H.Pylori [helicobacter]
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Oakden, Australia

#1 Mar 16, 2008
I was diagnosed with helicobacter 3 yeara ago and am having trouble eradicating it, i feel very,very tired and very breathless,tests for all other medical conditions causing breathlessness have been negative. my question is does anyone know of helicobacter causing breathlessness ?

Huntingdon, UK

#2 Apr 19, 2009
I have just been diagnosed with h pylori a few weeks back after being ill for 6 months. My symptoms have reapperaed after my weeks course of triple therapy. My heart rate is faster than normal and I get breathless sometimes. i am hoping this is due to the infection not being cleared up and not something more serious.

London, UK

#3 Apr 20, 2009
Hi my my was diagnosed about 2 months ago and she was prescribed the triple therapy anibiotics. She has just come back from the doctors only to discover she still has it and has been given more tablets to take. Her symtoms have been awful, such as a big balloon belly, a cough and heartburn low energy levels and generally feeling quite unwell but i do not think she has suffered with the breathlessness although I have read other sufferers having thay symtom.

Is there anyone out there who has actually managed to eradicate this bacteria as we are very worried about her health.

Many thanks

Tampa, FL

#4 Apr 29, 2009
Yeah I took 3 doses of antibiotics that never killed the H. Pylori so I started investigating for other options. My doctor was really nice but as all doctors, she just kept prescribing antibiotics which were not helping at all!
So I investigated around and found things that cured me from ulcer and killed H. Pylori.

For immediate relief she needs 4 things:

1. Probiotics and I am talking about very large dose. I took 500 billion count first few months when my H. Pylori was really bad. This helps the bloating, helps to replenish good bacteria that is killed because of antibiotics and the list goes on. It works great!!
2. In the morning when its very bad take 1 mastic gum pill. This worked like heaven for me. All the pain associated with my ulcer that was caused by H. Pylori would dissapear in 20 minutes. I took one mastic in the morning and one in the evening.
3. Drink aloe vera ( I took one with colloidal silver) it helped my stomach feel great, and it cleansed my intestines that were backed up with stuff.
4. Digestive enzymes! They digested all the stuff that was accumulated in my stomach and would not get digested because of low good bacteria county and low enzyme levels and also there was lots of backup from antibiotics treatments.


And now to kill H. Pylori... Since my 3 attempts to kill it with antibiotics didn't work ...I took lots of stuff to kill it. I was fed up with my doctors, I was exhausted, tired, my nails were chopped up, my hair started falling out, I could not breathe good, I would vomit food that was 3 days old, and I even started seeing bad (never wore glasses in my life). So I took several things to try to kill pylori. Here is what I took and I am H. Pylori free for years now.! My hair is down to my elbow, I don't need my glasses anymore and I breathe like a baby! I even eat spicy food almost every day and I feel great! I really hope these things help your wife too!

1. mastic gum
2. raw manuka honey
3. broccoli sprouts tablets
4. oil of oregano
5. Zinc carnosine complex (like pepzingi)
7. intestine heal powder :
7. if shes got ulcer-get juicer and drink several glasses of cabbage juice per day.

I did this for 3 months and I never got H.pylori again or ulcer.

London, UK

#5 Apr 29, 2009
Thank you so much Betty, this sounds very helpful. I have also been in touch with a nutritionist and she has recommended my mum take:

garlic, slippery elm and mastic gum. I went to the health shop today and bought her these things and they cost a fortune but definately worth a try. I think these are to rebalance the intestinal flora as she didn't say anything about curing it. But I notice that you took the mastic gum too so maybe she may have a chance. The problem is the doctors have said that they will not prescribe any more tablets and they will not retest either which is ludicrus, how is she supposed to know if she is cured. She has finished the second course of antibiotics but still has a huge bloated belly. I will let you know her progress. thanks for your advise.

Griffith, IN

#6 Dec 30, 2009
Any updates?


#7 Jan 26, 2010
Hi everyone, im suffering really bad from h pylori. A first i hought it was because i had just had a baby but when the baby was 2 weeks old i still had the symptom's which were hard to take deep breaths that went deep into my tummy, feeling like i had to be sick after each meal, i felt that it wouldnt go down which wouldn't let me breath properly so i had to bring my food back up to ease the presure. I also noticed when i went to bed i would wake up after an hour or so in agorny feelin like i was having an heart attack. My tummy also makes alot of noice when im lyed down. I took the breath test and it came back possitive so they have given me the triple medication treatment. Im on my last day of treatment and it hasnt even improved so im going back to the doctors as i cant cope with this. I have a small baby and 2 other children it's so hard coping with this and now im suffering with poor eye sight through this and im so tired aswell ...Please does anyone else get the same symptoms as this and does it get any better..


#8 Jan 26, 2010
I have also noticed that when my tummy is empty i feel as though i cant breath properly and it's so uncomfortable..

Chicago, IL

#9 Jan 26, 2010
I have noticed breathing issues, usually when I'm bloated. It almost reminds me of bronchitis, having a tight chest and breathing difficulties. Lots of noise in your stomach is common w/ H. Pylori.

H. Pylori has been known to inhibit the absorption of B-12 and can also cause iron deficiencies / anemia. A lack of B-12 will cause all sorts of symptoms.

If you're taking Zantac (anything with ranitidine), it too will cause B-12 / iron deficiencies.

Since: Jan 10

Location hidden

#10 Jan 29, 2010
Hi there. I occassionally suffer from breathlessness as well. I wasn't aware that this was a symptom of H.Pylori, so I'm adding to my list of other symptoms. Do you also get upper back pain as well?


