H pylori Help

Sheffield, UK

#145 Jan 14, 2009
Hi Lance,

Good luck with the Matula Tea! Anything is worth a try right! If you need anymore information on H Pylori there www.h-pylori-symptoms.com or I've heard that Dr Kalish at www.drkalish.com is quite good as well.

One thing I would say is keep off the gluten. That means anything with flour in it. Check labels for gluten. I've heard that avoiding this really helps.

Good luck!

Newark, NJ

#146 Jan 19, 2009
I don't understand what your all complaining about.

Doesn't it seem strange to you that after taking the prevpac that you suddnly feel great again for a few weeks but then feel terrible?

Wanna know why that is? Candida Overgrowth.

All those antibiotics are going to kill the pylori AND all of the other bacteria in your stomach and intestinal tract, giving way to candida overgrowth within your body, and all sorts of bad things.


People don't understand how crucial that step is.

Newark, NJ

#147 Jan 19, 2009
Oh and btw, it seems VERY strange to me that so many people on this forum continue to become re-infected with the bacteria...my doctor said that the chances of re-infection are 0.5% and below once the prevpac is completed, so I think everyone needs to evaluate what is it exactly that they are doing.

Oxnard, CA

#148 Feb 2, 2009
I tested positive for HP, 1wk after i finish my antibiotics i began to feel a burning sensation in my rectum. All my other sysmtoms went away. Has anyone experience this type of symtom.

New Port Richey, FL

#149 Feb 7, 2009

I am 25 years old and I have been diagnosed with HP a month ago...It started sometimes at the beginning of January. I would wake up in the middle of the night with chest pain and my heart would beat so hard I would think I am having a heart attack! I would have to sit to get to sleep while my heart would beat fast and hard! I could only get 3 hours of sleep...it was the most horrible thing in my life...I really dont wish this to anyone...Went to the doctor and they gave me only Nexium for a week and to come back...not much changed, the pain in the chest dissapeared somewhat, but the heart beating was there occasionally...The breath test came back from the first visit and I was diagnosed with HP...the doctor put me on Amoxicillin, Clarithromycin and Aciphex. Took it for two weeks, it helped me to some extend, but not fully....I still can feel my heart beat throughout my body, which scares me sometimes....This happens while at sleep..however, I can sleep longer, sometimes 8-9 hours, but sometimes I wake up after 6...eating would give me this bloating and chest pain....I've read so many things about HP over the last few weeks and found some interesting things...

A lot of people are betting on the Mastic gum, I just got it yesterday and this morning was my first treatment of 2 500mgs

Some people are saying that Apple Cider Vinnegar helps, bought it yesterday and drink it with a cup of water three times a day...

I have been taking Papaya pills, papaya fruit, eating plain yoghurt and got some probiotic chewing pills..

I have been of the antibiotics for 3 days now and the doctor told me to take aciphex for another 3 months..its expensive, however he gives me plenty of samples...

For the past 3 days, i have been feeling better each day..the heart beating is getting smoother and not a hard as it used to be..my stomach does not hurt as bad, it does a little, maybe bloating..its right under my chest cage....

I have a stomach ultra sound next week and an EKG for my heart, just to make sure I dont have any issues with my heart or something in my stomach...praise to God there is nothing..

I will continue to post my treatment over the next few months as I know it is very important to many to know how to defeat this bacteria, which causes so much stress and discomfort..

good luck to everyone..i'll write back in a week or so

Auckland, New Zealand

#150 Mar 3, 2009
Anyone reading this should be very careful about what I see as 'plants' from the pharmaceutical industry. I read on another post in here where our friend Patsy is pushing drugs - that is disgusting and she should be banned from these forums.

In response to Celeste, where are all the people leaping for joy who have been cured by the drugs that are also supposed to work?

My advice - keep an open mind and do your own homework. Listen to people who actually know what they are talking about.

