Draining a thrombosed hemorrhoid

Washington, DC

#87 Jun 11, 2011
UPDATE: It has almost all receeded after one week. I'm still taking Sitz baths through this weekend to be sure. Doctor had said no working out or exercising for two weeks, so there's one week to take it easy. Interestingly, I don't know if it's a coincidence, but the magic started when I started using icecubes AFTER sitz baths. It was like putting butter on a hot pan, it was that dramatic....

Followup questions: 1. Can I ever run or strength train again? I miss the gym. Or is it just a matter of avoiding particular exercises like squats in which you have to clench your butt or put pressure on your lower body?[note: I'm NOT a bodybuilder or a gym rat]. 2. How long should on use Prep H? I want to stop as I heard it thins your skin. OTOH, it has witch hazel in it, and probably I still want to make sure there's protection/cleanliness down there. Ann or anyone else, is Prep H safe for two weeks?

Advice from experience: Ann is right with the bleeding. Even though my swelling has gone down by a lot, there's still some bleeding after bowel movements, so don't be too alarmed by it. It's not painful though, but there's some blood. Just continue patting (not wiping) with wipes and/or moistened toilet paper. The cottonelle brand is money, and even before hemmoroids I was using them as they're soft and don't break apart. Using anything else is like sandpaper in comparison!

Whitesboro, NY

#88 Jun 11, 2011
Well hopefully mine will go away fast. It isn't incredibly swollen or painful, but I can feel it there. I grew up with nosebleeds that just will not stop, so I absolutely hate the idea of bleeding from anywhere for more than a day.

Another question: is it safe for me to sit at my computer chair? It's not really the softest chair in the world (it's a plastic chair with 2 cushions on it) and I was worried that it would make my problem worse.


Lakewood, CA

#89 Jun 11, 2011
I had a hemorrhoid since January this year and I suffered extremely. I could barely sit in class (hard chairs) or sleep on my back for months. Some days I could walk, other days I couldnít and I was bed-ridden. I would elevate my feet to get more blood flow down there, as I understand that is supposed to help. Easter was when the miracle happened. I was again elevating my feet and the pain was so unbearable and the hemorrhoid was SO BIG that night. I get up after a little while to use the restroom because my butt felt wet but felt A LOT BETTER and I looked in the toilet and saw these perfect little bright red clots that looked like little grapes. My butt would not stop bleeding though. I keep taking baths and keep it really clean but it has been a month and a half since Easter and it still bleeds and oozes clear puss which makes me believe it is not infected (hopefully). But there is a large hole and it feels like the vein split open or something. So I think I have to go to the butt doctor now and get it sewn up or something. I can't believe that this happened because I am young, I haven't had any kids, and this is the first hemorrhoid and hopefully the last because I have dealt with it for six months already and the story is still unfolding... Does anyone have an extreme case like this? I feel I have this because both of my parents have hemorrhoids and it is probably genetic.

Nepean, Canada

#90 Jun 12, 2011
Oh my Anonymous, that's just awful. You don't say how old you are or if you are male/female. My whole hemorrhoid was the size of a grape - I can't imagine how big your's is if you had several grape sized blood clots coming out of it. I never had any puss at all. Once it broke, it just bled less and less. Did you try the ice? That's the thing that really helped me. I stopped using prep. H once it broke - just wiped it clean with witch hazel. Good luck.

Stockbridge, GA

#92 Jun 12, 2011
Scott wrote:
Hahaha!!! Notice that all the "different" people that endorse hemclear are from Clarksville, TN?? Obviously the same person just spamming the site. Of course they don't want you to cure yourself, they have something to sell you!!!! Hahahahahah!!!!! Probably is the most useless scam product on the market!!
Scott, I have checked your IP address and can see that you are logging in as different users. I also see that you are trying to sell Miracle H using different usernames. Topix will soon perform a major update to prevent spamming and leaving any links all together.

