Giardia in humans

Old Beach, Australia

#873 May 12, 2011
What is pcr testing and c.diff toxin b?

Rochester, NY

#874 May 13, 2011
if your shit stinks and you having a lot of bowel movements get tested for c. diff.... ask for pcr testing!!!! i found out this is what i had and i haved had it for years.

Adelaide, Australia

#875 May 16, 2011
My GI suspects Giardia, I have all the symptoms and exposure to a source. Started around the end of March this year. I'm being treated with Metronide (which is Metronidazole, 400mg 2x daily) and taking Probiotics. I tried the herbal treatments but they didn't help alleviate the symptoms much. I'm on the 4th day of antibiotics and my appetite is better, I feel less mentally drained and I'm sleeping better. My stools are still lose and yellow. I've never talked about stools so much in my life!

I think due to the vomiting (worst in the morning, I'm taking Ondansetron which helps but is expensive) I've irritated my esophagus. I feel like a pressure low in my throat and burning coming up, like acid reflux, worse when I tilt my head to my chest. Started before the antibiotics, so I doubt it's a side effect. Going to ask my GI about it on Thursday.

Someone mentioned C.Diff. I had C.Diff infection in 2005, was hospitalized and on numerous antibiotics, finally Vancomycin worked. C.Diff can be tested via stool sample, make sure you ask to be tested for C.Diff and the toxins. When I suspected C.Diff (after months of illness and research) I demanded to be tested for it and my doctor laughed, did the test, then was amazed when it came back positive. This was back when doctors all thought C.Diff was harmless. Details about the test can be found here:

The symptoms of C.Diff is V&D, blood/mucus in stool and fever, either 2-6 weeks after antibiotic treatment, surgery or being in hospital. If you want more info check out C.Diff Discuss, they're a great bunch of helpful people and medical professionals:

Calgary, Canada

#876 May 17, 2011
Brad wrote:
A couple of weeks later I started to have severe brain fog. I was told the brain fog was from the yeast overgrowth as a result of antibiotics.
Hi Brad, so did the brain fog go away after awhile?

And how are you doing now after taking Metro again?

Old Beach, Australia

#877 May 18, 2011
I am fighting a blood disease hemachromatosis iron builds up in me don't have to have a high reading without dirreah & starve. l believe l got giardia but not proven now a doctor is not sure if l have hemachromatosis. I rang up the society to find out more & who l spoke to seems to think l have but its been a night mare. What l would like if some of you find out if you have some underlying health issue.

Hemachromatosis makes you more vulnerable to parasite. Do not test for iron, test for gene. l feel like the woman who nearly went mad & nearly starved to death but have no proof. Yes my iron went up & l have one gene for hemo. Some of you will feel the same way but l thank God for you guys l feel you believe me. I think this illness stopped me getting over the giardia but l've just finished more herbal med. parex then hit with bit of oil of oregano.

Now got natural med to stop iron going up & finding l can eat more food as l could hardly eat anything without it feeling like it was poisoning me.
Find out if any relatives have anything that you could have that maybe hindering you getting better. I'm off parasite med now 3 days last time l lasted 5 days but keep hitting it. l have told my husband to keep an eye on me. l have also asked to pray for me & was really to tired to write tonight l hope l've made sense.

Perth, Australia

#878 May 20, 2011
Hi all. Came back from Delhi, India with Giardia. Have had 2 rounds (7 days each) of Flagyyl 400mg at separate times. No luck. Now saw a specialist who said to have 2 rounds at the same time (14 days). I don't know what I can do from here if this doesn't work... what a crazy bug

Old Beach, Australia

#879 May 20, 2011
l didn't put that link in my writing health. l don't know what its about.

Dexter l hope everything goes well for you.

Adelaide, Australia

#880 May 22, 2011
Dexter, I'm on day 11 of 14 days of Metronidazole (Flagyl 400mg 2x daily) prescribed by my specialist and it's been hell. But I think the Giardia is dying, my symptoms are improving. I can't wait to finish the antibiotic because I feels like it's poisoning my body. After I take it my neck and shoulders ache like I have arthritis, any old injuries I have hurt, and I feel dizzy, tired constantly and depressed. The only reason I keep taking it is because I read 14 days is the life cycle of Giardia, that might be why 7 days didn't work for you. Also, others have posted Tinidazole worked for them, which is Flagyl in a high dose.

