a possible cure for Hep C

a possible cure for Hep C

There are 104 comments on the Ibelieve.com story from May 20, 2006, titled a possible cure for Hep C. In it, Ibelieve.com reports that:

I contracted Hepatitis C from a blood transfusion during surgery in 1979. I was 14 years old.

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Glendale, CA

#91 Sep 20, 2009
Mickey wrote:
I used herbs and I am now in remission.

What herbs did you use?

Tyler, TX

#92 Sep 27, 2009
Mom has advanced Hep C wrote:
Has anyone who reads this actually gotten better from alternative treatments? Like colodial Silver. I am watching my mom get worse and it is so sad. Looking for a last ray of hope.
look at www.hepatitiscfree.com , [email protected], and 866-437-2373


#93 Sep 28, 2009
Greer wrote:
Colloidal silver does not cure anything but will give your skin a lovely blue glow after awhile. It has serious sides effects. Get your mom off it, please.
Keep in mind that once you acquire that lovely blue glow, you'll never get rid of it.

Silver has been used for centuries. The use of heavy elements was born from old world alchemy. Those old boys should've stuck to herbs because silver has never cured a thing.

New Paris, IN

#94 Dec 22, 2009
A year ago i was told i have Hep C 2A/2C I have just started the injections and ribaverin 5 days ago i am now experiencing body aches everywhere so bad i can hardly move without pain i have had none of the side affects i was told to watch out for is it too early for me to be experiencing them and is the body pain one of the side effects
Bioplus Pharmacy

Cabot, AR

#95 Dec 27, 2009
As a pharmacy that specializes in the treatments for Hepatitis C, we encourage everyone to be tested. currently only one in five with HCV is currently undergoing treatment.
There are great medications on the horizon showing tremendous promise, but do not wait for those treatments. Their are current treatments that may help including Infergen for those who have not responded to Peg or Pegasys.
Also, if costs are an issue or you need a nurse to help with the injections, we can assist.
go to www.hepatitisrxassist.com or twitter biopluspharmacy for more information news and updates
good luck to all and happy new year

Scottsdale, AZ

#96 Feb 24, 2010
my wife went through 2 yrs. of interferon and the hep c went into remission...well 5 years later it is back....will there never be no end????

Powell, WY

#97 Mar 19, 2010
steve wrote:
my wife went through 2 yrs. of interferon and the hep c went into remission...well 5 years later it is back....will there never be no end????
You may find a resolve, as I have, with MMS.

Schodack Landing, NY

#98 Dec 16, 2010
uninformed wrote:
My dad has hep c. We found out a couple of months ago. He keeps prolonging the biopsy. I am worried because with out the biopsy how are we suppose to know how far along this is.Or what stage it is. I'm scared and sad for him. One minute your looking at this man who seems like nothing can touch him, nothing can break him, he is the strongest person...our hero. And now he is sick.I know he is scared and I know he doesn't want to know the out come, but I do. I love him I want to help him, I want to be there for him. How do I tell my hero that he doesn't have to be the strongest all the time? How do I tell him I can be his strength if he just lets me know what going on. He so worried about not worrying us that he's not taking the steps he needs to to get going with something that might help. I guess I just want help with how to approach this matter with him. I don't want to stress him out more but I don't want to wake up one day to find him just gone. I also need better knowledge in general about this disease. Does any one have advice?
I suggest you check out BHT [ butylated hydroxytoluene ] I self treated myself using 200mg doses per day on an empty stomach. The results very successful. Within about a month or so I went from a definite positive using the hep-C RNA test to a definite negative using the same test which tests for the presence of the actual virus in your blood as opposed to anti-bodies and antigens. By keeping my blood free of hep-C viruses by using BHT my liver quickly healed and I have never had any further problems with hepatitis-C or Hep-B for that matter. I started this treatment back in 1997. BHT is sold as a food preservative and costs very little and is available at many online health supplements outlets. There is a lot written about BHT`s use as an anti-viral on the web. Just do a google search : BHT+anti-viral to learn more about it. This stuff works. Use the small dosage I suggested 200mg to 300mg per day on an empty stomach. Do not mix it with oils as some suggest as this weakens it`s effectiveness greatly. I wish you and your father well, Oscar

United States

#99 Feb 10, 2011
George wrote:
<quoted text>
Keep in mind that once you acquire that lovely blue glow, you'll never get rid of it.
Silver has been used for centuries. The use of heavy elements was born from old world alchemy. Those old boys should've stuck to herbs because silver has never cured a thing.
I VERY much agree with George. I see every reason to believe introducing heavy reactive metals including silver to ones body is a VERY BAD idea. I see this colloidial silver nonsense being bandied about as a treatment for hepatitis C and cringe inside. I suggest using good old BHT [ butylated hydroxytoluene ]. It surely worked for me in doses of 200mg per day, with water on an empty stomach. There is a lot of evidence out there that BHT in some way deactivates or destroys lipid coated viruses which includes hepatitis C,B, AIDS, the herpes viruses and many others. BHT got a bad rap back in the 1970s and 1980s because it was supposedly unnatural. It has been proven to exist in some phytoplankton and is therefore every bit as natural as any other plant extract. This BHT stuff works. It is a fast and effective compound for treating hepatitis C in my experience....Oscar

