eczema on groin area help needed!

eczema on groin area help needed!

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#1 Sep 5, 2006
Hi all,
i have been suffering from eczema around my 'pubic area' now for 12 months, it itches ALL the time.
i started taking sanatogen A-Z multi vitamins a few months ago and IT CURED MY PROBLEM!... how ever i think i have built a tolerance to these now becasue the problem has come back, as bad as ever.
why did it go and even though i carried on taking the tablets, come back?

Tyldesley, UK

#2 Dec 14, 2006
i am 14 and i have had ecxema for about 5 years around my groin. i am to embarest to tell my parents or see a doctor. what should i do about it?

United States

#3 Dec 18, 2006
roger wrote:
Hi all,
i have been suffering from eczema around my 'pubic area' now for 12 months, it itches ALL the time.
i started taking sanatogen A-Z multi vitamins a few months ago and IT CURED MY PROBLEM!... how ever i think i have built a tolerance to these now becasue the problem has come back, as bad as ever.
why did it go and even though i carried on taking the tablets, come back?
Roger, try the cream from It works even in most severe cases. Sample ships worldwide for $5.96
Good luck!
M-S Houston Texas


#4 Dec 28, 2006
Try Xcel Nutraceuticals SO, No steroids or drugs all natural, check out the website

Christchurch, UK

#5 Dec 30, 2006
I think it would be a good idea to make sure that the area is kept clean, but try to avoid products that contain detergents or perfume. I have used the Natraderm range on my legs and scalp. Their shampoo is very simple and does not contain anything nasty. The lotion is very good too to take away the itch. You cannot get it in the shops in the US but it is available in the UK or at

Sarikei, Malaysia

#6 Jan 11, 2007
Check out
Has a great home remedy that has worked for me! Regards
Dr Manjinder Singh Vrach

Delhi, India

#7 Apr 4, 2007
Dear Friends,

As far as the outcome of latest studies going on against "fight against eczema". It is now widely accepted by all systems of medicine that the "Cycle" of Itching is to be reduced / stopped to cure eczema.

My study is based on naturopathy and I have traveled world wide. Visiting many eczema patients and collecting herbal / natural oils.

May be i can help you with treatment after knowing your complete history

I have treated many people by breaking their Itching cycle.

For severe people (either adult having both arms and legs effected or a small child below age 3 having whole body effected with eczema).
The cost of one month course (4 bottles of 30ml oil each) is of 120 (UK, Pounds)+ 10 (UK, Pounds) for postage.

For less severe people. Who are effective with eczema only on select parts (like neck, behind knee or on elbows).
The cost of one month course (2 bottles of 30ml oil each) is of 60 (UK, Pounds)+ 10 (UK, Pounds) for postage.

This is a very cost effective treatment and results are great.

For better results. We suggest that treatment should be continued for 3 months. With each order. We go on updating with the results and status of patient.

We have 85% success results on all king of itching eczema except with the eczema with weeping fluids out of skin has just preventive measure of 25% success rate.

If you are interested to talk to our clients (she had no itching since 2 months now) in Pleck, Wallsal, UK. We may refer you to them.(after their approval to talk with you)

The Oils, I prepare are custom made based on your history. All oils are 100% herbal, Contains no steroids or medicine.

We ship world wide from India.

Please visit and contact me

Dr. Manjinder Singh Vrach
Chandigarh, India.

Since: Jul 07

Milton Keynes, UK

#8 Jul 28, 2007
Have u heard of this new scientist from UK, who came up with a new %100 organic creams from Hawai or somewhere? Ive never tried it myself, but its worth the try i think, She was on Dragon's Den BBS program as well, its here:

Trowbridge, UK

#9 Aug 26, 2007
Check out my website on Wellness Water Filters(R). They're amazing. The filters are available as shower filter for bathing and showering, and kitchen to drink or complete home system.
The idea is that it filters out the bad stuff and adds other important properties like a natural antioxidant. It imporves skin hydration by 115% which is obviously a great help with eczema.
My sister has extreme ithcing on her legs which over 3 years has caused scarring. She bathes in the water and is improving all the time (from the first use). Have a read through my website at and also the manufacture's at . If you've got any questions, post here or e-mail me

Thunder Bay, Canada

#10 Jan 5, 2009
The Revitol all natural skin exfoliator is the revolutionary age-defying skin care system that peels away the ravages of time to reveal the secret of a beautiful face beautiful, healthy, radiant youthful looking skin.