Perth, Australia

#881 May 23, 2011
Hi, thanks for the info. Didn't know the 14 day rule. My concern is I've had flagyl twice before so would my bugs now be resistant? Guess I'll find out. Last round I was knocked out by the drug, this time I loaded up on vitamin B and health plus tabs so feel bit better. Day 13 now and I'm tired and have stomach cramps, but tolerable. I'm on flagyl 3 times a day @ 400mg. The Giardia has now been with me for nearly 6 months, so I'm getting IBS symptoms as well.
Good luck on your treatment, Day 11 is good - you're nearly there.

+ thanks Debbie for the best wishes

North Las Vegas, NV

#882 May 24, 2011
I got giardia about 3 months ago. This is by far the worst thing that has ever happened to me. Symptoms: diarheah 5-10 times a day, either watery of floaty, always yellow with a distinct smell. Stomach pain and growls, cold sweaty feet, sunken eyes, fatigue, depression, loss of appetite, loss of sex drive, coughing and sneezing. All stool test came back negative, however if you dont put giardia on the test they wont look for it? Lost about 15 lbs so far. Didnt even know what I had for the first month, figured it out by the symptoms. The Doctors are a joke. They act like giardia is no big deal. Probiotics only made my symptoms worse. Back on Flagyl.

Old Beach, Australia

#883 May 24, 2011
Dear Brad

Be carefull of probiotics with lactose or diary for some reason it feeds it l have hit the giradia with parex homeopath medicine l don't know yet if it has got it. l had gone 5 days before using triplex (wormwood, walnut & gloves tinture) it got mucked up with a probiotic. Triplex is for 3 weeks l am hoping it has worked but they give me relief & l can reason better. l have begged a lot of people to pray for me. l have hit it again after 6 days but l only did for a day l don't know how to do to treat myself but my Doctor won't treat it until she has proof. Hope you all get there. I wish l could meet you all. l think we all deserve a medal for surving the nightmare. If it comes back l am going to try triplex again.

All the best.

Perth, Australia

#884 May 24, 2011
I'm interested in what people are saying on this forum about avoiding dairy/sugar and that these things feed the giardia... is that scientifically proven? My doctor say's i can eat and drink anything and it makes no difference?


#885 May 25, 2011
Take what I have listed below, I am not saying it will cure you but it will help you to feel so much better!

Take 400mg grapefruit seed extract capsules 2 or 3 times a day.
Also Allicinmax capsules 3 or 4 times a day!

Eat fresh coconut because coconut oil is very good for giardia.

Drink Fennel or ginger herbal tea to sooth and settle your stomach.

Hope this helps you all!


North Las Vegas, NV

#886 May 25, 2011
I would avoid all sugar and diary. No scientific proof, just the way I feel after eating them is terrible.

Perth, Australia

#887 May 25, 2011
Joanne thanks, will try that. BTW what are Allicinmax capsules?
Brady - Funny thing is since I got Giardia I always feel a craving for coke! Wonder if Giardia are partial... hehe

North Las Vegas, NV

#888 May 25, 2011
Another symptom is teeth grinding. My gums are sore from it. I am trying the flagyl for 14 days 2x500 a day.


#889 May 26, 2011

Allicin comes out of garlic, it kills parasites and it has killed MRSA.

Perth, Australia

#890 May 26, 2011
Joanne - thank you
Brady - good luck with the Flagyl. Hopefully this will do it for you
Nikita - you must have finished now? How are you feeling?

Adelaide, Australia

#891 May 26, 2011
Dexter, my last day of antibiotics was yesterday. Metronidazole has a 1-2 half life, so by Saturday the side effects should pass. I do feel more relaxed today, that could just be because I'm not stressed about having to poison my body daily with the antibiotics. My stools have been solid and normal colour for the past five days. I go back to my GI specialist next Thursday, will see what he says then.

I seem to have a sinus infection again. I had a few weeks ago too. Hitting the Vitamin C to boost my immune system. My ANA levels were high last blood tests, my doctor thinks there might be an autoimmune issue lurking in my body. But that's an issue they want to deal with when I'm over Giardia.

Going for a massage today because the antibiotics caused my back and neck muscles spasm like crazy.

How are you feeling? Also, we're both Perthians!

BTW, ginger helped me while taking the antibiotics, calmed my stomach.

Perth, Australia

#892 May 27, 2011
Hi Nikita, sounds promising. Good luck with your appointment. I had mild Irritable Bowel Syndrome before I got this bug, my doctor thinks I now have it much worse because of his last 6 months. So sometimes I'm pretty confused if my stomach cramps are the bug or the bugs gone and its just IBS. I have to see the specialist in 2 weeks. Anyway off to the weekend, yay. I'm really hoping my stomach accepts the glass of good red it will erceive tonight... hehe

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