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#206 Sep 23, 2013
Well after several months of allopurinol and blood tests, my Uric acid level as of last week was 5.6. I got to 6.1 on 200mg, but after bumping to 300mg, I'm down to 5.6 and all other organ function tests look good. My doctor thinks I should be able to remain gout free with 5.6, we'll see.

For the first two months I took Colcrys in addition to allopurinol, but I discontinued that in August as it had side effects I wasn't happy with. Fortunately, I've felt no adverse affects to allopurinol and taking it daily has been a non-issue.

My last outbreak happened abut 4 months ago, and I'm hopeful I won't have another outbreak. My doctor informed me the first 6 months is when the risk is higher while on allopurinol, however, the two friends I have with gout never suffered another outbreak after getting on it, so I'm hopeful that's my case.

Considering how awful and life-changing gout can be, it is nice that allopurinol is giving me no side effects and a month's supply of 300mg only costs me $3.50 from Costco.

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#207 Sep 23, 2013
For reference, after my gout attack, my uric acid level was 8.8, so now 5.6.

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#208 Sep 23, 2013
Great story ATX-GoutSucks, good to hear that you are getting the relief and results you're looking for.


Torino, Italy

#209 Oct 13, 2013
excuse for my bad endglish. i began using allopurinol 4 weeks ago. No gout , but what can you tell me about sex disfunction? Is it a side effect after long term use?

Torino, Italy

#210 Oct 13, 2013
excuse me, someone has side effects as loss of sex drive?

Mike D

Cincinnati, OH

#211 Oct 14, 2013
1 year gout free thanks to allopurinol (300 mg per day). Zero side effects!

Torino, Italy

#212 Oct 17, 2013
Hi Mike. didn't you have any side effect as sexual disfunction? someone talks about it in the web and so I am not really sure to begin allopurinol therapy
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#213 Oct 17, 2013
Lou, sexual disfunction is not a known side-effect; nor is mental disfunction afaik.

It's been a few months since I stated taking allopurinol so I'll give an update shortly (it has lead to a noticeable improvment in my condition )...

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#214 Oct 18, 2013
Hi David. Did you try allopurinol? I'm quite frightened by the possible adverse effects.

Torino, Italy

#215 Oct 20, 2013
PreventGout wrote:
@Jim - the thing about lowfat is completely wrong.
And no one thing works for everybody; we are all uniquely and bio-chemically individual - what you did to tox yourself out is completely different than what I did to tox myself out and get gout.
Hi Jim excuse me, did you try allopurinol? Did you have any side effect?

Salisbury, UK

#216 Oct 26, 2013
I am just starting on Alipurinol. Have had on and off gout attacks mainly controlled by Naproxyn (Diclafenic currently unloved in the UK)

This after seeing a senior consultant who said Gout can be related to any one of the following physical events
Genetics - often connected with hypertension and other related conditions
Physical Injury - if you have higher runic acid levels generally and injure/stress your joint it creates the circumstances for autoimmune defence which can create a benign environment for gout complications
Medical intervention - liver or kidney failure or disease in being treated can create a problem

In turn these circumstances may not lead to Gout but are exacerbated by:
Excess weight
High Purine foods - each individual May process different foods in different ways such that some are more sensitive than others so the relative purine content in different foods doesn't create a common hierarchy of reaction
Alcohol - affects liver and kidney function in absolute terms and in the body's purging priorities and see above creates dehydration

Allipurinal is recommended if more than two/three attacks a year as gout can be progressive and if regular attacks left unchecked can cause deformity at critical joints.

When you start on it expect bad attacks as it stops down "sheathed" cells that have built up on the surface of joints. It is these cells which are silently attacking the bone/cartilage interfaces. Stick with it and take treatment as for a chronic attack.

I asked about safety and it's a drug that has been widely prescribed for over 40 years with full life span cohort analysis. The effects are indeterminable for increased or accelerated mortality and show very low levels of side effects.

There are never no side effects, as can be said for various food stuffs, including purely natural ones, we eat.

Good data from a 1974 study says some 20% can come off it successfully with good diet and following wind.

If I have fewer attacks a pill a day is a small price!


