Do I have Herpes?
Naive Girl

Tonypandy, UK

#75 Oct 26, 2011
I had an implant which made me feel so protected from pregnancy I forgot about STD's. I contracted genital herpes after having unprotected sex in May 2010. Ever since that day I have had numerous painful outbreaks in my vagina. So, I've since been given Acyclovir for a year as a suppressive treatment. It works wonders and makes me forget that I even have herpes. The problem is when the year is up I will automatically have an outbreak (which I'm dreading) as a reaction from coming off the drugs. Taking Acyclovir for longer is not beneficial to your liver but helps you to live a normal life. I hate the fact that the person who gave it to me never has an outbreak or symptoms. I hate having genital herpes and cant wait for the day outbreaks happen every few years for me. My advice use a condom and don't just take a mans word that he is STD free.
Blessings xxx
Naive Girl

Tonypandy, UK

#76 Oct 26, 2011
TO Jan (Baltimore MD)
Herpes is very easy to spread as mine started out as a spot on my vagina and due to my ignorance I spread it to my anus. You must wash your hands thoroughly once you have come into contact with Herpes. Unfortunately herpes can spread anywhere on the outer body and becomes very dangerous if contracted in the eyes. Please don't use bleach on your body this is very dangerous and life threatening as it is poisonous. Since you've just found out please take the time to research this infection and find solutions that please you and help you to live a normal life. Oh and it can be spread through oral sex as well so be careful and seek relevant advice from health experts.

Hoped this helped : D

Auburn, WA

#77 Oct 27, 2011
Hi I am freaking out and I need help.
So I have a small tiny bump on hood of my vagina and
i noticed it when i shaved after i hadnt shaved for 3 or 4 days or so. I am not sure if my bf gave me something but i am hurt ):
if i do have it i have NEVER had a bad 1st outbreak like everyone has said. It doesnt hurt it doesnt burn or nothing like that. It kinda looks like a irritated pimple. I get yeast infections alot and actually have one now and i tend to break out right before i start my period which can be any moment ( i am 2 days late on my period )

I do not feel sick, have no fever , no swollen lymp.N , so itchy , pussing , or paper cut like everyone says i just have one tiny ( barely noticeable blister ) Like i said never had any experience with bumps before so someone help ):

United States

#78 Dec 8, 2011
Ok so I have herpes type 2 and I had sexual contact with a guy that fingered me and now I'm scraed because I think I gave him herpes. Can someone get genital herpes from fingering?

Jefferson, GA

#79 Jan 4, 2012
I have only had little scratching and then after i shave down there i scratch like crazy and get little red bumps like you would for bug bites. I am so scared please help

Jefferson, GA

#80 Jan 4, 2012
I have had very little scratching but after i shave sometimes i get red bumps right above my vagina and it itches but idk if it is herpes or just bikini rash please help


#81 Jan 5, 2012
Very interesting to see all these different reactions to the herpes virus. It is a horrible little thing. I also get outbreaks always in the same place. It is quite nasty and painful. I have managed to keep my outbreaks under control with my diet though, this is the best thing you can do I think. Stay healthy eat greens and sometimes eat raw vegetables at least once a day. When you eat raw the vegetable still contains its enzymes which heal us humans :)

I also take Llysine wich is very helpful, it is very proactive ahains the heroes virus :)

I found this free book onlne its a herpes sufferers action plan... hope it helps you guys it is good :)

United States

#82 Jan 8, 2012
I had sex with someone who had herpes we had protected sex. I have never had any breakouts I get a little ichy every now and then but nothing bad. I went to get tested and they never called me with the results and I've made attempts to call them and no one has called me back. I'm nt sure if I have herpes or not. Please help I am very scared to have it.

Portland, OR

#84 Jan 9, 2012
The message above is directed to "Bonnie" from Taunton, MA.

Portland, OR

#85 Jan 9, 2012
i am me wrote:
Ok well first up I'm a male iv recently been told by my parent's that they have herpes I'm now a Lil worried that i might have it my mother told me that i have no need to worry because i wont have it but id still like a second opinion i told mum i wanna c a doc and she's gonna get me an appointment but still I'd like advice from the site can i have got it from birth? and also i haven't seen any signs that iv got it but hypothetically speaking if a girlfriend gave me oral even though i have no symptoms is she still at risk ...and is my age relevant? is there an age were i should start looking closely or what hope to get an answer lol i noticed no1's been on here since like 2 yrs ago
Yes, you could've contracted the virus at birth IF your mother had an outbreak at the time. The only way you'll know for sure is by having an HSV culture. Do yourself a favor and go get checked, there are treatment options available.

Portland, OR

#86 Jan 9, 2012
get yourself checked out i have genital herpes and its living hell!! ive already made the mistake of having unprotected sex and god cursed me 4 it so the least i can do is try and educate others.that 15 mins of lust is not worth the rest of your life because thats all herpes does-takes over lives i find it hard living with an incurable disease and contemplate suicide regularly so when that time comes just think of how im feeling and where i am(in hell) and use protection at least then u can wake with a smile:) and 1 in 4 people dont have herpes its more like 1 in 400 so dont believe all the stats you read its not something you want 2 have 2 live me trust me i know 1st hand
Sure hope you don't think of suicide because of this. I'm sure it is hell, I can only imagine, but there are treatments available. You can lead a 'normal' life and be happy. Please don't think about taking your life, it's not worth it.

