does a liver biopsy hurt?
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Medway, MA

#21 Sep 24, 2012
Had my liver biopsy done today. The worse part of it was getting the IV, the rest of it is a cake walk. First, they did an ultrasound and drew a little map to where they were going to do the insertion. I was then taken to a room where the nurse told me that in a few minutes they were going to start a sedative...5 minutes later, I was out like a light. I woke up two hours later laying on my side. I have no recall or no memory of them doing the biopsy at all. The area is a little sore and so is my right shoulder for some reason, but nothing that Tylenol can't cure.

This procedure in no way is painful, your not even awake for it. I think if I would have known this in the first place, I would have not been so freaked out. The procedure itself was at 11AM and I left the hospital by 3:30PM the same day. So, be prepared for a little soreness after the procedure, but nothing drastic. Good luck to anyone else who is having this done.

New York, NY

#22 Dec 24, 2012
Had a liver biopsy years ago. First a local and then an Ice-pick sized gadget with an inner needle. The only thing I felt was when the needle punctured the liver capsule. The doc told me that it would hurt for a second. Then it was over - I was given a shot of demerol and drifted off for a few hrs. I'll tell you though, why the hell would they give me a shot of demerol AFTER the biopsy. I had no pain afterwards. It would have been a whole lot more sensible to give it to me prior to the biopsy. God, I hate medical professionals.,

Vacaville, CA

#23 Jan 17, 2013
I had a liver biopsy done about 2 years ago, and the numbing medication really hurt, I could feel it in my stomach and after that everything went pretty quick. I felt like I had just been kicked in the liver for maybe a day or so. I didn't take any pain medication even though the nurse asked me if I wanted one.
Cheryl M

Swampscott, MA

#24 Apr 3, 2013
I had a liver biopsy done last week at MGH in Boston Ma. I was very nervous and expected pain. I had an IV put in and blood was taken right from that site.(no double poke!) I got sedation that kept me awake but relaxed me a lot. I had a CT guided biopsy and felt a little pinch when the doctor numbed my stomach area then a couple of pinches and clipping noises and it was over! Back to recovery for approx. 3 hours vitals were checked regularly and I had somthing to eat and drink. Went home with my escort and had a little upper stomach area discomfort but not bad at all.
Nay Nay

Arlington, TX

#25 Apr 17, 2013
Believe me it's a breeze.Especially when you don't know what to expect.It feels just like a blow to your underarm and is over in a minute. A big blow.I promise you won't believe you even worried about getting it done.I'm a lady 65 yrs old and had one at 55.Dont be scared it's nothing.
Nay Nay

Arlington, TX

#26 Apr 17, 2013
I already posted but i guess it didn't take.Anyway me personally would rather have a biopsy than the shots the dentist gives you before pulling a tooth.Trust me a piece of cake

Houston, TX

#29 Aug 22, 2013
I had a liver biopsy done and I will say this, I wasn't given any sedatives, pain meds, nor was I knocked out! Now, I will tell you this, I'm not one to sugar coat anything. It Hurt!! They will give you a local to numb your skin. But that's about as far as the numbing goes. With my biopsy the doctor went in right below the breastplate where the sturnum is. I was also shown the damn needle just seconds before the doctor came in the room. Trust me you don't want to see this needle. The nurse smiled at me while showing me something that looks like a harpoon gun complete with a triggering mechanism. The needle is five to six inches long. Now once he started its true you don't feel the needle enter the skin. However, and that's a big however, you will feel a sickening sensation that can only be described as a pop once the doctor pushes through your many layers of skin. As he makes his way into the liver, then again the sickening feeling of the "pop" once he gets inside. Now to describe the pain, and where the pain is. It literally feels like you're being stabbed, which you are! The pain internally travels up to your neck and even chin. It also wraps around your side and back in the area of your kidneys. Once the doctor finds the perfect spot he will push the trigger and the second needle will shoot out and take its sample. Now the doctor may conclude that one sample is enough. My doctor took two. Does the needle shooting out hurt? It does. It feels like when a doctor staples you or when they remove a staple. Sharp and immediate. After the procedure was done, only then was I given moraphine, or something to help with the pain because dear gawd!! The amount of pain I was in, and the pain I'm still in was bad. It was by far the worst experience of my life. My saying that should hold some weight because I've had three children without an ounce of pain meds. So does a liver biopsy hurt? Hell yes! But that was MY experience.

Glendora, CA

#30 Oct 15, 2013
8 a.m. I went to the hospital for liver biopsy. They inserted an IV into my arm to calm and relax me. About 45 minutes later a nurse painted my lower right abdomen (liver injection site) with some orange/reddish colored liquid maybe IODINE to kill infection. Anyway, about one hour had passed, it was now time for the liver biopsy to start. I was totally relaxed to such a point I did not feel the needle enter my side or my liver. All I heard was a CLICK of a hand-held needle type gun and the biopsy was over that quick. I though to myself all that worry over nothing, humm. I lay there wide awake in recovery for about 1-hour (std. is 2-hours) due to the low dose that was given to me to lower pain and anxiety I was released early. My wife was driving me home. After leaving the hospital, about 15 minutes, all the sudden my stomach felt like someone hit my liver with a baseball bat, yes the pain meds had worn off. I almost had my wife turn around and head back to the hospital thinking something was wrong - maybe internal bleeding or fearful thinking that sort of stuff... However I continued the long 45 minute ride home, and yes the area where the needle was injected HURT. The pain went completely away by that evening. THE END.

Bridgeport, AL

#33 Jan 23, 2014
I had a liver biopsy yesterday. It hurt and I felt every inch of it. The doctor didnt wait long enough for the lidocain to start working ! it sucked!

Batesville, IN

#34 Feb 4, 2014
Mine hurt afterwards, and I needed pain meds and anti-nausea meds. The pain was gone in a few hours, but I won't lie. It HURT for awhile. However, the nurses did tell me that most people don't experience the pain I did.

Dallas, TX

#35 Feb 5, 2014
judgenot wrote:
Dont be afraid guys, I have to have one too, it sucks but hey we gotta do it. Just ask for ativan,gilaudid and for some vicodin after and it will almost be fun! Haha! Chins up fellow hep c carriers, it could be worse, way worse..... much love!
I have to have a liver biopsy in two weeks and my Dr foes not give sedation of any kind nor pain meds afterwards. Only lidicane at injection site. I am so scared!

“in FL need pain killers”

Since: Jun 11

Roseburg, OR

#36 Apr 18, 2014
I had a liver bio done and it's three days later and my belly is still killing me.

Madison, WI

#37 Dec 23, 2014
my liver biopsy was very quick and with very little pain! the worst part about it was being worried beforehand...

United States

#41 Jun 27, 2015
I had my biopsy tuesday they didnt give me anything at all for pain . It was the worst experience ive ever had i would never do it again awake here it is Saturday and im still in pain

Zephyrhills, FL

#42 Jul 22, 2015
I am having a liver biopsy and i am being put to sleep i was wondering if anyone knows how this procedures done when u are put to sleep please anyone comment and let me know what im going to have to expect thanks
Jo G

Los Angeles, CA

#43 Aug 3, 2016
I get one tommrow in the morning so i will tell you if it hurt or how bad ok.
Jo G

Los Angeles, CA

#44 Aug 4, 2016
I had one done this morning it didnt hurt at all i couldnt belive it the only thing hurt the was. The sho it really was motting !!!!!

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