Giardia in humans

Old Beach, Australia

#245 Jul 19, 2010
Lexa wrote:
Just out of curiosity, has anyone had any luck lessening their long-term symptoms by using Immodium or antispasmodial drugs? Or any experience taking drugs normally prescribed for IBS?(anti-depressants, etc.)
My doctor said that I probably now have post-infectious IBS due to my giardia (which I no longer test positive for but still have the symptoms of) and suggested some normal IBS meds, but not sure if they would actually help with this.
I took Immodium and lots of others didn't work a hospital diet caused me to sleep like a baby for 4 nights and thought I was totally better little did l know. Before giardia I could use Immodium tablet for IBS and it would help. I was treated for giardia not tested.

Old Beach, Australia

#246 Jul 19, 2010
I would like to know how to treat giardia with garlic and does it work?

Redding, CA

#247 Jul 25, 2010
i have giardia and my accupuncturist put me on a supplement called tricycline. 3 caps 3 times a day for 3 weeks. he also made a custom homeopathic support which you could probably get at a health food store. also a high quality probiotic powder three times a day at different times than the trycycline. i've dealt with this quite a few yewrs ago and it works. i also had ameobas after a trip to mexico last year and the same protocol for 6 weeks worked on that. i felt 60 % better after two days now its a little more than an annoyance but i'm not miserable. you have to remember to stick to it the whole time even though you will feel better. here's the site where you can get the supplement

Glenwood, Australia

#248 Jul 26, 2010
I've basically been on the Atkins diet since that is all protein no sugar. The atkins diet is the way to go if you got this thing. Remember to eat animal fats too. I eat butter and that seems okay even though this thing has made me lactose intolerant to milk. Two cloves of garlic crushed and mixed into a glass of water just before bed time is good too. If you did it during the day you will smell like a pizza. I ate a pizza the other day and paid for it. Italian food is one of it's favourite meals and it also loves Mexican. Beans and lentils, chick peas send it totally mental. It does seem to be getting a little better each month and then I get the occasional relapse. I have been drinking a lot of alcohol cause I am a party animal and its only bad if I drink alcohol for like two nights in a row. I am a 25 year old male with a pretty good immune system. Before I was diagnosed my friends thought I was insane and wondered why I ate so much food cause I was eating six meals a day. Any way like I said a few months ago on here, the vaccine is our answer but keep your eyes peeled. Don't expect your GP to know anything about it when it's finally released. You will most likely have to find a specialist who can get access to it. We will all win one day even with its crazy wardrobe of 190 coats (what a fashionable parasite!).

Old Beach, Australia

#249 Aug 3, 2010
TAK wrote:
GIARDIA CURE!!!! Flagyl--250 mg, three times a day, for 14 days. It is critical to complete the full 14 days or the giardia will return!!!
Ten years ago, I went out west to enjoy the out-of-doors. While hiking I scooped a handful of clear, cold stream water up and took a drink. When I got back to the campsite I saw a notice of the danger of giardia. I was sure I wouldn't get it.
A short time later I developed serious gastro-intestinal symptoms. My doctors tried to diagnose the cause, but never could. After 7+ months of distress and major weightloss, I was told I probably had giardia. The doctors kept giving me Flagyl for 7 to 10 days. I would improve for several weeks and then would fall seriously ill again. It was not until I took the Flagyl for a full 14 days that I recovered permanently. Unfortunately, by then the stress on my immune system had triggered rheumatoid arthritis. Don't let this happen to you!! Get the proper treatment right away. Don't let your doctor mistreat you. Good luck
Too late for me as I'm 51 had chronic fatique and mild irritable bowel now I'm a skinny mess and can't put on weight have what l think is arthritis and called a liar and fake.

Old Beach, Australia

#250 Aug 4, 2010
I did put some weight on but l have set backs and have to eat a lot of food which I'm fed up with. Taking Sustagen to help.


#251 Aug 4, 2010
Ive had Giardia for a few months now, have 2 courses of antibiotics (Metronodizal), but still feel as if the Giardia is present.
The worst sympton at the moment is that ive lost considerable weight and feel dizzy and very weak.
Can anyone please help me or advise me if this is the norm for this complaint.
Many thanks

Old Beach, Australia

#252 Aug 5, 2010
Steve wrote:
Ive had Giardia for a few months now, have 2 courses of antibiotics (Metronodizal), but still feel as if the Giardia is present.
The worst sympton at the moment is that ive lost considerable weight and feel dizzy and very weak.
Can anyone please help me or advise me if this is the norm for this complaint.
Many thanks
I was treated not diagnosed but it seems to be the norm if you look through the posts, your not alone. Keep having checkup with doctor though and right down all your systoms.

Gladesville, Australia

#253 Aug 13, 2010
Wow wrote:
<quoted text>
I'm shocked reading all of these posts,
I've had Giardia for almost four years. It took three to diagnose it. I took every test possible and they all came back negative. I had to leave my job and everyone in my life thought I was crazy, and it was all in my head. Since the diagnosis a year ago I've taken six doses of flagyl and while they do make life easier they work significantly less than they did six months ago. I'm desperate and will try anything. Help!
The only thing that woked for me was a herbal supplement:'Vitaklenz' i took it for 3 months solid on double dose. Knocked it out but still had the bowel urgencies from time to time. Now I have been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis :( i am convinced the long term havoc on my bowel has brought about the illness.