The reason most of the locations say Clarksville, TN is because some users on Topix have this set as their default location. Maybe you should study up on some of this information before you slander other people's products just to sell yours. By the way, HemClear is not a scam. Even Topix promotes it here in the hemorrhoids forum.

Stockbridge, GA

#93 Jun 12, 2011
See how my location says Clarksville, TN. For many users, this is default, but it can be changed at the very top left corner of this site. If someone was spamming and trying to sell scam products, why would they not do the simple task of changing their location each time. It is very easy.

You are deferring people from a legitimate product that may help them after all. It is like the old saying "Don't knock it until you try it first"

Syracuse, NY

#95 Jun 13, 2011
Timothy wrote:
See how my location says Clarksville, TN. For many users, this is default, but it can be changed at the very top left corner of this site. If someone was spamming and trying to sell scam products, why would they not do the simple task of changing their location each time. It is very easy.
You are deferring people from a legitimate product that may help them after all. It is like the old saying "Don't knock it until you try it first"
No one needs to waste their time on a bogus product. If it was so great, Hem-Clear and Miracle-H would go big and be available at your local drug store. Keep spamming your snakeoil, Timmy.

Sebago, ME

#96 Jun 16, 2011
I have been dealing with a thrombosed external hemorrhoid for over 4 days now. It is my first experience with a hemorrhoid and it hurt so much I was unable to sleep for the duration. I never intended to have it drain, I was hoping for it to dissolve and shrink. Well then the Bruins went and won the Stanley Cup and I cheered a little too hard. It is a bit unnerving to see a large amount of mucus and blood coming from that general area, but the pain relief was instant and I slept like a log through the night with no pain. I am seeing light infrequent spots of blood, which seems to be normal based on reading here. My next job is to avoid infection and hope that the dang thing doesn't return anytime soon. Moral of the story...if you have a thrombosed hemorrhoid watch your favorite team win a championship for the first time since 1972, you are sure to relieve the pressure that has built up on your anus!

Nepean, Canada

#97 Jun 16, 2011
Whaaaaaaaa.....Will if you check my location, you'll realize I haven't stopped crying!! It was a painful loss - almost as painful as that damn hemorrhoid. I'm glad you are healing. Just keep it clean until it shrinks to nothing. Wipe with witch hazel and wipes and you'll be fine. I'm happy for you - because I know your pain. Good luck.

Kennewick, WA

#98 Jun 18, 2011
Ann wrote:
Not sure if anyone is following my drama, but it's been about 3 weeks posting on here. It is still slowly bleeding, but shrinking too. No pain. Guess I can live with this :( I'll let you know if it ever disappears completely.
Hi Ann, I just found this forum. I appreciate all the sharing from everyone here. I have had a thrombosed hemorrhoid for about a week now, It broke open completely yesterday and has been bleeding heavily since. I was doing the warm sitz baths and elevating my feet in bed per doctor's orders. This is the 3rd time I have had one of these in the past five years or so. The first one resolved on it's own very quickly, the 2nd one took much longer to burst but was grossly painful and now this one which was painful as well but burst fairly quickly. I was concerned that it is still bleeding but after reading your comments I see it can take quite a while for that to stop.
I hope your issue has completely resolved itself now and you are doing okay. Again, thank you for your posts.

Nepean, Canada

#99 Jun 19, 2011
Cyn, yes it has resolved itself completely now. YOu mention elevating your legs, but what about the ice cubes? It might speed up the healing process. It's interesting that you are the only other person who mentioned elevating the feet. My doctor insisted on that but applying the ice at the same time. That might help the blood clot faster. Good luck Cyn.

