Mastic gum side effects

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#81 Jan 22, 2009
In addition to taking this gum remember that you might have to change your lifestyle for a while as well. Eat more alkalizing foods, consume less sugar an red meat, and eat only a little at a time to prevent your body from overproducing acid. I've tried mastic gum. All I can say is that it certainly doesn't hurt. Changing my diet has helped tremendously though. NO meat, lots of potatoes, avacodoes, cabbage, celery, broccoli, spinach, tofu. Yeah, it's tough and considered the "old" remedy for ulcers but it does help.
H Pylori

Sheffield, UK

#82 Jan 23, 2009
I agree with Dude55 regarding the diet and lifestyle changes that need to be made in order to beat H Pylori completely. I would avoid anything made with wheat, gluten and alcohol as well.


#83 Jan 26, 2009
Anybody have any idea how long I have to take Mastic gum? Currently taking 2x500mg capsules 2times a day.
Bill Poston

Kennesaw, GA

#84 Jan 26, 2009
Fred wrote:
I am very skeptical about trying Mastic Gum. I've read reports that say it works, and others say it has no effect on H-Pylori. I have many intestinal issues ( Including H-pylori )I also have high blood presure and atrial fibrialtion. I guess I am nervous about side effects and/or negative interactions with my beta blocker. I was placed on Biaxin and Metronidazole, but I couldn't take it for more than 2 days it made me feel horrible. Im now trying virgin pine nut oil, and probiotics. I want to try Mastic gum, but am fearful. Anyone have any positive/negative feedback on this supplement?
Hi Fred, I was diagnosed with h. pylori many years ago and went through two antibacterial treatments which didn't help except temporarily. the h. pylori kept coming back. I searched internet found Mastic Gum and started taking it, first two capsules 500 mg morning and afternoon and it helped tremendously with no side effects.
I find that h. pylori is airborne and keep contacting it over and over. I think it is a liflong problem. I keep Mastic Gum handy all the itme and keep taking it as needed. The brand I take is Nutricology 500 mg 120 capsules. It helps.


Milwaukee, WI

#85 Jan 28, 2009
Pauline wrote:
Can anyone tell me where to buy this Mastic Gum from - I'll try anything. I finished my course of triple treatment over a month ago and haven't noticed any change in my symptoms and feel as ill as ever - any info much appreciated
Buy it at the health food store! It works immediately!

Milwaukee, WI

#86 Jan 28, 2009
Raybo wrote:
Anybody have any idea how long I have to take Mastic gum? Currently taking 2x500mg capsules 2times a day.
It helped me the first day!

Corpus Christi, TX

#87 Jan 30, 2009
Mastic gum made me sick,I took it one time,it made me feel woozy,sick and belched all day nastic pine taste.I will never try it,I threw it in the trash.

Kajang, Malaysia

#88 Feb 7, 2009
Mike O wrote:
I appear to have intolerance-type reactions to Mastic gum (very delayed gastric emptying/burping/cramping up). I can say the same for other similar supplements such as DGL Licorice (to a lesser extent). Has anyone experienced this?
I've thought about trying supplement formulas containing
mastic and DGL, such as "Ulcetrol" by Now and "Peptic Defense"
by Kal, but am hesitant after reading this.

Do other users have these cramping and burping problems ?

Middleboro, MA

#89 Feb 14, 2009
I had some serious GERD and allergy problems so I decided to try something natural (allergies still exist though). I tried eating low fat foods, and eliminated spicy foods, caffeine, alcohol, tomatoes, etc. which helped reduce a little acid, but six months later, I still had the acid (not as much as before though). So I tried Mastic Gum. My stomach felt better within ten minutes. I think I may have a peptic ulcer (h pylori). The mastic has helped me tremendously. I've been on it for two weeks now and I no longer have that gnawing pain in my stomach. I hardly ever belch now too. I don't know how long I'm supposed to take it, but I know with antibiotics your supposed to be on them for 10 days, so I'm going with a whole month just be sure. P.S. My doctor gave me the usual over the counter crap for GERD and I had more problems with it than changing my diet. Changing my diet to 5 small low fat meals a day did help me lose 18 pounds though. I really think that's the way we're supposed to eat.

Long Beach, CA

#90 Feb 14, 2009
i agree with all this talk about mastic gum. i found out i had h. pylori about a year ago and started reading up on what was the best thing to do. i read alot of great things about mastic gum so i decided to give it a try. I bought chios mastic gum and chewed about 2-3 pieces per week and the bacteria literally left. i had no more pain in my upper abdomen when i was hungry. No more of that burping.