Tiranë, Albania

#254 Aug 16, 2010
giardia was found in my stool sample last week, bu i feel like i have had the symptoms for quite a while.
do you think a single dose 2g tinidazole would heal me completely?

Edmonton, Canada

#256 Aug 25, 2010
Wow wrote:
<quoted text>
I'm shocked reading all of these posts,
I've had Giardia for almost four years. It took three to diagnose it. I took every test possible and they all came back negative. I had to leave my job and everyone in my life thought I was crazy, and it was all in my head. Since the diagnosis a year ago I've taken six doses of flagyl and while they do make life easier they work significantly less than they did six months ago. I'm desperate and will try anything. Help!
Furazolidone 150 mg 3 times a day for 10 days (nausea can be a side effect, though)

Old Beach, Australia

#257 Sep 10, 2010
Dear Elena thank you for sharing as it helps to know we are not alone. I do not have any answers except people are praying for me and I'm going to a homeapath if l find the answers l'll let you know.
antigiardial drugs

Ankara, Turkey

#258 Sep 11, 2010
Efficacy of antigiardial drugs.
Wright JM, Dunn LA, Upcroft P, Upcroft JA.
Queensland Institute of Medical Research, PO Royal Brisbane Hospital, Queensland 4029, Australia. [email protected]
The flagellated protozoa Giardia duodenalis is the most commonly detected parasite in the intestinal tract of humans. Infections with the parasite result in diarrhoeal disease in humans and animals, with infants at risk from failure-to-thrive syndrome. The incidence of giardiasis worldwide may be as high as 1000 million cases. Current recommended treatments include the nitroheterocyclic drugs tinidazole, metronidazole and furazolidone, the substituted acridine, quinacrine, and the benzimidazole, albendazole. Paromomycin is also used in some situations, and nitazoxanide is proving to be useful. However, treatment failures have been reported with all of the common antigiardial agents, and drug resistance to all available drugs has been demonstrated in the laboratory. In addition, clinical resistance has been reported, including cases where patients failed both metronidazole and albendazole treatments. The identification of new antigiardial drugs is an important consideration for the future, but maintaining the usefulness of the existing drugs is the most cost-effective measure to ensure the continued availability of antigiardial drugs.

San Marcos, CA

#260 Sep 25, 2010
Anyone try wormwood/black walnut supreme or those colon parasite cleanses from health supply stores? I am thinking of trying one. Reviews on Amazon say that that wormwood/black walnut supreme works. Apparently it tastes horrible, but I'm willing to try anything. I was on flagyl and it worked, but then my symptoms came back a couple weeks later. I have to function and work, so I can't mess around with this crap. Also, I have had giardia since my trip to Mexico eight months ago, and since then, my hair has thinned and my doctor says I'm dangerously low on potassium and other vitamins. This giardia sucks. Anyone else have the same hair loss, low potassium levels?

Boston, MA

#261 Sep 29, 2010
vetts wrote:
<quoted text>
I have seen Dr. Cahill who diagnosed Giardia. I was on Cipro and Flagyl for 10 days. I stopped the drug this past week and he re-tested and said it was gone. He wants a re-test in a mon th. I had only been sick for about 6 weeks before luckily I found him. He said that left lower abdominal pain was typical and he honestly told me it could tak e a month or two before I feel better.The panic I have felt with this has just been aweful. Though my bm's have been formed for about a week now I had one bm this morning that was a little explosive and not formed. My mind went to... IT's BACK. I am seeing a nutritionist and on a no dairy, gluten, grain diet..on probiotics. I know I was lucky enough to get a quick diagnosis and excellent care but I am driving myself nuts doing even more research on the net. Dr. Cahill said that in 85% of people who come down with this the 10 day treatment will eradicate it. Of course many people on this forum are in the other 15%.
Hi! I just went to see Dr. Cahill yday and now he just put me the same meds. Did it work for you? Please let me know.. I'm so scared that it might not work and that I'll have this for the rest of my life!! Thank you!

Seattle, WA

#262 Oct 4, 2010
lucy wrote:
<quoted text>
You wouldn't think so if you had it
I got mine from my dog, and trust me giardia is not boring.
might not be giardia

Honolulu, HI

#263 Oct 11, 2010
Sorry this is kind of long, but I just thought I would share my experience. If you are having longterm symptoms after medication, you might not have giardia - this surely isn't true for everyone but it might be helpful for some.

I have just discovered I have Celiac Disease - or gluten intolerance. If you have giardia symptoms even after taking medication, maybe go and get a blood test for celiac disease or go on a very strict self-induced gluten free diet. check out this website for more info on symptoms of gluten intolerance (many which are similar to giardia).

