Draining a thrombosed hemorrhoid

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#236 Apr 7, 2012
I'm a 24 year old female & I've pretty much been getting one of these bastards every year since I was 20. My fiancÚ & I went on a cruise last week & I pretty much ate any & everything. I've always been one of those people that takes a bottle of Pepto with me every where I go so it was no surprise to me when I went from being constipated one day to having diarrhea the next. We got back on Saturday & by Tuesday I began to feel the familiar beginnings of these awful things. I'm a manager of a retail store so calling out of work is never an option. This is the 3rd one I've gotten & what I've learned is it's really just a waiting game. I go through the same thing every time I get one so I know what to expect. What I've found works the best is a warm bath with some Epsom salt. I could seriously sit in the tub for hours because it's the only thing that helps. Today was the peak of the pain though. I've never had a baby but if I can get through this I think I can survive anything. Luckily, my fiancÚ got his wisdom teeth taken out a few weeks ago so we still had some heavy duty pain killers laying around. I took a bath, then took a shower, popped some medicine, got in bed & FINALLY the stupid thing popped. When they pop, it's the nastiest thing ever but the instant relief is so amazing. Now I'm just going to stick to keeping it clean & applying some neosporin. I would never wish this on my worst enemy & my heart goes out to anyone suffering but just hold on... It does get better!

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#237 Apr 21, 2012
Oh wow. I'm so glad to see there are others out there!
I'm 24 and Sunday I had a straining bowel movement with some bleedind but I thought nothing of it till Monday night when I had serious pain in my rectal area. My fiancee (sweetie) look and said I had a large dark bump. And that it was scary looking.
Tuesday I saw my doc and he gave me cream and said it was a hemorrhoid. Wed n Thursday I used the crean. Kept it clean with witch hazel and figured it go away.
Yesterday (Friday) at work I was struck with a pain so severe I thought I'd die. I ended up crying in the bathroom at work. I work as a application developer so I have around 3 meetings a day and I couldn't concentrate I was in such severe pain. I had minor bleeding but the pain was horrific.
My doc office was closed so I went to urgent care and the doctor said it was too bad so they sent me to ER where the doctors told me I had 3 large thrombosed hemorrhoids. They gave me strong IV pain meds and numbed me (the lidicone burned to where I screamed) and cut and drained them.
I was sooooo thankful. So now (saturday) I'm sore but its shrunk dramatically and I keep it clean and take my narcotic pain meds as needed. Its painful but 10x better than before.
Question: It burns bad when I wipe it with witch hazel wipes. Is that normal? How long till its gone completely? I mistakenly let the gauze pads out when using restroom about 4 hrs after surgery; was that too soon? I sat in sitz bath and something fell off and went down drain?

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#238 Apr 29, 2012
I recently had a trombosed hemorroid drained!! Best thing I could have done!!!!! I was in so much pain and it was the size of a small gum ball. I had my doctor do it and it was not that bad. It was such a relief to have it gone!! She put litacane (sp?) around the outer part of my anal area and let me sit for about 10 mins. Then she gave me a numbing shot which I heard HORRIBLE things about. It was nothing like I thought it would be. I barely felt it considering the pain I was already in for the week prior. I had this done on Friday late after noon and now it is Sunday night and I am pretty much completely healed. I bled through last night and today was even able to have a bowel movement with little pain. OMG what a relief!!!! I tried all the remedies and none of them worked, including perscription drugs. I even tried to push it back in several times and oh my goodness, that made things 100x worse!! I found that alieve and/or advil calmed the pain but until it was drained there was no way to sit lay or stand without being in pain! I was miserable and do not do well with pain. I would not recommend draining it yourself. I couldn't have if I wanted too. It was not that bad of an experience and next time I won't wait as long to go to the doctor, she even said that is was relatively common and did it right there in the doctors office. It was a HUGE blood clot and disgusting!! I was so emabarrassed and mortified but now I am much better. I hope to NEVER have one of these again!!! Eat better and excerise! It makes life so much better. Good luck to anyone going through this and know you're not alone.:)

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#239 Apr 30, 2012
This self-removal of hemorrhoids sound insane. Do you realize how many different ways thing could go wrong with these procedures? Please just go to a doctor. If you're concerned about that, get some references to find a reputable doctor.

