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Wellington, New Zealand

#208 Oct 9, 2013
Hi Monica,

I know this is years later but I'm in the same position you were in
now and I want to talk to see how you have gone on. can you email me [email protected]
Monica wrote:
I'm 36 yrs. old and have had eczema my whole life. There is definitely a genetic factor in my case. Unfortunately it seems to be getting worse as I get older.
I agree with "Ken" that my body seems "acidic". I know things like wine, vinegar, tomato and citrus fruits definitely make my eczema worse. I also avoid seafood, chocolate and dairy as much as possible.
I also have learned that stress and a lack of sleep will exacerbate my symptoms.
I do think from years of steroid cream use, my skin has become extremely thin which makes me more prone to developing more itchy rashes.
I have been struggling for the past few months with a very "red" face". I really don't know what to do....
I am now trying this "Goji" and "Mangosteen" juice that someone has reccommended.... No sure if it's that or the warmer weather that has helped my eczema slightly.
Next, I will try to "DETOX" my system...got nothin' to lose at this point.

Denver, CO

#209 Dec 27, 2013
KenGuy wrote:
I would suggest 3-5 green drinks + 2-4 soups a day, with atleast 4-5 litres of water(distilled or reverse osmosis water).
While I think cleansing is a great idea, I would strongly advise you not to drink distilled water. While it may seem healthier, purer or whatever, it actually lacks many minerals because it has been distilled. Causing it to seek them out, while drinking some won't really hurt you, the water leeches the minerals it is looking for from your body and you'll lose a lot of vital nutrients you need. If you continue to drink distilled water you will become very weak and malnourished. Generally just don't try to drink distilled water and you'll have no issues. Just putting it out there so no one gets the wrong idea:) Thanks, have a great day.

Rhyl, UK

#210 Jan 23, 2014
Hello Veronica
I know how uncomfortable eczema can be. Some quick tips that I use for my own clients (I'm a herbalist)- if your eczema is hot and really itchy drink nettle and chamomile teas, regularly. They will make you urinate more but that will be helpful and ease some of the discomfort. Eczema is cured by dealing with the underlying cause which I examine in my podcast - https://soundcloud.com/alexander-carberry-1/f...

Ulan-ude, Russia

#211 Feb 2, 2014
Veronica wrote:
hi, im 17 years old and i have been suffering with severe eczema for about 4 years now. recently though it got extremely worse. i have it everywhere from my face to my legs to my elbows, knees, thighs, back, neck, hands, feet. i dont know what to do. i went to my dermatologist and they just continue to give me hydrocortisone cream, which doesnt do much. i although have found that if you condition yourself to stop itching it, it does in fact go away. but what is causing this? and how much longer will i have to deal with this? please help
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eczema will pass when you stop eating sugar

Fallon, NV

#213 Mar 11, 2014
I use Melaluca oil from Doterra ( www.mydoterra.com/needoils ) and it works amazing.

Antioch, CA

#215 Mar 31, 2014
I've had eczema since I was 7, I'm 24 now and over tje years my skin has became progressively worse. I have it on my eyelids, wrists, inner elbows, sholders, sholder blades, All over my legs, especially behind my knees and now its beggining to spread to my back and I'm starting to notice it on the sides of my butt cheeks. It is so painful on a daily bases to do anything. It hurts to walk because the back of my knees are all tore up and inflamed from all the scratching I do. It takes me about and hour or two to fall asleep becauseI'm constantly scratching. I also have it on my hands and some on my fingers. I hate that I can't just simply walk outside in a pair of shorts because my legs are pretty bad. I'm constantly in pain and am tired of using hydrocortizone creams that don't work. I need to know what would be the best moisturizing cream to use and what's the best kind of food to eat that will help. I feel like I can't bend my body in anyway where my joints are because I feel like my skin is ripping. Its even painful to take a shower in warm water. I have so many scars and scabs on my body its ridiculous. Somebody help. I'm tired of living this way..

Littleton, CO

#219 May 7, 2014
I've been suffering from severe eczema for 9 mos now. It seemingly occurred out of nowhere and has made my life impossible, even forcing me to stay indoors for 4 mos. I started drinking alkalized water only 5 days ago and it is about 80% better already! I realize now that I switched from drinking fresh, artesian water to reverse osmosis water at the time that my eczema appeared. The RO, reverse osmosis water appears to have been the culprit to my eczema and hives. I have a strong desire to get the word out to all eczema sufferers to stop all RO water and give alkalized water a try. It's only been 5 days and the difference is radical. I will continue on the alkalized water. Stay tuned.