Mckinney, TX

#151 Mar 4, 2009
I was diagnosed with HP several weeks ago. I took the Prev Pac route but a couple of days after I finished I started having the burning, pain and bloating again. I am on fire at this moment and would love to drink something that can take that away. I picked up Mastic Gum, Licorice tablets and L-Glutamine powder. Has anyone tried these things? If so how did it work for you?
Mrs M


#152 Mar 12, 2009
HI All
I was diagnosied last week with HP I had a ccourse of antibiotics Augmentin 1g clarithmycin 500g and omeprazole 20mg, Is this the tripple therapy? anyhow I finsihed on Tuesday morning and on Wednesday had a bad taste in my mouth and then to add insult to injury today I have the blocking in my chest like indigeston....I don't believe the antibiotics have worked...I would rather stay with the medical approach so what should I say to my Dr when I see her what course of medicine should I tell her that I need she doesn't seem to have a clue and as it is very patient led here (private medicine in Middle east) I will suggest what I need.... anyhow any advice would be of help to me.
thank you


#153 Mar 19, 2009
HI All
I was diagnosied last week with HP I had a ccourse of antibiotics Augmentin 1g clarithmycin 500g and omeprazole 20mg, Is this the tripple therapy? anyhow I finsihed on Tuesday morning and on Wednesday had a bad taste in my mouth and then to add insult to injury today I have the blocking in my chest like indigeston....I don't believe the antibiotics have worked...I would rather stay with the medical approach so what should I say to my Dr when I see her what course of medicine should I tell her that I need she doesn't seem to have a clue and as it is very patient led here (private medicine in Middle east) I will suggest what I need.... anyhow any advice would be of help to me.
thank you

Mary, you just wait for a month or two to settle your stomach back to normal. I got the same problems after my treatment. And after 1.5 month of jumping up and down, my stomach came back to normal.
What you should avoid is re-infection from sex partner or anything where bacteria could live. Re-infection happens more often than doctors like to believe. Infected pets and humans and their traces provide re-infection.
Generally antibiotics should be tested for effectiveness against your particular HP strain before to be prescribed. That could be done in a Lab by testing of samples of your stomach endoscopy. Normally labs don't do such a tests. Try to find out with your doctor where and who can do it.
Antibiotics should be taken together with strong probiotics to avoid progressive diarrhea. Drink a lot of water when you're on antibiotics. They cure, but remember what I said, HP bacteria could come back from outside (dirty food, hands, etc.).
Three month after treatment do HP test to find out if it's gone. Try to do different tests to make sure thereare no mistake (breath test, HPSA, or blood test).
After antibiotics treatment it's good idea to shut down Candida and yeast overgrowth with natural Oregano oil or similar remedies.
Good Luck.

Moncton, Canada

#154 Apr 13, 2009
I have tried 2 times the triple therapy and it did not work with me.The first one I took all of it but the second one was the strongest and I threw up so many times you could not believe.My doc made me only drink water for a day than start back on the pills the next day out of the whole week only 2-3 days of pills work but it did nothing for the h pylori :(...This pass week I could barely get out of bed throwing up,shaking from being cold,dizzy I could not move my head from right to left or down without almost falling on the ground.This pass week has been the worst in a very long time.I caught h pylori when I was 16 and i'm not 21 years old.I had all of these symptomes:
loss of weight
loss of appetite
With no luck I just ordered Extra virgin Siberian pine nut oil that I have heard alot of good news about.Hey try anything right?
Right now 2 days ago before Easter I went to the hospital cause I could not stand it anymore.They only gaved me sirum,they were giving it to me so fast also and my body got so cold but I did feel better.But today my head feels light and I did feel lil bit dizzy when I woke up.
So will see that the oil will do at this point I really have nothing to lose.
If anyone has anything to add or would like to get in touch with me to talk about h pylori e-mail me at:[email protected]
It would be really great to hear from you.
Good day!


