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#246 Apr 27, 2014
i am still suffering from eczema even though all my local doctors are saying that just put sorbelene on

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#248 May 3, 2014
Eczema is just sad..:(

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#249 May 7, 2014
Eczema is a term of one condition that the skin is irritated, itchy, inflamed, and even broken skin. It is also referred to as atopic dermatitis, the term for broad range of skin condition that generally manifest as chronically inflamed and extremely skin.

Atopic dermatitis begins at any age, but this is not common. 90% of individuals who suffer from atopic dermatitis develop the disorder before 5 years of age. Eczema commonly seen in infants and children.

The bothersome thing of eczema during evening and nighttime, causing disruptions to sleep.

The appearance of Eczema is dry and prone to become scaly rather than wet and encrusted.

The skin sores are dry and red, and may be opened by persistent itching, and also by unconsciously scratching during bedtime.

Irritation and opening of sores may easily lead to infect+ion and scarring, which results in long term physicals. Scary!!! For those who really care about their skin conditions.

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#250 May 12, 2014
Try Turmeric. Here is a blog where it is detailed as to what worked for my little one

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#251 Jun 12, 2014
Lorraine wrote:
Both of my children have had eczema and thankfully, I have been able to control it very easily. At three months my daughter came down with it on her face, her back and limbs. She cried a lot and scratched. The doctors prescribed all sorts of creams, however, my husband is a research scientist and would not allow there use. Most were very potent steroids. So, we researched and read about essential fatty acids, GLA in particular. I was nursing so I started taking borage oil as well as giving my daughter small amounts in her cereal. Within a week, her eczema was gone. I did not keep using the oil after the symptoms cleared, but every time there is any sign of it, the oil clears it quickly.
My son had the same issue at 4 months. However, his face was so bad that first we had to treat it with Bacitracin and cortisone for about 4 days. Then, with the oils he too cleared within a week.
I also used an infant probiotic to help build his friendly bacteria. He has NOT had eczema since and he is three now.
My daughter had a bout this past month, her first in years, she is 5 now. It did not respond to the oils. So, we looked for another reason and found out that zinc deficiency can cause dry skin/eczema. So, we gave her some and within 2 days, it is gone.
This is what worked for us. I understand that helpless, horrible feeling of not knowing how to help you child. Please talk to your doctor and see doses etc. for your child. Or seek the help of a holistic doctor. You can also research GLA and zinc and eczema on line.
I'm actually want to try it for my 3 year old my little doll scratches all the time a. Me an her mon are expecting twins we stress so much over this I mean we are always getting so frustrated with eczema so I'll definitely try this oil an can I purchase this over the counter or so I need to order on line

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#252 Jun 23, 2014
I have lived with eczema since like forever... its really embarrassing to walk around in public with shorts and there are scars on my legs. I had two really bad cases of eczema and I had to take a lot of steroids which I know really bad for my body. As for now, my eczema is under control. For all the people out there with eczema, I really hope this helps for you. I have yet to hear of a complete cure for eczema but keeping it moisturized all the time helps a lot. Eczema is a case in which the skin is dry. Scratching the itchy spot will make it worse as the nails will make the skin break. That is when dirt and bacteria from the atmosphere will enter your skin. People like us have sensitive skin. A little dirt can do a lot more damage to us compared to people with no eczema. The bacteria in the skin will lead to an eczema outbreak. An outbreak is the last thing you really want. It can get really bad and a little bit of dust can trigger it and it can leave you with a whole lot of scars... like me. I have learnt my lesson (do not scratch your skin when itchy) the hard way. Prevention is better that cure...

Singapore, Singapore

#253 Jul 8, 2014
My daughter used to have Atopic eczema went she was young. We tried a lot of things: lotions, oil bath, medication but nothing work. I decided to gave Garbage enzyme a try.

She is now clear of atopic eczema. By the way, this garbage enzyme can cure Foot and mouth disease too. Dilute the garbage enzyme with water and wash with it. Air dry. Every time it itch, wash with the garbage enzyme water. Simple.
This is a link to how to make Garbage enzyme:
(Do note this is not written by me)

Hope it help you too!

Bradford, UK

#254 Aug 6, 2014
Hi, I've had severe eczema since I was 10. It started on my arms and then it spread to my chest, face, neck, back etc. it's even on my armpits. Since I'm a 14 year old girl it's also on my lady areas, which doesn't help anything at all. I suffer all the time. I lay down a lot because just sitting up hurts all my body. I tried everything, and when I say everything, i MEAN everything. I weep, bleed and itch. I know there isn't a cure, so I'm done trying. I've accepted the fact that I will live my life stuck at home. I'm depressed. I can't say I don't mind, but at least life is short, right? I always had big dreams. Tough luck, God didnt want me to accomplish them. I have to learn to accept it now. On top of my blaring eczema and my depression, I have severe schizophrenia. Bye now, and I hope you're all cured one day. Unfortunately for me, life will never be easy.