Huntsville, AL

#91 Feb 18, 2009
just bought mastic gum extract capsules 500 mg i have a doudenal ulcer should this help me? any one tried it for this would appreciate feed back

Barrington, RI

#92 Mar 14, 2009
I am doing Mastic Gum for H Pylori and Murcury levels that are very high. All of these things have disturbed my hormone levels. I am also doing Bioidentical hormones to adjust until I clear the Murcury. I want to do probiotics but even if I take a tsp of yogurt I get really sick. I know this means I have Candida overgrowth (and I was tested for H Pylori positively) but I have to work every day and being really sick does not work. any experience with these things would be much appreciated. Thanks


#93 Mar 16, 2009
I also have H. Pylori and have been feeling very unwell.
I have numerous allergies to antibiotics which makes the triple treatment out of the qustion for me.
I tried Mastic Gum for the first time a couple of days ago and felt very sick indeed. About an hour or so after taking it , i felt extremly nauseous and very tired for the rest of the day.
Has anyone else experienced this? I was very disappointed as I was hoping that this would be something natural which i could actually take.

Leicester, UK

#94 Mar 20, 2009
Hi all,I tested positive for helictobacter and I have stomach upset plus indigestion/bloated tummy.
I started on mastic gum 1g for he first time and am starting to have body shivers.Any help?is this part of the healing process?.can i take paracetmol to ease the shiver.

Kirkcaldy, UK

#95 Apr 14, 2009
Have had ulcer type pain intermittingly, for years. Gallbladder pain going back - flushed with apple juice and extra virgin olive oil. worked every time. However, with weeks of grandsons tragic passing, 2007, the ulcer pain hit bad. My doctor confirmed h-pylori with a bloodtest. an endoscopy found a gastric ulcer. I had two courses of different triple therapy. I have had to resort to constant omeoprazole. When I go off it for a few days, pain hits again. I would like to try mastic gum or that S.African herbal formula. Would appreciate some advice on the quality/purity of whats on offer in the uk. Also, it would be great to get some moral support from those who have had my experience
Dan Clarke

Derby, UK

#96 Apr 19, 2009

I have had a h pyrolli infection and finished the antibiotics a few weeks ago. I am still feeling like crap from the treatment and they have really irritated my stomach! ive just started taking the mastic gum tablets (4 every night before bed for 4 weeks) As ive heard they are good healers and may also kill h pyrolli bacteria.

Pensacola, FL

#97 Apr 19, 2009
Dan, how many mg is your Mastic Gum? My instructions were to take two a day between meals which is a total of 2,000 mg a day. Maybe yours are 500 mg and that is why so many. Your good bacteria is probably gone from the antibiotics. Are you taking some priobiotics to replace those. I take a good priobiotic at night with my Mastic Gum to be sure the good bacteria can help get rid of the dying H.Pylor. The body functions best with balanced good and bad bacteria. Just a thought. Sharon
farrah islam

Wellingborough, UK

#98 Apr 24, 2009

i was told that oregano oil is as bad as antibiotics, just because its natural it doesnt mean its not dangerous to the gut, apparently it wipes out everything!.
farrah islam

Wellingborough, UK

#99 Apr 24, 2009
oh and im taking mastic gum at the mo, will have to get re-tested in a months time, will let you all know if it worked for me. I also heard sprouting broccoli seeds helps a great deal with h pylori, but they are very bitter in taste.

United States

#100 Apr 28, 2009
I found this forum about two weeks ago because I was searching the net in desperation. For over 6 years I have had a nagging pain in my stomach (pretty sure it was in my duodenum that began with very mucousy #2 this pain had also went to various other spots in my intestines. I became very bloated. Been to many doctors and emergency room visits and all they could tell me to do was get an upper GI done. After getting a colonoscopy which was very terrifying for me (it hurt bad!) I had tried many things cabbage, sprouts DGL, Prune juice etc and nothing worked. I swear I felt like something was living inside of me. Anyway....found this forum.....went to Sprouts and bought Jarrow's Mastic gum. and have been taking it for almost 2 weeks and the pain is almost entirely gone ( can still feel where it is if I try but I can tell it is healing...heck I have had it for years).... no more very healthy brown #2's. I know it takes 8-14 weeks for an ulcer to heal but I feel so much better since I started I have no doubt that the reason is because of Mastic gum.

Yes I did self diagnose myself but I am a smart guy experienced in a lot of different things....but that doesn't mean everyone should do what I have done. Some other things I have noticed: If I don't take enough water with the mastic gum I get heartburn from it....Also taking it gives me very weird headaches. The headaches could also be some sort of die off though and not the gum itself.

This stuff has worked so well for me I felt it was my duty to come back here and post my experience with it.

It works for me!

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