Giardia in humans

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#21 Aug 14, 2007
Hi there. I THINK I have giardia but I have been no where or had anything to eat or drink that would make me think I had been exposed. I have heard it can be dormant for years though? I have recently been a little stresed out but otherwise I am in pretty good health most of the time. I have already done ONE mini-parasite with para-rid or something like that. The symptoms started with really soft pale stool, like tiny snake looking stool. GROSS I know, so sorry, but has to be said. Anyway, I NEVER have this issue. I usually have very healthy bowl movements. It was right around the time of my period so I figured it was from that. I get very soft stool the day before. But it kept going well after. It's now been going on about 2 months. I DID get very very dizzy for a while. I was tested for anemia and that came back negative. I have been taking extra iron to be sure and do seem to be a little more energetic. But I haven't had nausea. Just bloating and no good bowel movements. Terribly smelly stool and gas. GROSS again, sorry. BUt honestly it's been BAD and I am usually not like that at all. Additionally I notice I have more body odor. I usually have zero, seriously. I am a very healthy person as I said. Does this sound like Giardia?
Bill K


#22 Aug 15, 2007
I am a pharmacist, own property with a beaver pond. Have been bothered with giardia symptoms for years. Initially Atabrine contolled it. This has been taken off the market and a similar drug is sold in Mexico, Quinfamida, under various tradenames. Unfortunately this drug can be used for abortions and the Pharmacies can only sell 1 pack of 3 per day.
I took a treatment of Tinidazole and I believe it caused a seizure.
Metronidazole does help some, but the max. I can take it is about 4 days because the treatment is worse then the disease.
My GI Dr. in Portland is one of the best and he had me taking Hyoscine for cramping 15 min before meals and Colostid, 4 tabs 1/2 hr before meals, also Lomotil or Loperamide as needed. Lomotil can be addictive and should be used carefully. The side affect of Colostid is severe constipation and that is why it can be useful.
These things I have learned. Pets can reinfect
you. Giardia tests are usually unreliable. Do not drink river water no matter how pure. Zantac and similar drugs can cause diarrhea. The drug you use one time may not work the next time.
I am going to see if paromomycin might possibly be helpful, itis used to treat black fever in Africa and Asia. If this could work I will post the information.


#23 Aug 17, 2007
Since most of you have been taking Drugs (AntiBiotics) you all may have some form of Intestinal permiability or what is known as Leaky Gut Syndrome, which is why you are not feeling better after treatment. To rebuild the lining of your Gut avoid refined products, dairy and hard to digest foods initially and add multi vitamins and pro biotics into your diet. There is also many diets you can follow to speed up this process to recovery, it has taken me a long time to recover but i am getting there. Goodluck!:)

Brampton, Canada

#24 Aug 23, 2007
I work at an animal hospital and run all fecal test i have yet been diaganosed with giardia but i am really frustrated i do not have a family doctor so when i had diarrhea with sever cramps for 3 weeks i went in to the hospital and took a stool sample they tested it for blood and was positive as well as i had to get two more samples and they came back neg for what ever the tested at that time now i am about to go in for a second time since i have had this now for 4 months off and on not being able to sleep fear of not being able to control my diarrhea at work home and forget going out to eat my life style has and now i think its causing me to feel depressed dose anyone know or feel like this is normal? and who you can tak to

Vancouver, Canada

#25 Aug 23, 2007
has anyone ever tried a colonic or barberry and goldenseal? I heard these can help but would like to hear if it has worked for anyone. Thanks!

Ewa Beach, HI

#26 Aug 31, 2007
We bought some puppies and took them to the vet. The vet diagnosed the puppies with giardia. I am really upset about this! The pet said to not worry and that this will not affect us humans! After doing some research here and in some other places, I realizing that is a bunch of crap! We have been house training the dogs and handling much feces. I love the dogs, but I think we are going to treat them and sell them. Our whole yard is now infected and they will probably just keep reinfecting themselves - don't you think? I feel so badly what so many of you have had to suffer through. For those trying the Flagle (whatever it is called), I think you should try the CCD from Sydney as the poster above suggested. He said is was the only medication that worked compared to Flagle. Any suggestions from you all about what to do with your dog situation is really appreciated. For the person who works in a shelter and got giardia, did you handle the feces and did you wash afterwards? I am just wondering if after washing the parasite still remains? We always wash afterwards. My daughter and I had a stomach flu type of thing one to two weeks after getting the dogs. We feel fine now. I hope we were not exposed.