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#240 May 10, 2012
I have been getting thrombose hemerroids for about 3 years now. Every time i get one i go to the ER and they cut the blood clots out. A couple years ago i had to see a surgeon because the ER dr wouldnt touch me. They told me i would have to come back for surgery because even though they cut the clots out i would always have this sac on the outside of my rectum. I didnt go because i couldnt afford time off work. Now i have 3 thrombosed hemmeroids. just wondering if anyone else has had actual surgery for this?
sa itaintso

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#241 May 10, 2012
Ok , no one has awensered this question what is your personal opion about putting a pin size hole in the thrombosed hemorrhoid by yourself and thn trying to drain it by your self???

???????? A few questions ????????

The pain level when perorming this, during the drainage and bleeding , and of corse the after results???

also, its a pin size hole how hard is the really to stop bleeding and my plattletes take over??

Thanks everyone for posting

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#242 May 12, 2012
Scott wrote:
Hahaha!!! Notice that all the "different" people that endorse hemclear are from Clarksville, TN?? Obviously the same person just spamming the site. Of course they don't want you to cure yourself, they have something to sell you!!!! Hahahahahah!!!!! Probably is the most useless scam product on the market!!
Hemclear is no scam. I swear by this after getting lyme disease for the 3rd time, and this time the target appeared on my belly, it wrecked havoc with my intestines and I ended up getting very painful inner and outer hemorrhoids, nothing was working. I researched for days on end and didn't believe pills would be able to shrink my hemorrhoids. I didn't want to get them surgically removed (no insurance). It was so bad that I couldn't sit without pain. I ordered hemclear with spectism that it would work. I bought 4 bottles (1 bottle per week) that's how severe my hemorrhoids were. I was amazed by the end of the first week that the outer hemorrhoids shrunk significantly. It felt as if it continued to work after I completed the bottles. I felt painfree afterward and no feeling of hemorrhoids. I've told several people that have been suffering with hemorrhoids as well, they were amazed how it worked for them. Don't knock it till you try, you can be pain and hemorrhoid free if you.
new to this

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#243 May 18, 2012
Had some bleeding and pain about a month ago...saw the doc...she said it was a hemorroid. Gave me some cream and suppositories...it got worse and turned into a bump on the outside. The pain was ridiculous, at first just with bm and then all the time. Saw another doc a week ago was told I had an infection and needed antibiotics. Got much worse so I went back today - was told it was a thrombosed hemorroid and they injected it and then lanced it. That was some new kind of pain. In desperation stuck a mr. freeze between my cheeks. Tried some frozen cotton make up remover pads but don't like the wet feeling as they melt. Any suggestions welcome.
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#244 May 29, 2012
O.K, this is my experience with Hemclear. Used it for external hemorrhoids for three month. Dint't help at all. Then I read that supposedly you should take it for half a year to get results, so I bought another three months supply, took it as directed. NO RESULT! NONE! Tried another stuff called Venapro, the only thing it does, it has an effect of a stool softener, but that's it! Don't waste your money on any of these 'miracle' pills!
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#245 May 31, 2012
I just had the worst thrombosed hemorrhoid ever. I have not had one in a very long time. One night I was talking on the phone for 2 hours while sitting on the hard floor. Later that night I felt the hemorrhoid. I was shocked that I got one so quickly and I ascertained it to be because I sat on the floor to long. I took a few warm baths to ease the pain, but after 2 days of dealing with this I decided to take a very hot bath. It felt a lot better, but later I noticed it was bleeding. I think the hot bath caused it to burst which also relieved the pain I was feeling due to the pressure.

Bad Axe, MI

#246 Jun 1, 2012
I had a my second thrombosed hemorrhoid appear 4 days ago after a particularly hard BM.

