Is there a cure for eczema?

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#23 Oct 30, 2013
The idea that there is no cure for eczema is popular, but wrong. The fact that many tried with doctors and were not cure does not prove anything. No one can make a statement like that and prove it. You can only say that there is no known cure..., but to say with absolute certainty that there is no cure in wrong.

I know people who have been cured not only from eczema, but from other heal issues. However, that does not mean that everyone will be cure. There are many variables that play their influences. Some people will be cured, others may or may not; it all depends on sorting out all variables.

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#25 Feb 3, 2014
Forever Yours wrote:
My dermatologist suggested a tanning bed and vitamin d.
Did it work for you? For me, being in the sun too long just irritates my eczema and I have it on my fingers and around my mouth.

Waxhaw, NC

#26 Feb 25, 2014
you are an absolute itiot if u think were not suppost to drin k milk maybe people with eczema cant but others can its not gonna harm u specially if they say its verry healthy for u

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#30 Jun 19, 2014
Im 15 and I have suffered with eczema my whole life. I have tried all the treatments /creams/ steroids even light therapy nothing can actually yet cure eczema only manage it. It is terrible especially at my age i daren't go out with my face being all blotchy and red.

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#31 Jul 6, 2014
In China, some TCM doctors use herbal material mixed with carrier, quite effective.
faissel Eczema


#32 Jul 15, 2014
Yes you can get rid of eczema. you can check this page :
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Leslie C

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#33 Jul 19, 2014
I don't think there is a cure for Eczema, but I think we can manage our inflammation levels better so that Eczema is no longer a problem.

On the other hand, I have cured myself from steroid-induced eczema.
Hi all,

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The link above will share more on the medication we use for our eczema and the side effects arising from it. Hope this helps!

Leslie C
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#34 Jul 25, 2014
apple cider vinegar helps

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#35 Jul 25, 2014
Unfortunately guys there is no cure for eczema, you can only manage it well

I have suffered eczema all my life, and well ppl that i know that used to have it have outgrown it so i wonder when is it going to be my turn

from using wet bandages to light treatment now that im in my 20s its alot better than when i was 16. so dont worry as you grow older it will settle down

steroids r rely bad. i wish i never used them when i was young. i now use jojoba oil which is soo much better than doublebase. aloe vera gel is good aswell

my hands r rely bad. i dont thnk they will ever heel up.

when i go on holiday to a hot country my skin dramtically clears up.

i think they way forward is the diet, eg eating lots of green veg like lettuce, kale, brussel sprouts, spinach, carrots and apple.

a big difference in my eczema was when i started using unflitered apple cider vinegar.

id stop the steriod stuff to only days when u rely rely need it. goes into the blood stream and it cant be good for u

i know if u control ur diet, stop fizzy drinks, dairy, and the junk and eat clean ur eczema can be managed so that u cant even notice it. lol i know its tough cuz even i cant give up the junk food but i def have incoroporated the green veg which is making a a diff

in india there is yoga called kapalbhatti. its breathing exercises u do for 30mins a day. u exhale heavily through ur nose to take toxins out which is better than drink the herb
s which are bad. kapalbhatti have proved if u do this for months ur eczema can be managed very well.

hopefully there will be a cure, but dont think its going to be soon. ne way would like to hear from u guys.

rem green veg is good for gut which in turn is good for eczema as there is deficiency in the body.

also try manuka honey. this is good but sticky. if u leave it on overnight its got so many healing properies that it works

n e way best luck

Hobart, Australia

#38 Oct 22, 2014
There is not a cure for eczema I am 12 and I know that I have eczema and there is only cream and that to manage it

Union City, CA

#39 Oct 22, 2014
Even though there's no cure for eczema,(at least not yet anyway) that doesn't mean you have to live with it consistently. Like many others, I've lived with eczema since I was born into this sad little world, and have also looked for ANSWERS, but you only have OPTIONS. Make the best of what you are given in this life.
My eczema is down to a minimal most of the time, but when it flares it affects my face. I've been able to mostly control it. When I'm in a bad state, I drop everything they can possible create stress or physically complicate my eczema.
Find a treatment. Suck it up. Best of luck from a fellow 13 year old my friends.