Tallahassee, FL

#27 Sep 13, 2007
GIARDIA CURE!!!! Flagyl--250 mg, three times a day, for 14 days. It is critical to complete the full 14 days or the giardia will return!!!
Ten years ago, I went out west to enjoy the out-of-doors. While hiking I scooped a handful of clear, cold stream water up and took a drink. When I got back to the campsite I saw a notice of the danger of giardia. I was sure I wouldn't get it.
A short time later I developed serious gastro-intestinal symptoms. My doctors tried to diagnose the cause, but never could. After 7+ months of distress and major weightloss, I was told I probably had giardia. The doctors kept giving me Flagyl for 7 to 10 days. I would improve for several weeks and then would fall seriously ill again. It was not until I took the Flagyl for a full 14 days that I recovered permanently. Unfortunately, by then the stress on my immune system had triggered rheumatoid arthritis. Don't let this happen to you!! Get the proper treatment right away. Don't let your doctor mistreat you. Good luck

Columbia, MO

#28 Oct 1, 2007
This is boring i agree with the other unknown!

Clear Spring, MD

#29 Oct 4, 2007
My 9yo son has had giardia for about eight months, high numbers quantitatively. I treated him with Dr. Christophers Herbal Parasite Syrup. He has never had antibiotics and I did not want to start with Flagyl. Completed the herbal treatment and then stool test was negative and symptoms, appitite, energy improved dramatically. Better than strong meds IMO.
Luke Davies wrote:
Hi, i've had Giardia for the past 7 months. All treatments have been tried, antibiotics from America and other imports. It really gets to me sometimes as it's so annoying. I continuely feel sick, and makes me feel tired. My body, in someways is getting used to it. But it still is awful. But just one question - I am a teenage gonig to a 'beer' fest holiday to Corfu in 2 weeks. Does anyone know the affect of alcohol on Giardia? Luke8463

Clear Spring, MD

#30 Oct 4, 2007
A colonic won't work I think because the Giardia lives in the small intestine and the colonic wont reach that high. Try Dr Christophers Herbal Parasite Syrup, worked for my son, had giardia for 8mnths.
shannon wrote:
has anyone ever tried a colonic or barberry and goldenseal? I heard these can help but would like to hear if it has worked for anyone. Thanks!


#31 Oct 5, 2007

Bronx, NY

#32 Oct 25, 2007
Mindy wrote:
I have had symptoms come and go for five months now, since a trip to eastern europe in Feb. My doc had said that if they continued, we'd need to test for giardia, but the last time I saw him, no symptoms, so no mention of tests. I have no insurance, so i won't be seeing him until Sept. and am trying to avoid tests due to cost. After researching extensively, it really looks like it couldn't be anything but giardia. I am going to try a colon/parasite cleanse program with fiber and herbs (wormwood, cloves, grapeseed, etc.) and hope that helps. It's been a rough week--the light-colored, loose stools, painful abdomen, distention, cramps, and constipation alternating with diarrhea. I have noticed that since coming back from Europe, I have also had serious problems with recurrent Epstein-Barr, I have been getting sick constantly with colds and sinus infections, and I have also gotten a nasty yeast infection. I think this thing has really messed with my immune system. I have tried MSM (supposed to compete for presence of giardia in intestine) but had some sort of reaction to it, have been eating three raw cloves of garlic a day and am taking probiotics, but no luck so far. Hopefully this parasite cleanse will help. If anyone else has any good self-help ideas, let me know! If all else fails, I live near Mexico and can probably get some meds down there, if I need to.
Thanks! Mindy
Mindy, I feel for you. I have had the same symptoms for six or so weeks now. I had a run with this also 5 years ago; and a friend who lived in India for 10 years had given me a homeopathic remedy called podophyllum. After taking the tincture mixed w/ water, along with "Intestinal Care DF"(acidophilus & bifidobacteria) for a couple of weeks, I was completely normal again. This time around, I have contacted a homeopathic dr. in Washington state, and she has put me on podophyllum also. After about a week on it, I was better, but did a stupid thing. I got botox injections and the symptoms came back. I believe it interfered with the action of the remedy. I am waiting a couple weeks for it to start working again,which should do it. After that I will call my dr. to check with her. Let me know what you think; it's worth a try. I wish you the best!
Peter from Australia


#33 Nov 9, 2007
I have had giardia since 1975 when I worked in Indonesia. However, as I was moving from country to country, problem was not diagnozed until 1986. As mutation had occurred, it is completely immune to traditional drugs(including quadruple strength Flagyl). Doctor has now taken cysts and is having a laboratory experiment with various antibiotics but no luck yet.