#217 Oct 29, 2013
I was prone to gout flare ups, too. It's lasted the last few years. I have managed to stay gout free the last few months after . I also drink a lot more water, now, too.
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#218 Nov 17, 2013
I have gout in both knees, right foot, and left elbow ALL at once. Im on the third floor and cant get down them to to go to Dr. Just started lime juice, iys all i have in house. Hope it helps!!! Dr. wont even call in indomethicine without visit, what an ***

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#219 Dec 4, 2013
im also a gout sufferer for more than 15 years it started when i was 21 years old.The attack came every now and then,at first ill try to ignore it but then the attack was getting worst there are times that i cannot even go to bathroom.Had experienced to pee into bottle until i tried allopurinol 300 mg.Now for more than a month im feeling good, i hope this will lasts. Good luck to all of us gout sufferer


#220 Dec 17, 2013
Recently diagnosed with gout after 5 flare ups in my 2nd MPJ joint on both feet (not concurrently) over the past 5-6 years. It's not diet related. I have been vegan for 3 years and the attacks started before that. I am 33 years old. Uric acid levels are just a tad outside of the normal-high range.

I have dense urine that sinks to the bottom of the bowl, and sometimes foamy. Urine has been tested as normal.

Doc recently prescribed 0.6mg colchicine and 100mg allopurinol daily.

I hate drugs, never taken them, but I feel I have no choice to avoid months of being unable to even wear a sock, or certainly a shoe, and being on crutches. Not to mention the lack of will and depression it creates.

For now I'm planning to start the chemicals after the holidays, but not feeling great about it...

Austin, TX

#221 Dec 17, 2013
Good luck, I was bummed to take pills daily, but with my Allopurinol I now take some other vitamins and other potentially helpful OTC supplements like CoQ10, Salmon Fish Oil, Vitamin C and Vitamin E, etc. So now I have a routine.

I just had my blood tested yesterday. On 300 mg for the past 3-4 months, my uric acid is at 4.8 mg/dL. I could probably suffice on 200 mg, so we'll see. I get a month's supply at Costco for $3.62 so can't really complain.

There are far worse and more expensive drugs to have to take daily, so in some regards we're lucky. I was also on 0.6 Colchicine for about 3 months, now I'm off it. Fortunately, my insurance covered Colcrys with $15 copay.

Barrie, Canada

#222 Dec 18, 2013
First Gout attack I was 14. Second Gout attack I was 40. After the age of 40 I started getting it twice a year and managed it with Orthrotec or Indomethacin. At age 48 I started getting it 3-5 times a year but DR's never checked my uric acid level so it was managed with NSAIDS till the attack was over. Finally my NEW DR GOD bless her sent me for a Uric acid test . Uric acid 585 or 9.5. YUP. Now I'm on Allopuranol 300mg a day . I went on it 2 weeks ago and I'll update this in a few months.

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#223 Dec 27, 2013
I had gout since I was 24 got really bad in my 50's play golf work in the building game,I used to get attacks twice a month the reason putting pressure on different joints even putting a new shoe on tried everything diets etc nothing worked. Taken allopurinol since September 2013 not a twinge since touch wood.
Queen Joella

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#224 Jan 19, 2014
I have recently been placed on Colcrys and Allopurinol. Slowly but surely beginning to work. But it makes me so tired. Does anybody know when I will be able to eat some, if not all, of the foods the excerbate gout?

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#225 Jan 21, 2014
Queen Joella,
Doctors regularly say it takes 6 months from going on Allopurinol before the risk is reduced to a controlled level. The Colcrys is supposed to help reduce that risk in the interim. I've read many horror stories online, but in my experience as well as the 4 people I know with gout, they've all started taking Allopurinol (no Colcrys) and never had an outbreak again, and once the initial gout symptoms subsided, they more or less went into a normal diet (not hunting out bad gout food but not avoiding it either).
In my case, there was a 3.5 month period between my first and second gout attack. I think many people are this way, so your body has some time to work out before you're at risk of another gout attack with or without medicine.
I've been on Allopurinol since June, and only stayed on Colcrys for about 6 weeks. No outbreaks here, and every blood test I've had a lower score, starting at 8.8 during my outbreak to 4.9 now.
It's just managing risk, but in my experience if you're the person who only has a gout outbreak 2-3 times per year, you're probably ok, but if you've had many in a short period, the doctors' recommendations are usually around 6 months.
Good luck and report back! As stated, I now eat whatever I want within reason with no issues (I do mind organ meat though, however I don't really love that anyways), but I eat shellfish, beer, red wine from time to time with no issues.

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