Antibiotics are still the treatment o...

Antibiotics are still the treatment of choice for H. Pylori bacteria

There are 218 comments on the The Seattle Times story from Nov 25, 2007, titled Antibiotics are still the treatment of choice for H. Pylori bacteria. In it, The Seattle Times reports that:

Q: My husband was diagnosed with H. pylori , and his doctor wants to use antibiotics to treat it. via The Seattle Times

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#23 Jul 23, 2009
It looks like the triple-therapy (Klacid) did the trick. My follow-up breath test came up negative for Hp.

It's been almost two months since I completed the course of antibiotics, taking probiotics and UMF 16+ Manuka honey immediately after ceasing the last dose. I still have a few of the side-effects which began at the start of the triple-therapy - mild throat, occasional constipation - though, these are slowly improving.

I continued to get hives for about 4 weeks after I stopped the antibiotics, but after that they began receding at a dramatic rate. My allergy specialist believes it will be some time before the hives go completely.

It would seem that the Hp infection was, ultimately, responsible for the hives (if not, a major contributor).

United States

#24 Aug 15, 2009
HI Lance I think you are right , I'm taking the treatment and so far "no side efects at all".
I guess it all could depend on the type of organism, how this react to treatment could be that they had previously made their organism sensitive w some foods(alcohol,coffee,etc.) their organism probably couldn't take any more. In my case I don't enven drink coffee so as I said so far I'm doing good, just the sour taste on my mouth that's all.
Lance in north east Uk wrote:
HI, i did the antibiotic treatment for H Pylori and i had no side effects at all. I dont really understand how people cant stick to the treatment regime for two weeks, when u consider some people have taken drugs with side effects for years on end and tolerated them.

Pascoe Vale, Australia

#25 Aug 21, 2009
I'm currently being treated for h. pylori and am on the Nexium HP7 pac.
I'm just wondering if people who have or have had this annoying bug, had to have their partners tested and treated for it as well.

Gainsborough, UK

#26 Sep 9, 2009
i have nearly finished my treatment for h.pylori. the 3 combination antibiotics... i still feel unwell and constantly feel nauseaus! i dont have my appetite either. is this normal and when will i feel better?


#27 Sep 9, 2009
As you probably know, I was so ill with the 3 combo antibiotics that I stopped taking after 2 days and tried herbal supplements, which I took for 4 months (and ma still taking). 1 month ago I went to the clinic for a blood and faeces test to see if the pylori was still present. It isn't, it's gone.

Here's what I took twice daily:

Slippery Elm
Mastic Gum
DGL (licorice extract)
Garlic (helps kill bacteria and is also good for blood)
Psyllium caps (extra fibre as I had diarrhea for months)
1 pot Manuka honey +15 (but no more as too expensive).

I have a duodenal ulcer, which pains me sometimes, but it snot too bad - I think the supplements keep it at bay.

I didn't alter my diet at all, as I already eat plenty of fruit and veg, very little meat (and hardly ever red,)little dairy (the occasional egg and some cheese, milk in tea) and little glutin (occasional slice of (wholegrain) bread. I drink fruit-juice, English tea and wine (probably too much):-) No coffee (but I would if I liked it!)

Either way, the H Pylori has gone WITHOUT the deadly antibiotics they give you (which I swore I would never take again and which kill all the good bacteria too).

Hope this helps someone...

Edison, NJ

#28 Sep 23, 2009
Im taken the tripple antibiotic a second time around. I can barely eat. my stomach hurts a lot and i have nausea and diahrea worst of all I work with preschooler. I dont know if i should stop the tratment It has been 4 days of torture and hell.


#29 Nov 7, 2009
Hi i just found out i have H-Pylori..and am taking the Triple pak perscription... I haven't really felt good for almost a year.. but the really bad symptoms started this past August.. and they just got worse.. my heart was going fast.. i was ichy all over and would drive nuts mostly at night. my stomach i could eat ANYTHING without burping all day so i started to eat smaller meals..but even if i hadn't eaten anything from 7pm till the morning i would purp.. Then u start thinking what the heck is wrong with me.. my father died of Esphogus cancer so i then thought that was what was wrong with me ..finally i went to the doctor and had to do a stool sample for three time and after it felt like month the results came back and i had the bacteria.. The drugest did tell me that the virus does cause heart disease if not treated.. now i am just wishing and hopeing that all will be well.. and still afraid of eating certain foods .. tks for all your comments and will be back on ..

United States

#30 Nov 16, 2009
has anyone tried pyloriclear herbs? I am about to start the antibiotics but thought I would try some herbs before.Mastic gum did not kill the HP for me and I have stomach pain and feel relly bad

New York, NY

#31 Oct 2, 2010
I was too diagnozed with H pylori and just got my prescription today but not sure if I should take them as i'm too scared from the side effects eveybody is complaining about. I'm reading here some are complaing too and I wondered are you eating unhealthy or healty foods while taking the antibiotics? I've been eating extremly healty for the past 3 months and its helping a little but I just wonder if it will do some good for lessening the side effects from the antibiotics? I see this is old forum but if somebody can coment I appreciated.


