Austin, TX

#166 Jun 3, 2013
Tim wrote:
ATX: do you take diuretics? I recently started having attacks and although diet and weight surely play into it, I was on thiazide diuretics for years and I think that aggravated it.
Tim, no, I'm not on anything. I take an OTC allergy medicine, and that's about it. My typical day/diet when I'm at home consists of:

Sip of water to down a pill
2-3 Cups of Coffee
Dannon Light Yogurt mixed with Fiber-One cereal
Turkey Sandwich on wheat (turkey, onions, lettuce, mustard)
Some fruit and carrots
Lean protein and veggies for dessert
2 glasses of red wine
Glass of water before bed

Clearly I wasn't getting enough water, but I don't think that alone is enough to cause a gout flare up, at least not according to my doctor.

Washington, DC

#167 Jun 4, 2013

Believe it or not, I think the lack of water IS enough to allow a gout attack with some sort of catalyst, be it injury, a pale ale, or a crab leg.

The thing about the purine charts and the contradictions - and trust me, I've thought the same thing too, and done hundreds of hours of research over the last decade myself -- is that everyone is different and our bodies react differently to what we put into it. Only empirical evidence will tell you what affects you most.

I once felt a gout attack coming on while standing around a fire after indulging at a crab fest. That was a week after the worst gout attack I'd ever had ended, and began the new worst gout attack of my life.

I'm on the last few days of knee pain from what I'm 90% sure was a gout attack in my left knee. Two months after starting on Allopurinol, and not doing much else to better myself, I had a 6-week long gout attack that moved around my right foot until it was finally done. That forced me to quit drinking, start eating a LOT more salads and vegetables, and I lost 15-20 lbs (which likely helped prolong the attack, but alcohol and meat comprised a large percentage of my calories apparently...)

Last week's attack was the result, I think, of a week and half long business trip with a lot of entertaining every night, and my unwillingness to stay on the wagon. That carried over to a few nice dinners back home with red wine, followed by a Memorial Day BBQ. Plus I felt an attack coming on at the end of the trip that I beat back with my last three Indomethacin pills and ibuprofen (I usually start with an initial 1000mg of ibuprofen, then 800 mg every 8 hours for a couple of days, then taper off. I took none this morning though there's still some pain.)

But I am frequently dehydrated, and likely was for the first 35 years of my life, maybe more. As I type this at 12:30pm I realize the only water I've had was with the Allopurinal I took at 5AM. The rest of my liquid intake has been coffee. That's TERRIBLE! And there's a full water bottle right next to me.

Water is the real savior -- at least for you and me, I bet. And even better is alkalized water. Find a baking soda/apple-cider vinegar recipe to help get your acidity down and the pain may subside faster and allow the ibuprofen to be more effective.

Also, the thing about beer is that it works against you in two ways at once: creates uric acid through it's alcohol and purine content; and your liver/kidneys become focused on getting rid of the alcohol BEFORE it can work on getting rid of the uric acid. So it adds uric acid will preventing any from being processed. Honestly red wine is just as bad (along with all other alcohol). You should not drink at all while having an attack. nonetheless I had two small glasses of wine the night before last and a tiny bit of Scotch. Dumb and dumber -- but not as dumb as having a couple of beers. It's like a nanometer less dumb though.

Best bet:
1) Drink WAY more water
2) Cut out alcohol as much as possible (or entirely)
3) Cut down on meat as much as possible
4) Eat raw and steamed vegetables as much as possible

Good luck. Keep us posted.

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Salida, CO

#168 Jun 4, 2013
Good job Chuck! And BTW, coffee and alcohol ARE diuretics.

EX: for every 8oz of coffee/alcohol or other diuretics you drink, you need to drink 12oz of water.(preferably ionized) Add a pinch of sea salt to keep up the electrolytes.


Austin, TX

#169 Jun 4, 2013
Thanks for the last two posts. I'm really suffering here, I've tried everything and while my gout was getting better last Friday and Saturday, it started to hurt again on Sunday, and the last two days have been horrible. I've gone back to crutches.

For over one week I haven't eaten any meat, haven't drank coffee or alcohol and have drank 100+ oz. of water. Other than a glass of milk, I'm not drinking anything else. I'm eating low purine vegetables. Cheese is my only savior right now, whether it's cheese ravioli, cheese pizza, vegetarian spaghetti, salads, etc.

