McDonalds - Food Poisoning in Laurel MD

Pompano Beach, FL

#21 Apr 15, 2010
Oh baby, I so disagree. First of all, getting up at 12 is an example of VERY poor lifestyle with low expectations and usually a sign of ignorance.

How could you be offering nutritional advice? McDonalds for breakfast? A coke for breakfast? Yeah, right, you got your shit together. rofl

Littleton, CO

#22 Jun 2, 2010
Denver, co
mcdonalds @ broadway and alameda
8:00 am

yesterday i ate a sausage biscuit and hashbrown and my stomach began to hurt within an hour. I became dizzy and anxious and had difficulty concentrating. This morning I am not feeling very well and unexpectedly lost control of loose stool. Hopefully this is the end of it but I do not dare go into work.

Ponoka, Canada

#23 Jun 12, 2010
sammie wrote:
i love mcdonalds i think it was the best food ever made. i eat it at least two times a day everyday and i do not gain a pound or have any pains. mcdonalds aslo has the best cokes! they are nice and cold. you cant find a soda like that anywhere else=). they also have the best french fries. they are so salty and good!=)
You may not be gaining weight, but do you understand how unhealthy you are. That discusts me you eat mcdonalds twice a day. Your slowly killing your self.

Phoenix, AZ

#24 Jul 23, 2010
Had mcdonalds the other day and became really sick the next day was hard to keep anything down including the medicine I took for I had diareahha so bad I actually messed my pants twice. Soo embarassing. The only thing I had that was different from what everyone else had was the mcdonalds sweet tea =( would probably been sicker for more than a day if I had actually drank all the tea I think I only drank less than a fourth of it. I will be calling to complain

Lincoln, RI

#25 Aug 1, 2010
where: Mcdonalds Cumberland, RI
what: possibility of big mac, chicken nuggets, or fries...

We don't usually eat Mcdonalds. In fact I am vegan and never eat it and we normally eat organic whole foods, but last night after a long day we decided to stop there so my fiance, Jon and the kids could eat something. The kids got happy meals with chicken nuggets and jon got a big mac(guessing this is the culprit). thankfully, the kids were too full from snacking at the family reunion all day and only ate a few fries. my son ate a couple nuggets. one weird thing with the nuggets is that they gave the kids 6 each instead of 4 when we didn't order larger sizes..anyway, jon ate his big mac meal and then had a couple of the nuggets the kids didn't eat. this was around 8pm last night, he was fine...felt hungry, no unusual fatigue or dizziness that might come the day before catching the flu. he woke up 12 hrs. later at 8 this morning and vomited so many times. he ended up having six different bouts of vomiting throughout the morning and each time he would vomit several times, anywhere from 5 to 10. A couple times he barely made it to the bathroom. He also had cramping and severe diarrhea and hot and cold chills, possibly fever which i read can be a symptom of some food poisoning. Nobody else at the family reunion has reported being sick so far and the only other place he ate was mcdonalds. nobody else in the house is sick and like i said it seemed to come out of nowhere, not like an illness where you feel drab for a day or two before you really get sick. I guess we'll see if anyone else ends up with it, but we have had a couple really really bad stomach flus, and nothing like this.:(
Tired of being Tired

Richmond Hill, GA

#27 Nov 10, 2010
I had a very similar incident, but I had to be rushed to the hospital, and from the ER they put me in ICU... I ended up with Stage III Renal Failure, and 37% PERMANENT KIDNEY DAMAGE... all over not properly cooked McNuggets.
Just to clear up some of the mis-conceptions, one there is a BIG difference in "Food-Poisoning" and Salmonella, food poisoning can have several hours (up to 24) gestation period, but Salmonella...NO it has 2.5hr - 5.5hr gestation generally and there are many strains of Salmonella.
I am happy to be alive, and no I do not eat this establishment anymore.
Keep in mind that some people (narrow minded) think that its not really possible... or that consumers should not sue, but
Some Food for Thought... I was hospitalized for a WEEK in ICU, multiples of Test had to ran every couple hours, I went from being healthy to being on medication for the rest of my life.... I am 38 yrs old. Oh and the Dr.'s & Hospital Bills, coupled with the ongoing follow-up visits have now totaled approx.$100,000 (the Dr. had me on sick leave for approx. 40 days after my accident)
I have been released to be on light duty... but its very limited.
So think before you speak if it concerns you... but really think hard when it concerns others. You may not know the whole story, and if your not the one that the accident effects you more than likely can not fully understand all the damage and effects that it has on that person.
By the way... the reason for the title of this blog is because before my accident I worked 10hr - 12hr sometimes 15hrs a day 5-6 days per week, father of three (3) with a wonderful wife and pretty great life... But after the accident I now can work barely three - fours a days a week and after partially working for 3hrs I end having to sleep or rest 3-4hrs just to be able to function the rest of the day.
I AM TIRED of being TIRED!!!

Wadsworth, OH

#28 Jan 8, 2011
so it's friday and i had decided to buy my family mc donald's for dinner well my son daughter and and my man all had mc chickens and i had a double cheeses burger. well. about a couple hours later i started feeling really sick and fell asleep then i woke up from my sleep with a upset stomach and went number 2 like four times then i really wasn't feeling any better then as soon as i got off the toilet i started throwing up like four times back to back i wanted to go to the hospital so instead i went to buy fruit at pick n save came back and ate some grapes and watermelon fell asleep and again at four in the morning i had to go number 2 again!! i feel ok just not googd ever since i ate mc donald's! also my daughter toold me it made her go number 2 twice.!!!!