#32 Nov 13, 2010
Susan wrote:
<quoted text>
Patsy - did you have any side effects from the antibiotic treatment?
I'm not Patsy but I had a massive reaction to the two week treatment of 8 antibiotics a day. I had yeast every where, my mouth was raw with it.. very hard to treat.
I was wondering if anyone had any side affects after the treatment.. I can't seem to get on my feet.

Since: Aug 10

Nanning, China

#33 Nov 30, 2010
I want to take about its side effect , Aminoglycosides such as gentamicin (Garamycin) and tobramycin (Tobrex) Most antibiotics have 2 names, the trade or brand name,
antibiotics may have side effects. Some of the more common side effects may include: Soft stools or diarrhea &#12289;Mild stomach upset , and most of using should be according to the doctor.


#34 Nov 30, 2010
lori wrote:
After your treatment how long did it take you to feel well? I am on day 6 of treatment and still feel bad. Can anyone please help me know when I can expect to feel better.. PLEASE !!!!
Hi Lori,
I had to do two full weeks (14 days)of antibiotics before I felt better.. then the doctor put me on a prescription acid blocker.. be sure too that you ask for the pill that prevents yeast infections.. sometimes it takes two rounds of meds to clean it up.. you might have an ulcer..
fatiha Jones

Toronto, Canada

#35 Dec 22, 2010
my daugther as the hp too i need some more information about it the doc gived her 1 week medications she went back and the result still the same

Mississauga, Canada

#36 Dec 22, 2010
Hi Fatiha,

Please if your daughter is positif for H.pylori and your doctor thinks it is the problem that you should ask him for an endoscopy with a bipsy so he can pick up some H.pylori and perfom the antibiogram test. It can help alot.

You can reach me at : [email protected]

Best regards.

Summerfield, FL

#37 May 2, 2011
Hey I have had H pylori since my symptoms started in Dec, 2010. my symptons were severe pain under my ribs on my left side. Bloted feeling under the rib also. Burpping constantly and my stools changed colors. I have just completed my 2nd round of antibiotics and still have this pain. Not as bad but I know it is or something still there. I had to go through alot of test to get to this point. Bills are stacking up.What if the antibiotics dont work then what?
Alice Thomas

Satellite Provider

#38 May 4, 2011
Unlike the other sufferes I encountered in another mail, I can relate to the ones above. The triple antibiotic treatment, I think should not be taken lightly at all. I am really hopeful that at the end of my treatment, I shall feel better, or eradicte the bacteria once and for all. I am on the 6th day of the therapy. 1000mgs Clarithromycin, 60mgs Lansoprazole, and 2000mgs Amoxicillin daily. At first I felt really unwell, but now eventhough I still have the pain in my stomach and back about three or four times daily, I still feel a lot better than before starting the therapy
Alice Thomas

Satellite Provider

#39 May 4, 2011
I would love to hear from anyone with similar experience.
My email address is :- [email protected]
Alice Thomas

Satellite Provider

#40 May 27, 2011
I have atlast finished the triple treatment ie A course of lansoprazole, amoxicillin, and clarithromycin for two weeks. I do honestly feel a
lot better. The pain has not completely gone, I do have one or two attacks a day and one prolonged one at night when I go to bed, but it is nothing
compared to what Iv been through for the past couple
of months.
I do take the odd paracetemol for the pain but Im sure with time the pain will go away.
I do hope and pray that all of us sufferers will find relief sooner rather than later.
Alice Thomas

Satellite Provider

#41 Jun 11, 2011
Its been over a month since I finished the triple antibiotic treatment. The pain is still there, but only two or three attacks a day. I have noticed though, that diet has got a lot to do with the pain.
If I stubbornly eat spicy food, and eat late I suffer the consequences especially at night.
My observation is that if you eat very little, often, and bland food you can go through a painless day, and that is a fact, proven and tested. So what do we do now? Us sufferers should alter our eating habits completely. I wonder howmany people have had the same experience. Please write to me. Much appreciated

Calgary, Canada

#42 Jun 19, 2011
Great to find this blog. I completed the Triple Pak about a month ago. Only side effect was a lovely red fungus that developed on the side of my nose. It disappeared after the treatment. Initially I felt a better immediatly after the treatment but with a week was right back to where I started. Feeling bloated and achy. Went back to dr.(diff. dr.)d and she brushed off my concerns by saying that the stomach is irritated and it would take awhile for it to settle down. I insisted on another breath test (had to be one month for last dose of antibiotics). Results are back but of course now I have to wait a week to get in to see dr. cause they wont tell you over the phone. So...I feel like crap (over a year and lost 25 lbs.) and Im still waiting. Im sure that the bug is still there. Curious to see how many others had to take more that ONE treatment to get rid of this nasty little bugger. Got major hot flashes on top of this stuff. Very very unhappy! Love to hear from anyone!

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