#11 Jan 29, 2010
Yes i get upper back pain right in the middle or my shoulders and it's awful,i also get it down my arms aswell. Wot other symptoms do you suffer from angelheart if you dont mind me asking you xx

Chicago, IL

#12 Jan 29, 2010
Breathing issues, if diagnosed with H. Pylori, can be associated with anemia or even a hernia.

Back in July or so, I told my doc that I was having a burning / sharp pain in the middle of my back. I showed him where. He then said "I wonder if you have a duodenal ulcer due to such and such...?" I said "Nah." Of course, 1 month later I had a peptic ulcer with symptoms that went away in 4-5 days. Now I have 6 ulcers. Weird.

A doctor would know.


#13 May 31, 2010
i am so happy to find this forum!! i been having breathing problems sinds 9 months they said its bronchitus but i was diagnosed with helicopbacter 4 months ago....i did twice a tripple antibiotica course so far ?? no luck my breathing gets bad when tummy is empty like sarah ....i am so happy to find this forum because the dokter told me perhaps i must do a biopsy from my lungs ,but i keep on telling him i think its related to mu tummy problems....so i will keep on reading and writing here about my progress thank you everybody....

Uddingston, UK

#14 Jun 27, 2010
Hi guys
I have been sick for almost 2 months with alot of different symptoms hich included vety low energy, bloathing, breathlesness, chest pain with palpitations, pain at my shoulder plade going don to my left arm, stomach noise, and the symptoms goes on I had to go to the hospital several occasions thinking I had a heart attack but all he results came back negative until no my doctors coulnot figure out what was wrong with me then I had to go to private doctor who after different tests told me I have H Pylori, He prescribed me the tripple antibiotic but stopped after 3 days because the side effect was so bad, my situation is not getting better and have to go back to my doctor so he can prescribe me low dose of antibiotic. One more thing my heart is beathing so loud it is very difficult to sleep, and some times think that my heart is stopping.
any advise

Karaj, Iran

#15 Jun 28, 2010
Sorry to hear that MoH - I'm afraid there's no easy way around getting rid of Pylori - I am more or less in the same situation myself like many others here too.
If you haven't already looked at the following forum I would suggest you should - there are some good suggestions which may benefit your situation:
Good luck and please let us know of your progress.

Cambridge, Canada

#16 Jun 28, 2010
Hi Moh,

I'm sorry for your pain. I have the same symptoms you had. I was with one doctor for 1 year he never said that there was something wrong with me. I changed doctor and he found out that I have H.pylori. I took Hpac ( 2 antibiotics + PPI) for one week and all my pains disapears but a mounth latter I got all the pain back and worst then beffor.

I recently bought the matula tea, but it does nothing for me. I still have the same pain.

Pine nut oil works but just temporary. I have tried it more than onces. It calms the pain but the pain comes back after.

Till now, I'm not cure. I think that this nasty bacteria make a big infection that need a long time treatment. Also maybe it makes biofilms so it is well protected against any antimicrobial agents.

Hope you will be OK.

Pocatello, ID

#17 Dec 16, 2010
I have a lot of the symptoms you all have described and have also developed intolerances that make it hard to take any pill. One thing that has helped is ornithine powder. this helps the body process the urea produced by the h-p. I think the high urea levels are what are causing my nervous system symptoms.

Denver, CO

#18 Dec 30, 2010
I started having h.pylori in 2000 and again in 2001, 2006 and twice in 2010. Each time my doctor puts me on antibiotics for 12 to 14 days. Then I wait a month to be tested and I STILL HAVE IT! I have had endoscopies and they always come back with me still having it. Taking the antibiotics is driving me crazy! My doctor says that I am becomming immune to the antibiotics. So what do I take next? I have an appointment with my doctor to discuss my next steps. I recently read about the Matula Herbal Formula but am not sure it works. Anyone out there with any suggestions?

Boulder, CO

#19 Jan 30, 2011
Update, have been on a 4x per day dose of Raw Manuka Honey and IT SEEMS TO BE WORKING! But I don't know for how long I need to take it? Does anyone out there know the answer to this? I am not having any stomach symptoms at all.

Lagrange, GA

#20 Jun 18, 2011
I was searching on symptoms of h. pylori and I found this site...thank God! I remember first having symptoms of heartburn and bad stomach pains back in 2006. I never thougt it could be h. pylori. My life has been affected drastically by this bacteria. My symptoms include- fatigue, hair loss, breathing issues, heart palpitaions (which scare the crap out of me), dyspepsia, burning gnawing feelig in the epigastgric area, pain between my shoulder blades, edema in ankles, noticeable skin changes (rosacea), memory loss, nausea, wheezing, persistent cough, sinusitis (every two-three months I would get sinusitis), constantly clearing of throat, dizziness, issues with keeping my balance, weight gain and headaches. My symptoms as you can see are dynamic. Some of my symptoms were mimicking Lupus. I've been tested several times and tests were all negative. I have been going crazy not knowing what the problem was. I knew there was something wrong. Recently, I started having the nausea and stomach fullness only after eating a few bites. I went to the doctor and she did bloodwork and it came back positive for h. pylori. I was started on the triple treatment. I pray this does the trick. My hair loss is extreme. I never had issues with hair loss like this. This is what led me to believe that I had Lupus. I also had tests for thyroid disease and they were all negative. H. pylori can cause more symptoms other than those dealig with the digestive system. My memory loss is terrible. I can hardly remember anything! I want my life back and I pray that this treatment works for me.

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