quadruple therapy cured my h pylori

quadruple therapy cured my h pylori

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Ashford, UK

#1 Aug 14, 2010
hi, I suffered from hpylori for over 2years, I had constant acid feeling in my stomach all day, I felt nauseaus, acid reflux, bloating, it was horrible. I was on 20mg of omeprazole all this time and the symptoms persisted.
I was put on two separate courses of antibiotics, but neither worked. So in the end I did my research on american websites to see what dose was best. It turns out my doctor had under prescribed me the amount I should have been taking. I really think doctors dont' realise how bad the symptoms can get.
So in the end I told my doctor what course I wanted to take. I insisted it be a 14 day course, not a 7 day course and a quadruple course, with bismuth.
I was really strict with when I took my pills, I even made a spreadsheet to tick them off as I took them. I also took care to not drink milk or eat food before the pills that said this on the instructions as they would not be as effective.
I finished the course and started to feel better, then I just stopped my omeprazole, it took my stomach about a week to settle as you do get a sort of rebound when you stop the omeprazole.
And guess what, I no longer have ANY acid stomach, refux, nausea etc. I feel great. I have not yet been tested to see if it has gone, but I just feel normal for the first time in 2 years and after the other treatments I still had the hpylori symptoms.
It has now been nearly 3 months and no symptoms at all.
So my advice to anyone is go straight for the quadruple therapy with bismuth. Be really strict whilst taking the pills and if it says don't eat before then don't do it, so they work to the maximum. You do feel crap whilst on them, but no way near as crap as I have felt every day for the last 2 years.
If anyone has any questions, just ask. I know what you are going through.
For me, the mastic, aloe vera, etc, never worked for me, but that is just my own experience.
All the best to others who are trying to eradicate this nightmare. If I ever caught it again, I would go straight for the quadruple therapy with bismuth, without a doubt.

Karaj, Iran

#2 Aug 15, 2010
Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I'm very happy for you.

Auckland, New Zealand

#3 Aug 15, 2010
Hi Susan
Thanks for sharing that with the rest of us. I'm really pleased for you that it has worked this time...it's nice to hear a good luck story now and then :) Have you been re-tested to make sure the pylori has definitely gone now? Could you please let us know exactly what the quadruple course consisted of? I will ask my doctor for the same if possible..

Etobicoke, Canada

#4 Aug 15, 2010
Hi Susan,

I'm happy that your are feeling fine. It's nice to hear a success stor.

I just want to tell you that you have to take probiotics because you can get candida and this is another nightmare.
To Susan

Neiva, Colombia

#5 Aug 20, 2010
After being in this nightmare for years, like you say, and finally getting a diagnosis, I wanna finally erradicate it.
So, I was wondering if you could tell me exactly what you took and how you took it so I can do the same. It´s weird how doctors don´t give much importance to H. Pylori.
Should I contact you privately or if you could please answer here. Thanks.
To Susan

Neiva, Colombia

#6 Aug 23, 2010
Do you think you could please tell me what antibiotics you took? My e mail is sjhon_fabio@hotmail.com.

Norristown, PA

#7 Aug 23, 2010
This might be what Susan used... You can look it up by putting it in the search engines...google..yahoo...
Bismuth-based quadruple therapy with bismuth subcitrate, metronidazole, tetracycline and omeprazole in the eradication of Helicobacter pylori.

My doctor put me on Vibra Tabs and Maalox, pepto bismuth, protonix. Seems to be working so far.
I am in day 7. Starting to feel better.

Fairfield, CT

#8 Sep 3, 2010
To Susan wrote:
Do you think you could please tell me what antibiotics you took? My e mail is sjhon_fabio@hotmail.com.
I also would like to know what antibiotics you took. I am suffering for 1 1 /2 years now. Just finished the matula tea not better. Trying an enzyme and some herbs as prescribed by an herbal Doctor I am seeing. I am at my witts end. I don't eat dairy or gluten anymore and still I suffer. Thank you and be well to all who read this.
from john


#9 Sep 3, 2010

Etobicoke, Canada

#10 Sep 4, 2010
Gloria wrote:
<quoted text>
I also would like to know what antibiotics you took. I am suffering for 1 1 /2 years now. Just finished the matula tea not better. Trying an enzyme and some herbs as prescribed by an herbal Doctor I am seeing. I am at my witts end. I don't eat dairy or gluten anymore and still I suffer. Thank you and be well to all who read this.
Hi Gloria,

The matula tea is a big scam. I bought and it did nothing for me. I asked them if I can contact one from their testimonials, they say It's patient confidentiality.

