My eczema was cured- A story from a 1...

Minneapolis, MN

#22 Jun 16, 2007
Yes, i have eczema, i had it probably since i was about 9 or 10 years old, but now as im grwoing older im seeing imporvments on my skin. My type of eczema is very mild and i have it on my upper arms and my chest and kinda on my legs, it goes away in summer or when im in the sun.

So whoever has eczema just try wearing short sleeved shirts or once a day go outside and sit under the sun for a hour.

It'll Help!

Minneapolis, MN

#23 Jun 16, 2007
Eczema sucks!

i have it all of my big bouncy tan juicy boobs!

Mountain Top, PA

#24 Jun 27, 2007
Where can you get infant probiotic? My son is 5 months old and he has eczema from head to toe. So i am trying to find ways to help him. thanks

Since: Jun 07

Makati, Philippines

#25 Jun 28, 2007

is your son on formula or are you breastfeeding him?
Mom of D

Seattle, WA

#26 Jul 7, 2007
My son has had eczema and skin rashes for the past 5 years, but only seasonly during Spring and Summer. Just yesterday, he tried a sample of aveeno body wash (instead of Dove soap) and he immediately said his skin felt better. We use triamcinolone on any rashes, and a good mosturizer like eucerin/cetaphil creme or bag balm on dry areas. He tries to not scratch his itchy skin, instead, slap at it instead. Scratching the skin tends to irritate and break the skin more than the slapping. I also plan on asking his doctor for a prescription for zyrtec (claritin does nothing for him)
I hope this help. Try the aveeno body wash and the limited scratching and I hope you see an immediate improvement.

Sydney, Australia

#27 Jul 9, 2007
I think stress is a significant cause of eczema. A healthy diet and exercise help alot, as long as you don't get too hot doing the exercise. But don't deprive yourself of all 'bad' foods, because sometimes the stress of not having these foods can exacerbate the eczema, and do more harm than good. Don't forget that cortisone ointments can thin the skin, too, but there are non-cortisone ointments available now. Sunshine is helpful too, possibly due to both extra vitiman D and the 'happy' effect of sunny weather.


#28 Jul 10, 2007
hi i also have eczema only on my arm neck but its horrible and embarasing i am 12. i get scared if any body sees me . i just got new cream from my doctor and it works what else can i do that can strongley help

Since: Jun 07

Makati, Philippines

#29 Jul 13, 2007
There may be no cure for eczema in your country but we do have a cure for eczema in my country
Tony wrote:
Brett, don't get your hopes up. There is no cure. This forum would not even exist if there was. Some people here have given good advice from personal experience. That is the best you can do for your son. Soak in the bath, moisturize, control the itch, and medical treatment when severe. I have treated TONS of patients with eczema and it is frustrating for the parents as well as the physician. The good news is that so far we have always been able to control it until they either outgrow it or it becomes much milder as they get older. Good luck.
Rebecca -Parkville MD


#30 Jul 14, 2007
thank you for this i will try these things. i have had eczema for as long as i can remember also and i will soon be 18. My eczema has also spread to my face and at first i was very embarrassed. after about a year or so my self confidence went way down...but know i have hope...thank you:)
Mathew OYoung

Central District, Hong Kong

#31 Jul 18, 2007
hi. im a 14yr old kid from hk and i've had ezema since i was born. and unfortunately, nothing was able to cure and it is still here bothering me right now. i don't know how to deal with this stuff anymore, but thanks for sharing. this really is comforting. but because i've be introduced to so much "remedies", it really makes me hesitate and doubt about a new product with "guarentees". if you would, please tell me more about how to cure this. i'll definitely try your way cuz it sounds lke it would work, unlike cream and pills where you have to believe in it.
well. thanks a lot.

Babylon, NY

#32 Sep 9, 2007
Tony wrote:
Jessica has a lot of good points. Her approach is what should be done to control eczema. Notice I did not say cure. There is no cure for eczema. The medical term is atopic dermatitis. Atopy refers to an allergic component. Basically the skin barrier is broken down do to a deficiency of certain lipids and ceramide in the skin. It is NOT caused by "toxins", however, food allergies or sensitivities can make it worse.
Steroids are the treatment of choice when severe, sometimes along with an antibiotic since people with eczema have increased counts of bacteria due to a deficiency of ceramides in their skin. Sorry for getting a bit technical.
I am actually a pediatrician with a background in molecular biology. Remember, there is no way you can verify my credentials or anybody elses that wrights a comment. So take everything you read with caution and talk to you physician.
my daughter, almost 13 years old is having a real bad flare up we cannot get under control despite ointment & presc. anti itching it possible puberty & hormones play a role in the flare ups of eczema.? It has never been this bad before & we have always gotten it cleared up for awhile..where can I find about studies in eczema in pre-menstrual girls?

