Southampton, UK

#186 Jul 31, 2013
I have been on and off Allipurinol for a number of years. I only get gout during the hayfever months, ie late April until mid July.

The trouble is when I take the damn stuff it makes me have more pain in my points and bones, but not gout type pain.

It also caused depression, so the doc prescribed anti depressants.

I have stopped everything no more drugs I have some mild joint pain but nothing like with the drugs.

What I have found, by accident is stinging nettles stings reduce pain in my joints and reduce swelling. Just need to be able to put up with the stings for an hour or so
John Bates

Bury Saint Edmunds, UK

#187 Aug 7, 2013
My first attack of gout was about eight weeks ago. Since then I am now on my 4th attack! My doctor prescribed 5mg Prednisolone (6 tablets each day straight after breakfast for 5 days). The pain always goes away after a few hours of taking the first dose! He also gave me 100 mg Allopurinol to take 1 a day after the pain has gone away and the five day course of Prednisolone has finished.

He told me to take the Allopurinol for a month and then organise a blood test to measure the uric acid whist continuing with Allopurinol. I got to with 9 days of the first month and got another attack of gout. However the leaflet that came with the Allopurinol seems to indicate that one should stop taking the tablet if another acute gout attack occurs. Consequently I had to cancel the blood test and will have to start again after this course of Prednisolone (which is a steroid).

Various previous posts seem to say carry on with the Allopurinol as the return of gout is part of the healing process. Can anybody advise me please?

Derby, UK

#188 Aug 7, 2013
Im 48 and have suffered with gout for 23 years. ive been allorpurinol for 4-5 months. I started on 100mg and have increased to 400mg in incremnets of 100mg. Im still suffering attacks, got my foor alevated as we speak. I optimistic that allorpurinol is the furture. Ive read many personal testomonies and think once my level in right i will be free from the beast. There is one concern my uric acid level is at 3 and im still endurinmg an attack...

“Prevent Gout”

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Salida, CO

#189 Aug 7, 2013
Allopurinol is tricky:

It basically works by fooling the body into suppressing the production of xanthine oxidase.(see Fool Me Once and Fool Me Twice in the post)

And yes, now that you're on it, don't stop. BUT in the long run, the drugs are not going to solve your problems - at least not everybody's.

The two easiest culprits to identify as to what causes "the result" of gout is chronic dehydration and cheap food loaded with weird sugars and hydrogenated trans fats - i.e. toxins that are messing up your kidney function.

Sydney, Australia

#190 Aug 12, 2013
Aftab wrote:
Am a urologist and not surprisingly a human who had 3 to 4 big toe swellings episodes, each time related it to strains and stretching my joints while gardening or fixing my wife's dishwasher. Checked my uric acid and found it 540 micromole/lit. This time the swelling is nearly a week now and still a tender spot at MTP joint ( big toe joint). I am 37 and thinking of starting Allopurinol once pain subsides. Dear friends I know gout and studied it more now and came to conclusion that allopurinol is the solution to avoid long term dangerous out comes especially cardiovascular problems. Let's hope we overcome our sufferings!!
Hi all
I have read everyone's comment on their suffering n findings of cures.
I fail to understand where people mention this Allopurinol.
If its said that it effects your blood vessels, kidneys and so on, and knowing this helps your pain n gout to be rid of, why take this drug knowing it effect other important organs of your body. Fix one thing to only stuff up another !!!
I have had been suffering since I was 21 and now 51. I have tried indocid, voltatren, colgout and others. They do not solve the problem permanently, they only releave you of pain for the time being.
Yes I have changed my diet n watch what I eat, but I even have to watch how I walk n shoes that I wear. One wrong step and I'm in pain again. Even to the point of trying not to stress over anything , I now believe that stress is apart of it too.

Where is the specialist in this conversation to give us advice?!!!

GPs or specialist who knows best ?
I'm lost in believing anyone anymore!!!

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Salida, CO

#191 Aug 13, 2013
HALLELUJAH Maria! Thank you! My sentiments exactly. GPs or specialists? They are only trained to prescribe drugs - "bandaids" to mask symptoms. Their system is flawed; it depends on people getting sick and remaining sick with the alleviation of symptoms.

Perth, Australia

#192 Aug 19, 2013
I suffer from constant gout toes ankles, knees, fingers, wrist, nose, and ears so far not inmy shoulders, the most pain free time I had was over a year when I was really discilplined and went on a month juice fast consisting of the following ingredients


I was gout free for nearly 2 years, over the past few months my diet has been crap, long hours at work eating processed food and my gout has come back with a vengeance, time to cleanse again and get off the crap food have also been told that some have had success with

green papaya cut into cubes and boiled with green tea

cheers and good luck fellow gouties

Perth, Australia

#193 Aug 19, 2013
forgot to mention that the green papaya was with the skin on and must be unripe have yet to try it myself pretty had to find green papaya where we live

Washington, DC

#194 Aug 21, 2013
PreventGout wrote:
@Jim - the thing about lowfat is completely wrong.
And no one thing works for everybody; we are all uniquely and bio-chemically individual - what you did to tox yourself out is completely different than what I did to tox myself out and get gout.
What is completely wrong about the low-fat dairy statement? Just curious.
David Williams

