External hemorrhoid/ heal time

Marysville, OH

#237 Mar 18, 2012
Well I wanted to share my experience and hopefully be of a little encouragement. I got an external hem almost two weeks ago. It was from having a hard bowl movement. When I went to work the next day I felt like but butt had been ripped (that was the feeling) I noticed when I got home from work a SORE lump was sticking out of my anus. I was in instant panic! I called my mom since from having me had experienced hemorrhoids, and what worked for her. She suggested drinking LOTS of water, and a few times a day using preperation h cream, and also using hemorrhoid wipes after bowl movement instead of toilet paper as this can irritate. Also to take a hot bath for 15 minutes a day. I've been doing all of that along with eating as much as I can with fiber to keep my stool soft. I eat a fiber one bar for breakfeast or mini wheats, lunch doesn't really matter what I eat as long as its accompanied with lots of water, then whatever I eat for dinner I make sure there are veggies like broccoli or carrots, or black beans, something with good fiber. As of today I don't feel the lump anymore, but I'm always gonna work fiber and water into my eating to prevent a hard stool that could reirritate the hem. Like I said it's been almost 2 weeks for me dealing with the lump. Since I feel it's gone back inside i'm making my diet a little different to prevent it from coming back! Although I will say I am cautious when having bowl movement and carefully try not to push much. I'm still applying preperation h once in a while just to be on the safe side. I like most of you thought it would never go away and was self concious and depressed, but give it time, it may take 4-6 weeks for some. I heared surgery is worse pain then the hemmy itself, so I'd wait it out first. Good luck!
depressed and unpretty

Northumberland, PA

#238 Mar 21, 2012
I just found out a few days ago that i have a hem, but it doesnt itch it just hurts and it burns. I didnt go to a doctor. I dont know what to do. I have searched online and someone said peroxide and then prep H and a hot bath i did peroxide and the hot bath but i didnt try the prep H yet. Im scared i mean really really scared i have been having bad constipation for 2 weeks and this just appeared a few days ago. I am only 22 yrs old and im so so scared i want to avoid going to the hospital or doctor and avoid any painful stuff. Im also scared to go to the bathroom. Please someone help me you can also email me [email protected]
Ah Crap

Elmira, NY

#239 Mar 22, 2012
So, here's my hemorrhoid story. Hopefully, it'll be of some help to people who are experiencing them. This thread really helped me, when I was freaking out.

So, I'm a 25 yo female with a really poor diet and no health insurance. I've been dealing with internal hemorrhoids for about a decade, but I didn't really care because they were able to be pushed back in. A week ago, I had a bad case of diarrhea and had my first external hem. I freaked out, because it was about the size of a grape and it hurt so badly, I couldn't move. I also cried a lot because I didn't think it'll ever go away. It also bled a lot.

First, I put myself on bed rest for four days. I laid on my belly and did not move, unless I really had to.

Second, I immediately changed my eating habits. For the first few days, I didn't eat much because the last thing I wanted was a bowel movement. When I did eat, it was either fruit or salad. The increase in fiber helped me poop without straining, which will irritate your hem. I bled a lot, but surprisingly, it didn't hurt! Now, I eat way healthier foods with lots of fiber. I've also decreased my sodium intake and started to drink A LOT more water. One thing to note: you may want to gradually increase fiber, because it might make you constipated and give you diarrhea.

Third, I stopped using Prep H and witch hazel wipes, and bought some petroleum jelly and baby wipes. For me, the Prep H and witch hazel did nothing. What helped the most was vaseline, which kept my hem from rubbing up against my butt and irritating itself, when I moved. I used baby wipes instead of toilet paper (or, I'd just take a shower after a bowel movement).

Fourth, I used ice packs and took sitz baths. Whenever I felt a twinge of pain (usually at night), I'd ice my hem or sit in a warm bath for at least 15 minutes. These helped a lot. I also took Motrin.

It's been exactly a week and my hem no longer hurts. In fact, I don't even notice it anymore (unless I'm wiping or showering). It's also shrunk down to more than half its size, so I assume it'll fully go away with time. Also, I initially bled A LOT, but not so much anymore. I wear a pad, so it won't get on my underwear.

That's all I did. One week and life's pretty much gone back to normal. I'll update again when it finally goes away. I hope this helped! People, give it time and don't do anything to irritate it!





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San Francisco, CA

#240 Mar 24, 2012
Hey all, would love some experienced thoughts.

i had several extremely painful external hemmies incised about 3 days ago and the doc
A) Recommended surgery to prevent their return, saying they were the 'exquisitely large' which was really an obnoxious way to put it.
B) may not have gotten them all? I only mention because after 3 days I am still in pain and I'm scouring the internet to find more info about recovery from the incision process. it is definitely less pain, but still affecting my life in a real bad way.