Germantown, MD

#33 Sep 9, 2007
hllo i hope someone can help me or tell me,what's good for exzema at least,something to calm it down, my daughter is 20 years old ,she had exzema since she was a newborn,now that she is older it's get worst,specially when she is nervous or worry about something, I noticed her gets bad, rash all over her face mostly. it looks like she been at the beach, cause her skin looks bad, i need to know what can I get her, she been fired couple of times from jobs, and I'm pretty sure is because of her skin,the way it looks, if someone know any kind of medicine , cam be natural or home remedy, I will really appreciated it. please help can eamil me at: [email protected] , if you know something or a doctor so I can get in touch with,, thank you for you all help gos will bless you all.

Elizabeth City, NC

#34 Sep 12, 2007
Dear Jessica,

I am 10 and ive had excema All my life. Im in Junior High and im scared because i want to wear shorts and tanktops but it will show my excema. I will try your tips and hopefully it will work. I have been putting Eucerin and Candula Cream.I dont think the steriod creams are working very well. Im SO DESPRATE I even created my own cream with aloe, petroleum, candula cream, and coco butter. I just made it about 3 days ago and im think im gonna start to use it. I want my skin to be like EVRY1 elses.
James eczema

Semenyih, Malaysia

#35 Sep 16, 2007
Hey Hopeful, don't worry....eczema is curable..go to the web and order a package of eczecure.

I had eczema all over my neck and face...all my classmates treated me like i was and alien. now that its cured i really hope you don't have to go through the same..


Puchong, Malaysia

#36 Oct 13, 2007
i m 18 ,suffering eczema , once i sweat .then whole body will feel itch,from the beginning only my arms n neck will suffer ..lastlymy whole body also infected n even worst my face also infected ..eventually i consulted by a specialist...the daoctor told me tat i can't eat chicken ,chocolate . milo ,eggs ,fresh milks , etc...all the food tat i can eat onli pork ,vege ,some of the types of fishes ,rice ..tat all...

within 3 months ,the doctor alredy gave me 5 injection of steroids n gave me some medicine to eat n cream to apply...until now my skin getting better but until today i still cannot eat chicken and etc..the doctor told me tat

in tis 3 months eczema came bak 2 me twice
the situation was like this,after the 1st month i consulted doctor,my eczema recovered ,body no more felt itch , so i did not listen to doctor's advise ,eventually ..eczema came back to me...

2nd times i consulted the doctor , the doctor gave me another injection n medicine to eat...continue my diet(cannot eat chicken ..etc..)
than after 1 month later ,eczema recovered again
these time i eaten something contained eggs which i didn't know..which was 'wantan mee' eczema came bak even the medicine also did not get use to did not worked!!!

3rd times i consulted the doctor,i told him everything tat wat i have been eaten within tis months,i told him roughly cuzz really cant remembered wat i had eaten in a month....the doctor gave me an injection eczema recovered....until now i have to eat the medicine 3 times a day....

but 4 sure...i cant eat eggs..this is the onli food that make my eczema getting worst ..once eat eggs ,the face will started 2 become red but not itch ....onli body's will itch....other food like chicken ,chocolate..etc not really a major factors
caused my eczema...but now i still follow my doctor's advise only eat pork n vege n fishes
i really scare after i eat all those food,my eczema will come back to me....

the total steroids injection i had taken is 5...
i really need 2 very care about wat i eat....once eat something wrong....then eczema will comes to me....

my question:

1) will steroids injection affects my health?
within 3 months 1 had taken 5 injections...

lastly i should be feel grateful to my doctor tat make me recovered from i no more feel itch under a hot n sweaty condition ...but only the question i had mentioned above, i have 2 ask cuz impossible i,myself ask the doctor tat...

lastly hope tat u all can forgive me if there are a lot of grammer mistakes n sentence structure...cuzz i m a malaysian -chinese...
now i m still on the way learning english cuzz my mother tongue is home , i can only communicate n interact wizz my parents in mandarin
cuz they do not know english....
sch is the main place i speak english wizz my classmate n sometimes also learn alot of new words from them cuzz some of my fren came from english family background ...really feel thankful to them cuzz willing to help me in learning english so tat i can improve...


