Subway Food Poisoning
Yakima WA

Ellensburg, WA

#249 Dec 3, 2012
I got a philly cheese steak last night at around 8 and at about one I felt like my stomach was spontaniously combusting! I ran to the bathroom and found this thread. Stupid subway... Never again....... Never... Hopefully I get some sleep and am not to sick to go to school in the morning, I have too much going on for this nonsence!!!
dawne griffiths

Bloomsburg, PA

#250 Dec 19, 2012
i ate there in march and had a meatball sub with sauce and cheese and got food posioning and within an hr of eating i ended up deathly sick spent 5 days in the hospital. now i'm in the process of sueing subway they can pay for making me sick.....i will never ever eat there again

San Antonio, TX

#251 Jan 25, 2013
Diareah and vomiting after I ate at subway exactly 24 hours ago. I will never be eating at subway again. If the guy making my sandwich did not even know what swiss cheese was I doubt he could read dates on food.

Strongsville, OH

#252 Feb 13, 2013
My husband had a tuna sandwhich from Subway in Westlake, OH on 2/5 and about 2 hours later he was violently ill. I called the store and all they said was that it takes 24-48 hours for food poisoning, so it probably wasn't their food... never, never eat there again.

Chicago, IL

#253 Feb 18, 2013
Got sick as hell from a subway meatball sub I ate last Wed, 2/13, from a store in Chicago at 4019 N Lincoln Ave. I'm pretty confident it was that sub for 2 reasons: 1) I hadn't eaten anything else other than that either day, 2) Upon taking the first bite I felt something wasn't right, something just didn't taste right.(If I had to describe it, would say it was an odd/sharp taste on the sides of my tongue.) I opened the sub, looked at the meatballs and they looked pale in color. I had a haircut next door in 5 min so like a fool I ate it anyway...never do that again. Btw, I'm not one to regularly scrutinize my food, it's just that something tasted off with this, should have listened to my intuition.

Symptoms came on hard and fast almost exactly 24 hrs later, by midday Thurs I was feeling terrible, by late that night I had severe fever and chills, stomach felt awful, was nauseous, had a headache and was running a 102 fever. Some bad bouts of #2, and although I felt like throwing up I never could. Anyway, by the next morn my fever was gone and my stomach was feeling better by the hour. By midday, almost 24hrs exactly, I felt almost as if nothing had happened. No more stomach issues, didn't feel like I had to go to the bathroom, had a only a slight headache and wasn't really hungry. My appetite came back by the following day (Sat).

All that being said, over the years I've had many meatball subway subs and never had this happen.
david subway lover not

United States

#254 Mar 26, 2013
I thought i was the only one that got sick
From subway i use to eat there alot but
recenlty i feel i getting sick like i have a turky
And ham feel fine intill 3 4 or later ill have the
shits all night but feel fine after it but sucks
Still have. Bloating and stomach cramps say
next night eat some place else and feel fine
you better off eating taco bell if wanna get
sick too fuck that jared hes a fucking liar
Im thinking of sueing subway they all about
eating fresh more like getting sick eat there once
A week to see if i not get sick but no cheers

Edmonds, WA

#255 Mar 28, 2013
I have just encountered my first food poisoning with subway , had the buffalo chicken sandwich and within 4 hours I didn't feel good had a fever and felt like I had been placed in a dryer for a hour day 2 , turned into mud butt with the occasional vomit and still have body aches .day 3 still mud butt and aches . I now see how jarred lost the weight I will never eat the stuff again , period!

South Orange, NJ

#256 Apr 2, 2013
Jazzy wrote:
I ate an Italian BMT yesterday from a Subway in Brandon, FL. 3 hours later I was terribly sick and was constantly throwing up. I am still sick today and cannot shake this nausea feeling. I have taken pepto bismol and followed some home remedies, but nothing is working. I wanted to know if anyone in the area got sick from possible the same subway.
I just had a meatball sandwich with a chicken soup and a apple juice from subway in Brooklyn ny near kings county hosiptal. Twenty mins later out of nowhere my body got weak and I began to do the Harlem shack. In the back of my mind said google it. To fine out I'm not the only one but what I like to know is what do we do about this.

