My eczema was cured- A story from a 1...

Germantown, TN

#128 Jul 22, 2012
Thank you so much! Finally someone who understands. I am the only one in my family who has it. I usedto think I was adopted. It started to spread all I've my chest and neck. I remember looking inthe mirror about to shower and I started to bawl. I begged and pleaded for it to go away. The kids at school called my Lizard skin and I didn't have any friends. It was terrible. Now stumbling upon this I finally have a way of becoming what I think is normal.

Oaxaca De Juárez, Mexico

#129 Sep 2, 2012
I'm 25 and have had dishydrotic eczema on my hands for five years. It started when I got a job waiting tables and I was told to wash my hands often for sanitary reasons. I really think I got this incurable disease from washing my hands too much and then squeezing lemons to make lemonade and getting lemon juice all over my hands.

I too tried several ointments/creams. I saw a couple doctors. But nothing has really helped me except keeping it moisturized when I play tennis or work with my hands - to keep it from cracking and bleeding. It has come and gone some. it went away for several months and I thought it was gone, but then it came back as strong as ever. It's been itching like crazy today which is why I got online to read about how to treat it or prevent it or "cure" it.

Cape Town, South Africa

#130 Sep 7, 2012
Hi All,

Please remember that not everything you are told will be beneficial to your Eczema. Each person is different. Besides the fact the cortisone creams can thin your skin and most "moisturising" creams contain petroleum and so don't allow your skin to breathe and therefore heal...

Treat Eczema from the inside out - what you put into your body is what will be shown on the outside...

Read this ebook and you will be able to heal your body slowly from the inside - there is no quick fix and it is a long road to complete health... but you will see results!

Ĺlborg, Denmark

#132 Sep 28, 2012
Hi guys! Thats very nice story, thanks for sharing and congrat :))
I have also atopic eczema and its getting better. I have been trying many many treatments, but nearly nothing helped me...Then I found out some advices on the internet and followed these.. It was getting better.. Few days ago, I found really great blog about atopic eczema and dermatitis, that is based on real stories and I found here so many great ideas and advices.. If you are also suffering from atopic eczema, go ahead and find some great advices here: ....I hope it will help a lot :))

Nixa, MO

#133 Oct 1, 2012
Hi I'm ten I have eczema on my ankles so bad, half the time I can't walk right. I have tried everything you said, and I have had it so long that I have only not had it a year or two of my life.


#134 Oct 4, 2012
Hi lorraine I am very interested in what you have written about GLA, I suffer from eczema it ruins my life and I want to know more about it! So is evening primrose oil GLA? If so what others do you reccommend?


#135 Nov 7, 2012
Hiya I'm Mandy I've had eczema since I was 3months old. I'm now 27. It cleared up for years but all of a sudden it's started again.I have it real bad in my hair it's that bad the back of my head is so sure and it's gets real bad on my knees it's never cleared up on my knees. I have an oilment cream for my knees and it clears up but as soon as I stop the cream it starts again.I know there is no cure for it as I said I've had it all my's started now on my tummy and leg an also my arms.I don't really know wot to do. My head is the worst.any advise on wot I can do. A doctor once told me to put natural yogurt in my hair Witch I did and it did work but it's to messy and sticky. My is very itchy and wen I itch I get all eczema on my clothes. Any advise would be helpful. My daughter who is only 3yrs old and she has got it now on her arms.

Tulsa, OK

#136 Nov 8, 2012
My son is 8 years old now and we have battling his eczema since he was a baby. I have spent many nights crying because I would helplessly watch him scratch constantly or rub against walls and floors trying to get relief and crying because it hurt. I HATE using steroid creams but have resorted to do so because at least it helped for a little while. In January of this year, I found Neosporing Eczema Essentials. I started off with the trial pack which contained a body wash, lotion, and an anti-itch cream. I found this in Wal-Mart on a Sunday afternoon and figured it was worth a shot. Sunday night, I bathed him with the wash and applied the lotion immediately. He got up the next morning and I again applied the lotion. As soon as he got home, I applied the lotion to him again. Monday night, I bathed him with the body wash and immediately applied the lotion. When he woke up on Tuesday, I was abosolutely stunned. The parts of his legs that had been bleeding were now lightly pink and his hands were no longer rough and red but soft and pink. He said that he didn't wake up at all that night to scratch and that he didn't have any "itchy spots" at that moment. I applied the cream to his skin before he went to school and on my way home that night, I stopped and pikced up a full sized tube of the Body Wash and the Lotion (I didn't find much use for the anti-itch cream because my son said the itching would stop when I put the lotion on). When I first started using this on him, I would have him bath with the body wash every night. Now, it is November and my son will use the body wash every other bath and uses Dove soap in between. He applies the lotion everynight after his bath and each morning before going to school and even has a tube in his classroom at school for use when he feels that he needs it. His teacher says he rarely has to use it. His skin is clear and he hasn't had a flare-up since he started this regime. He tells people that he "cured" his eczema and I remind him that it isn't cured but it is now well managed. He does not have to take medication, I do not have to apply steroid cream to his skin, he doesn't have to wear special clothing to bed anymore, and he doesn't have to worry about getting too hot or cold. This stuff has been a miracle for us. I like the lotion so well, that I also apply it to my other son who does NOT have eczema but it makes his skin soooo soft and my hands are soft as well. The lotion is light and is frangrance-free and the body wash doesn't lather like you see in most washes but I don't need the lather because the stuff works. I would highly recommend this stuff. It is an easy routine to adjust to and it is much cheaper than steroid creams and oral medications. Good Luck to all of you and I hope that this post will be helpful to some of you.

