How I prevented my eczema

How I prevented my eczema

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DV From Toronto


#1 Nov 15, 2007

I have had eczema all my life, but the last 10 years have been miserable. I am a 32y male now living in Toronto. I have had frequent flare-ups covering my whole bofy including arms, legs face and back. I know how humiliating, and painfull it can be. I've scratched until bleeding most of the time due to the intense itchiness. I know your pain.

Luckily for me, I also found the cause. Food. It turns out that I had a soy allergy that I never knew about and did not appear during my childhood allergy tests. It was difficult to eliminate soy from my diet because soy is in everything. Mayonaise, soy sauce, tofu, miso, chocolate, doritos and on and on. I also dumped drinking coffee (whitner has soy and coffee makes it worse too even when black.) Once I eliminated it, I am now symptom free except for a very minor flare ups, probably due to me eating something with soy in it that I didn't know about. Can't have hamburgers (full of soy in patties and buns)

I have allergy tests scheduled for next week, but I already know that soy, spinach, paprika, and caffein (chocolate,cola) are my main triggers. My eczema has been food based. I'm so happy now that my skin is almost normal again. I feel great. If I'm eating at a restaurant, I take a reactine first in case I eat a sauce or somthing that may contain an allergen.

My advice is stop buying products that don't work. Stop paying people money when they prey on your desperation. Speak with an allergist. Test out food yourself and ALWAYS read the ingredients. It took me 6 desperate years of searching, and now I'm largley symptom fee. I wish you all luck and have courage.

Hurleyville, NY

#2 Nov 17, 2007
I can't stress enough the value of getting tested for allergies at the allergist's office. My son was tested for allergies early in his childhood, he had multiple severe allergies affecting him in all areas (eczema, gastro, etc). We had to eliminate nearly everything from his diet leaving only corn, potato and rice. The foods that affected his eczema the most was SOY (soy milk, cereals with soybean oil. Soy is in virtually everything you find in packaged food.

Since: Apr 07


#4 Nov 20, 2007
Thanks for your post DV. I have a page about eczema on my website and it is the most visited page, which shows how many people are suffering - including my grand daughter! However I haven't mentioned food allergies and I think that it is an area I must look at more closely. Soya is something we tend to avoid because we don't know its source and it can be genetically modified. We tend to buy meat and dairy products directly from a local farm, fruit and veg are also locally sourced, but here in the UK that is probably easier than in the US.

Aurora, OR

#5 Dec 2, 2007
My 15 years daughter has extreme eczema and i am at loss what to do. Do you guys know about any thing about why the body can get so red ?

Thunder Bay, Canada

#6 Jan 5, 2009
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Toronto, Canada

#7 Mar 17, 2009
How did you find out that you are allergic to soy product? There are plenty of items that I use in daily life. Does blood test work?
Just Me

Great Falls, VA

#8 May 7, 2009
Yes, the blood test will work for finding out if you have a soy allergy. My son has an allery to all legumes (all types of beans & peanuts) & to tree nuts. We knew he was allergic to tree nuts & lentils because they made him swell, but it wasn't until we had the blood test that we found out about the soy & peanuts. Once we took him off of those, it was like a miracle - his eczema cleared up beautifully! It's been 9 years & he only has a mild occasional flair up - usually if he eats something that has soy protein (it's in a lot of stuff you wouldn't think of).

Scarsdale, NY

#9 May 11, 2009
I was allergy tested and came up negative for all the major allergens (foods, pets, pollen, etc.)

It is possible that an allergy of some sort may be triggering eczema in some people and it is due to irritation. Other things I've read list it as your skin over growing, and a derm has told me that my skin reacts different in general because I have it (more likely to scar or have big calluses).

Anyway, best of luck if food avoidance or perfumes get it for you, but for myself moisturizing and steroids are what knocks the thing back. It gets worse in the winter, and a pretty steady application keeps it in check so I doubt it is food for me.

I recommend asking about derma smooth in addition to whatever else a derm is perscribing. I also use Emu oil, it helps my itching.

Arvin, CA

#12 Jun 28, 2009
I am at my wits end with my eczema. I have had it on various parts of my body for the past 5 years. Over the past 7 months I had it on my face, which is embarrassing. I have stopped wearing make up. If the itching would stop it would be great. I have tried just about everything for my eczema from creams, pills(prescribed and suppliments) and injections. Finally a few months ago I had some allergy testing and found out that I am mildly allergic to wheat, corn and dogs. Nothing else. My allergist doesn't think the food allergy is that significant.??? Yesterday while at Whole Foods I was told about borage oil. Does that work? I also started taking zinc tablets and brewers yeast last week. I'm concerned about using so much steroids. I want to try less invasive treatment. I practice meditation every day. I am considering acupunture. I would appreciate any feedback or suggestions I can get.

Cookeville, TN

#13 Jul 13, 2009
I have been looking into natural cures for my son's eczema. We have started bleach baths (1/2 cup bleach to a full bath tub) and now I have been reading about the honey + cinnamon mixture. Has anyone tried either of these? My son is very sensitive to baths but the bleach being in the bath does not seem to bother him (it's very diluted of course). He has had eczema his whole life with no relief...