Portland, OR

#89 Jan 9, 2012
Rana wrote:
<quoted text>
you may have shingles...form of herpes but most closer to chicken happens in adults sometimes. So if you've had chicken pox in your life time you can get shingles. look it up for more information
Rana-Could also be something called Dermatitis herpetiformis, look it up. Gluten or wheat allergy:

Portland, OR

#90 Jan 9, 2012
MTS wrote:
My name is taylor, and im not sure if i have herpes, my boyfriend had 2 coldsores on his lips, we both forgot about it then we had "oral sex" now 2 weeks later im having extremely bad itching, now its just painful, and had a long sore about 2in long but not even a inch wide, i just want to know if i do have herpes? I dont want to go to a doctor because i dont need my mother freaking out, and if i do how can it be cured?
Don't worry about your mother freaking out, unless you're underage she doesn't need to know. The more important thing is that you take care of yourself and go have yourself checked out. Good luck.

Portland, OR

#91 Jan 9, 2012
reynah wrote:
Ok so I have herpes type 2 and I had sexual contact with a guy that fingered me and now I'm scraed because I think I gave him herpes. Can someone get genital herpes from fingering?
Yes. Not to sound gross, but it depends on what he did with the finger afterwards.

Portland, OR

#92 Jan 9, 2012
TLD wrote:
I have had very little scratching but after i shave sometimes i get red bumps right above my vagina and it itches but idk if it is herpes or just bikini rash please help
The only way to be sure is to get tested. Do you have any reason to believe your partner/partners may be hiding something from you? Are/were they the promiscuous type?

Palm Bay, FL

#93 Jan 10, 2012
lee wrote:
i dont know if i have herpes but i tend to itch down there and i have no idea if its from me being pregnant or if i have herpes. my vigina dosent itch but my thighs itch like near my under wear line..what should i do
A womans body does strange things when she is pregnant. It is not uncommon to experience dry skin (causing itching) and yeast infections are also VERY common in pregnant woman. I would suspect that what you are experiences is probably due to your pregnancy but I would still talk to your doctor right away. If itching is your only symptom and their are no bumps or open sores I don't think that sounds like herpes. SInce you are pregnant you should be seeing a physician on a regular bases. Make sure you bring up nd questions or concerns to him/her. That's what those doctors are their for. Don't be emberassed, they have seen and heard it all. Chances are it's not a big deal but you'd hate to be wrong and risk infected your baby. Get it checked out! Congrats on your bundle of joy!

Cambridge, UK

#95 Jan 21, 2012
Worried about Herpes wrote:
Some please respond...
have got some sores on my arm, I showed it to my doc, he said I've got herpes and is administering some tablets and injections to me and says I have to take it for next 5 days. Do I actually have herpes? I don't have any sores on my genital area or lips etc. Is it HSV-I? Is it possible to have herpes infection on arm. I have never been into sexual activity.
Hello there my friend, I noticed no one replied to your question so I thouhg I would ... It is possible to hav herpes anywhere on the body... as long as there is skin there...

The best thing you can do is take a lysine supplement and a super lysine cream on the affected area (whereever theres an outbreak)

You can find out free what to eat and what to avoid to prevent further outbreaks and slow down the virus go to this site its a free book so its all good

hope it helps ya :)

United States

#96 Feb 13, 2012
just me wrote:
i few months ago i was tested positive for genital herpes, from that day i havent been able to be the same. im scared to never have a normal life were i can have a partner or family. Since ive found out ive had about 2 or 3 outbreaks, which one of them was in my nose right underneath first i thought it was a pimple because it was just a white point but then became like a little bump, its been there for about 3 weeks. I have no insurance nor money, i was just wondering if theres anything i can get over the counter or ways to help prevent outbreaks. Im starting to think that because of all the emotinal stress my body is responding and outbreaks are easier to happen. Does anybody have any suggestion or comments?
if you can get ur hands on home made hot chili peppers, the kind like gma cans in mason jars, the kind too damn hot to eat, use just the juice out of the jar, either with a cotton swab or something u can immediately throw away and put the juice on the soars. I know it sounds nuts but my boyfriend had herpes and knew I did too and gave me this home remedy, it works, burns like fire, have lidocaine on hand if soars are bad, then numb up and pepper sauce them, they dont come back!

Maiden, NC

#97 Feb 16, 2012
I'm 22 years old and have been seeing the same guy for over 7 months. I used to be pretty sexually active and am up to 6 partners now. About a month ago I saw a slight "dry" area on my inner thigh.(Upper area). I just thought it was dry skin. And about a week ago after showering and drying (my skin gets pretty dry after showering and drying) I was touching myself and felt skin start to peel off. And now a week later, I have a few red spots that look just like the dry skin area but their red and irritated. Around my vagina and anus. Someone please help. What is this?

Kenosha, WI

#101 Jul 14, 2012
I am 17 and i had health class freshmen year and i saw herpes and it looked familiar so i went home and checked and i had it, i have sores and it burns when i pee mostly all the time .. but the thing is ive had it since 5th and 6th grade and i NEVER had sex during those years! So i was wondering how i got it?
Also i have the sores in areas where i looked up can be cut off if i get circumcised, is it possible to get circumcised if i have herpes?.. please answer thank you

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