#166 May 22, 2009
I am going in to get tested for >H pylori Because I have Blastocystis hominis..and the doctor said no big deal..well it is if you have it! i can tell you..The information says if you have one you can have the if the tea does not work maybe you have B.Hominis too..

Worden, IL

#168 Jun 3, 2009
Also, the doctors wont tell you this bacteria is in the saliva. Dr Gabe Mirkin says the whole family has to be treated to effectively kill the virus. Something the U.S. docs will argue with till the death or you finally wave the white flag. People, big drug companies don't want you well, they want you depended upon their drugs that mask symptoms, and the doctors get huge kick backs for prescribing them ie. cars, vacations and lost of $$$. There are labs out there that will test saliva, it is in the saliva 100% of the time. Look up Dr Mirkin see what he has to say. The FDA has just about shut down any syndicated radio show he has, but there is still info out there on the net. He said 20+ yrs ago that stomach issues where caused by this bacteria and doctors and his colleges called him ludicrous. Whose laughing now....him! Check him out please. If you cant get your doctor to treat your diagnosed pylori he will, but you have to go to I think Maryland to his clinic. Think he also goes to Mount Siani hospital (spelling?)

United States

#169 Jun 5, 2009
I was days away from gaul bladder surgery. My boyfriend has HP. His Dr recommended Siberian Pine Nut Oil. He thought maybe it would help me as well. I had had three attacks in four days. i started with the oil and have been takibg it for two months now. No only have not had another attack but I have added foods that I couldnt eat without having sever pain for several hours in the middle of the night. It works better than I ever expected.


#170 Jun 6, 2009
Currently taking my second treatment of Matula Tea. Definately felt better after two weeks of taking the tea twice daily. Stomach bloat was reduced dramatically and the pain was quelled. After taking the first 30 day order, felt great, two weeks later my stomach began to hurt and the blout returned. Take Pro-biotics with the tea. Will see what happens after the second month of use, if it does not work, will request a refund and if I do not receive the refund will notify appropriate agencies and make a formal complailnt against the company. What do you think about Mastic Gum?
Stacy Potter

Clovis, NM

#171 Jun 7, 2009
Peter wrote:
Here's an very special invitation to all of you are fed up with trying to eradicate H. pylori. I am offering you a FREE eBook titled "H. pylori and Your Digestive Health". It will provide all the information and answers you will ever need to achieve optimal Digestive Health in the future. Please send me an email to my personal address [email protected] with a short description of current circumstances and I will immediately send you the download link. You may ask, why I have decided to do this - it's simply because I am passionate about helping you to get healthy again. I look forward to receiving an email from you. Wishing you all the very best, Peter
Please send me your booklet on h pylori..I have been diagnosed with it..really thinking about this tea..4 days of triple antibiotics and making me sicker..Thanks


#172 Jun 10, 2009
I have been taking DGL, Mastic Gum, Slippery Elm and Psyllium for a few weeks now (I can't afford the tea). I have found a great site (based in California) to buy from, great prices and v cheap shipping (and I live in the Netherlands!). Check it out...

I'm feeling a bit better (although nothing seems to get rid of the bloating), but then I have lots of other things wrong with me, including hemochromatosis, so treatment is tricky. My doc (also a herbalist as well as a 'normal' doc) is very interested, and wants me to continue for another month with above caps (actually I'll continue ad infinitum)then has made appt for me to have a pylori test to see if it's still there. I told him I didn't want another endoscope (and it isn't necessary) and suggested the breath test, but he said the faeces and blood test is more accurate, so that's what I'll have. I'll let you know the results - both me and doc (and hemo specialiest :-)) are agog!


#173 Jun 10, 2009
Oh, while I'm at it...I think many docs say it doesn't matter as actually about 50% of the pop have H Pylori and suffer no adverse effects. I expect my sons and all my friends have it too, caught from me :-) Mine was discovered during an exploratory endoscopy (I'm a bit of a medical puzzle), together with an ulcer and inflamed stomach lining.