I got giardia a year and a half ago during a backpacking trip, took flagyl, got better and thought I was fine. Over the course of this past year, I very gradually have been having intestinal discomfort that has been getting worse and worse including inexplicable tiredness, loss of appetite, poor sleep patterns, runny doo-doo 3+ times a day, bloating, etc...symptoms relatively similar to my giardia experience. They weren't as severe as when I had giardia so I kept attributing them to other things like being busy, stress, working odd hours, simply eating something bad.

I'd say about 2 months ago I realized something was actually wrong with me and was convinced i had a dormant flagyl resistant giardia. But before i went to the doctor, i decided to try eliminating certain foods from my diet to see if I had developed an intolerance as an adult...first coffee, then dairy, then wasn't working. I came across gluten intolerace while doing some reading online and decided skeptically to give it a shot...and no joke, within 24 hours most of my digestive issues disappeared.

Apparently I have always had celiac disease because it is genetic, but it was silent or latent and was basically triggered from having giardia.

Celiac Disease/Gluten Intolerance is completely treatable with gluten free diet. So many symptoms of this disease are attributed to other illnesses resulting in misdiagnosis of all sorts - IBS, anemia, thyroid issues, etc.

Anyway there is loads of info on Celiac Disease on the web. I think it's worthy of sharing this info with people who have chronic 'giardia' even after medication for treatment. You simply might not have giardia...

Good Luck!

Ruskington, UK

#264 Oct 12, 2010
I visited Malawi in the Summer of 2009. During the last week of my trip, I experienced awful diarrhea, but thought nothing of it, and just carried on as normal. Then, later in the summer when I was home from Africa, I had one night and day where I felt utterly awful, with the diarrhea, nausea etc. Ever since then, I have been suffering with; extreme, severe nausea- really unbearable,(but haven't actually been sick!(, stomach cramps and occassional diarrhea, along with flatulence, random rashes on the skin and at times, waking up with a temperature, along with all of my other symptoms, just even worse! Because of the nausea, I haven't been able to eat much, and have lost, in total, nearly 2 stone. Because of the lack of food I feel dizzy and weak, with no energy and so tired! It meant that I missed a huge amount of School and my life, and am unable to attend sixth form/ college at the minute. I went for ages just seeing my GP, and having numerous blood tests, I also had to see a gastrologist, where I had an endoscopy, and with the results showing nothing, he assumed that there was nothing wrong. I felt like no one believed me! Because there was so answer to this mysterious illness, you are made to feel like you are lying! It was suggested that it was exam stress, and it would die down. I knew that these awful symptoms were not just a result of this though. Eventually I got referred to a specialist in Tropical Disease, where I was sent for MORE blood and stool tests. When the results came through, it hadn't been identified that the parasites were present, however it was highly likely that the cause of this trauma is giardia. I have had now 3 doses of two different medicine. After the first 2 doses, I experienced not a lot of change in my health, so went back. Thankfully now, after taking a 3rd dose, I can say that I do not feel totally awful 24/7, however I am still experiencing some symptoms- mainly still the nausea which can still get unbearable, and stomach cramps, and sometimes still an upset tummy. I just wanted to say, that if you are experiencing any symptoms that you think are related to giardia, keep persiting, no matter what anyone says. At first after a the first/second dose, I did wonder weather it was ACTUALLY giardia, but now I feel I know for certain. I really have had a HORRIFIC year. Having felt so poorly and not feeling well enough to do much, I have also lost my confidence and sometimes I dont see an end to this! But trust me, if you get the medicine, you will begin to feel much better, and finally I see a light at the end of this tunnel. I cannot tolerate any dairy products. If I do eat some, my symptoms get even worse and I will be like that for at least a week. Thankfully now, although not in education, I am able to go out places occassionally, whereas I didn't used to be fit enough to go to the supermarket.(However I felt like I was lying once again when one of the specialist doctors said he'd had giardia and it didn't stop him from going to school or going out. This angered me because he hasn't been there when I have been so poorly I have just had to lie in bed all day!)
So, to date, I am taking it easy, regaining my energy, taking vitamins and generally trying to do anything possible to make myself feel better. When my symptoms improve I will be going to School, and hopefully get my life back on track.
Anyone who thinks giardia is just a 'minor' illness, really needs to experience it for themselves, however I wouldn't wish the way I've felt upon anyone. All I can say is try to get specialist help, and you will start to feel better. Even though I only feel a bit better than I used to, I am so appreciative of this, really makes you realise that you must make the most of your life!(Dramatic, I know!)
So Good Luck to those out there that have been unfortunate enough to experience this, but you will get better!
too worried


#265 Oct 16, 2010
what are people gona do in the developing world, seems like this parasite is the one killing people who are HIV positive. does metronindazole really work? how best is to get rid of giardia

Evansville, IN

#266 Oct 17, 2010
i have had giardia for god knows how long and realy i am just wonderfull. I go to the bathroom and eat all i want with no weight gain girls hte me for that. i was given flagel and i took it but i dont know if i am giardia free but i notice no difference in my life style. my stomack used to hurt me but now im fine. I eat fine, sleep fine, i have so much energy i have always been this way an still am. giardia did nothin to me but will it do in the future that i dont know.

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