My swelling was all the way down, and I just had a red shiny area where the gout was, but this afternoon, my entire foot swelled up again.

My general doctor criticized me being on Ibuprofen and Prednisone at the same time, so I'm going to try to fight the good fight overnight without Advil.

I've been eating tons of black cherries as well as cherry extract. I did try the baking soda water, but the taste wasn't great and it didn't provide immediate relief so I discontinued.

I'm now on Day 11 of this crap, and I have to fly to Japan next weekend, so I'm concerned whether I'm going to be up for that. Fortunately it's just for business, and I can limit my mobility in Japan, but it's definitely a hard country to do so. That and their beer and fish is so good :/

Anyways, my specialist doctor upped my predisone today again to 40mg and will do a slower taper.

Gosh this sucks. I would like to think just water would be enough, but I almost can't fathom chancing this again. Hindsight, I really didn't start trying to cut out purines until 3 days into this bout, so I didn't do myself any favors, but for the past 8 days, I've been on a strict gout-friendly diet and the situation isn't improving.

Thanks again.

Hertford, UK

#170 Jun 11, 2013
I've had gout for several years and just been hit with the biggest attack so far; I was incapacitated for a few weeks. I've tried all the so-called remedies such as sodium bicarbonate but the reality is that none of them worked for me. And thinking about it, it's obvious why. SB might increase the solubility of uric acid crystals IF the blood serum wasn't already saturated with the stuff! If you've already got deposits in your joints it's not going to work. Anyway, I'm on arcoxia anti-inflamatories at the moment and starting 100mg allopurinol in a couple of days once the gout's under control.

Reducing the creation of uric acid has to be the answer, and it's necessary to prevent any more joint and cartilage damage. And lots of water, of course.

Good luck all!

Austin, TX

#171 Jun 11, 2013
Mine is finally subsiding. I'm able to walk with minimal annoyance. Sometimes I forget and get a little reminder if I do something a bit excessive (like stand on my tippy-toes).

I admit, I tried every natrual trick, spending more money on cherries than I could imagine could be spent. In Texas, wild cherries are normally imported from California, and they aren't cheap. I ate mostly purine free, drank more water than anything, and for well over a week, there was no end of pain in sight.

After my extensive reading, it seems that people who have success with these need to get on it right when the pain starts. In my case, I ignored it for hours and actually even 2 days. By that time, the damage was done. Whether my body has taken care of it or whether after 10 days of prednisone and cochiline took care of it is unknown. I go back to the doctor tomorrow for another uric acid test.

I also agree that reducing the uric acid ahead of time is the name of the game here. Whether through drugs or diet or both is a personal issue I suppose. I've found that purines are in everything, and eating purine free is realistically impossible.

For me, hydration is probably one of the larger contributors, so I will focus on that for the next few months as I get a baseline for my uric acid levels.

For me, fortunately the pain has subsided enough that going on my business trip tomorrow should be a relative non-issue, and next week my business trip to Japan should be ok. I'm a bit concerned about three of my favorite things about Japan: fish, Japanese whiskey and Japanese beer. So I will try to moderate and hydrate.

Good luck all

San Antonio, TX

#172 Jun 13, 2013
For those following, my original uric acid test while having the flare up was a 6.0. I had another one yesterday, two weeks after the first after the flare-up has tempered down, and it was an 8.8 :(

I still have minor gout related foot pain, but it's no longer really affecting my walking, life, pain, etc. So I'm not sure if it'll continue going up as the gout foot continues to get rid of the flare up.

I'll have another test in 7 weeks.

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#173 Jun 13, 2013
Investigate lithium for gout - google it.

Pyrmont, Australia

#174 Jun 24, 2013
PreventGout wrote:
Investigate lithium for gout - google it.
Didn't lithium turn out to be ineffective for gout after the early 1900s?

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#175 Jun 24, 2013
JustBrowsing wrote:
<quoted text>
Didn't lithium turn out to be ineffective for gout after the early 1900s?
You tell me.

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Salida, CO

#176 Jun 24, 2013
JustBrowsing wrote:
<quoted text>
Didn't lithium turn out to be ineffective for gout after the early 1900s?


#177 Jun 28, 2013
I started allopurinol a month ago,i experienced so many side effects and gout attacks.So i want to know how many times I will have the gout attacks?but I hope it will help me.