I conclude that this Tea is a big scam ever. 200 dollars for a tea.

Plus, they don't accept in other test ( biopsy, breath test or blood test). They accept only the most expensive test which is the stool test. Here in Toronto, it will cost you 250 dollars to do the test. So why people will spend 250 to get 200 back?

It's simply a scam. You can ask them also for testimonials, they will say to you the same thing: patient confidentiality.

Hahaha testimonial became now patients confidentiality.
Kay Farquar

Snellville, GA

#11 Sep 5, 2010
Get the DNA test from Metametrix. Look them up on Google. Find a doc who can get you this test. Stool sample/microscopy is a waste of time unless you take a sample every day for ten days.

Manchester, UK

#12 Sep 8, 2010
Hi, I am so sorry for not posting sooner, I have been away, In answer to your questions. I took the following as I am allergic to penicillin:
I took this for 14 days
Bismuth 4 times a day
Tetrecycline 6 times a day
metronidazole 3 times a day
omeprazole once a day 20mg
I do not have the grams per item at hand, but I am sure if you mention to your doctor that it is the quadruple therapy they will know the exact grams. For me, I think the bismuth did the job, plesase do some research on this to see what it does to h pylori.
I have not been retested, but will do so, but trust me, I am not lying when I tell you that, my acid reflux, nausea, bloating etc is a thing of the past. I mean it has stopped 100%. When I had the bug, I used to have to watch what I ate and near enough sit up in bed my reflux was so bad. I have completey stopped the omeprazole for the acid. I NEVER have acid, so h pylori was definetely the culprit. I have had 2 sets of antibiotics for this in the past, both triple therapy, and I know within one week that they had NOT worked, as my symptoms persisted.
I must stress though, be very strict with how you take your pills, if it says no milk with them, do not drink milk, as this reduces their effectivness. I actually made myself a spreadsheet with what to eat and when etc to remind me. I will email this to anyone who wants it, please leave your email address. I hope this hels you all as I really know how horrible this bug is, and I am a bit dissapointed by doctors who really undermine this awful bug. I am even thinking of setting up a website to help people through this as the doctors don't understand what it is like unless they have suffered with it themselves.
Please remember you must be very strict with timings and everything as this is the way it worked for me. Good luck

Manchester, UK

#13 Sep 8, 2010
hi again, just thought I would post the below information which is how I found out about the quadruple therapy:(from website:
http://digestive.niddk.nih.gov/ddiseases/pubs... )

Bismuth subsalicylate (Pepto-Bismol) coats ulcers, protecting them from stomach acid. Although bismuth subsalicylate may kill H. pylori, it is used with—not in place of—antibiotics in some treatment regimens.

In the United States, clarithromycin-based triple therapy—triple therapy, for short—is the standard treatment for an ulcer caused by H. pylori. The doctor prescribes the antibiotic clarithromycin, a PPI, and the antibiotics amoxicillin or metronidazole for 10 to 14 days. Because research shows higher cure rates with 14 days of treatment, some doctors now prescribe triple therapy for this longer period.

Bismuth quadruple therapy is another treatment strategy used in the United States. The patient takes a PPI, bismuth subsalicylate, and the antibiotics tetracycline and metronidazole for 10 to 14 days. Bismuth quadruple therapy is used to treat patients in one of several situations, including if the patient

•cannot take amoxicillin—a penicillin-like antibiotic—because of a penicillin allergy
•has been treated before with a macrolide antibiotic, such as clarithromycin
•is still infected with H. pylori because triple therapy failed to kill the bacteria
Triple therapy and bismuth quadruple therapy may cause nausea and other side effects, including

•stomach upset
•a metallic taste
•a darkened tongue or stools
•flushing when drinking alcohol
•sensitivity to the sun
Patients should discuss any bothersome side effects with their doctor, who may prescribe other medicines to kill the bacteria and cure the ulcer.