San Francisco, CA

#34 Nov 26, 2007
i feel all of your posts. i've now been getting some blood in the stool and am worried colitis or chron's has developed. have not been tested for either, but the symptoms are like heightened giardia. i am still positive for giardia. any help?

Epping, Australia

#35 Dec 2, 2007
Peter from Australia wrote:
I have had giardia since 1975 when I worked in Indonesia. However, as I was moving from country to country, problem was not diagnozed until 1986. As mutation had occurred, it is completely immune to traditional drugs(including quadruple strength Flagyl). Doctor has now taken cysts and is having a laboratory experiment with various antibiotics but no luck yet.
very interesting comment.
if all else fails (or even before) consider trying some herbal remedies i looked up berberine (at wikipedia)the active ingredient of Berberis vulgaris in particular or the berberis group of plants in general --- it is a natural herbal antibiotic and there are other supplements you can combine it with: chinese wormwood and black walnut e.g.: Paracea:
havent tried it yet myself but it looks very promising and something i want to have in my medicince cabinet for future treatment (i am currently on flagyl for what i think is giardiasis (pretty confident of where i got it from: an owner or her dog and they too may well have had it for year so it could now be a bad strain like yours. another very important but underly emphasised thing: the problem of self-reinfection which might explain some (but by no means all!) of the chronic sufferers here --- not just personal hygene but disinfecting all possible sources if re-infection. I am going to go through the same process I had to do one time before in the past with crabs or scabies and go through a process of disinfecting and hot water washing of all possible sources of re-contamination/infection and for non clothing items this probably means ammonia which is even better that chlorine in the nest few days. I did the right thing before with the scabies such that no one else i was living with got my infection of scabies and there were kids involved who are hard to control. This lady i think i got it from - or someone else like her with a dog too - is going to get endlessly re-infected from her dog... poor bitch ;-((Answer: put the bloody dog down and get rid of it then clean up all the bloody filthy dog shit in the garden with a vengence!!!)
Some people just dont have a clue im afraid!
Do you have a pet too!!!??? ;-)

United States

#36 Dec 10, 2007
I first picked up Giardia over two years ago in South America where I was a mission nurse in the jungle. I was sick over 2 months, self treating myself since we couldn't get actual parasite medicine; before I had to be hospitalized and sent home. Since then I've lost 20 pounds and it just keeps melting away. I was only 125 to begin with and I'm tall, so now I look terrible and I'm tired all the time. Keeping up with a 12 hour nursing shift is challenging. I was treated twice with flagyl and all the tests since then come up negative. I feel much better than during the acute phases in the jungle, but the weight loss really scares me. Much like the rest of you, I'm coping with chronic giardia, but don't give up! I'm going in for another round of treatment, and I'll let you know how it goes!

Cambridge, Canada

#37 Dec 11, 2007
Hey all... fell VERY sick with fever about 5 years ago in Toronto. Since then been chasing a ghost it seems, been on every drug known to man.

Recently was diagnosed with a bad case of Giardia that has spread to my large intestines. At this point, significant malabsorption, failing adrenals and thyroid. I feel like hell...

On the topic of antibiotics, I wouldn't go that route unless your system is up to it. From everything I've heard, you have a very good chance of relapse because it kills your good bacteria too. If you do take an anti, I would back it up with probiotic.

Instead I'm taking a good anti-parasite med and MSM. If you haven't heard of MSM, it could be a wonder against Giardia. Google it... also, it's true about dairy, sugar, protein - Giardia thrives on this stuff. I can't have anything related to the cow in fact.

GSE also works... but I don't think it gets the eggs.

Healing can only happen as fat as you can pass die-off. And die-off is a living hell... I am having night sweats so fierce... mental confusion on and off.

Lockport, IL

#38 Feb 4, 2008
Has anyone tried zapping the giardia?

Palmyra, MO

#39 Feb 4, 2008
I have recently learned that I have giardia, is anyone %100 sure of anything that will cure it or at least help? Please if you would let me know. Thank you very much in advance.

Dumfries, VA

#40 Mar 7, 2008
I was bored today at work, and yet pleasantly (very odd I know) to have found this site. I have been suffering from Giardia for seven years...yes you read that correctly...i have had giardia for SEVEN YEARS! Because i have had it for so long I have had long term effects of severe memory loss, not being able to lose weight, seizures, and horrific pain. I have seen 37 doctors in the past seven years, and I am now finally being treated. Has anyone had similar issues?

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