Oh and I took the 'conventional' antibiotics and was sick as a dog - stopped after 2 days, thought I was dying, even called doc out in middle of night, never again, rather have the pylori frankly! Don't forget, too, that the conventional meds kill all the 'good' stomach bacteria as well, which you then have to replace.
Amy King

Wayne, NJ

#174 Jun 17, 2009
MATULA TEA — DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY! From what I can tell, the tea is simply a diuretic one akin to Fennel tea or Nettle. It made me sick. Further, I have tried to email and contact the Matula Tea dealers/makers through “Super Natural Herbs”( ) and Ulcer Cure ( )— a complete waste of time: NO REPLY now that they have my money. Nice. Avoid Matula tea and buy yourself some Fennel tea if you’re constipated, get some Aloe Juice if have gastritis, and stick diligently to the Manuka Honey and Mastic Gum if you have H Pylori!
By the way, I cured my H Pylori without antibiotics and note how on my blog:

Bern, Switzerland

#175 Jun 17, 2009
It's been 3 years that I have HP. I've got all the possible symptoms. Went through 3 eradication attempts - all unsuccessful - the breath test still confirms the presence of the bacteria.
I keep losing weight. Almost anything I eat causes stomach pain. I forgot what is normal sleep. I've got chronic depression as a result and suicidal thoughts come to my mind several times a day.
Tried also several alternative treatments with no success and seriously doubt this Matula tea can do something to HP.
If anyone here managed to get rid of the germ, PLEASE, tell how and where...

Bolton, UK

#176 Jun 19, 2009
pls let me know if you are out of h pylori infection?


#177 Jun 19, 2009
Well i'm glad and happy to confirmed that my h pylori test came back negative for the first time since I was 16 years old.
I did this treatment that did a miracle on me and a few others I know about...
Check the link out..
You won't regret it!!I know I'm not


#178 Jun 20, 2009
Dan, check out Amy's blog, it might help, or at least cheer you up a bit.

I've heard that pine nut oil can help - it seems different things help different people - some swear by the tea, some by the gum, some by Manuka. Me, I take the lot, just to be sure :-)

The worst thing for me is the bloating, which nothing seems to help. It's like carting a barrage balloon around and makes walking painful and breathless.

Pikeville, TN

#179 Jul 12, 2009
I just started the helidac and I am in imense pain my stomach is on fire,is the honey and tea a help to most I dont think I can continue with this current medicine.


#180 Jul 12, 2009
Dahne, I stopped the triple therapy after two days and told the docs they needn't try to get me to take it again, I'd rather have the pylori :-) I thought I was dying - called the doc out in the middle of the night!

The mastic gum, together with slippery elm and DGL have certainly helped as regards bowel movements etc. I also take (or have taken) Manuka honey (which even if it doesn't help, tastes lovely :-)), psyllium caps (for added fibre) and garlic caps (also helps to zap the bacteria apparently and cleans blood). I've been doing this for about 2 months now, but am still very bloated, alas.

Tomorrow I;m planning to go to the diagnostic clinic with my little sample tucked up in a bottle, and they will also take blood. After that, in about a week I need to go to GP for results. I'm hoping the pylori is dead and buried (but not in my stomach lining!), but I have my doubts. Either way I have no more pain from my ulcer and there is NO WAY I'm taking the prescribed death mean antibiotics again.

I'll keep you informed...


#181 Jul 12, 2009
Here's an interesting article about Manuka Honey on the BBC >>>
My name is reenie

Park Ridge, IL

#183 Aug 2, 2009
PATSY wrote:
I have'nt seen a posting yet that claims the tea works. Some bought it but weren't helped. Save your money and read these posts for something that has helped. You probably need something to soothe your stomach like Deglycerized licorice(health food store)or good old pepto bismol What does the doctor want to give you?
I have had h pylori for a number of years and recently came across an article that broccoli sprouts helps cure the h pylori bacteria which is a very nasty ailment.

