Subway Food Poisoning

King City, Canada

#62 Nov 22, 2008
I love the food at Subway, but I know when I eat it theres always price to pay. Usually after I eat a subway sandwhich I feel really full and im good for like 7 or 8 hours. After that much time goes by I suddenly get the shits and diahria like crazy. I spend about 30 minutes on the toilet just trying to push it out, and after that my stomach will hurt for like 2 or 3 hours and im good after that. A few words of advice never get the tomatoes (they arent very fresh) and dont let them go heavy on the lettuce if they do demand another sub.
joseph coverson

Brooklyn, NY

#63 Dec 4, 2008
i love subway, ive been eating everyday for two years straight everyday after work, but today right know as i speak im just getting over food poison right now, gosh my stomach hurtssss, i coulnt sleep last night i threw-up about 6 times last night, im having stomach and back pain, i dont know what ill do, because i love subway.....maybe ill leave subway alone for a little while.....

Kent, OH

#64 Dec 7, 2008
I ate a 6" meatball sandwich with provalone cheese from subway and got very ill! A few hours after eating it, my stomach started churning as if it was having difficulty digesting the food. By the middle of the night, my stomach was cramping like crazy and I kept getting up going to the bathroom to vomit. I was unable to sleep. I couldn't go to work the following day; I was miserable! There was no relief. I wouldn't wish that feeling on my worst enemy. I called subway's manager two days later and she felt that my complaint wasn't viable because no one else had complained. However, I know that is what caused my illness as I did not eat anything else that day.


#65 Dec 9, 2008
Had subway at The Rocks, Sydney and got sick 4 hours later. I ordered the chicken bacon ranch and noticed a watery substance on the last bite of the roll.

had a fever of 40 degrees centigrade and chills with nausea and dehydration its the sickest I have ever been for a while.

Not going there again, esp after I was meant to go have something else with the girlfriend for lunch and she decided to cancel it. Dont worry boys, blamed it all on her
pissed off

Welland, Canada

#66 Dec 13, 2008
both me and my girlfriend have gotten food poisoning there repeatedly. anytime we ever get food poisoning it's within a few hours to a few days. from numerous stores in numerous provinces. as i type, my girlfriend is once again sick, thank god i didn't go with her today. if they even have food safety standards, they obviously aren't inforcing them.

the next time we eat at subway and it causes uncontrollable vomiting and diarrhea, i'm saving it in a jar and fucking mailing it back to them for a refund.

Kansas City, MO

#67 Dec 15, 2008

Kansas City, MO

#68 Dec 15, 2008
ate a 6 footlong meatball mariana saturday dec 13th at 75th and metcalf overland park kansas.....diarhea and nausea hasnt stopped...if i can't get it stopped and keep my fluids am going to the ER....i have been an RN 19 years...think its salmonella poisoning....those trashy idiots....subway stinks worse than my diarhea

Detroit, MI

#69 Dec 22, 2008
Just got over food poisoning from eating that flatbread chicken floretine crap. Had to go to the emergency room on Froday for IV and medicine. Its been 2 days now and I am still a little shaky. I will not be eating at subway again, it doesn't matter how many times I have been there and it was ok, if they serve me ONE bad sandwhich, then they should not be serving at all.

Columbus, OH

#70 Jan 6, 2009
dude., how does this keep happening? i feel not good after eating a spicy italian. what the hell man? maybe it was the lettuce or the green peppers?

in any case

dear, Subway

get your act together!

stop giving people shit dayz

Indianapolis, IN

#71 Jan 7, 2009
I've been sick for 2 days after eating a spicy italian. Don't think I'll be able to eat subway ever again.

San Jose, CA

#72 Jan 7, 2009
I ate a Subway footlong turkey breast sandwich on Monday night from a Subway restaurant in Stamford, CT on Elm Street. Within a few hours I developed diarrhea, nausea, and later vomitted 3 times Tuesday. I am still sick and have had diarrhea (it is now Thursday morning). I will never eat at a Subway again. This is the worst case of food poisoning/stomach illness I have ever encountered.

Crystal Lake, IL

#73 Jan 13, 2009
My Husband got very sick from eating subway back in September, 2008. It most certainly was salmonella poisoning. Have never eaten there since. Never will. The FDA should have a look into these Subway chains!

San Diego, CA

#74 Jan 16, 2009
I'm stiing on the toilet watching my boyfriend sleep on the bathroom floor. Becuase he's afraid of sleep in bed and throwing up in it. And yes, all he did was eat at subway. We are calling back subway, and never eating at that one again.

Atlanta, GA

#75 Jan 21, 2009
I work at a Subway, and I try to be careful with my dates and temps. I eat our food almost every day (it's free) and I've never gotten sick. A big problem is that some of the subs just don't sell, like the more obscure limited time specials. When we have one, I usually throw away as much as I sell. Its safe to say that somewhere out there, someone's being cheap and not throwing it away. Another problem is poorly trained employees who mix new product with old. You just can't keep doing that, and they won't get it through their heads. If something doesn't look or smell good, I try to get rid of it. If I wouldn't eat it myself, I shouldn't be selling it to you. Or, maybe you got sick because someone forgot to turn on the sandwich unit's compressor one morning, and they didn't want to get fired for having to trash a whole shift's worth of food. So they thought they'd just trash your bowels instead.
michelle Black

New Haven, MI

#76 Jan 24, 2009
ate at subway spicy italian with lettuce, green peppers, yellow peppers, pickles, onions, and ranch. i was sick from 7 pm saturday went to the hospital monday morning around ten didnt get out of the hospital till tuesday afternoon when i started feeling better because i got food poisoning from the subway. i will never eat there again!!!!

Louisville, KY

#77 Jan 31, 2009
Another victim here. Worse I've ever felt. Will never, ever, ever, eat there again.

Mckinnon, Australia

#78 Feb 6, 2009
no offence, but its pretty much impossible to identify the food that gave you food poisening because it can take from anywhere between 48-74 hours before you actually feel sick so it could have been anything you ate within 3 days, dont just asume it was the last thing you ate.

Aurora, IL

#79 Feb 8, 2009
8 hours after eating at Subway I was glued to the toilet. Clear liquid was running out of my bottom and I vomited until I could not any more. My mussles started to spaz and I had to go to the E.R. Fox River Grove IL is where it happened on February 6
Anti Global Oligarchy

Cedar Rapids, IA

#80 Feb 12, 2009
Look into the FDA fast-tracking a lunch meat preservative within the last yr or two. Don't know if it has any bearing on the numerous incidents outlined here, but certainly wouldn't surprise me. Everyone in my family has had horrible stomach problems since eating at Subway the other night.
I get a kick outta the corporate shills like "priscilla" desperately hoping to manage public opinion despite the deluge of testimonials. Karma is a bitch...
C Moore

London, UK

#81 Feb 17, 2009
I had the most severe food poisoning I have ever had from an Italian salami roll with cheese, it made me ectremeely ill, to the point where I had to phone the hospital. Never have I been so ill in one night. I wrote a letter of complaint and Subway denied I got the food poisoning from them, but I know it was, as I hadn't eaten anything else that day. They wanted me to send them a doctor's report. So, they poison me and offer no apology whatsoever! I would stay well away from the place.

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