H Pylori symptoms

Orleans, MA

#21 Dec 2, 2008
I tested positive for h pylori a few years ago and now all my symptoms are back,my stomach burns alot and I do feel bloated and tired plus Im on bloodthinner for another problem I have and that also makes me tired. Everything interacts with coumadin so is there something they can do to wake my tired self up I hope so.

Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

#22 Dec 23, 2008
i have been tested positive to h.phlori .i am now taking the trible treatement and i feel sick .can't wait to finish it

New York, NY

#23 Jan 2, 2009
Noeleen wrote:
I am wondering if anyone can give me any help. I have been suffering with an estremely bad rash, swollen lips, eyes etc. All the symptoms of an allergy. I have had this since february and have been on a strong course of steroids for almost the full duration. I have been tested for allergies whih have all come back negative. I went to an allergen today and he suggested H Pylori and I am just wondering if anyone else has had syptoms like this or am i medical mystery. Ihave also had weight gain, sore gums, jaw and back. I would love if anyone has any information.
I have H Pylori as well, weight gain, rashes, sore jaw and back. If you hear anything let me know. I've got to start acupuncture again, my whole body felt great when I did it regularly. But, I think I'm going to have to do the antibiotic thing. I hope its just H Pylori

Hartlepool, UK

#24 Jan 2, 2009
vicky wrote:
i have been tested positive to h.phlori .i am now taking the trible treatement and i feel sick .can't wait to finish it
Hi Vicky, just wondering how you got on with the triple therapy, I am due to start mine tomorrow (this is the third time for me) I am going to be taking amoxycillan, metronidazole and Lonzaprozol. Did you have any side effects from the treatment apart from sickness?

Decatur, GA

#25 Jan 6, 2009
as well as the rest, I have weight gain, acid reflux,hernias,bloating, fatigue but one thing I havent heard is the itching into my rectum and skin infections.I am going to a health food store to see what they recomend for h-polori infections, I have had one courese of treatment which didn't apparantly work.

Nicholasville, KY

#26 Jan 7, 2009
A year ago routine blood work showed low iron. Back and forth on iron supplements and didn't seem to be normal whether on iron or not and no known bleeding. So, Dr. ordered EDG (endoscopy). Stomach inflammation found & biopsy done. Dxd with H-polori. Now on triple therapy. Have read lots on internet-seems this bacteria is an epidemic! One that isn't being cured! I have had GI problems for yrs but drs. pay little attention. Has it been this bacteria for yrs? No one says more than 2 yrs. I have almost uncontrollable appetite lately (always feel hungry even if stomach full), gaining weight, in past few months have had lots of bloating, very uncomfortable. "Elsie" mentions rectal itching and skin infections - I would never connect these 2 things let alone with my stomach problems,,but who knows. Seems we need some National help and attention to this infection - it is contagious!!


#27 Jan 7, 2009
Friday I was suppose to have surgery to remove my gallbladder but instead was admitted into the hosptial for further testing. Saturday, Upper GI scope performed, ulcers, erosions, erythematous and nodular mucosa all found as well as duodenitis. Biopsies were taken, pathology came back today positive for H-pylori. Started on triple antibiotics today. I am a HEALTHY 35 yr old female. Suddenly before Christmas I went to the ER with SEVERE abdominal pain. They did a bedside ultrasound and the ER Dr. said that it was my gall bladder, she found sludge in my gall bladder and my common bile duct was enlarged. Repeat ultrasound prior to surgery shows none of this, which led to me being admitted to the hospital. The last 3 weeks have been terrible. I have had severe upper abdominal pain that radiates to the back. Another poster stated she has has eye floaters. I too didn't even think that would be connected ie: have eye floaters. I thought that was weird as I read through the posts. How normal is pain with all this??

Pittsburgh, PA

#28 Feb 10, 2009
my daughter is 16 and just tested positive for h-pylori, it scares me to think she could suffer like this for years like all of you. i really hope she and all of you find something that works.

Hinckley, UK

#29 Feb 12, 2009
hi i have been having crushing pains, cannot swallow properly and no sex drive i have just tested pos for h py this is a terrible bacteria that you would never think it could cause so much problems i am a mother of two boys age 18 and 15 and was worried i had something seriously wrong with me this bug changes your life and quality of life because it is eating away at you we have to beat it and regain our sanity after reading these i feel so much better that im not alone and going mad i have got the manuka honey to try befor i take the antibiotics good luck to everyone and i will keep you posted on my progress

Brentwood, TN

#30 Feb 19, 2009

Stamford, CT

#31 Feb 20, 2009
back in 2003 i was diagnosed with h.pylori infection and was given some medication which consisted of 2 different antibiotics and bismuth. right? my health insurance only covered the pills not the pepto stuff. ok could they have given me a pepto pill. the taste alone is unbearable for me. anyway, here's my story...i stopped takin the pills cause of the pain and nausea it gave. here it is 2009 and i tell u im stupid for not staying on the medication. now i suffer from all kinds of things related to this infection and i really didnt know you could suffer from depression and skin disorders. alot of people assume its just acid reflux or gastritis not knowing that, that bacteria is the main cause. it can be eradicated! however, there is a chance that you may have infected one of your loved ones as well. so i recommend you take the whole family to get tested. if any of them too are diagnosed with the same infection the only way to eliminate the chances of reinfection is by treating the whole family. i say this cause sometimes you have teens who like to drink out the milk containers etc, or sometimes we feed our children out our plates. so i suggest for sufferers like myself who have children take a look into this. feel better all...