Fredericton, Canada

#184 Aug 3, 2009
Just took another test and it came back again negative :D....I'm so happy that that oil helped me so much,I was in pain from 16-21 but not anymore :D


#185 Aug 13, 2009
Hi Lance

Can you tell us what happened after taking matula herb, as i was going to buy it , but after having read all these comments about the herb i am having second thoughts, Peter you really need to put some real positive customer back-up on your site, otherwise we just aint gonna have faith. Too many people out there just want to get out money.
Lance in north east Uk wrote:
I have had stomach problems since the beginning of this year, i have an ulcer and gastritis and have had dispepsia. Also i have tested positive for H pylori though my doctor would only prescribe antacids. Admittedly my symptoms arent bad if i avoid alcohol, however i took mastic gum at a dose of 4 grams a day for over a month and this didnt kill the infection. I have just ordered some matula tea so going to give that a try. My email is [email protected] if anyone would like to message me about matula tea or anything else to do with H pylori x

Minneapolis, MN

#186 Aug 15, 2009

One year ago I have been diagnosed with H.Pylori. The doctor gave me Prepac for 10 days. The treatment was very bad but I finished. During treatment I could see that the symptoms were gone-having that metallic taste ( my breath was not smelling anymore). After couple months they came back again. I decided to do an endoscopy... the doctor said is ok ... I should not be worried about; it's just a lil iritated.
After couple months I started to feel very bad...stomach pain, my breath was awful ...I was taking ranitidine for the pain.

I reached a moment when I was thinking I'm going to die.

So, one day I said if I will not do something for my health , nobody will do.
I started to study on the internet different cases of H.Pylory,I was reading a lot about the treatments and natural remedies.

First of all I'm telling you that in this case with this nasty bug H.Pylori is important to be very careful with the diet.(gluten free as much as you can, diary free,yeast free)
What I will tell you next is very hard to do it but in order to feel better I did it.
I eliminated the following:
Milk and any other product that contain milk

Yeast is very good enviroment for the bacteria and fungus to develop.
You need to pay attention also to the candida quanity that's in your stomach, cuz it might increase.

MY TREATMENT ( beside the diet)

In the morning I'm taking on empty stomach 2 pills of MASTIC GUM 500 from Jarrow.. followed by breakfast, after I drink giger with camomile tea Organic without sugar-very important. Ginger is very good for H.Pylori
after lunch in between meals..almost empty stomach I'm taking maga flora DIARY FREE,GLUTEN FREE.
you can eat after 1/2 h small meal
In the evening I will drink before going to bed another cup of ginger with camomile tea.
In case that the stomach is bothering me I'm taking also a pill of ranitidine.
After 2 days that i started this i began to feel much better , my stomach pain is not there anymore. I reduced the ranitidine at 1 pill a day and I'm hoping to reduce it all.
I will follow the treatment 1 month to re-establish my stomach flora , destroyed after the PREPAC treatment.

After this treatment my intention is to do also candida cleaning also with natural pillsthat contain Caprylic Acid, Pau d'arco and garlic. folowed by Pau d'arco tea.
I mention that all these natural products you can found at Wedges stores or any other naturists stores.
This is my story ...for hope, that I can kill this nasty bug of H.pylori.
I hope it will help other people too at least with the pain tha they are dealing with.
I will keep in contact with you and update.
But the most reliable test in this case is : your breath.

Thank you for reading, I appologize for my english If I have writting mistakes and I wish the best for you guys. Let's hope!

Val-des-monts, Canada

#188 Aug 16, 2009
in reply to Alex88,

This sounds like it might work but I have a question for you-- you said you take 2 mastic gum-is that all you take for the day? Second question-What is ranitidine and where would you purchase it? Does it come under a different name perhaps? We live in Ontario, Canada and I have never heard of it.
My husband is suffering quite a lot at the moment and he has eaten gluten free for years. However we just recently found out that he is allergic to wheat, papaya, watermelon, lettuce and onions. The lettuce and onions are foods which he consumed almost on a daily basis for years. A few days he had a couple of peaches (not peeled) unfortunately and has been sick for the last four days.

If you can give us any further information and keep us posted as you said to your progress it would be greatly appreciated-louise.

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