Amherst, MA

#137 Nov 13, 2012
Hi, I've tried all these things before and while I don't have eczema as severely as some of you I still have a problem with it on my face neck back chest and arms but anywho I tried these and as always after about a good week they stopped working, it apears like nothing works for more than a few days, if anybody has tips please help!~ xaq

Bracknell, UK

#138 Dec 24, 2012
Thanks for all your amazing advice, though i have never suffered from eczema, i think that your advice is fantastic and my friend jonny has been going along with all you and is currently in hospital since he cut up all his socks, wore shoes with no socks, hence received open sores and now has 2 gangrenous feet. all best.
Cure For Eczema

Auckland, New Zealand

#139 Dec 29, 2012
I cured myself of eczema completely.

I've suffered from eczema most of my life. But my eczema worsened nearly 10 years ago, and have been suffering from it since.

But I finally found a cure for it nearly 2 years ago. The cure is not some magic pill, medicine or health products.

It's a cold turkey diet regimen that I implemented that completely cured my eczema 2 years ago.

I share my experience and method in my blog here.

Pendleton, SC

#140 Dec 30, 2012
I suffer from Longterm eczema. It is an awful thing. I constantly suffer flare up on my legs that's where it really bad. I have it on my ankle and knee on my right leg and on both of my elbows. It used to be worse. A few years ago I had on both of my knees and ankles and on my right leg it was connecting up and down the front of my leg. I went to many doctors and they just prescribed me steroid cream that didn't work and that caused the eczema to be immune to it. I had one last hope a different dermatologist this is when he told me it was long term and there wasn't much I could do. He called a much older doctor in and that's when he told us about an old wives remedy, yellow tar at first I was like uhm I don't think tar is going to help there was only one drugstore let that still made it. Well anyways I got the tar I had to put it on using Q-tips because it stains the skin and wrapped my legs in clear ceram wrap every night for 2 months even though it stained my skin it help remove some of the eczema it didn't remove all of it but it helped with flair ups I'm currently going back to do a second treatment in hopes it'll clear the rest of it up!! Hope this helped someone!(:

Little River, SC

#141 Jan 8, 2013
Hi i am 10 years old and i have lived with eczema as long as i can remeber. I am so embarssed to show my skin in public and my friends all wear shorts while i always wear long pants and they always ask why i dont wear shorts and i tell them why but they keep saying it cant be that bad but it is. I have eczema on my elbow neck stomach and a whole lot on my legs. When i grow up i wanna be a model actrist and fashion designer but with living with eczema i dont thing modeling will happen

Livingston, NJ

#142 Jan 13, 2013
I developed a salve for my daughter with eczema. It worked so well I started a business out of it. Here is a link to it. I apply it every time I change her into and out of her pajamas. I also let her have her own small jar so she can apply it herself instead of scratching when she it itchy. We have been able to avoid having to use any other treatment by using this salve and it is all natural, synthetic free, carefully handmade with organic herbs by a mom... here is the link.

Detroit, MI

#143 Jan 13, 2013
Digestive enzymes helped me. I bought a really good complete enzyme pill ("Digest 13" from Natures' Bounty, NOT papaya or pinapple). It took a few days to notice and it cleared up slowly but taking it RELIGIOUSLY before every meal for three weeks made a HUGE difference. I always carried a couple in my pocket in case we stopped for a bagel or McDonalds or whatever during the day but I never missed taking one before eating and my exzema is actaully clearing up!
Ginna Lee wrote:
DIGESTIVE Enzymes help improve eczema.
Improving digestion is essential in patients with eczema. Digestive enzymes must be produced in adequate amounts to facilitate normal digestion. Good bacteria are key in aiding digestion, and nutritional deficiencies may restrict the production of essential enzymes.
Learnt how by taking enzyme supplements, help address the problem. PM me if interested.