Lakewood, CA

#100 Jun 21, 2011
Ann wrote:
Oh my Anonymous, that's just awful. You don't say how old you are or if you are male/female. My whole hemorrhoid was the size of a grape - I can't imagine how big your's is if you had several grape sized blood clots coming out of it. I never had any puss at all. Once it broke, it just bled less and less. Did you try the ice? That's the thing that really helped me. I stopped using prep. H once it broke - just wiped it clean with witch hazel. Good luck.
It was an awful experience for 6 months! It really did not make me want to get a part time job this semester because I could barely make it to school. I'm 25 and female. I guess I explained the "grapes" part a little vaguely. Each of the six clots was about a quarter the size of a grape, but just reminded me of mini grapes. The puss was clear pus, not white or yellow, so I don't think it was infected. I went to the doctor the other day and she looked at it and said that it is almost healed up, I don't need surgery.:) I just have to keep it clean and put triple antibiotic ointment on it. It is almost gone now, thank God. The doctor said it was either a twisted hemorrhoid or an absess. Thanks Ann for caring about me and everyone else.

Nepean, Canada

#102 Jun 21, 2011
Anonymous, glad to hear you're on the mend. What a nightmare for you. Hopefully it's gone forever.

Austin, TX

#103 Jun 21, 2011
Ann, thank you for your contribution to this forum. I have been reading this for a day or two now, and it helps to read not only yours, but everyoneís experiences. This is DAY 5 NOW. I am a 33 year old male, and the doctors say that mine is not thrombosed. It is the size of small grape though, and it has been consuming my life since its appearance about a week ago. At first I went to see an afterhours doctor because it was too late to see my primary care physician. He said it was not thrombosed. He gave me a cream that had steroids in it that you cannot get over the counter, but itís similar to Prep H I believe. He also said to take two sitz baths a day, or three if you can. After 3 days of baths and using the cream it has not shrunk at all. Ugh, so yesterday I went to my primary care physician and he said it was not thrombosed. He gave me some foam stuff that I will pick up at the pharmacy at noon today. I have been doing the sitz baths, and yesterday started with the ice as well. I also picked up some TUCKS medicated pads that has Witch Hazel in it and started using them after I got of work. I work 8 hours a day in my office so I also picked up one of those donut things, which I am sitting on right now. At first I thought, well this sucks, but it will go away with this doctorís prescription for sureÖ I have insurance luckily, so at least I can see a doctor. The only bad thing is, if it doesnít go away by Friday or at least start shrinking it may never go away, I guess?? My doctor said to come back on Friday to see if it was shrinking and see if we need to do surgery! My insurance has like a $3000 deductable with surgeries, so the entire procedure will probably be out of pocket. WTH, this is horrible. Iíve never had some medical condition mess with my life this much. I canít afford a $900 surgery (or more, probably $1500) I canít go running, canít go out on dates, and canít concentrate on work because of the pain. Itís like a freakiní parasite attached to my A$$! I have an important conference to attend in two weeks, this thing better be gone by then. 5 hour flight, lots to do, how can I possibly be sitting in baths during that trip?? Ugh, sorry everyone, Iím just freaking out. Never have I ever had to deal with a hemorrhoid before. I donít care if it doesnít actually go away 100%, I can deal with it, I just want it to shrink to a manageable size so the pressure feeling goes away.

Nepean, Canada

#104 Jun 21, 2011
Dan, I know what you mean about it being all consuming - for almost 4 weeks that was my life. I'm surprised yours is so painful, yet not thrombosed. I don't understand what is causing the pain because usually it's the build up of blood and the clot that causes the pain. I thought a "normal" (omg what's a normal hemorroid anyway)......would just feel itchy and annoying, but didn't realize it could be painful. You didn't say if your's is an external one. It's important not to have hot sitz baths. Just warm, and then the ice - assuming it's external. I mean I can't imagine sticking an ice cube up your butt, but completely understand at this point you'd likely shove a stick of TNT up there if it offered relief. I just don't know what to say. I'll be thinking of you and hope you don't have to have surgery. At least on here you have lots of company and support. Good luck my friend.

Washington, DC

#105 Jun 21, 2011
For those with newly swelled swellings--keep up the sitz baths for 4/5 days. It will start to recede. Use Prep H to stop the itching (but don't use longer than a week).

After the first couple of days try putting icecubes directly on it after sitz baths.