Singapore, Singapore

#256 Aug 28, 2014
Hi, I'm 17 and I recently had eczema and it sucked a lot as I feel embarrassed to go out. It is so sudden like why am I having this when I am 17. It is so tough to not keep scratching and at the same time, hiding from people so that they would not judge. Every time it was gone, it will come back. I wish my eczema would be cured quickly though :( But thank you for the tips :))
K_Health Coach

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#257 Sep 16, 2014
Good day! I am 24 years old (from the Philippines) and I had my first outbreak way way back. I can't even remember the first time I got it. It started as an itch on my palm and my fingers. I thought it was just an allergy. Then, from time to time, it gets worse and worse. My fingers would get dry, cracked and chapped until it bleeds. I wasn't aware that it was a condition that I had to worry about since I thought it's just a worst case of an allergy. Then, one day, my palms and fingers are itchy. My fingers were already bleeding and you can almost see the flesh. So, my family panicked and immediately brought me to a dermatologist. The first diagnosis of the dermatologist, it was just an allergy. So, she gave an anti-histamine and a steroid cream which made my hands itch more. We visited the dermatologist again and that's the time she concluded that it is dishydrotic eczema. She said that if it itches just use the steroid cream she gave me and drink anti-histamine. Yes, you are right guys, she said there is no cure for this. Only treatment when it itches. I am on my early 20s that time and I was always ashamed to shake other people's hands. I believed that nobody would hire me because of my condition. I am a microbiologist by the way. So, I know you could only imagine how clean we should be with ourselves so having this condition a big hindrance for me. Fortunately, my friend and I met and she brought me to where she “works”. Well, not really works, it is a kind of volunteer work where they help other people with health conditions. She explained to me that their products are from the US. Their products are backed up by research. Their medical facility is Sanoviv Medical Institute. US products are common here in our country. But, having a company that has US products and is still backed up by the manufacturing company itself is not common. So, I immediately asked her if they have treatment for skin allergy.(Yes, I was really ashamed to say eczema). I was shocked when she asked me,“Is it eczema? Yes, we have a treatment for that.” I didn’t believe her at first. But, what could go wrong? My hands are already ruined by my allergy. I could at least try this. It might work. I tried their product for 3 weeks. I am really amazed that for those 3 weeks, I haven’t had any eczema attacks. But, being skeptic, I thought, maybe I just haven’t encountered what could trigger my eczema. But, thank God, it’s been 3 months that I haven’t had any eczema attacks. My skin is back to it’s normal state. I am now currently part of that company, also helping other people with their health conditions. I am a health coach, continuously training under top doctors and nurses. Don't worry about the products, it is recommended by doctors. We have groundbreaking research partnered with Linus Pauling Institute and TOSH ( the Orthopedic Specialty Hospital). I believe that it is now my responsibility to help other people just the way I have been helped. I hope this could help you. And most of all, I hope I could also help you. Don’t worry about the distance; we have clients from all parts of the world. We want to help so no boundaries could hinder us from reaching you.

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#258 Sep 17, 2014
Hopey wrote:
i am still suffering from eczema even though all my local doctors are saying that just put sorbelene on
I have struggled with eczema for more than 35 years. I have clawed my skin in my sleep and I have done so many other things unconsciously to my skin that I ultimately/inevitably disfigured myself. Over 20 years ago I found an herbal supplement that has been amazing and has provided me with so much relief that I continued using it for quite a long time and even now – Pau D’Arco. However, it’s not immediate and it’s not a cure. What it does do is that it relieved my symptoms by more than 90 percent. This is a blood cleanser so when you first take it, you will receive an immediate reaction [release of skin reaction] as the herbal supplement is working to cleanse out your blood which, for me, was approximately 30 to 45 day process, but it differs for each person. The benefit was once the cleanser took effect after that time, the relief was amazing and I tapered off using it from daily to 3 – 4 times per week and I didn’t have any reactions [or minimal at best]. At one point, I was able to go for months without taking anything at all but sure enough after a period of time, I would see a small skin reaction and I would just take another supplement [or drink the tea as it comes in the tea form as well] and I would be fine again. The main thing is that you have to be patient initially but the benefits are amazing. I also know someone who used Pau D’Arco while they were going through cancer treatment and they swear by the supplement as well. It’s been amazing for me. You can purchase it online at Amazon and I have purchased it at Walgreens as well. I wish you well but I understand the painful process of identifying relief, it will drive you mad.