I can still feel and see the lump but the coloration is closer to a white. Am I better off just waiting it out? It has been about 6 days total, 3 since the incision. Thanks for your posts they have already been really helpful.

Atlanta, GA

#241 Mar 25, 2012
dez wrote:
If it's super big and external, they can usually drain it to relieve the pain. From what I have heard, thrombosed hemmorhoids usually need to be drained (i have had 3 drained to avoid getting them further aggravated with time). They can give u a local anesthetic, make a small incision and get rid of the clot.
If yours is purple, blue, or black looking it is thrombossed and will most likely need to be drained. The needle for the local hurts the most. The recovery is uncomfortable but so far not unbearable. But avoid taking Vicodin (I made that mistake, and even though it makes you feel wonderful, it also causes constipation and makes the problem much worse).
If you can stay off your butt and relax, you can try to wait it out, but once they are thrombossed I haven't had much luck in getting rid of mine.
how long did it take to heal ?

Huntington, IN

#242 Mar 29, 2012
I think I have external hems from what I have read and its about size of a grape and I'm on day 2. It doesn't hurt even when I sit down but just itches a little. I apply hem cream and clean the area when I can ans avoid sitting as much as I can. Should I wait it out ti see if it goes away or visit the doctor

Huntley, IL

#243 Mar 29, 2012
Healing usually takes some time, anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks from my experience. My hemorrhoids actually really hurt so i opted to try an herbal product called hemrid and it really helped me out. If it doesn't hurt give it some time and it should heal naturally. You may want to look at your lifestyle habits, if you are not drinking lots of water, exercising, and eating quality foods high in fiber you may be prolonging the healing process. You should go see a doctor as well to make sure its not something more serious.

New York, NY

#244 Apr 3, 2012
Hey guys, found this site and was reading through. Great that everyone's talking about it. Why should be suffer in silence. It's our A$$ on the line after all!!
So, I saw one post about hemorrhoid harry and was just about to buy some pills when I decided to read some online reviews first. That's when I found a few reviews for different products by Progressive Health.
If we can post websites here: http://www.progressivehealth.com/hemorrhoid-p...
I ended up buying Hem-Relief today. Delivery in a few days. It is suppose to fix your butt up in only one week! I guess we shall see. FDA appoved and all that, so can't be too bad, right?

New York, NY

#245 Apr 3, 2012
Hey guys, found this site and was reading through. Great that everyone's talking about it. Why should be suffer in silence. It's our A$$ on the line after all!!
So, I saw one post about hemorrhoid harry and was just about to buy some pills when I decided to read some online reviews first. That's when I found a few reviews for different products by Progressive Health.
If we can post websites here: http://www.progressivehealth.com/hemorrhoid-p...
I ended up buying Hem-Relief today
Mat again

New York, NY

#246 Apr 3, 2012
Sorry, I bought HEMCLEAR, not Hem-Relief.
Reason is because it is FDA approved and has barely any side effects compared to the others.

Also just saw this book: H Miracle. Check out what ppl say about it on YouTube.

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Cardiff, UK

#247 Apr 10, 2012
I am day 7 after having a thrombosed external hemorrhoid. The pain and pressure have gone as I started bleeding last night. I am not sure where the blood is coming from, but now the pain has now transformed into a stinging/burning sensation. I can only describe as having lots of tiny cuts down there which is very sore to touch, even showering is painful. I have not a bowel movement for about 7 days due where the haemrrhoid was and the fear of pain. The only pain relief that truly worked was morphine given to me at the hospital on day 3.

I am just wondering how long it will take to heal? The bleeding is light but its uncomfortable to walk around, but I am going to go back to work. Luckily I have had the Easter break to help with the absence from work. I have also notice a foul smlling odour, not sure if that is the blood.

The haemrrhoid is shrinking and getting smaller, just wish it would hurry up and go. I just want this to be over with. Its probably been the worst week and half of my life in terms of pain!
Ernest Hemmieway

Den Haag, Netherlands

#248 Apr 11, 2012
First of all, I'm so relieved that I found this website where I can see I'm not the only one with the roids!

I'm 28, male and have them since I was a kid. Usually internal ones that left the building after a week or so. But now I'm accompanied with an external purplish grapeshape thing on my ass. Already for 3 weeks. I'm glad it's painless, I have no blood and normal bowel movement. Anyone recognise this asymptom roid and know how long it will take to disappear?