Chicago, IL

#14 Jul 20, 2009
I don't know any good natural remedies, but I have Keratosis Pilaris (KP) and eczema and I'm looking for something that will help for both. Has anyone heard of a website called ? They had some good suggestions for managing severe dry skin associated with eczema and KP. I was wondering if anyone had ever visited the site and if so, had they tried the lotion they suggest.

United States

#15 Jul 23, 2009
I tried lotion and it did absolutely nothing. The stuff just didn't work for me. Getting a refund wasn't possible so I don't recommend their product.
Paula Warren

Vina, CA

#16 Jul 27, 2009
I am not sure the cause of eczema however I have found a lotion that is guaranteed and clinically proven to work! If your daughter hasn't found a cure for her case I highly reccomend renew lotion. You can only get it through melaleuca, the wellness company. If you have any other questions let me know. My email is: [email protected]
I have heard success story after success story and althought I didn't have eczema the lotion cured the small red bumps I had for years on the back of my arms.

Thank you, Paula

Longueuil, Canada

#17 Aug 4, 2009
Hello everyone,

I have suffered from eczema my whole life. I am now 25 years old and I thought I beat the desease a while ago. However, I've had the worst case of eczema in years this summer!It's on my stomach, my breats, my armpits, my arms, and my neck and my legs. It has become very depressing and embarrassing. I wanted to know how you deal with this on an emotional basis? I get so sad and lonely, and cry a lot when I look at myself.

Salem, MA

#18 Aug 5, 2009
HI All--
I check in on the forum occasionally and am always saddened to hear all of the suffering caused by eczema. I am an acupuncturist and herbalist and when my baby was born with eczema, I learned all I could about it to help her. I created an herbla product for her, but that is another story.
What I would like to share here is my pet project. I put up a website (called myskinbetter)that is a free-resource, not selling anything---with all that I learned about natural, self-care ideas, tips for skin. You can find info on foods, environment, products, etc and it is noncommercial. If you like it, please spread the word. It is my good deed for the day. Best to you. Mike

The page is:

Humboldt, Canada

#19 Dec 28, 2009
STOP POSTING commercial website links here...they are a waste of time. If anyone gives you a website, ignore it.

Singapore, Singapore

#20 Jul 12, 2010
So many doctors told me that my child's eczema is most likely not linked to food as he was past 2 years of age. Bullshit. I did an elimination diet for him, taking out the top food allergens and his skin cleared up 90% in a month's time. We are talking about weeping bleeding infected sores on the legs that just will not heal because of his nightly scratching, screaming in the bath, crying in the night for over a year. We had previously gone milk/egg/seafood free for over a year because his reations to them are clear. However the rashes got worse. Finally I took out gluten, soy, corn, fish, sesame/sunfower as well. Yes, I was desperate, 110% desperate. Wow, the difference it made! Not only has the rashes subsided, he is actually putting on weight! I did not expect that, but it was so gratifying to see his skinny little body finally gaining some flesh. So pls try elimination diets. It sounds hard, but when you see results, it is absolutely worth it!

Norwich, UK

#22 Jan 27, 2011
I have suffered from eczema all my life i am 40yrs old. I have recently looked into the association with food. As everybody with eczema will know it is an on going battle both physically and emotionally. But I firmly believe that food plays a very big part in long term eczema sufferers. We all know what kind of things we need to avoid ie detergents , bubble baths, scented creams the list is endless. I recently had patch test and i had a reaction to cobalt chloride, at the bottom of the list it said Vitamin B12. so i decided to cut all foods out containing the highest levels of B12 . Within in a couple of weeks my eczema had gone . Apart from my hands that react to even the mildest washing up liquid. Howeverm, this was not a good diet in respect of getting the right vitamins but the relief of been able to go to bed and sleep without scratching all night was liberating. Dieticians advice was to stop the diet immediatley as the amount of B12 could not cause me such reaction!! so for health reasons i went back to eating everything and I am now coverd head to toe in eczema. Back to the elimination diet. As Iris says it is well worth the effort. It is hard but when you finally get there life changes in so many ways.I also agree with John all the commercial website should not post on these forums praying on very emotionally drained people who will grasp at anything that may help. I have been one of those mugs it becomes costly in two ways your purse and your body. Good luck

Wellington, New Zealand

#23 Jan 29, 2011
Hi guys I'm an eczema sufferer and have battled this annoyance for many years, just thought I'd share a blog with you I found while surfing the web. Has some really good articles on how to treat different types of eczema.
Definitely contains some pretty cool stuff, worth a read

Toronto, Canada

#24 Feb 3, 2011
I agree completely food and diet seem to be a very signifcant factor in outbreaks, a site you might want to check out for a natural eczema treatment
I keep seeing more and more people talking about the importance of diet as I look for answers to the eczema question. Diet i'm sure relaly is the key.

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