Douglas, Isle of Man

#37 Oct 16, 2007
What worked for me : GIVE UP COFFEE !
I had eczema as a kid, but in recent years it came back with a vengeance, spread to my arms, legs and torso. Steroids helped slightly, but after seing a dermatologist & trying other therapies like tacrolimus, it was a throwaway comment by my wife (who has mild psoriasis) that was the key - she said she'd try giving up coffee, and I joined her for 2 weeks. The difference was radical - I was a heavy coffee drinker, and after giving up coffee my skin cleared. I'm now almost eczema-free apart from a couple of mild outbreaks here and there, and drink tea instead. I'd not taken dietary factors very seriously, but giving up Coffee completely has stopped the outbreaks. Shame, I was a Coffee gourmet, but it was the source of the problem and the difference in my skin is incredible. Try giving it up completely for 2 weeks and see what happens.

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

#38 Oct 21, 2007
i'm 23 years old girl and i have eczema. it had been assured by doctor abt last month. now i'm still under treatment and i have to do it on my own. one think i cant deal with is sweat. since Malaysia is kinda hot country, i cant do nothing. n the thing that always in mind is, can it be cured? what should i do to make it cured? i've read through the net n all researches have the same answer... "CAN'T BE CURED" what should i do?

Since: Jun 07

Makati, Philippines

#40 Oct 25, 2007
Eczema is Cureable.
Do it.

Cullowhee, NC

#41 Oct 29, 2007
As a 20 y/o college senior, I was diagnosed my freshman year in high school with psoriasis. When nothing helped, I changed derm, and was told it was ecxzema. I've found that when I go home it gets worse. Sweat doesn't bother me as much, but I've found that tight clothing does. Also, I've found that only the steroid creams work for me, and that's if I use them for several weeks. And if I take more than two days off, I flare back up. Next up, figuring out what I'm allergic to. The only things I know of right now are nickel and ferrets.

Moody, AL

#42 Oct 30, 2007
BE VERY CAUTIOUS ABOUT STEROID USE. Please, this is very important because the side effects can be very detrimental, so before taking any medication always be sure to research ANY possible side effects and ASK QUESTIONS- be annoying- it is the doctor's job to help you so it is your right to know as much as possible about your condition and the possible treatments and possible effects of those treatments. I was diagnosed with eczema at age 19 on my hands; I have a history of allergies and have been on zyrtec daily since age 8. I was given topical steroids, was told to take singulair (which I still take- it is a pill taken orally), and when it still persisted I received a series of intralesional as well as intramuscular steroid injections. I continued topical steroids throughout this process. The injections without a doubt helped the eczema SO MUCH- I was so happy because I thought that finally something was helping me. Well, don't count all your chickens before they hatch. About a month after my last injection, striae ("stretch marks") appeared all over my legs and axillary arm areas. They appeared so quickly and so severe and depressingly prevalent. This was not a result of any change in weight, and I did not put any of the topical steroid cream on the areas where the stretch marks suddenly appeared over the course of 2-3 weeks. They were so apparent, glaringly obvious, and heartbreaking. After this I went back to the dermatologist I had been seeing and he claimed he had no idea what could have caused it. I took my health into my own hands and decided to really educate myself about my condition and treatments available. To this day I am 99% positive that the steroid injections caused this defacing and cosmetically debilitating condition. I finaly changed dermatologists and was then referred to a specialist where I am currently being treated for the striae with V-Beam laser treatment. This is a really good procedure and I have been really pleased with the results. Please note that this is a really expensive and usually just elective cosmetic procedure, BUT BECAUSE OF THE SEVERITY of my condition due to the incompetency of that first dermatologist, my insurance is paying for it! So please, please educate yourselves about side effects, especially steroids- because this is your body (or your child's) and it is so incredibly important to know what you are subjecting it to. Now my eczema is still present but not as severe- I now treat it with Protopic, eucering, aquaphor healing ointment, use only hypo-allergenic and products for babies, and try to keep my stress level under control. wearing plain cotton gloves at night and putting on the aquaphor healing ointment under them also helps. I hope this post helps someone out there and that what happened to me will not happen to you! Good luck to everyone!

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