The pain was so bad I decided to drain it myself as I am already in large debt with the hospital. I took two diabetic testing needles sterilized them and made 2 holes. The first day I didn't think it worked at all. The second day I started to see blood on my toilet paper and a musky discharge. I began too take AMOX, 500 mg 3x a day self administered. Day 3 the blood started to drain at a steady but manageable rate and the pain and pressure went down to manageable levels. Day 4 clots started to come out after taking sitz baths, pressure is much less but bleeding does increase when taking a BM or when in hot water. I am not recommending anyone do this but my work requires walking and lifting 8 hours a day so i needed pain relief. If you have the money and resources see the doctor at all costs but I don't so I had to do this and the results are not as bad as i expected.
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#247 Jun 4, 2012
This Is my first hemroid I'm 17 years old it hurts so bad that it's kept me awake for the past two nights now it hurts to walk breath stand lay down almost anything I do hurts. Before this damn thing I had no problem using the restroom but now I can't go at all I can go pee with no problem but I can't seem to go #2 I don't want to like force myself into going because that might make it worse ie done a lot of reading about stuff that works stuff that doesn't work idk what to do my parents said going to the doctor is useless because there is nothing they can do I've been working up the curage to pop it for the last cupple of hours now but I still don't know there are a lot of ruskcs on doing so myself so if anyone has an idea that can Help me please let me know

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#248 Jun 4, 2012
Do not POP it. Ice it religiously, take Rutin 500 mg before bed, dab Apple cider vinegar on it (2x daily) and dab witch hazel as well. Ice twenty minutes on, twenty minutes off. Repeat. Apple cider vinegar burns but goes away. I'm not a doctor but you can try these ailments. Be wise with ur choices. Do no sit on a donuts either. I've had thrombosed external hems and also had surgery which was most painful procedure ever. Follow those directions and you should see results in two days. good luck, and I feel your pain

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#249 Jun 4, 2012
Rutin is a a strong vascular anti inflammatory that actually clears blood clots. It's in vitamin section of store for about ten bucks. I also drink organic Apple cidar vinegar daily. Two tea spoons in eight ounce glass of water. 2-3x daily
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#250 Jun 7, 2012
Tea tree oil helped me a lot. Dab it on your hemorrhoids, you'll feel so much better. Buy it at the vitamin section at any store.

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#251 Jun 11, 2012
3rd day with my external hem and let me tell you its is not fun -_- first noticed a slight uncomfort and I think its because I clean too hard after doing #2.
I, like most people am too embarrassed to go to a doctor so I tried popping mine using a sterilized needle and to my surprise there were lumps. one was a purple ball a bit bigger than a pea
2nd had a shape of a swollen vein but no odd discoloration.
long story short I spent 20 minutes being unsuccessful at piercing a small hole for the fluids to exit.
Next I tried pushing/massaging them against my skin in hopes to create an easier blood flow. Again, unsuccessful.
I will follow up tomorrow morning to see if they actually shrink or worsen. I'm gonna have to try the warm water baths along with icing and just so you guys know my pain isn't that bad when standing. I have to lean on one buttcheek if I'm sitting on a metal chair, constantly switch sides when sleeping and most importantly, I TRY MY HARDEST NOT TO COUGH!!! lol
for those of your that haven't had one, its not a "sharp" pain so I have, for the most part been able to suck it up. The best way I can describe it is like when you attempt to jump the common 4ft fence, your shoelace gets caught and you end up sitting right on top of that fence with almost all you weight lol
now picture yourself with that pain 24/7.

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#252 Jun 11, 2012
P.S. Great site! lots of great info.

ill be carrying tissue praying they pop, but hoping to not have my favorite jeans on :'''(

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#253 Jun 11, 2012
pain went down from like a 6 to a 5. No change in size from what I can tell. Wearing black jeans in case it does pop on its own...never thought I would have about staining my jeans like girls do :-/

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#254 Jun 11, 2012

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#255 Jun 14, 2012
finally went away :) thanks for all the info and hope no one has to go through this! felt like I was writing a diary on here lol

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