Ogden, UT

#106 Jun 22, 2011
This has been my life for 6 weeks. It started with a painful lump that went down after a week. Then about 2weeks later it flared up again. The lump is gone again but now I have been dealing with a burning sensation for the past 3weeks. I went to the doctor and she said that I have hemmoroids and gave me some suppositories. Still no relief. This is so depressing!

Austin, TX

#107 Jun 23, 2011
DAY 7-Hasn't shrunk at all. It doesn't hurt as much, but what I really want is for it to go away. I guess I can be thankful it's only one, but I can't believe it has not gone down at all. I sat in two baths yesterday for a total of at least an hour. Used ice, anything to try to make this thing go away. It's good to get an idea of what others are going through though. I know this is very embarrassing to talk about but at least we can use fake names on here. Alright so, doctor has given me a cream, foam, and I have been using witch hazel. Been doing baths and ice...guess that's all you can do. It doesn't hurt all that much, but it's the damn pressure feeling. Especially after sitting for a long time. This is depressing, I agree.

Redmond, WA

#108 Jun 24, 2011
I have been following this board for a week now. A year and a half ago I was 36 weeks pregnant with my daughter when I got my first thrombosed hemorrhoid that eventually turned into two thrombosed hemmorhoids each the size of a large grape. I was in so much pain I could hardly walk, I couldn't sit, and I would sweat profusely purely from the pain and it made me sick to my stomach. My doctor had me come into her office and she drained the hemorrhoids and pulled the clots. The pain was intense from this procedure, but the relief it caused me was worth it. I had to pay $300 that my insurance would not cover for the procedure. When I gave birth to my daughter and I was still in the hospital the hemorrhoids came back and I felt them almost immediately. I was discharged from the hospital and had an office visit with my doctor and she drained them again. This time she counted 7 thrombosed hemorrhoids in various sizes. I had never experienced so much pain my life and I had just given birth to my daughter! The hemorrhoids were far more painful. I bled profusely after the procedure soaking through two pads and through my pants even. It was so miserable... I was healing from birth, from my hemorrhoid procedure, and my breasts were painfully engorged since my breasts came in, and my daughter had complications and was readmitted to the hospital. Definitely a low point in my life. I had been free from hemorrhoids but last week I felt one pop up again. I had cream left over from my previous hemorrhoid procedure that my doctor had given me and I put that on the hemorrhoid and it shrunk down again. Yesterday it flared back up with a hemorrhoid and I know from experience it is thrombosed. I am terrified. Right now it is relatively small (about the size of a cheerio) but I am terrified it will enlarge like before. I do not want to pay $300 for the procedure again so I am going to try to use the cream my doctor gave me and sitz baths. I hate this more than anything. I cannot think of anythign else other than this damn hemmorhoid and I feel so anxious and terrified from my past experiences. I'll try to keep this post updated with what progresses...

Salisbury, UK

#109 Jun 24, 2011
Two days ago and on the last day of my summer holiday i strained whilst going to the loo. Afterwards there was a sudden onset of really bad pain. I couldnt sleep and laid in agony.Then the flight home made it worse. When i got home i took a mirror and frightened myself stupid. A blueish lump the size of a walnut.
I went to the Doctor first thing today. It was diagnosed as an external thrombosed hemorroid. I can barely walk. The pain has turned my mouth to the taste of metal i feel sick with it. I have creams and ibuprofen. The Doctor made no mention of this thing bursting and after reading all the comments im terrified. Sharing everyone's experiences has helped me a lot. I thought i was being a baby wanting to have a good old cry with the pain and im feeling really sorry for myself. The Doctor told me to take bed rest for a few days. Im due back at work on monday after my leave. I really dont want to tell my boss what my problem is. I work on a medical ward as a nurse so its not as if i can use jargon that they wont understand, but the thought of doing a twelve hour shift on my feet just aint going to happen the way i feel now and any person off sick has to have a "back to work" meeting to discuss your illness and the possibility of it recurring. Charming !!

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