Tulsa, OK

#100 Apr 27, 2011
I cannot find the link to your website? please share it with me at tulsaannie at cox dot net
peg wrote:
http://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/dise ases/hepatitis/c/faq.htm
above is a link if you have any questions on hepatitis c
and if you like, you can come to my site for more on hep. c, hep.b, hiv/aid, and alot more. link to my site is in other response above if you care to come to it, read, and gain knowledge.
i am just trying to help those out there with it......
i don't advertise, sell anything, nothing.
i just opened a site to help those with hep. c, and have added to it.
prayers for all, and good luck
PS: there are other associated illnesses as well that do come with hepatitis. please, do your research
also, when i stated clear within 6 months, that is within 6 months of contact of the virus. There is so much to learn,I just can't put it all here.

London, Canada

#101 Jan 30, 2012
Hepatitis C was diagnosed for me in 1999 and I'm a 1a Geno, so I have the stubborn strain of the virus. In 2008 I did a round of conventional therapy which included peginterferon once per week and 2 pills of Ribavirin twice daily. I ended up as a nonresponder to this therapy within 5 months and still suffer from this life threatening condition/virus. I just had a huge bottle of 500 pills of 250mg BHT delivered to my home and plan to start tomorrow morning. I've read all of Oscars posts artound the web and I must say I'm both intrigued and hopeful for a successful foray into this new therapy for Hepatitis C. I'll update as I progress through this therapy.

Bangalore, India

#102 Feb 8, 2012

Muskegon, MI

#103 Mar 11, 2012
Hey Assie wipe,Coloidle silver will do nothing for hep C but it kills all bacteria, black mold and many topical infections, it kills bacteria in your stomach, and no it dosent turn you blue unless you are illurgic to it. I don't know it does inside your body like in your liver and stuff. I have used coloidile for 30 years and i am still bright white. I have cured hot spots on my Chows and determitise that the vets couldent cure.

Muskegon, MI

#104 Mar 11, 2012
Sorry for the disrespect but i am fed uo with silly people making statements out of their back end , the silver is great one of the best things i ever used, but i bought a small box with 9 volt batteries , a light switch and two alleagetor clips where i add two 999 pieces of silver sheet about 7 inches long at a 23 gage sheet about 1/4 inch wide , which is called a generator. I make my own keep it in a glass jar and keep it in the dark. and as i said it kills any topical infection, think what you will it works.

I took a empty container of milk with remenants of milk on the bottom after two weeks sitting out with a cap on the top and i almost puked when i opened it. I poured about two or three thimble sizes of silver in the jug, i swooshied it around real good with the stinking liquid still in there, put the cap back on and left it for a couple of weeks at the end of that time there was NO smell in the jug again. Try it !!!!!!!!!! And don't run your mouth without sneakers on your teeth

Tulsa, OK

#105 Mar 11, 2012
Wow, I am shocked that everyone on here seems to think interferon is the only option. Do some research on BHT therapy. Many ppl have been CURED completely of hep c using this. Same with h2o2 therapy. There are so many options. You do not have to limit yourself to interferon!! Drug companies want you to think that interferon is the only option, bc it doesn't work very well, therefore you will have to keep getting treatments. They wouldn't make very much money if they gave you something that worked. I have hep c and am getting ready to start taking BHT. This is the first option I have read about where I have actually felt confidant that it will work! Look it up for yourself and read about the ppl who have cured themselves of this virus!

Campbelltown, Australia

#106 Mar 26, 2012
Hey Oscar have you got a dedicated forum or web site to gather stats on BHT for Hep C .. [email protected]

Hyattsville, MD

#108 Apr 8, 2012
Since the Majority of People in general, have been trained to worship authority, they get a bit testy when their faith in that authority is challenged.
Heretics must be vanquished.
Here we have a person offering for free, a non-toxic substance for trial, and the Faithfuls instant reaction is to attack.
I have visited a few Drug Forums and the first thing I always ask, is "Is discussion of alternatives allowed here?" and then I watch as the Shills come out of the woodwork.
They never disappoint.



#109 Aug 7, 2012
there is a cure for hepatitis,,,i witnessed how a friend of mine got cure...

Red Deer, Canada

#110 Sep 14, 2012
Sheila what did your friend do to cure hep c? thanks

Irvine, CA

#111 Sep 19, 2012
Get on Giliads new trial which will be here this quarter. Combo of GS 7977 and GS 5885. Both proven safe. GS 7977 alone can cure Geno's 2's and 3's.

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