Petrolia, Canada

#220 Jul 13, 2014
I'm 33 years old and I HAD severe eczema all over my body and was constantly itchy and scratching all over. I thought i was gonna go crazy. I eventually had a serious infection because of it.I have seen many doctors and specialists and nothing would even touch it. Just by fluke my brother got me this stuff and I immediately noticed a difference. Its called aveeno skin relief shower and bath oil http://www.aveeno.com/product/aveeno-+skin+re... |mkwid|sUQKJvFvR_dc|pcrid|2120 6224028. you can buy it at walmart but its difficult to find because its not with the rest of the aveeno stuff. I just take a bath with it and pour lots of it in. Made a huge difference for me hope it helps you
Leslie C

Singapore, Singapore

#221 Jul 19, 2014
I hope this doesn't come too late.

I had severe bodywide eczema until I found out the root cause of my problem : the topical steroid medication I used for my eczema.

This link should give you some answers for your skin problem

Hope this helps you!


Leslie C
Founder of http://EczeMag.com
Personal blog at http://saynototopicalsteroids.com

York, PA

#222 Jul 23, 2014
I have had eczema for years! I tried prescriptions, over the counter products, home remedies, you name it, I tried it. A friend of mine gave me a sample of a lotion called Renew. All I can say is, WOW, within 3 days I could see it clearing up. Within 2 weeks it was completely gone. I can honestly say I have never felt more free. I also switched laundry detergent and soap. I can finally wear shorts and skirts without feeling embarrassed. What an AMAZING feeling!!

Kuwait, Kuwait

#227 Oct 28, 2015
Plus help me I have an skin allergy I don't no what is this allergy but probably I think this is a sign of eczema, ,,I have a lot of creams I use,it became worse....my two hands are affected,,,,,

Since: Mar 16

San Fernando, Philippines

#229 Jul 27, 2016
Hi I just want to share that TruKid Easy Eczema Therapy Cream is really effective and safe for babies and even adults! This rich, unscented cream is ideal for most skin types and great for the whole family.

Berkeley Heights, NJ

#231 Feb 3, 2017
Ken wrote:
The "Cure" for eczema is simple, as for ALL "Dis-eases". You're body is simply too acidic, you're polluted, literally.

You have been purposely sickened by pharmecutical and food companies in order for them to profit off of your sickness.

How many times have you been sick and the doctor says OK Mr. JD, you've got the flu so the best thing to do is to avoid dairy products and any solids etc, right?

Why? Because Dairy products, MEAT, Yeast and especially corn products are EXTREMLY ACIDIC and they will kill you, all of these foods are like CANCER themselves.

It's a slow death, along with those foods you also need to avoid Coffee, Tea, smokes, alcohol, ALL DRUGS.

Google search "pH Miracle" it will SAVE YOUR LIFE, if need be saving, as it has saved mine.
"Recently the lay press has claimed a hypothetical association among dairy product consumption, generation of dietary acid, and harm to human health. This theoretical association is based on the idea that the protein and phosphate in milk and dairy products make them acid-producing foods, which cause our bodies to become acidified, promoting diseases of modern civilization. Some authors have suggested that dairy products are not helpful and perhaps detrimental to bone health because higher osteoporotic fracture incidence is observed in countries with higher dairy product consumption. However, scientific evidence does not support any of these claims. Milk and dairy products neither produce acid upon metabolism nor cause metabolic acidosis, and systemic pH is not influenced by diet. Observations of higher dairy product intake in countries with prevalent osteoporosis do not hold when urban environments are compared, likely due to physical labor in rural locations. Milk and other dairy products continue to be a good source of dietary protein and other nutrients. Key teaching points: Measurement of an acidic pH urine does not reflect metabolic acidosis or an adverse health condition. The modern diet, and dairy product consumption, does not make the body acidic. Alkaline diets alter urine pH but do not change systemic pH. Net acid excretion is not an important influence of calcium metabolism. Milk is not acid producing. Dietary phosphate does not have a negative impact on calcium metabolism, which is contrary to the acid-ash hypothesis."


New Boston, MI

#232 Apr 30, 2017
Hi I'm sorry you're going through all of this I know me and my daughter both have eczema my daughter's is more severe because she has keratosis pilaris too we have been to so many dermatologists tried pretty much everything over the counter went the natural route had allergy testing done and nothing was seeming to help Sometimes some things will help for a short amount of time and it would come back mine is mostly on my legs and my lower back my daughter it affects her entire body we came across two products when my sister joined a company call Limelight she had gave me some samples and I applied it to a really bad patch I had on the back of my thigh and within 3 days it completely cleared I never had anything work that fast or completely clear a patch that was that deep so for the past 8 months me and my daughter have been using these two products and our skin has stayed completely clear the two products are one drop wonder and forty cure I basically mix these two products with Eucerin and cover our entire body the one drop wonder I use about three drops you don't need much and about a nickel-sized amount of the 40 pure and mixed it with Eucerin and our skin completely cleared I hope this helps whoever sees it my daughter is 5 now and I've been trying to find something to cure her skin since she was 3 months old these products saved our skin here's a link if you want to buy because they're not available in stores.... https://www.limelightbyalcone.com/theyna313

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