Mastic gum side effects
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Mike O

Western Springs, IL

#1 Apr 17, 2007
I appear to have intolerance-type reactions to Mastic gum (very delayed gastric emptying/burping/cramping up). I can say the same for other similar supplements such as DGL Licorice (to a lesser extent). Has anyone experienced this?


#2 Apr 21, 2007
don't worry - i got the same reactions initially - but it's better to stick with it..drink loads of water - that might help - also lots of pro-biotic yoghurt..
it's really difficult dealing with this - when there are no definite answers or remedies!!
take care

Since: Jun 07

Ontario, CA

#3 Jun 29, 2007
Try mastic gum by Jarrow(this is the brand that cured my ulcers and reflux)or Durk Pearson/Sandy Shaw's formula.Life Extension is their 'outlet.'
Everything I have read on mastic says there are no side effects.
Maybe the mastic you were taking is of poor quality or diluted.It is in short supply and the demand is high so some manufacturers cut corners.
Or perhaps it is working and stirring things up!
Catriona has good advice.Probiotics should be taken by everyone in this polluted age in which we live.

Since: Jun 07

Ontario, CA

#4 Jun 29, 2007
Pearson/Shaw is Life Enhancement not Extension.They have a great formula Bylori for ulcers and acid reflux.

Alpine root spray is great too and you can't be depressed taking it!!!

Peter's tea is very excellent too.Take it.

Portland, OR

#5 Jul 12, 2007
I tried Mastic Gum for ulcerative proctitis which is an ulcer on my colon and it seems to have helped immensly. I have been troubled by this for a decade,acupunture and Chinese herbs worked well to maintain it but got very expensive. I am going to stick with the Mastic gum and stop acupuncture and see what happens. I gave up on my Gastroenterolgist years ago(too many drugs and not enough relief). Ofcourse she does not believe in "alternate" forms of treatment.





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Braintree, MA

#6 Oct 12, 2007
I am very skeptical about trying Mastic Gum. I've read reports that say it works, and others say it has no effect on H-Pylori. I have many intestinal issues ( Including H-pylori )I also have high blood presure and atrial fibrialtion. I guess I am nervous about side effects and/or negative interactions with my beta blocker. I was placed on Biaxin and Metronidazole, but I couldn't take it for more than 2 days it made me feel horrible. Im now trying virgin pine nut oil, and probiotics. I want to try Mastic gum, but am fearful. Anyone have any positive/negative feedback on this supplement?





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Dallas, TX

#7 Oct 20, 2007

I had bleeding ulcer and was in hospital for 3 days. Endoscopic injections to stop the bleeding ulcer, followed by 4 weeks of high doses of too many medications. I became totally alright then. I was sensitive to some of the food items like green pepper, spices, strong coffee, etc and was avoiding these items because they caused acid reflex.
I didnt want to go into a hospital again so gave up on all of these food items.

I read about mastic gum. BELIEVE ME IT WORKED LIKED A MAGIC IN A FEW DAYS. I eat everything these days in moderation.

Peter UK

Gillingham, UK

#8 Oct 22, 2007

South Africa

#9 Oct 23, 2007
Positive news at last!! Hard to find in these forums....

Anyway I have been suffering and I know what my doctor gave me definitely didn't work. I have seen good (and bad) reports about Mastic Gum and Matula tea.

It seems like these natural remedies take a hammering from the pharmaceutical companies - thanks Peter your post really highlights this point.

Personally I would rather die from H.pylori than go for a 5th round of Triple Therapy, so I see no harm in trying out the natural options especially if they are guaranteed to work.

Victoria, Canada

#10 Oct 31, 2007
I am trying it now. I will take it for 3 weeks and let you know.
I am taking 1 gram twice a day ( total 2 g per day on an empty stomach

Since: Nov 07

Central District, Hong Kong

#11 Nov 14, 2007
Hi everyone,

I am new in this site. I am suffering from helicobacter pylori and Gerd. My doctor gave me the quad treatment which make me feel so sick I never feel like this in my life. So I stoped the antibiotics after 9 days. Can;t continue any more. Two many side effects. I am taking fresh oregano with an empty stomach and i would like to take mastic gum but natural from greece. I am greek by the way. Is any one had this problem and how he treated him self without antibiotics.

Please your answers will help me a lot.

Philadelphia, PA

#12 Nov 29, 2007
I am afraid to take anything because it effects every part of my digestion system and it is worst then the actual disease. I have been sick forever even food bothers me and it mess with my chest. I have spasm in my chest and stomach it doesnt matter what pill I take I can feel the pill trying to digest and making me feel shaky inside. I'm really sesitive to all side effects. When I tried Biaxin I felt extremly fatigue my mood changed and I felt dead inside along with my digestive system acting up even more. I also have gastroperesis which I believe comes from this helicobacter infection anybody else agree?

