However, each case is specific, and you need to ensure your lap surgeon is well experienced in hernia repair. Studies are back and forth on rates of recurrence, complications, etc.
Laparoscopic Hernia repair has a lot of failures when the mesh is placed on top of the Hernia. The Brittish recommend a new procedure wherein a light compatible mesh is placed inside the hernia abdominal walls like an automotive inside tire patch. This repair has more success because the abdominal wall send tendrils into the mesh and makes it a part of the abdominal wall.
I would not do the regular Laparoscopic Hernia Repair performed in US where it is placed outside and stapled to sensitive tissues.
I would not recommmend sex or activity for two months after hernia repair it puts a lot of stress on the repair, even though the doctors say you are ready for action in a week. That is a lot of BS.
The world is full of bs.
Be carefull, Laparoscopic Hernia repair is BIG BUSINESS.

Since: Jul 11

Pompano Beach, FL

#522 Jul 8, 2011
Bilateral Laparoscopic Hernia Repair Failure

I had bilateral Laparoscopic balloon hernia repair in I believe it was 2004. The repair has failed and I am headed for another repair.

When I googled the procedure originally there were glowing reports of the procedure by all Doctors. This is a money making procedure and they are not going to tell you that it fails between 5 and 10 yrs. After the procedure I researched and found a site with over 1200 posts of people complaining that this type of repair caused all kinds of sexual complications and pain that passed after a year. After that they had problems with the repair. Most notably total failure in a few years.

I researched it lightly again and found that the mesh on outside has a very high failure rate that is not discussed and blocked. I saved the site on three computers and printed the URL and a week later looked for it but it had disappeared.

Here is a link to Brittish Method. Save it because it might disappear and you will probably need it in a few years.
Another Jeff

Trumansburg, NY

#523 Jul 8, 2011
A number of leading US hernia surgeons DO recommend and perform the kind of surgery described here... And, some of them have written and published about this. E.g., B. Todd Heniford, George Ferzli, Bruce Ramshaw...

all best...

Since: Jul 11

Pompano Beach, FL

#524 Jul 8, 2011
ETR wrote:
I live in Philadelphia, PA. I am 27 years old, 6'1, 170lbs and always been an athlete/exerciser. I had a laproscopic inguinal hernia surgery on my left groin in 09/09. Everything had gone well in the past year until several months ago I had shooting pains near my incision (as if the hernia was trying to pop through the mesh again). Within the past month, the pain is now in my left testicle, and the pain is absolutely unbearable- I cannot sit for 10+ minutes without pain, and thus my work life and general quality of life is miserable. I saw my PCP and he said all is fine; I saw the surgeon who did it and he too said everything is fine and I should "live my life." I went to see a urologist to make sure everything with the testicles is fine, and all MRI/ultrasound came back normal so it's definitely related to the hernia surgery. I've read every post on here and am worried if I have adhesions, nerve entanglement, etc; literally the pain in my testicle is unreal! And I am on Naproxen(500mg) and Codeine (325mg) and the pain does not diminish.
Does anyone have recommendations? Any specialists in/around Philadelphia? I am convinced my pain is b/c of the hernia and I am desperate for anything. I dont'w know what to do from this point?? My e-mail address is Thank you for ANY help!!
Go to a third doctor and have him check you for Hernia. Do not go to original doctors. I had this same problem and the doc could not find the hernia. Today I went and insisted he check my left nut. He pushed in with his finger and it was so painfull I shouted. He is now convinced my Bilateral Laparoscopic Balloon Hernia repair in '04 or '06 has failed. I am going into surgery again to repair it.

There are problems with the titanium staples they use. If staples not placed precisely they interfere with genitals in a big way.

Do not continue with the pain. Find another doctor.

There is now another Lap that places the mesh inside the abdominal cavity and does not use staples.

Karachi, Pakistan

#527 Jul 10, 2011
ALS wrote:
I had mesh removed twice. Once by Dr. Goodyear and I was still in pain.
Finally, I found a surgeon who took the heavy weight prolene PHS mesh out on the right side (which requires both an open incision and a lap incision) and I am fine. He replaced the mesh with UltraPro.
On the left side, which was originally done laparoscopically with a heavyweight Marlex mesh, he removed this also (laparoscopically of course)
I am doing fine on that side also.
The surgeon who did it was Dr. Peter S. Billing in Edmonds WA
I was operated bilateral inguinal hernia surgery laparoscopic. I am in pain since two and a half years. Planning to get my mesh removed.
Was your first surgery done laparocopic or open? If by lap than you are lucky to removed mesh and now you are fine. The doctors here says that taking the mesh out might end up in more pain.
Would appreciate your further detail and if possible email address of Dr. P. S. Billing.
My email assess is kmj@alameentrading .com

Lake City, AR

#528 Jul 15, 2011
I had open inguinal hernia surgery yesterday. In the beginning pain was about what I expected, but when I got out of bed this morning I had the most painful burning in my pubic area. It was so painful that I screamed. My doctor said my hernia repair wasn't bad enough to use mesh, so I know it isn't from that. The external area of my pubic area is numb to the touch. If I sit for a long period and then get up to walk the burning is back again and excruciating. To me something isn't right. Any suggestions?