Austin, TX

#178 Jun 28, 2013
I've been on Allopurinol since Monday, no issues yet. Unrelated to that as it's been progressively getting better, but my gout pain is nearly entirely gone. Once in a while I'll get a minor reminder of it. Last week I was in Japan and had to run across a large intersection as the light was going to turn red. That hurt a bit. Also while in Japan, I was surrounded by food that wasn't the best for gout, although I was really selective in what I ate. Anyways, it's still getting better. Hopefully, I don't run into any issues in the next couple of months before my uric acid levels stabilize.

Pyrmont, Australia

#179 Jun 28, 2013
Funeka wrote:
I started allopurinol a month ago,i experienced so many side effects and gout attacks.So i want to know how many times I will have the gout attacks?but I hope it will help me.
Depends on your uric acid level. I personally have never taken allipurinol as I'm trying to eat more nutrient dense food as nature intended to rectify my uric acid problems for good. Anyway, to answer your question, it could be over in 2 days or you could be having attack for another month.
I would suggest staying on the allipurinol to get your uric acid level under control, but in the long run, just realise that the modern day diet is severely lacking in nutrients, and the more food is processed, the more people get sicker (and fatter) especially over the past 20 years.

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#180 Jun 28, 2013
JustBrowsing wrote:
<quoted text>
eat more nutrient dense food as nature intended
YOU ROCK JustBrowsing!

Fountain Valley, CA

#181 Jul 6, 2013
I never had a gout problem until I moved to California and started wearing single strap sandals.
As soon as I do any work in them. Stoop or bend over with my toes bent backward.
Sometimes.( since in Cslifornia).. I begin to feel a teeny. Tingle in the big toe joint.
A day after I'm always down for the count.
I wrap my foot in Ice packs and elevate. Takes care of most of the pain.
Just started Alipurinol. I additionally had a huge heart attack after moving here. I associated the gout with that being at leaSt one piece of my puzzle. I already have CHF! And am very afraid of additional cardiac problems. I work hard welding and Mechanicing. This problem is starting to get into my back pocket.
Reading all the side affects of allopurinol it's hard for me to want to poison myself. But, I am going to try. Watch carefully and hope for the best.
BEING LAYED UP WEEKS AND DAYS AT A TIME ARE SIMPLY UNPRODUCTION, unacceptable and very very unprofitable.
Will try and update for those with existing cardio issues

Copenhagen, Denmark

#182 Jul 18, 2013
I have gout as well. Have had it for 2-3 years.

I don't believe that natural "medicine" will cure everything. Some things are just more complicated.- But anyone that wants to lower their purine level without medicine, can also do it.

But I see that some of you are saying that you eat red and white meat "only" X times a week.- My advice: Quit it. Eat a max of a pound a month, and NEVER red meat.- And carbonated drinks, just skip them. The same goes for all types alcohol.

Water with fresh lemon juice, and 6-8 oz of cherries a day, and a good portion of exercise will do most of it.

Only drink alcohol and eat meat if you take Allopurinol, and with moderation.

And if you like dairies, then keep them low-fat, because the body has a hard time excreting purine if the fat content in the diet is high.

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#183 Jul 18, 2013
@Jim - the thing about lowfat is completely wrong.

And no one thing works for everybody; we are all uniquely and bio-chemically individual - what you did to tox yourself out is completely different than what I did to tox myself out and get gout.

Louisville, KY

#184 Jul 22, 2013
I had my first gout attack at 30 years, am now 51. I did a good job controlling it with diet and the regular natural remedies (cherries and/or cherry extract mostly) until I was 40. Went on Allopurinol and have been on it ever since. Started at 100mg per day and am now at 200mg daily. I have suffered NO accute attacks since I started the Allopurinol and have none of the possible side affects that accompany it. I am still careful about my diet, Shellfish is a trigger for me, but I do drink a few beers with no problem.
Tampa Mike

Davenport, FL

#185 Jul 29, 2013
I give up. I finally went to my doctor to discuss my gout and joint pain and after several test, he put me on Allopurinol, 100mg daily. Within 1 week of taking it I got a gout attack and now, 1 week later I have another. I presue from what I have read that it is an initial side effect of the drug working.

I have so many questions about gout. For example, how does body weight affect gout?

I am at my heaviest (195) and find that my body goes out of wack when I am over my ideal 175-180. Does anyone have a comment on the weight aspect? Does a reduction in weight help reduce the attacks?

Also, what about injured joints? I have old injuries from sports, and now those are have most of the attacks.

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