United States

#13 Dec 9, 2007
Davis wrote:
Try mastic gum by Jarrow(this is the brand that cured my ulcers and reflux)or Durk Pearson/Sandy Shaw's formula.Life Extension is their 'outlet.'
Everything I have read on mastic says there are no side effects.
Maybe the mastic you were taking is of poor quality or diluted.It is in short supply and the demand is high so some manufacturers cut corners.
Or perhaps it is working and stirring things up!
Catriona has good advice.Probiotics should be taken by everyone in this polluted age in which we live.
Life enhancement's Bye-Lori II was more conducive to my system than Bye-lori I. I've also tried B-L III. In addition, I take Carotec's Olive Leaf Extract for H. pylori. There are many good things about OLE. And Carotec (in Naples, FL) searches the world for the best supplements they can sell. I don't work there; just benefit from their quality products. Many supplement distributors are now having supplements produced in China and India. Buyer beware! And salt was what triggered my H. pylori and sent me the doc to find out what was wrong.

Gwynn Oak, MD

#14 Dec 31, 2007
My body seems to be sensitve to most any medicine. I was always skeptical about any natural and herbal medicines. My first bout with H Pylori was awful. My doctor put me on double antibiotics and drinking bismuth and eating prevacid daily. I thought I'd die for 2 weeks. I still had H pylori and stopped there. I decided to try this Mastic Gum and knew it wouldn't work because I was in no discomfort. But after I was tested again the H Pylori was gone. Theres also an herb called BroccoMax by Jarrow formulas and is an aid to clear H Pylori. I also took a omega 3 fish oil called ResQ 1250 for 8 weeks for angina (plaque in artery/high cholesterol)instead of Lipitor and my test showed amazing results of normal cholesterol. So I will go natural in the future when I can on any symtoms I may have. They did a couple thousand years ago when they had no man made medicines. I even had a couple bouts with kidney stones (talk about pain) and have been clear for a few years now after taking supplements and and drinking lemon and pineapple juices. So thats my story!
Julie FL

Gainesville, FL

#15 Jan 6, 2008
Does pine nut oil relly work to cure ulcers?

Nashville, TN

#16 Feb 12, 2008
I am going to try a natural course for H- Pylori.I took the antibiotics that my doctor prescribed me.I thought I was going to die.I instantly had side affects.Confusion,blurred vision,and overall just felt wrong.After the 7th day I felt I would die if I took anymore.I'm not the kinda guy that complains.I am 6'1" 250 lbs and physically in good shape.I don't ever want to feel that way again.I am going to take grapefruit seed extract,mastic gum,oil of organo, and a probiotic.I prey that this works.I will let ya'll know.

Evergreen, CO

#17 Feb 21, 2008
Does anyone know if mastic gum is safe during pregnancy? My only other alternative is antibiotics which caused the H.Pylori to begin with. I just finished reading the book why stomach acid is so good for you by Jonathon Wright and he has a big section on H. Pylori. A must read if you have H. Pylori.

Astoria, NY

#18 Feb 24, 2008
What exactly is mastic gum? Where do you buy it on USA? After an experience with Tripple Therapy that Doc gave me, the one thing that works for me are usual almonds - pure, with brown skin, with no salt or anything on them. I take them in the morning (4-5 peace's, chew them properly), with more or less usual food (i stopped drinking café a year ago, avoid citrus fruits and stuff that creates extra acid) and feel much better.

Federal Way, WA

#19 Mar 21, 2008
As we age, our digestive system start becoming deficient in natural stomach acid to digest food. First try eating small amounts, don't eat til you're full. Eat foods that are fermented with natural probiotics or good bacteria, e.g. miso soup, umeboshi, etc. Cut down on proteins-- hard to digest. Eat lots of raw vegetables and fruit, they have natural digestive enzymes. Try rice vinegar in your salads to help with digestion. These are tips I use and have been successful in managing acid reflux, gerd, and general sleepless nights -- without meds and a ton of supplements. Cheers!

Federal Way, WA

#20 Mar 21, 2008
I forgot to mention, if you have acid reflux, you need to balance your body so it's more alkaline and less acidic. This means eat more raw fruit, vegetables and other alkaline foods than acidic foods, such as coffee, meats, breads, sweets, etc. It's important to always balance your diet with alkaline foods. Ripe bananas are very good for this, an hour or so before you sleep so you don't experience acid reflux while sleeping.

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