#144 Jan 18, 2013
I am 24 years old i have already tried everything you've mentioned and nothing has worked for me. I have on a number of occasions been referred to a dermatologist however that was a waste of time as she kept changing my creams from one to another. I have now come to realise my eczema will never clear unless someone can magically make it disappear then get in touch. Aaliyah

London, UK

#145 Jan 24, 2013
I am 13 years of age and to me it feels like I've tried EVERYTHING! When I was younger I was allergic to dairy and that made my rashes even worse! I grew out of that at around the age of 10. Over that period of time the condition of my skin just stayed the same. When I started secondary school a year later it was terrible! I gained tons of stress from homework which i had never experienced before. During Year 7 it was horrible! I'm now in Year 9 and for the first time I actually have a bit of control, however the other day I had the worst flare up in the world, I was in a dance lesson and all of a sudden I had to itch, so I did and it was so embarrassing. I was crying and I was in front of my whole tutor group! I then got sent to the medical room as I was in hysterics, there they couldn't do much but give me a cold compress and I swear that saved my life!! That evening my mum sent me to the doctors and they prescribed me a strong steroid cream and a moisturiser, I began using it that evening however within minutes of having it on, it was off again because I had clawed away at the backs of my legs, on my knees and behind my knees, round my ankles, on top of my feet and my arms. Also round my wrists and in the backs of my hands. They were all bloody, sore raised and couldn't bend my legs, move my hands or walk from the bathroom to my bedroom (which is a short distance), my mum and my dad had to lift me into the bath so I could shower it all off. I had to say when I showered it off it did make a difference in the smoothness of my legs, I also shave often as well, when my body is wet and that occasionally causes a reaction and so I haven't shaved my legs for some time. The steroid cream also was very itchy. So what the doctors gave me I didn't use quite as prescribed. Instead I used the moisturiser as an all over body soap and I used the steroid cream as soon as my body was dry enough for it to go on. I take two showers a day and moisturise my body with Rhapeseed Oil. This drys out my skin though and I want to try something different. Suggestions? Anyway continuing, the routine I built up worked very well and left my skin looking clear and feeling smooth. Then about one month ago a got an irritation on my belly. I had a series of small bumps (looked like goosebumps) on my belly, they stopped just under my bust and then in my upper chest there were dark brown marks (I'm black but I'm just a little darker than your regular mixed race person). After the irritation on my belly it spread to my back, it then spread to just in between my legs on either side. This is the most uncomfortable one as I have to wear tights to school and they rub against each other all day. I have also got irritation but no rashes in the backs of my legs, under my but cheeks and on the itch but once again no rashes. On my feet used to be my weak spot but then, it healed and now it's back but not as bad as before. My arms itch all day long and my school cardigan is very rough and scratchy and my school shirts are a very clammy cotton. I also sweat a bit during the day, this is due to certain embarrassment about my rashes as they begin to itch and because I'm trying so hard not to itch them it cause an umfortable feeling and I then sweat and because I'm sweating I dont dare take my cardigan off as I will have visible sweat patches and so I keep them on. I am 14 in the summer and I really want to enjoy this year, so if you have any advice on what I should use to help me please do put forward your suggestions. Jessica, thanks so much to hear your story I will try some of your techniques as they sound like the perfect ones for me!

Glen Waverley, Australia

#146 Jan 26, 2013
Hi anything else you would recommend for eczema,

London, UK

#148 Jan 31, 2013
I've had eczema all my 13 years of life, I normally would get it on my arms but its suddenley flared up on my neck and shoulders and I have started to actually take it seriously. I have read on all sorts of blogs things to use, but what natural things are best? Is it like drinking lots of water and sleeping a lot? I am recently getting side effects to the eczema, sleepiness, nausea, and hungriness. It was fine before, what's wrong now? Thanks guys if u can answer


#150 Feb 15, 2013
I haven't had excema all my life but got it when I was around 14 now I'm 19 and it has got worse over the years, iv done a lot of research on how to maintain it but nothing works. I'm too embarrased to show my arms or legs because its cause my skin to look burnt. Really need some help on how to clear it up?? X

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