They should penalize hospitals for unnecessary readmissions. Now with financial incentive perhaps the health care industry will finally get their heads out of there butts when it comes to geriatric medicine.

That means primary care and specialty physcians will have to actively encourage fitness and nutrition for seniors. If a 30 year old lead the lifestyle many of these seniors do they would be in and out of hospitals. I get retirement or not working as hard as your young days. BUT you cannot or should not sit on your fracking butt as a senior citizen. And I'm tired of their whiny excuses as to why they don't do simple things like walk REGULARLY for excercise and not just food at the supermarket.

I also get many are so fracked up(some from years of American geriatric medicine and mindset) that they can't workout or take vitamins.

Seniors need more fitness programs and less doctor visits. You wouldn't believe how basic a weight training program would benefit many a senior. The seniors now are at a knowledge disadvantage because THEY, the seniors could not or failed to keep up on basic fitness and nutrition. But the sham here is that the senior patients and doctors have the mindset they're old farts and shouldn't have to do squat.

Perhaps with financial incentive perhaps the patient and doctor will become much more proactive when it comes to health and fitness when it comes to senior health. And I'm sorry, NO, sending a nurse to someone's home to take their blood pressure isn't going to cut it. They should be sent to homes to see what the patients are doing for themselves as far as fitness and nutrition.

Every senior who is physically able should be forced to take fitness training and education so they can do something for themselves other than take drugs and see a doctor. I'd rather see medicare paying for training sessions than alot of these bullcrap visits by nurses.

USE IT OR LOOSE IT but don't expect medicare to help you find it.