East Berlin, PA

#29 Mar 26, 2011
Me and a friend just went to mcdonalds this afternoon and had sweet tea and fries. One of them gave us both what we believe to be food poisining.

Springfield, VA

#30 May 19, 2011
Heather R Riverhead wrote:
Last night my husband and I went to Mcdonalds. Now my poor husband is not feeling well today. The culprit quarter pounder with cheese:(
I got food poisoning at a McDonald's in Las Vegas; double quarter pounder with cheese; violently sick after about 5 hours after eating the dbl quarter pounder. File a formal notice with McDonal's Corporate Headquarters. May be just an abboration, and the McDonald's manager actually called me and asked how I was. Waiting for a call back from McDonald's liability insurance carrier.

Fort Myers, FL

#31 Aug 10, 2011
mike miller wrote:
were:Mcdonalds naples fl 41
when: nov 9,2008
what:southern style chicken biscuit
i ate it and within minutes i had sharp pains.then from about 10am till 12 at night every 5 minutes i deficated,and vomited uncontrollably sometimes all over my self. it was honestly the worst thing that has ever happend to me in my entire life.if i didnt go to the hospital i truly believe that i would have died from lack of fluids.after so much i was dry heaving and deficateing plasma yellow stuff.
i just got sick at the same mc donalds in naples fl on us 41 corner of immokalee. i think that the food is possibly handled by too many children, running the place. it was a cheeseburger and fries and a diet coke,,maybe the ice machine is bad , i think that is also a possibility.

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#32 Dec 7, 2011
that ccant be good, sue !

Ringgold, GA

#33 Dec 10, 2011
ringgold and layfette battlefeild georgia
layfette- quater pounder and fries

When I went to battlefeild ga(layette) the mc donalds in wal mart i ate a quater pounder.. i ate more than half but not all, and i noticed it tasted weird. i came home and started to feel fatigue, and i had a fever.... few hours later i sart the puking. i didnt puke that way even when i was pregnant. my boyfriend ran me a bath . i would pass out , wake up and puke in the trash.. i went to bed, and did the same thing. i must have puked 30 times maybe more..
Tonight my grandpa ate a fish sandwhich from the one in ringgold... We woke up from him puking uncontrobly. he is on oxygen and if something happens to him we will file a lawsuit. this is ridicoulous, i have read on many different pages of ppl in so many different states being poisoned by mc donalds.

San Diego, CA

#34 Dec 14, 2011
I went to a McDonald here in San Diego ordered a Mcrib n sweet tea.. After eating it I vomited pretty much all of what I ate.. I called corporate and they sent me to voicemail.. I'm hoping that either the meat is contaminated or the sweet Tea is tainted..

Saint Paul, MN

#35 Dec 22, 2011
Where: 666 Quince Orchard Rd, Gaithersburg, Maryland
When: Dec 12, 2011
What: Big Breakfast
I bought big breakfast for my 4 year old son for his day care lunch. He vomited a couple of minutes after consumed the food, he vomited again after he came back home. This is the 4th time he has had problem with this mcdonalds store.(we have had no issues with other stores). I guess 666 does not bode well for this chain store. I suspect this store has lapses in handling food cleanly.

Rockville, MD

#36 Jun 7, 2012
Someone else's eating habits are none of your business whether healthy or unhealthy it's their body their life their decision

Rockville, MD

#37 Jun 7, 2012
If you believed you were sick enough then you should have gotten it checked out instead of just saying you got food posoining .. Prove it

Placerville, CA

#38 Jul 6, 2012
ate a mcdouble now im barfing

Victorville, CA

#39 Jul 19, 2012
This is my story,
I use to eat @ McDonald's fast food restaurant and could not figure out what was making me so sick all the time,
I would get sick 5 or 6 times a year with Montezuma’s revenge.

I did an experiment and stopped eating McDonald's for one year. After one year had passed, I went back to try
McDonald again because it look so good and I had missed lunch that day and was very hungry.

I stopped in to a nearby McDonald's and ordered only 2 cheese burgers, no drink or fries and ate it there.

After that I went home and went straight to bed and about 6 1/2 hours into my sleep I woke up in pain and called out,
son of a bitch, it felt like something was trying to eat its way out of my stomach.

Since then, I have not eaten at McDonald's or any other fast-food restaurants for over 7 years now and I have not any
more of stomach problem again.

I know some of you may call this BS, but that’s exactly what I think I ate that day which made me so sick lasting over 3 days.

Columbia, MD

#40 Aug 5, 2012
Where: Laurel 198, MD
When: week of 8/15
What: soda drink lemonade spiked w/something toxic

Vancouver, WA

#41 Nov 19, 2012
Me and my son ate happy meals at McDonald's in Portland Oregon an hour later I was throwing up and my stomach hurt so bad I thought I was going to die and that same night my son had stomach ache and severe diarrhea three to four times but thank God we both seem fine today but it was a scary situation and its not the first time it happened to us about a month ago with the same McDonald's but at the time I thought we had the flu but now I know that McDonald's is making people sick and I do not know what to do about it?

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