Mountain View, CA

#259 Sep 20, 2014
I'm 15 and a sophomore in high school. I've had eczema since I was born, it used to be on my wrist, neck, chin, feet, and hands. It was always the worst on my fingers. When I was 12 I lived by the beach and it pretty much disappeared. That was a turning point. I then moved from LA to Seattle, it came back on my fingers most likely thanks to lack of sun and swimming in an over chlorinated pool. The fact that I seemed to be allergic to everything there didn't help. I now live in a dry, sunny place in Southern California. The only thing I'm allergic to here is pine tree pollen. The eczema is sometimes on my fingers but mostly lies dormant save for the occasional flare up which can be gotten rid of within hours with some dermasil lotion for sensitive skin. Flare ups are more common in the winter and early spring. Thanks to all the BMX riders at my school who have horribly messed up hands my flare ups go unnoticed unless there is redness or oozing, which I find can be greatly reduced by running really hot water over the affected area. It quells the itching. I have my suspicions that whatever problems I have now are probably aggravated by bacteria gotten from wrestling. I took my first Tumeric tablet this morning, we'll see how that turns out. Eczema is definitely an inconvenience for me, I'm a pretty social guy who girls find very attractive. I came into school not knowing anyone. There have been some misunderstandings that made some people resent me. I started out having my own teammates from football among other guys trying to tear me down and make me look bad, they succeeded for a while, I didn't even think girls were into me until I overheard a few conversations, got an instagram, and heard that even the girls who hated me thought I was hot. The point is, last year my social position was fragile and I was under scrutiny. The only reason I wasn't rejected was because I'm pretty hard to make fun of, having what looks like an STD on my hands was the only ammunition the haters had, and having a chronic skin condition puts you in a category you don't want to be in, so I just avoided questions and acted like it was just a rash or something I got from wrestling. It worked, there is still no one at school that knows, my hands are at a level of dryness that is known to occur just from living in such a hot dry place. No one even remembers I ever had it. I have won almost everyone over, my life is back on track.

Sedalia, MO

#260 Sep 28, 2014
I've always been embarrassed about my skin problems, but now that I know I'm not the only one that struggled, I feel 46% better. I now know I don't have to struggle. Ok try all the things you've recommended. Thanks a lot. I hope it works!

Sedalia, MO

#261 Sep 28, 2014
Thank you for those recommendations.
a guy


#262 Oct 14, 2014
Sophie wrote:
Eczema sucks!
i have it all of my big bouncy tan juicy boobs! arroused when u sayin bout juicy boobs... Sorry off topic.. Im imagining too much..sorry

Slough, UK

#263 Oct 15, 2014
hopegirl14 wrote:
2 days ago was my 14th birthday. i have had eczema my whole life and i still have it up to now. & i've been so sad lately cuz i just want it to go away.=[ i've been using all kinds of medicine and the itching still doesn't relieve it.
what should i do?
Hello! I have had eczema since I was five I'm just about to turn 15 I am quite a popular girl but I sometimes get dirty looks. It really embarrasses me. The worst thing is that I can't hide it. My school jumper is a very rough material. It then aggravates my eczema it is very annoying. When I was 9 I started getting very dry skin on my left elbow. I went straight to the doctors and they gave me an epaderm ointment. It was brilliant!:-D I feel so much better now my eczema has gone. If you have a dark outline around your eczema it means that it's either spreading or its a tan. Aloe Vera is awesome for eczema. If at the beach or on holiday dip it in the sea. Don't use scented cream or if your cream stings or makes your eczema flakey STOP USING THAT CREAM!!! I recommend the body shop. They do some brilliant creams. Although every eczma is different.
By the way thnx for reading xxxx😸 I can finally open up!!!!!!🙉&#128 585;🙉oh eczma is genetic NOT CONTAGEOUS DO NOT MAKE FUN OF PEOPLE WHO HAVE ECZMA ITS NOT THEIR FAULT

Shelby, NC

#264 Oct 16, 2014
Ive had eczema for a few yrs now and I've tried just about everything out there. And nothing worked. I'm currently using alpha mane's eczema oil and soap. And im seeing positive results with just a week of use. It comes as kit. Pretty good stuff.

Weimar, Germany

#265 Oct 30, 2014
my son have eczema since infant till now (his 7months).
I will suggest you all who have eczema used the cream named Emily skin soother and go search this on Google then you'll find their website and you can order the cream. its 100% natural no medicine on it just pure natural. and you can check their testimonial as well,(with photos)there are those babies who had severe eczema or mild they used this cream and well it helps 100%! it cleared up mostly in a week severe or mild skin eczema or other kinds of skin problem! I ordered mine so I'm going to use it for my son .the cream s not only for babies its for adults to who have eczema or other skin problem! I'm writing this although I still don't have the cream or experience on it but I'm going to share this cos who knows it will help to you and to my baby? try it,aafter all its just natural and not like strong medicine. I hope this helps!

Weimar, Germany

#266 Oct 30, 2014
Hopey wrote:
i am still suffering from eczema even though all my local doctors are saying that just put sorbelene on
try the Emily skin soother! look on Google it will bring you to their website. go and see also the testimonial of those people who had experiences of eczema and they have used this cream and really helps them! for baby and adults the cream! I ordered mine :)

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#267 Nov 25, 2014
I have a mild case thats on all my toes but the itching is so bad at nighs I can't sleep and know its just the beganing. I'm 20 years old and worried that my 10 month old daughter will get it to. Even if there's no cure is there at least a way to make itching stop and bumps go away for long periods of time to I can at least sleep at night and prevent it from spreading?

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