Bristol, UK

#195 Aug 28, 2013
I believe I suffered from gout from my early twenties but was not diagnosed until I was 34. At that time i was regularly getting attacks that laid me up for weeks unable to get around. From that point, being diagnosed, I started using Diclofenac Sodium for immediate relief as no other painkillers or anti-inflammatories (like Ibuprofen) had ever worked. I got my life back. But, after 13 years using the stuff that had changed my life (enabling me to live and train and play sports normally) I became aware that Diclofenac has serious effects from long-term use and is quite dangerous. So, aged 47,I decided to try Alopurinol and my GP agreed. I took a month's course in December last year and it intensified the gout attacks so I used Diclofenac for relief. However after 4 or 5 weeks of treatment I was convinced the alopurinol was giving me mood swings and anxiety. I told my GP and he said it was not usual to get such side effects from it. I took alopurinol for a further 6 weeks as I believed in this idea that it gets worse before it gets better. The gout attacks became less frequent but my mood was not good Finally, after roughly 11 - 12 weeks of treatment I ditched the alopurinol with the agreement of my GP. Here is the punchline --- the regular gout attacks did not restart and since March I have not had a significant gout attack. On a handful of occasions during the last 5 months I have taken Diclofenac or Paracetamol as a preventative when I have felt a possible start of a mild attack but nothing has materialised beyond that.

I do not know whether the alopurinol caused a metabolic or physiological change of permanence but what led me to this forum and this subject was the early post by someone who said it permanently stopped his gout. Gout is no longer on my mind and I rarely think about it. Here's hoping it stays that way.
David Williams

Bristol, UK

#196 Aug 28, 2013
Following my last post, it may help or interest fellow sufferers to know that throughout the period of my gout condition (early twenties to the present day) I have remained a competitive swimmer, water polo player, and - for the past 12 years - a serious long distance runner. I also have practiced barefoot running and completed a half-marathon barefoot. I guess most of that in all those years was under the influence of painkillers and anti-inflammatories. I don't regret that though. Better than being laid up in bed. Just my opinion.

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Salida, CO

#197 Aug 28, 2013
Great story David Williams, thanks for taking the time to share it.


#198 Aug 29, 2013
Silas Lieberman wrote:
<quoted text>
In the beginning of my gout career I started with Allopurinol 100, but my doctor upgraded me to 300 within a few weeks. There are some better ways to tackle it. Please contact me directly at
Dont worry much for any long eating medicines,The time when your level reaches to 5.5 just stop eating The medicine ,,Had a balance diet with no beers and no red met at all ,,
i my sle ffollwign the same ,no red meat no beer sand rest give a dam to what others say ..

San Diego, CA

#199 Sep 8, 2013
My doctor prescribed Allopurinol for me years ago when I started having gout attacks. I waited for my gout attack to be over and started with allopurinol. Within a week I had another gout attack. So I stopped allopurinol again until the attack went away. Again, I started allopurinol and the same thing happened. Eight years later and still have not taken it. I still get flares on occasion but I try to just watch what I eat.

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#200 Sep 8, 2013
I'm with you Beacher1001 - nice blog.

Mantua, OH

#201 Sep 10, 2013
@PreventGout - I've never seen anyone troll, spam, and shamelessly and audaciously use a web server that wasn't their own to make a buck for themselves.

p.s. I assume Metformin for Type II diabetes is a waste too. I mean, once the pancreas shuts down and no longer manufactures insulin, exercise, diet, and a book for $20 will make it all well again.

Washington, DC

#202 Sep 10, 2013
I just found this article in my in-box and thought I should cross post it here:
To sum up, it says to start taking Allopurinol right away, even if suffering an acute gout attack, and do not stop, even when more gout attacks come. Eventually the medicine will work and eventually one will be gout-free (so long as they keep taking the meds.)

I've been on it for about 11 months now, I think. I still have fear of another extremely painful attack, and I do still have foot pain from time to time, that for no better reason I have to attribute to gout. But without Allopurinol I can almost guarantee I'd be suffering from gout pain right now.

But again, it's not the only answer. In fact it alone is not the answer. You still need to modify your diet and consume everything in moderation, except for junk food, high-fructose corn syrup and trans-fatty acids.

Good luck!

Washington, DC

#203 Sep 10, 2013
In case it wasn't obvious junk food, high-fructose corn syrup and trans-fatty acids should be avoided entirely.(Except for bacon, egg & cheese biscuits from McDonalds, and Dr. Pepper, which are allowable only when traveling long distances in the U.S. by car.)

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#204 Sep 10, 2013
sure Fred, whatever you say.

“Prevent Gout”

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#205 Sep 21, 2013
I posted this on my Facebook gout page:

"There is a &#8234;#&#8206;gout &#8236; forum that talks about how good allopurinol works - that wasn't my experience. I once was on 300mg a day and still getting gout attacks a couple times a month.

How well has allopurinol worked for you?"

These were the answers:

* Never worked
* I am allergic it
* I had a severe skin breakout on both arms and legs . It took a year to clear up open sores felt like I had leprocy so horrible
* Still had the attacks as well.
* Never worked very good for me. Still got bad attacks.
* Haven't tried it yet, don't plan to either.
* 200 mg a day plus an adjusted diet and lots of water work great! Allopurinol by itself...maybe not enough and I'd rather do the other things for my general well-being anyway.
* 7 attacks..knocking on wood

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