West Palm Beach, FL

#257 Apr 4, 2013
Husband and I had meatball sub from subway each... Hubby was sick immediately with chills, diarrhea and vomiting. Two days later he stills feels weak and has the run...while I m on the other hand has occasionally visited the bathroom and has felt extremely weak.
subway in houston no good

Louisville, KY

#258 May 8, 2013
Ate a tuna fish sandwich and got food poison.!!!!..never again subway aint fresh!

Carlsbad, CA

#259 May 8, 2013
I had gone to the Boston Marathon this year - 2013 - and prior to the horror of the finish, I had food poisoning from Subway. The only "fresh" food I had in the 24 hours prior to the marathon was a foot-long subway turkey on wheat. I had light mayo and tomatoes. I started feeling ill about 19 hours after the sandwich (mile 13 or so). by the finish line I was projectile vomiting, had fever and chills.
The medic said i was in shock. I went back to my hotel in Boston (while the bombing took place). Beginning at 6 pm that evening - 26 hours after eating the Subway sandwich, I had diarrhea hourly for the until 9 am the next morning. kept drinking water. Never really could sleep and everything coming out of me turned green. My physician said it was "Camplylobacter" and was common with contaminated turkey, which is what I had from subway.
I feel like the Georgetow

Odenton, MD

#260 Jun 8, 2013
I am recovering from a tuna sandwich at Subways in Georgetown DC On M street
subway in houston no good wrote:
Ate a tuna fish sandwich and got food poison.!!!!..never again subway aint fresh!

Libertyville, IL

#261 Jul 13, 2013
priscilla wrote:
no offence, but its pretty much impossible to identify the food that gave you food poisening because it can take from anywhere between 48-74 hours before you actually feel sick so it could have been anything you ate within 3 days, dont just asume it was the last thing you ate.
O.K., but when my son and I ate nothing in common over the last 3 days and then both get sick the morning after eating Subway subs with lettuce and tomato...well, you do the math.

Newark, UK

#262 Aug 21, 2013
I ate a subway about 38 hours ago and I've been sick ever since I basically stuck too my toilet seat I have tried too get rid of diriarha but it's not working I will never eat a subway again and neither will my 600 co workers.
Jasmine Clinton MS

Jackson, MS

#263 Sep 26, 2013
Words candescibe how I'm feeling right now, I want to puke all my guts out I ate an club on white bread an now ughhhh someone helpppp..can't shit or throw up sum gotta give

Halifax, PA

#264 Oct 12, 2013
I work at mcdonalds. The one day i decided to have lunch at subway walked up from my school and got an italian bmt like i always do. For the past 4 days my craps been just water and ive been puking. I havent eaten really anything else since then except chicken noodle soup. I thought if any place id get food poisoning it'd be McDonald's. Obviously not. Subway has lost a customer for life
Kevin Desmoulin

Oshawa, Canada

#265 Nov 1, 2013
I just eat a cold cut sub last and was sick this morning and one month I had a SUB and was sick too.

Two separate locations, and I do not want to color any thing, both stores were run by Muslims I believe. I just if their is a problem with the meat of the handling of it due to religious beliefs etc.
Kevin Desmoulin

Oshawa, Canada

#266 Nov 1, 2013
Hi, I just to Customer, the owners investigate their operation in regards to these matters of people getting sick.

That is hardy objective.

Here is the customer service number 1-800-888-4848

I will suggest you phone the city of town heath authorities. This process hardy seems strong enough

Boca Raton, FL

#268 Dec 3, 2013
I had a Subway steak & cheese sandwich about a week ago on my lunch break 2 hours later I was weak & was experiencing the nastiest case of Diarrhea I ever experienced. I had to leave work a hour early. Tonight I went to a different Subway and tried the same sandwich to see if it was just that particular store & the same exact thing happened. I will never eat Subway again.

Mount Washington, KY

#269 Jan 24, 2014
I feel very sick, my husband got lunch for me at this subway close to Kresge Way in Louisville 40207. the last Friday I feel horrible, we don't have insurance. I have a steak &cheese sandwich the next day I have fever ,diarrhea , I still feel sick, I will never eat subway again.

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