#155 Apr 22, 2009
I read everyone on this forum. So Matula Tea is a Hoax. There is a lot of info on its website, it sounds very convincing, but thank god for forums. Am on my third course of antibiotics, Have two ulcers for 7 years. I had an endoscopy in January and the doctor said that she found H-pylori instantly when she put the biopsie she took from my stomach into the solution. The solution turn a different colour straight away. Did anyone ever try to contact Mr marshall and Mr warren who won the Nobel prize for discovering H-pylori? If I am honest, Of all the courses of anti-biotics I have taken I have never strictly stuck to taking them when I should. I dont know for sure but I think I have candida. If this course of anti-biotics does'nt cure me I dont know what I will do. If anyone want to get in touch my email is [email protected]

Wellingborough, UK

#156 Apr 24, 2009
Hi Garyp

I have h pylori and was on mastic gum for 2 months, i am now on gastrazyme, what did your h pylori test consist of? was it a breath test? i have one scheduled soon but am scared as i still have some symptoms, how long did you take the matula tea and did you take it alongside gastrazyme or after it?


Aurora, CO

#157 May 2, 2009
valensal wrote:
The final solution to H. Pylori has been around for 3000 years in the Meditarranean. It's all natural and it's called MASTIC GUM. I tried it and H. Pylori is gone !!! Never been better in the last 20 years !!! Take 1g a day for one month and then follow up with 500mg a day for another two months. That's all you need to get rid of it. Enjoy your life again !!!
So where do you get this product?

Aurora, CO

#158 May 2, 2009
So where do you get Mastic Gum for the H pyloria

Fredericton, Canada

#159 May 3, 2009
Where can you get mastic gum???
farrah islam

Lincoln, UK

#160 May 13, 2009
i tried h pylori for a month, thats at twice the recommended dose and that didnt kill h.pylori, i was so upset!, might try matula tea now....
farrah islam

Lincoln, UK

#161 May 13, 2009
i mean i tried mastic gum not h.pylori lol!!

Lincoln, UK

#162 May 13, 2009
Peter wrote:
Hello All, I would just like to set the record straight. If I recall my telephone conversation with Joan, she indicated that she was also suffering from Candida Albicans, the stomach yeast infection. I explained to her that we are finding that between 65 to 70% of people who are H. pylori also suffer from active Candida. This is primarily caused by overuse of antibiotics. I also explained to her that the symptoms she wase experiencing largely overlap with many GI Tract disorders so it is often very misleading and one tends to believe that the H. pylori is still positive. The best thing for Joan to do is to wait for 4 weeks and then have a re-test using the HPSA (H. pylori Stool Antigen) Test. This will prove whether she is H. pylori positive or negative. My bet is that she will be H. pylori negative just like the other 3,000 odd customers we have had since September 2006. I wish to make this point quite clear and that is that only one Matula Tea treatment is necessary to eradicate H. pylori. If it doesn't then you are fully entitled to claim our 100% Money Back Guarantee. Joan, please feel free to call me again if you need any further information. Thank you for taking the time to read this, Wishing you eternalgood health, Peter www.ulcer-cure.com <quoted text>
Anyone who has h.pylori and is being re-tested knows that you can only be re-tested by a breath test not a stool test, as it not reliable.


#163 May 14, 2009
Try Extra virgin Siberian pine nut oil I mean it it works great!

Wolverhampton, UK

#165 May 21, 2009
Pauline wrote:
Can anyone give me any information on what is the best probiotic drink to take? I am chopping and changing at the moment - one week yakult, next week Actimel.
The best probiotic to take is Ultimate Flora, critical care which has 50 billion cultures per capsule. It is expensive (£30) but worth it. If you have had inflamation of the stomach, as I did, then Golden Seal is a fantastic herbal remedy for that. I have had h/pylori twice now and the antibiotics etc. but my stomach only started to feel better after taking these two remedies, in fact the improvement was quite dramatic.

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