I have applied for Obamacare and my insurance agent told me my papers have been submitted and my plan has been "approved". But she also said to make the plan effective, I will have to be able to receive the policy and bill from the insurance company (Blue Cross) and pay the bill by January 6th 2014. But she also said it is very confusing now and she cannot guarantee when I can receive the policy and the bill from Blue Cross. She said it is not under her control. She also said she has been keeping communicating with Blue Cross and they cannot give her a definite reply either. She suggested that if I cannot receive the policy and the bill before the end of the year, I should extend my current policy for another month (January 2014) and make my new Obamacare policy start as of Feb 1 2014. She also said this is a wide-spread situation and almost everyone is facing this problem.

So is she what has told me correct? Is this really a wide-spread problem? I am getting very worried about my policy because we have about 1 week left before the end of the year. And is it really a good idea to make the Obamacare policy start in February (are we actually allowed to do that)?

Thank you for any advice and suggestion.