Sexual Performance Anxiety?

Maracay, Venezuela

#31 Feb 22, 2012
I read it, but it redirects me to , I think it's a new page but I like the video

Chicago, IL

#32 Apr 3, 2012
Carlos i know this is from 2009, but i only feel upon this post cause i have anxiety, panic attacks and for the longest time i was mis diagnosed with bipolar, depression (which is a side effect of anxiety) and a few other diagnostics im currently 21. throughout highschool i had a very well sex life and due to a bad break up i started drinking alot more than i should and my life had gone to shit. anything bad always seemed to wrap my mind. i currently no lie just ordered the linden method last week. a man named charles linden who also suffered the same thing as i and most people with our issue for 27 years. he had a breakdown at 23 when he was at a gas station. despite this if you watch his youtube videos where he talks about his situation, not illness cause its not an illness, he discusses how he would have situations where he thought he was dying, very much sexual anxiety, thoughts of doing grotesque things to others including thoughts with the same sex, which doesnt matter for you cause you stated youre bisexual which theres nothing wrong with man thats your thing. but, my point is there are sooooo many times that this happens everyday to people and the thing is with anxiety is that its a switch in the mind. you see when you have anxiety or fear your adrenaline glands on top of the kidneys give out adrenaline every three minutes. now when that happens it diverts to your main muscles of defense and the more you fear the more you think, the more that the adrenaline releases. which causes your body to focus on survival without even thinking it. now when i say survival i mean as in living but..BUT, it can be anything that causes a certain fear. i have had beautiful women even doing sexual acts to me and have lost/ not gained an erection because of this fear from prior incidents. i would definately suggest checking out the linden method online it can cure you. i hope to this helped my friend and know that youre never alone. all the best!

Vancouver, Canada

#33 Apr 20, 2012
I have same problem from 5 months help me.


#34 May 1, 2012

If you can get erections on your own than all you have to do is to get over your anxiety....

I used to suffer from the same problem!
My girl friend broke up with me and I had a really long dry spell...

After that everytime I was with a girl I lost my erection just as I was about to penetrate her...

There is a really great product that helped me over come my problem.


You owe it to yourself!

Best of luck!


Stockholm, Sweden

#36 Aug 11, 2012
I have used for about 3 years and find their products to be reliable and speedily delivered. The Support team are very promt and helpful in solving any issues that arise,caused by my errors not the company's. I was a little sceptical initially about buying generic products rather than brand names. However, the Mens' Health products I have bought have been equally as efficatious as the brand names at a fraction of the cost.

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#38 Dec 5, 2012
I would recommend . Excellent service, lowest price, product arrives within 2 weeks in plain envelope. They are the sole of discretion. Believe me, I have used them several times, not that I need them but wow.

Bihac, Bosnia and Herzegovina

#39 Jan 13, 2013
I had a problem with sexual performance anxiety and I have read many personal experiences on forums and methods on resolving this problem and it helped me allot , so i promised myself after I beat it ,I will share my story in hope that it will help someone. I have a normal sexual life now , I am in a steady relationship and I did that without any drugs or any professional psychological help .. First thing you have to do Is realize that you are not alone with this problem , 20%-30% of all people suffers from various cases of anxiety(sexual,social,existent ial), be it mild or severe .. So you are not alone , its a happy thought isn't it ?:) Now , battle your anxiety.....If your lying naked with a girl and your thinking , please penis get up , she is so hot , nothing will happen ... You are avoiding your anxiety.. You have to confront it .. There is a reason you cant get it up , be it that it is your first time or you think your penis is to small or any other stupid reason your fucked up brain invented.. Any case of anxiety including this sexual , are focusing your brain to "predict" future but its always negative.. There is no balance when we are anxious , everything is negative.. You can think my method is very cliche , but just by realizing that your brain is fucking with you , you can fuck back :D , you just have to think positive .. I have read my post from beginning and i realize that this is nothing you haven't ready or heard before, I guess I really cant explain how I won over my anxiety , but I can tell you that you can do it without any drugs or proffesional help... Find a nice girl , explain the problem , tell her she is not the reason and try every day , she will understand and if she dont she is a bitch anyway who would cheat on you with your buddy .. So good ridance :D

Anonymous Proxy

#41 Feb 3, 2013
I can recommend . Had business with them for over a year and never had any major problems. They can be slow at sending the order, but it always get there, and their customer service is great, always someone to talk to if their is a issue. Will do business with them again.


