Just a bit about me. My name is Corey, I am 24 years old and I live in Lorton, VA. I am overweight (290lbs, 6'1") and I am a smoker (a pack a day).
About 2 months ago, I started getting a redness on my toes. On the top of my first 3 toes on my right foot and on the tip of one toe on my left foot. It went from red to flaky and I assumed it was athlete's foot. After a round of OTC topical ointments with no results, I saw a doctor. He agreed it looked like athlete's foot and gave me 1 pill of diflucan and told me to continue with the OTC topical. After 2 weeks with no result, I saw the Doc again. This time is was a prescription topical and a round of diflucan again. This time it was 2 pills, once a week, for 3 weeks. No results.
My next trip to the Doc ended in a referral to a dermatologist. My wife is in the military and so I am on Tricare for health insurance. Anyone who has ever dealt with Tricare knows it can be quite a process. I was looking at a month to wait and see a dermatologist. After another few days I got impatient and went to the ER. The doctor I saw didn't seem to think I was dealing with athlete's foot and I was starting to feel the same way. She was able to bypass Tricare and squeeze me into the dermatologist. In the meantime, she gave me a steroid cream. 3 days before my derm appt. I went for my first swim of the season in our community pool. The next day, my feet looked A LOT better, but still not great. Another thing that happened was I started noticing these little flesh colored bumps on my hands, it started getting worse everyday. As far as my feet go, they were red, peeling, my third toe on the tip was cracking and bleeding and hurting.
When I saw the derm, she did a foot scrape and determined there was no sign of fungus. So not athlete's foot. She seemed to think it was hand and foot eczema, and as far as my feet, she seemed to think that they somehow got infected when the eczema first broke. She gave me a heavy duty steroid topical, a cream moisturizer (similar to your typical lotion) and another moisturizer with a consistency similar to petroleum jelly. Steroid cream Mon-Thur and moisturizer Fri-Sun. My feet have gotten a LITTLE better. Not very red anymore, my third toe is cracking and bleeding less, less peeling but it does get dry. As far as my hands, I haven't really seen any change. Just more itching. The bumps are primarily on my fingers (top), my palms, and some creeping onto my forearm. The itching is mainly on the palms and the webs of the fingers.
I have never had this before. I has started getting very hot and humid here. I am overweight and I do smoke. I have been under some stress lately. I have mild anxiety and one of my biggest triggers lately has been worrying about a flight Im taking to Orlando in August. I fear flying.
I am sick of this and have tried everything. I have done bleach and water soaks, rubbed vinegar on my toes, done epsom salt soaks, etc. I was just wondering if anyone knew what was causing this? Does this sound like eczema? How do I get relief?
Any help would be amazing!