I just started to treat today actually, because I'm not really fond to put medicines around my anal area. Hoped it would go naturally. I sport a lot, eat a lot of fibers, but no result yet. I really hope someone can tell me how long this will last with the description of above symptoms.
I got them roids

Duncan, Canada

#249 Apr 13, 2012
I am 22. I have roids! I have had them for about a year and a half now. up until 2 weeks ago. I'd just push them back in after going to the bathroom and be on my way. Not anymore. I have never in my life been in so much pain.. can't sit can't stand can't go to the bathroom can't wipe without crying! I have a doctors app next week but he's a dink so I don't know if he's just gunna send me away. it's about the size of two grapes (combined into 1) pink, one little white spot(don't know what that is) one very dark red spot and one sort of large gash which bleeds ALL THE F&*(ing time. I use the cream I've used the suppositiories the witch hazel and I sit in the tub with salt 3-4 times a day.. No luck thus far (wont even shrink) I'm not sure what I should tell the doc what I am demanding he do to fix me. So any help is much needed
I got them roids

Duncan, Canada

#250 Apr 13, 2012
Not that it really matters but I am so Embarassed that I cried holding the phone for a good 10 minutes before mustering the guts to call and make a doctors app. I believe now that it was a good choice. We should not just go through this in silence. I'm still pretty scared though, I don't think anyone has ever looked at my butt before. So I'm worried and scared!

Arroyo Grande, CA

#251 Apr 14, 2012
External hemorrhoids can be very painful and I have found that many creams don't work fast enough for me. One method that works really well is taking black or chamomile tea bags and brewing a cup of tea. Then, take the teabags and put them on the hemorrhoid. It sounds odd, but it does a lot to relieve pain and help bring the swelling down.

This article has some other good tips for helping with hemorrhoid relief at home - http://hemorrhoidnews.org/common-home-remedie...

Fairfield, OH

#252 Apr 18, 2012
I've had something going on back there for 4 days now, and I find that when I try to push it back up. it gets excrutiating on the left side. The pain is very acute and isolated, but almost unbearable. I feel like it can't be good for it to just hang out, but honestly can't comfortably sit when it's pushed up. I've taken 3 days off work, and keep telling them I have a fever and a stomach ache because I can't bring myself to tell anyone. ANYONE HAVE ANY IDEAS OF WHAT I SHOULD DO?!

Kingman, AZ

#253 Apr 19, 2012
Warning! Before you have this surgery you have to think twice before you do it, if the hemorrhoids effect your sex life or work abilities then make your choice. This surgery is your worst enemy, it's a torcher it puts you in mentally ill, it drains so much energy out of you had my done external a week ago and thought if I could die I would, my still bleeding after I tried to use dermalblast spray, anabiotic ointment, light soap wash nothing works but worst. I ate 5-6 pitted prunes and 2 stools softener a day cost me 8 bowl movements in 24 hrs. Not diarrhea but my body keeps reject them out. I called my dr.he said try to do the sitzbath 4 times a day just warm water
for 20 minutes nothingelse to irritate the wound
the bleeding is normal, and it seams really help
alot, found my best way to seat on sitzbath is
lean your back against the toilet lid like halfway
lounge both your hands grab on the sides of the toilet to support your bottom do not fill the water too high it will overflow and do not poop inside your sitzbath it will be more mess stuff a bulk of soft toilet paper in your rear for 3 minutes to soak all water out and dry, if you can wear pad that will work to eliminate some wet icky feeling. Good luck! We are all bravers.

Kingman, AZ

#254 Apr 19, 2012
Oh, my dr. Said healing is up to you how you can take care your wound your daily eating habit usually 2-3 weeks you will feel no more torcher but not completely back to normal it will takes up to a year or two just like any body surgery. To my suggestions put your before daily eating foods on aside and change to healthy foods for now lots of fluid, fiber, cut back meat or anything in high protein. If your bm too much painful eat soup, veggies, fruit low acitis. no spicy, caffein, energy drinks, and take 2 stool softener a day, try to lay down with soft pillow to support you bottom try to eliminate walking and pickup your kids or lifting heavy objects more than 10 pounds. Do the sitzbath everytime after you pee. If the pain killer made you sick cut it in half take just half dose only. That it for now as Im going through myself the healing process I'll update more if I found any better way.

Kingman, AZ

#255 Apr 19, 2012
Once your hemorrhoids are sticking out of your anus there is no way they will disappear in time doesnt matter what you try. The challenge is can you deal it for the rest of your life. Think twice this is like your slow ticking bomb. I had my small external hemorroidectomy done and it cost $10,000. My insurance pays 90 percent. Tell others and your friends to prevent this happen especially this technology world now a days lack of care.

León, Nicaragua

#256 Apr 21, 2012
I am a 28 year old male living outside the United States in Nicaragua. I decided to get the surgery here instead of flying back to the usa. The cost was $800, they put me to sleep for 45 minutes and I woke up without any pain. The first 2 days were some pain when trying to use the bathroom. Prior to surgery I had to have 2 enemas to make sure I didn't have any bowel movements right after. The itchy was non stop for the last 3 weeks. I was desperate not able to sleep at all. Finally the doctor gave me this cream call Sufrexal (kentanserin) Within 1 hour of applying the cream all of the itching has stopped and has not come back at all. This stuff is made in Mexico and is not sold in the usa. It is a real life saver, if anyone can get a hold of this I highly recommend it.

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