United States

#41 Oct 23, 2014
I meant itched instead of aged:)

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#42 Nov 28, 2014
Shakila wrote:
There is not a cure for eczema I am 12 and I know that I have eczema and there is only cream and that to manage it
Shakila dont worry. You should try breathing exerises. xhale deeply through your nostril to take out toxins out of ur systems. and inhale lightly in.
I am working on a cure. i will update soon.

Singapore, Singapore

#43 Nov 30, 2014
Personal experience:
I had hand eczema that was so bad that stings even when I wash my hands with water only. My hands were red and scaly and peeling. Everyday I shed so much dead skin on my hands. Sometimes it even affect my sleep as it's just too itchy. People whom I showed my hands to were horrified to see how red scaly hands were. I tried many methods described below. For sharing because I understand how painful this problem can be and how helpless eczema sufferers are when they see their skin red and scaly and feels sore and itchy.

2. oatmeal hand scrub-only helps a bit to get rid of dead skin
3. moisturiser (QV, physiologel, nivea, vaseline, Emu Oil, rose hip oil serum, olive oil, aloe vera gel, rice body milk)-limited effect on my dry skin. Vaseline was the worst as it seems to be blocking up my skin cells.. Physiologel was the best.
4. Vegetable juice (kale, celery, carrots, apples etc)-limited effect
5. Non-steriod cream prescribed by doctor- none effective
6. Chinese medicin(both herbs and capsules)-non effective
7. Yakult and vitagen--not helpful
8. Collagen not helpful
9. Evening primrose oil-helps a bit but didn't last long
10. Fish oil not too helpful
11.Multivitamin-didnt see it working
12. Then ...... at last.... I started wondering is it because my probiotics dosage wasnt sufficient. I went to pharmacy in Malaysia. Pharmacist recommended me to try a box of probiotics called Lacto GG instead because she said many people said it's good for eczema. I tried it at night before I sleep.... The next day I wake up and my skin peels off in large area instead of small scales. After the skin peeps off in large patch, it reveals the new skim underneath! Day 2- my skin looks like normal! It's magical! I have been taking it for a week. And my skin is almost back to normal except that it's more red than normal skin
But no more dry and scaly and itchy skin.
Try it for yourself. It's called Lacto GG. It's a strain of very well researched probiotics. I hope my experience helps all eczema sufferers.

-personal experience.

San Francisco, CA

#45 Feb 16, 2015
Best thing in the entire world you can do for eczema? Dr. Aron!!! Found him online - he does online consultations and he treats eczema in a way no other doctors are doing.. and it works! Best of all, it's super inexpensive. This guy is great. Check out his facebook page!

Orpington, UK

#54 Jun 12, 2016
I believe it's cause is stress or anxiety that triggers an increase in cortisol levels. I've had it on and off for 15 years. No creaks or medication keep it away but I've managed it through exercise and diet. When I get it I take it as a sign that I'm stressed or my diet and lifestyle has changed. It depresses me as I get it on my face but hey, there are people living with far worse than me so I plod on. Control your stress points and control your eczema it's that simple.

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#55 Jun 19, 2016
Yes there are a lot of videos on youtube about how to cure eczema. Some of them are really effective. But using cream is also effective. I recommend TruKid Easy Eczema Therapy Cream. Truly natural, ultra hydration for sensitive eczema skin with cocoa butter and allantoin that fight dry skin, chapped skin and scars.

