Ezcema HELP PLEASE!!!!

Ezcema HELP PLEASE!!!!

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Runcorn, Australia

#1 Feb 26, 2009
I am a 21 year old female and i have been suffering from ezcema since i was 3 years old. i am getting married in 4 weeks and i have had a huge sudden outbreak that has covered my entire body, not only this but my partener finds it un attractive and this is making trouble for us in the bedroom. I NEED YOUR HELP i need to know how to calm this down i cant stop ITCHYING my skin bleeds 24/7 any one who has any ideas i need you to contact me i have been to every doctor possible and had needle stuck in my back to determine what im allegic to but NOTHING help me anyone, please.


Thankyou for your time, Madeline
Myskinbetter dotcom

Framingham, MA

#2 Mar 5, 2009
Hi Madeline--
I would suspect that if it was sudden and an acute flare with no other trigger that it must be related to stress of the wedding etc. If you are in Australia as the post indicates I would try getting some sun and getting in the ocean, plus moderating the stress any way that works for you.
I am an acupuncturist and posted a whole site of free advice at myskinbetter.com after learning as much as I could about natural eczema care. It is a free-informational site that is selling nothing. My daughter was born with eczema and I learned as much as I could to help her. Hope you find something there that helps you.

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#3 Mar 6, 2009
Hello Madlaine,

I have got great experience with a unique way of helping eczema.

It appears on the www.zell-arazim.com .

Maya Kahane
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Medford, OR

#5 Jun 4, 2010
I have a three month old daughter who has been dealing with severe eczema for 2 months now from her head to her toes. she was born with very sensitive skin and almost everything would irritate it but it wasnt untill the age 1 month that she broke out from her head to her toes with eczema. i have tried everything, you name it i have tried it.
I just recently have found a few things that have helped her eczema flair ups stay minimal almost gone for the most part. It has been about a week and a half and no major flare ups. her skin looks beautiful and healthy the way a babys skin is suppose to look.
Lets start off with what I use on a daily (or every other day) basis. cortaid cream,benadryl anti itch cream,california baby shampoo/body wash,aquaphor cream,neosporin and nuetragena oatmeal bath.
I bath her every other day with the california baby shampoo (non purfumed) only use the soap in necessary places like under the neck, armpits,bottom, hair. on the days I dont bath I use a warm wash cloth for her face arm pits neck and bottom. After she gets out of the bath I pat her dry and instantly apply the aquaphor from her head to her toes. then I use the cortaid cream on all her red areas including her face.(only use the cortaid cream once a day) I then dress her in loose fitting cotton clothes. as the day goes on im always applying aquaphor to make sure she stays moisturized at all times. I use the benadryl on her face and her other areas that get red throughout the day.(you can use the benadryl as needed throughout the day)I use the neasporin on the crusty areas. If you notice she seams to be itching or the eczema seams worse one day I use the oatmeal bath with no soap. Bath in luke warm water and try to keep the house cool (sweating can cause flare ups)
I use fragrance free laundry detergent and she is on soy formula (cows milk in some cases may be causing the flare ups) I dust and vacuum everyday and I change her bedding about every second or third night. I have been doing this now for about two weeks and her skin is clear and beautiful I hope this helps someone else I know how hard it is dealing with eczema I hope this helps for you!
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Atlanta, GA

#6 Aug 24, 2010
Try this website for possible eczema relief. www.myskysoap.com
Try their Skin Relief gaotsmilk soap and their Skin Relief lotion. It really helps my kids.

Bogotá, Colombia

#7 Jan 11, 2011
Here are some home remedies:
- Take 4 cups of oatmeal (powdered is best) and mix it with warm bathwater, soak for about 15 mins, rinse with more warm water and pat yourself dry (dont rub!).
- Make a paste out of oatmeal and warm water, leave it on until it dries then wash off
- Leave raw honey on affected areas for 20 minutes then rinse off with warm water
- Take natural supplements like fish oil, vitamin E, and vitamin C
- Keep your skin moisturized, use creams with blueberry or licorice extract
- Cut out or reduce milk, eggs, peanuts, sugar and spicy foods from your diet
- Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day and shower after you sweat
- Don't scratch! It may cause infection and make it worse. If you scratch while asleep then wear cotton gloves
- Keep your nails short and rounded so you dont puncture the skin if you do scratch
- Dust and dust mites can worsen eczema, so keep your room clean and change bedclothes regulary
- Stay calm. Stress is a common eczema trigger, so try to avoid situations that make you tense.
If you're interested in other home, natural and other medical treatments then check out this site:
And I highly recommend this e-book, it tells you how to treat eczema in "3 simple steps", if you're interested then you can get it here:
Hope I helped!:)

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