Although antibiotics can cure 80 to 90 percent of ulcers caused by H. pylori, eliminating the bacteria can be difficult. Patients must take all medicines exactly as prescribed, even when the peptic ulcer pain is gone.

At least 4 weeks after treatment, doctors test patients using a breath or stool test to be sure the H. pylori infection has been cured. Blood tests are not useful after treatment because a patient’s blood can test positive for H. pylori even after the bacteria have been eliminated.

If infection is still present, ulcers could recur or, less commonly, stomach cancer could develop. Thus, some patients need to take more than one round of medicines to kill the H. pylori bacteria. Bismuth quadruple therapy is one of several treatments used after initial treatment has failed—a strategy called “rescue” or “salvage” therapy. In the second round of treatment, the doctor prescribes different antibiotics than those used in the first round. Amoxicillin, however, can be used again to treat H. pylori infection because H. pylori resistance to this antibiotic is rare.

hope this helps.

Auckland, New Zealand

#14 Sep 9, 2010
Thanks for all the information Susan, its always good to be armed with as much information as possible in the fight against this awful bacteria. Really pleased for you that you are feeling so much better....give hope to all of us :)

London, UK

#15 Sep 9, 2010
no problems, I really hope this does help someone, as the doctors seem to prescribe the lowest amount possible and for the shortest amount of time.(maybe it costs the nhs too much!)
This may not work for everyone, but it worked for me and this was my third round of antibiotics. I really cannot see how natural remedies can cure this bug as it seems to be a very resistant bug. I tried everything over the course of 2 years to avoid antibiotics. But in the end I resorted to this. But good luck to you all I really hope you can get rid of this awful pest.

Karaj, Iran

#16 Sep 9, 2010
Nice to know some drugs are still there to kill this bug for some.
from john

Neiva, Colombia

#17 Sep 13, 2010

Please e mail me the spread sheet with what you took, in what doses, when and with/without what foods. I really need it to have my doctor prescribe me a good quadruple therapy. My e mail is sjhon_fabio@hotmail.com. Thanks.


Centreville, VA

#18 Sep 28, 2010
As someone suffering from bad acid reflux and persistent cough for a year, I found your post inspiring. I will mention it to my doctor. What kind of a doctor did you go to?

thank you.

Torquay, UK

#19 Sep 28, 2010
Hello, Teresa, I am pleased my post has helped you. I went to my local GP in the UK. To be honest, I had to more or less force him to give the 14 days of antibiotics as he wanted me to only take 7 days worth. I even took in the information I had gathered from the american website (I have copied the link above) to show him what it said. The other two courses I took was over a 7 day period and neither worked. I knew the day after I had finished them they were unseccessful as I had the dreaded acid feeling creeping up in my stomach. Where as now it has been a few months and I have not had any acid reflux at all, no nausea, nothing, I feel completely normal. When I had Hpylori, I tried to convince myself it was down to my choice in foods, so I cut lots of things out of my diet, but still the acid persisted. So I truly believe that hpylori can be the main culprit of acid reflux and all the other horrible symptoms I had, and I speak from 2 years experience. I hope you can get the correct dose of antibiotics as I do think it probably costs the nhs too much money so they give it out reluctantly. Obviously, the doctor will have the final decision as some people have reactions to certain antibiotics, but I was lucky I never did, admitedly it wasn't pleasant but it certainly did the job. Good luck and I really hope you can sort this out the sooner the better.

Philadelphia, PA

#20 Sep 28, 2010
Hi Susan, interested to know what foods you ate with your treatment. I'm going to start my treatment tomorrow and would like to see your list of foods. My email address is mhawcs@yahoo.com
Many thanks. Marie

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