Chicago, IL

#11 Apr 2, 2009
i know how u all feel because i have ecxzema on my groin 2 but 1 doctor told me it was genital warts and subcribed me an cream when all along the cream wasnt working.When i visited an emergenccy room it was discovered as just my ecxzema.Not i am getting much better within days because of the grace of God.Thank You Lord Jesus

Ozone Park, NY

#13 Sep 12, 2009
The Made from Earth Pure Aloe Skin Treatment is GREAT for dry and/or sensitive skin. I used to get eczema-like rashes on my face during winter time. This cream has solved the problem completely. It is absorbed by the skin very quickly, there's no greasy residue.

If you are prone to acne breakouts this cream will also work for you since the aloe has astringent properties. My sister who is prone to acne used it for her dry skin, and her skin looked AMAZING. Its amazing what a bit of pure aloe can do for your face. I recommend this from the Made from Earth product line.
Matthew Litke

Longmont, CO

#14 Nov 16, 2009
hello roger, I can say do not be shy to tell your parents. Ive had it bad as well. its not good, not good at all. sadly I havnt found anything that works. avaid steroid cremes. ive tryed aquaphor and found it mildley effective for severe eczema, but maybe give it a try. I wish I could be more helpfull but I havnt found anything that works for severe eczema. Kenguy seems to know a heck of alot about it. id read up on his posts and go from there. best of luck to you.

Doha, Qatar

#15 May 6, 2010
I have had severe exzema on my goin area for about two years now. I have tried so many treatments but nothing seems to work long term so I just use the steriod cream almost every day. As soon as i stop the cream the condition reoccurs. It is intensely itchy and consequently painful. I follow all the guidelines, wearing cotton, moisturising, non bio laundry powder. I am really almost at my wits end.

Auckland, New Zealand

#16 May 10, 2010
Check out the following for good information on how to get rid of eczema from anywhere on your body.

Pequannock, NJ

#17 May 28, 2010
Listen Annoymouse. There is nothing to hide here. I have had eczema in the groin area for over 12 years. It's the worst thing feeling I can think of. See a doctor Dermatologist right away. They will help you in ways to control the itching etc. I hope you have some insurance because some of these RXs are expensive.

Salt Lake City, UT

#18 Jun 2, 2010
@roger: Have you tried xzema cream? It's fairly new and it's supposed to work fairly good for some people. It's not crazy expensive. I'm planning on trying it out, but you should give it a try and let me know. It's at

Houston, TX

#20 Jun 23, 2010
Stop wasting your time on various post around the world pontificating about this cream or ointment is natural or organic. Xcel Nutraceuticals SO is the fastest acting and most effective product to date to help manage eczema. Case Closed.

United States

#21 Jun 28, 2010
I was diagnosed with atopic dermatitis a week ago. I'd had a staph infection in May, and all of a sudden, developed a rash on my scalp and lower back that has spread day, by day, to groin, thighs, back, chest, and now it's on my entire body. I had a Kenalog shot on Friday, and have been applying Fluocinonide cream to the "bad spots" all weekend with little change and MORE rash. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. My doctor wants to put me on Prednisone pills, but I'm worried they will suppress my immune system.
Danny London

London, UK

#22 Jan 12, 2011
hi guys i've had eczema since i was a baby im now 25 and it cleared up alot i still get it on mt joints every now and then but i now have it on my groin area too i tried so many creams etc but they didnt work at all..But now i use E45 cream and another named Eurax together and they work very well eurax numbs the itching while e45 soothes the skin its mad life alot better for me and i can go out in public without worring of an itch attack..all creams can be brought at your local pharmacy.

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