#42 Feb 14, 2013
I tried generic Viagra from It helped me greatly. This is the most reliable and trusted online pharmacy you could ever think of. They perfectly work! I have found them very good value for money.
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#43 Feb 14, 2013
I tried generic Viagra from It helped me greatly. This is the most reliable and trusted online pharmacy you could ever think of. They perfectly work! I have found them very good value for money.
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#44 Apr 11, 2013
i wrote:
I have ordered prescription drugs (without a prescription) online from about two years ago, and was pleased with the speed and quality of service.
I'm thinking of doing the same thing with my medication. The meds is expensive, but there is a generic version available overseas.
I love the idea of taking responsibility for my own health (or lack of health) and skipping the bureaucracy... to say nothing of having to drive to the doctor, wait in line, yet again, to get a prescription refilled.
First time I took Viagra from it took 30 to 40 mins to work. Work very well for me with no side effects. Was able to have sex more then once. My partner is also very pleased with the results.


#45 Jun 5, 2013
carlitos wrote:
iam a bisexual male in my 30's i had a bad expirience 3 months ago, i lost my erection during sex, i got very frustrated, anxious and scared. iam very anxious all the time, i dont get erected during the day for notting, no sex desire, confused etc etc, I already visited a sex therapist, i had try some herbal performance products, i already went to the doctor to get pills for anxiety and NOTHING WORKS....iam so desperate and afraid that can looss my partner because of this, the sex therapist told me that only solution is to forget about the issue, and when i stop thinking about the "issue" is when is gonna go away for itself, but man is hard to stop thinking and feeling ( i think i got traumatize) "feelings of failure" that iam not gonna get a hard one, and it happens. Any idea how can i take out of my mind this stupid thinking of failure, so my brain can come back to its normal sexual chemistry. Any good pills i can use while i overcome this issue in my mind? any ideas? please please help help!!!!!!
Buddy erection is a funny thing and when it starts bothering it gets funnier.

Just take viagra or cialis it will take care of your erections for the time being.
gradually you will be back in mood and things will get fime


#53 Aug 3, 2013
Recently I tried to re-order meds on the website and was surprised to find out that it did not work. So, I contacted technical support via e-mail to find out what was wrong. Then I got the answer that the website was closed due to the appeal of competing companies, and that at that moment it was impossible to resolve this issue. I very much liked high-quality meds offered on this website, and I asked them to send me a link to the new address of this online store. In response, I was sent to this new address . Again, I was able to shop there.
If you are already a client, discounts you earned for shopping there will be preserved in full. I hope this information will be helpful for those who faced a similar problem when re-ordering.


#54 Aug 8, 2013
Naturally, I am skeptical of everything online. is legitimate. I placed my first order for the smallest amount possible. It arrived sooner than expected. I didn't pay the extra money for speedy air mail. I placed another order that was much larger and it came right on time. I will definitely use this company again for even larger orders now that I trust them. They also give you discounts every time you place an order which is cool. One thing to keep in mind is if you place a larger order, they will send half in one shipment, and then the other half after that to avoid customs scrutinizing your package. I am very happy, I no longer need to pay tons of money to see a doctor and therapist (and have them tell me a bunch of stuff I already know) in order to get my medication.


#64 Aug 31, 2013
I ordered Cialis soft tabs from once in the past and they arrived in about 2 weeks, no customs payable and they seem as good as the non generic product. An acknowledgment of my order would have been nice but when i phoned them they were polite and reassuring. I used the trackable service.

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#67 Sep 10, 2013
For US customers only: . Orders delivered in 2-4 days via Priority and 1-3 days via OVERNIGHT mail. Sells a standard range of non-controlled medicines such as antibiotics, erectile dysfunction drugs, anti-hair loss pills.

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#69 Sep 13, 2013
I'm 37, my husband is 63. We tried Viagra and it works. We decided to try Cialis from RXPILL911 . COM this past weekend just to compare the two. Cialis is unbelievable, None of the headaches or side effects that he would get from the Viagra and they really mean it when they say it lasts 36 hours. It is a little expensive, but well worth every penny to see your husbands confidence restored. Ladies take it from a VERY satisfied wife you wont be leaving the house for the entire weekend so get everything you need before he takes the pill. Life is good!


#70 Sep 14, 2013
FOR US CUSTOMERS ONLY: . Orders delivered in 2-4 days via Priority and 1-3 days via OVERNIGHT mail. Sells a standard range of non-controlled medicines such as antibiotics, erectile dysfunction drugs, anti-hair loss pills.

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#71 Oct 19, 2013
This ed medication from allowed me to experience multiple erections and orgasm within 2 hours for first time since in my 30's. Wife is pleased with the results!

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#75 Jun 23, 2014
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