Cape Town, South Africa

#529 Jul 19, 2011
JJW wrote:
If you peopple would lose weight and stop drinking cokes and coffee your hernia would stop hurting. Plastic does not hurt you thats an email hoax from long ago.

What an idiot...... I'm a healthy 21year old sportsmen with similar pain issues. Never drunk coffee in my life, havent drunk coke in 5 years.

Attikí, Greece

#530 Jul 27, 2011
Concerning sports hernia, Dr.Muschaweck in Germany gives a so called minimal repair technique, which includes in some cases resecting the genital branch of the genitofemoral nerve. Since the nerve gives most of the pain and previous posts have reffered to pills (Lyrica, Neurontin) or creams to deal with it, does anyone know about potential complications following this operation?

Centreville, VA

#531 Jul 27, 2011
To: Tom Kettle, can you tell us how your operation with dr Peter S. Billing went? Did you have the same problem as A.L. S. in Seattle?
Nick Karas

Sydney, Australia

#532 Jul 30, 2011
Had a double open groin hernia repaired 2 days ago, started as laproscpic but had complications and then went in both sides as open cuts, I can hardly walk 2 days on, is this normal? if i don't move it's not too bad, but if I move it's extricating pain, anyone????

Brevard, NC

#533 Jul 30, 2011
Hang in there. 2 days is kinda early for feeling good after all you went through.
Nick Karas

Sydney, Australia

#534 Jul 31, 2011
steve wrote:
Hang in there. 2 days is kinda early for feeling good after all you went through.
Thx steve, I will see how the next few days pan out , my boss is being an ass and is saying it's like having your appendix out... Something tells me he is kidding himself, mind you he has never had a hernia and I still have my appendix. All I know is I wouldn't wish this sort of pain on anyone and you all well know this as an experienced fact.

Cleveland, OH

#535 Aug 10, 2011
I recently had a inguinal hernia repair five days ago which turned out to be a removal of the hernia. Later that night i ended up in the er because of horrible pain and my balls swelled up to the size of my girls lower calf and i also couldn move. I had to get a ambulance to take me to the er. The er then told me it looks as if the surgeon hit a vessel and there is external bleeding. The next day they had to reopen the incision along with doing another incision on my balls and let me not forget the drain in my balls as well. After the surgery the doctor then said he did not know where the bleeding was coming from. Not to mention i also have some type of infection and i am now taking antibiotics for. I ended up staying in the hospital for about 3 days. They also told me my blood count was down and they should have given me blood but didnt. I am tired, drained, nausea,and still in pain from this football i between my legs. I just came home the other night and it seems to have gotten worse. I keep a temperature, chills, along with no bowel movement. I am really looking into a law suit. Does anyone have any suggestions. Here in Pa.

Seattle, WA

#536 Aug 11, 2011
I had my an open repair done by the "old stitch" method by Dr. Perrin at Nothwest Hospital in Seatle and have had no problems since.

San Juan, Philippines

#537 Aug 12, 2011
i have my hernia 15 years ago if have a long time hernia wat can may cause into my lifestyle,,i mean my health?pls can u help me?
Mikey In FLA

United States

#538 Aug 16, 2011
Todd Lineback wrote:
My current surgeon went in, found ALOT of scar tissue impinging on my inguinal nerve and surrounding area, cleaned that up. I feel like a new person now, still sore from the big cut he had to do in me to get all around in there but doing MUCH better
I had my surgery almost 3 months ago. I also had the mesh put in on the left side of my groin. Never felt right since the operation. Now I have sever pain in the groin area running down my leg. I work out every day and am sexually active. I think I aggreviated somthing down there. The pain is horrible. I hate to think that I have to go through that operation all over again? It totally sucked. I have an appt with the dr on thurs. Any advice?
another jeff

Trumansburg, NY

#539 Aug 17, 2011
Mikey In FLA wrote:
<quoted text>
I had my surgery almost 3 months ago. I also had the mesh put in on the left side of my groin. Never felt right since the operation. Now I have sever pain in the groin area running down my leg. I work out every day and am sexually active. I think I aggreviated somthing down there. The pain is horrible. I hate to think that I have to go through that operation all over again? It totally sucked. I have an appt with the dr on thurs. Any advice?
My main advice is don't trust your original surgeon to get/make it right, get multiple opinions, don't rush into additional surgery (PT and light pain medication may get you through a rough patch until things heal/improve), and if it's starting to look like additional surgery is necessary be sure to work with a known hernia specialist, NOT your original surgeon... Good luck with everything...

Saint Petersburg, FL

#541 Aug 31, 2011
I live in Tampa Fl. I had the mesh put inside of me during my laprascopic surgery. I too have a lot of the pains in the area of operation. It has been over 7 months for me. Do anyone on here no a sergion in my area who can remove the scar tissue or mesh that may have caused this mess in the first place?

Oviedo, FL

#543 Sep 7, 2011
My husband had surgery about a double hernia surgery 9 months ago, the surgeon said he had a lot of scar tissue on the left side that appeared to have been there a long time. My husband has not felt the same since and the surgeon is no longer practicing in our area. My question is, is it normal to lose a lot of weight (20lbs) after this type of surgery? My hubby is not a large man (5'8, normally 155lb), he was a active runner and has not returned back to running since the surgery. I'm getting concerned about his weight loss. Anyone know of any complications with weight loss after having a double hernia surgery??

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