Stamford, CT

#32 Feb 20, 2009
oh i forgot to mention. you be surprised how many other symptoms and disorders h.pylori can lead to. such as depression, skin rashes etc. i googled it up and started doing my own research on it. and the pain i read in other posts such as in abdomen and chest. i get the pains in chest, and i just thought it was gas. so i stopped eating dairy. for 2 weeks. ive gotten xrays, ekg, cause i thought i was having a heart attack. but after reading other posts i see i am not alone. but on top of the pain, theres the nausea, the heartburn u get even if u drink water, the burping for like 5 minutes straight which then gives me the hiccups. wow i can go on and on. then after the hiccups the pain in between chest plate and left shoulder. i cry sometimes when i want to drink or eat something that i know will trigger the heartburn and i cant. so now im making appointments so i can see if my kids have this bacteria as well.

Burt, IA

#33 Feb 26, 2009
Hi all,
I have been diagnosed with h.pylori, and am determined to end it. I apparently have had it for many many years and did not know it. Several physicians/several treatments. That is hard to think about due to the long term affect. I noticed that some postings talk about rash, swollen lips, etc. When I was younger I had an episode where I had swollen lips and hives. Never had any type of reaction b4. It passed, but after that I had off/on gastro problems, 2 intestinal infections, 3 diarrhea attacks which made me black out but not pass out completely, and 2 episodes where I was ill for 2 weeks showing pancreas and liver enzymes increased. Now I know why!!! I am on my 6th day of prevpac, and am beginning to feel better, including my appetite coming back. I became wheat intolerant due to the bacteria, and am going to try eating bread when I am done with the antibiotic regimen. That should be interesting. I am telling my friends and family to get tested, as there could be no symptoms, and if so the symptoms can come and go and then finally take their toll on you. These were my symptoms: diarrhea, bloating, moderate weight gain and then couldnt lose it, hair loss, nail loss, increase in fatigue, vertigo, loss of focus, irritable, body aches, joint pain - and then pain in my right side. If anyone has any type of gastro issue they should be tested. I am going to be tested every year. Good Luck to all and God Bless in your challenge to fight this microscopic bacteria from hell.
cornelius richardson

United States

#34 Mar 5, 2009
I to have the h pylori bacteria, but I have found relief from all of the symptoms. Remember the bacteria prohibits the stomach from making acid. so by taking antiacids you are causing the symptoms to get even worse.the key to relief is putting acid back in the stomach.I take 1000mg of vitamin c which is ASCORBIC ACID. since taking vitamin c I no longer suffer from the symptoms caused by this bacteria

Windsor, CA

#35 Mar 11, 2009
Nice to hear there are others on here with this bacteria!! I had the severe chest pains but luckily had it checked out and no heart issues. I was just diagnosed last week and started my 2 week treatment. I am tired and feel bloated as well. I hope this gets better. Does anyone know if it can be cured??

San Pablo, CA

#36 Mar 11, 2009
I was just tested yesterday. My symptoms are primarily food sensitivities, have been gluten, corn, sulfite and soy free for a year, eating mostly raw. When I feel good I feel really good, when I feel bad I feel really bad. My face swells, have difficulty swallowing, experience fatigue, muscle and joint pain, and constipation among other things. I have been trying to figure this out for over a year. Not sure I want this dx but do want to know what is going on!

Burt, IA

#37 Mar 13, 2009
Hey all,
Finished my two week antibiotics and feel like a gem. I can and did eat wheat/gluten with no symptoms - yeh!!! And, per my physician once you are treated successfully you will not get it again. Hope that is solid info, and we become immune once we have had it - built up antibodies I guess. This bacteria is growing and people are being diagnosed everywhere. Why it is so huge right now is the question they are asking, but I say they are better at diagnosing it as people tend to have on-going stomach issues and this is probably it. Good Luck everyone

Warner Robins, GA

#38 Mar 19, 2009
I have H Pylori and my only symptoms are chest pains, shortness of breath and occasional indigestion (tiredness from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). My cardiologist cleared me of any heart problems, now they are checking my lungs. In the mean time, they (cardiologist) called and said I have H Pylori that could be causing my chest pain and shortness of breath. What?? I am on PrevPak for 14 days (today is day 3). My chest still hurts, I am still tired, still short of breath, now I am nauseated with headaches. I just can't believe H Pylori causes chest pains with such little indigestion present.


#39 Mar 19, 2009
I got already 2 antibiotic treatments in last 3 years and two times HP symptoms returned back about 6 month later. That means, treatment worked but I got reinfected again.
Treatment itself is nasty. My experience:
- After 2 treatments I got every time about 1.5 month very bad pain, nausea and light diarrhea, and later it's gone. To be free from HP is like to be born again!
- Re-infection with HP, and I'm sure I got reinfected, most likely coming from my surrounding. So, if you're diagnosed with HP, send your family members to ask doctor for HP testing, too;
- HP is nasty bugs, and people infecting each other through sex, washrooms etc. for more than 40000 years. Keep your personal plates, forks, spoons etc. separated from others. Use personal floss, flush toothbrush with antiseptics and so on and so far;
- If you decided to do antibiotic treatment, do it together with rest of your family or at least with your spouse.
- Antibiotics should be generally tested for effectiveness against your particular HP strain before you take them. Ask your doctor if it's possible to perform such a test. You don't want to bombard your body for two weeks with antibiotics for nothing;
- Next thing I'm going to do - I'll try Chinese medicine and alternative remedies like Oregano oil and other (look on Internet)together or before my next antibiotic treatment. And I asked my wife to take HP test, too.
Don't give up

Buies Creek, NC

#40 Mar 22, 2009
Hi Tia..i had the same smell too..i found out it was due to amoxicillin..so i havent ever taken amoxicillin after that.

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