Pomona, CA

#56 Jan 13, 2017
Argan oil cleared up about 95% of my facial eczema. Some days my skin is actually 100% clear, and all the time it is as smooth as a baby's butt. I'd totally recommend as-needed use of argan oil as a cleanser and moisturizer. And if you're using hydrocortisone or any other topical steroid, STOP! It will weaken your skin's natural defense mechanisms and make it impossible for your skin to learn how to protect itself from those external threats that provoke flare ups (which for me, can be anything from the dry air on airplanes, to new kinds of water, to dehydration, etc., etc.). For those of you who are NOT prone to clogged pores in addition to your eczema, coconut oil is also a great supplement for those especially stubborn patches (especially around the eyes and mouth).

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#59 Feb 2, 2017
I am 31 and have had eczema on and off since Jr. High. For 3 straight years in my 20's, I also had eczema all over my face, neck, and chest! I went to doctors, dermatologists, got skin biopsies, allergy tests, blood tests etc, but they couldn't figure it out...3 whole years later, I finally did; I realized it was the chlorine in our water because my eczema had gotten so bad when we had moved to the city. Once I put a filter on our shower head, it went away in a few days! I still am prone to getting dry skin (I live in AK, so sometimes in the winter, the air gets dry, Or if I sweat when I workout, that causes my skin to itch too.)
But what I've found is: apple cider vinegar is the only thing that has ever helped my eczema and dry skin. I use it daily and dab it on any itch or scratch; and I also put it on (diluted with water) my face after my shower before going to bed.
*I always need to remember to dilute it when I put it on my face, because your face is sensitive, and apple cider vinegar full strength could sting and dry it out more. If u ever accidentally put full strength on; add water to your face!
*Also, if I have any cuts or scratches (which sometimes if I forget to trim my nails, and I accidentally scratch my skin) I use apple cider vinegar to dis-infect them, and then put raw honey over it with a bandaid.(If the scratch or wound is on your face, I put raw honey on it before bed, and cover that with a paper towel. Then just wash your face in the morning.
Raw honey is the best healer for your skin! It has so many nutrients your skin needs to heal and soften! If I have a dry spot on my face, I usually will put water on my face before the raw honey; that way the raw honey traps the water in your skin to hydrate it even more.
*Another thing is, in the shower; I don't use any soaps on my face or arms etc. If I have a dry spot, I usually put a dab of oil on it before hopping in the shower. This will help it retain the water in the skin.
*I also try to always keep my finger nails short. Just in case I ever accidentally scratch without thinking about it.(I've caused many deep cuts accidentally when I wasn't thinking about it, just itching my arm or leg etc.)
*One time I had accidentally rubbed my eye when I was itching from a cat allergy, and the next day I had a red dry mark right under my eye...for the life of me I couldn't get this big red mark to go away...I put vitamin e on it every day, several times a day to no avail. Then I read somewhere, that its not oil that hydrates your skin, but water! You need just a drop of oil after putting water on your skin, so it will hold the water in your skin. I immediately started just putting water on my skin without a ton of oil (a lot of oil just makes your skin hot and itch more usually!)-I just used a drop of healthy oil (olive, jojoba, etc) and it worked! The dry red mark on my face went away within a couple days!

So I just wanted to write this in case anyone is looking for answers for their skin.
This is my nightly shower routine that has worked: water on my skin, then a little healthy oil on any dry spots if needed. After the shower, I put Apple Cider Vinegar diluted with water on my face. Lastly, if needed; Raw Honey on any open wounds.
This has been the only thing that has worked for my eczema- hope this helps whomever needs it!

Sincerely, Shanda

Fontana, CA

#60 Feb 4, 2017
Rudy Palacios wrote:
Stop drinking milk! Lactose may be causing your breakouts. Finally cured after 7 yrs of struggling with eczema, and then boom overnight just healed from it all. Trust me, we were never supposed to drink cow's milk to begin with. Only our mother's milk. Avoid that Lactose
stfu you weirdo
milk from cows has been around since the birth of animals and mankind
get off your mommas tits

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