My eczema was cured- A story from a 1...

Portage, IN

#195 Aug 1, 2013
Plz email me at if u have advice for me
I have suffered eczema my entire life. Now at 22 it's worse then ever and ruinin my life. I can't even move. And my entire life is spent either in dr offices or researching inline trying to find a cure myself. Allergy tests at age 20 showed I was allergic to my dogs. However at age 10 I wasn't allergic to then when I had allergy tests done. I thought between ages 14-19 that I had grown out of it but I was wrong. I got rid if dogs but nothing helps. If we can create several other medicines to help with other conditions, why is it so hard to find one that will keep eczema under control. I have also been off and on prednisone every month for the past 2 yrs. this is killing me slowly.


#196 Aug 5, 2013
Honestly- I have tried EVERYTHING, wasted $$$$$ so much there is a cure - Cod liver oil & evening primrose oil - you need to moisturise from the inside out - fish oil doesn't have the vitamin d that cod liver has nor the Omega 6 that EPO has - take high doses ie instead of one capsule per day, take 1 capsule of EPO & one of Cod liver oil every meal - seriously - just google cod liver oil and eczema. All the best!
Vera Tutu

Burlington, Canada

#197 Aug 23, 2013
i have eczema right now and im 15years old. i control my eczema by using elecom cream that was prescribed by a doctor. I use it and i have instantly clear skin next day and no more scratching. I have to use it every night after my shower to have good results. The only thing now that appears on my face is pimples hehe.

Ashburn, VA

#198 Aug 26, 2013
Tanks alot..i too i ave..but i wil give it a try.

Saint Neots, UK

#199 Aug 27, 2013
Good to hear. This eczema cream: and making changes to my diet has really helped me.

Manchester, UK

#200 Aug 27, 2013
Thanks you for these suggestions, i have had ezcema for 7 years (im fourteen) i have tried the sock thing but i wake up and i have obviously taken them of in my sleep because the socks are always on the other side of the room!! I get veey embarresed, so i can't wear shorts, and people make fun of me wearing troussers in P.E. so i hope the methods work! Sometime I make myslef bleed :/ it is very annoying but i will try!

Regina, Canada

#201 Aug 27, 2013
Hello I am 21 years old and have had eczema my whole life. I have it on my arms, legs and back. Like lots of you I have spent a long time looking for something to help clear my skin. When I was 18 I was prescribed dermazinc/clobetasol spray. It has worked tremendously for me. I still have outbreaks but after a few days of using the spray it clears up completely. I cannot say if it will work for you but it is definately worth a try
There is a cure

Mississauga, Canada

#202 Sep 6, 2013
I had eczema for 12 years! It was bad and only getting worse. I had tried everything under the sun to get rid of it.
Long story short, I met a herbal specialist who said he could cure it or my money back in 10 days. It was a bold claim and I was desperate.
To my astonishment, within 10 days it felt like I NEVER had eczema. Permanent cure and never returned since.
No diet, pills, creams, lotions, stress related etc...ointment+special soap.
No matter how bad or how long you've had it for.
Connect with me if you're interested; just willing to help -

Durham, NC

#204 Sep 9, 2013
I read somewhere that Crisco (you know the stuff you cook with) rubbed on areas with eczema and then covered at night will make it go away. Anyone have experience with that or does it work?

My 9 year old gymnast has eczema bad on the backs of her legs and we can control it with Cortisone but it never really goes away and always flares back up. She can't see it so it doesn't bother her that the skin in those spots is really pale but the itching drives her crazy when she sits all day in school. We have learned weird tricks so sometimes work (Preperation H on her hands at night then sleeping in gloves heals her hands from the rips from bars) so I am wiling to try just about anything.

Saint Petersburg, FL

#205 Sep 11, 2013
I Totally Agree With Jesica I Have Eczema & Im 14 I Had It My Whole Life , And In School I Constantly had Too Explain Too Other Kids That I Had Eczema And What It Was Becuase I Broke Out SO BAD I hate Having Eczema on My Bad Days I Can Never Wear Skirts, Dresses Or Shorts & Im 14 & Still Have It SOMEBODY NEED TOO FIND A CURE

New Zealand

#206 Sep 12, 2013
Wow, my daughter 17 has had eczema since she was 3weeks old. Winter time is the worst time for her. My son (20 months) also is suffering with eczema, he is allergic to wheat,peanuts,egg white and banana, I am stumped as to what is flaring up his eczema as he is on a pretty limited diet.. one thing I would recommend any one with eczema 5o buy is a copy of the chemical maze. It lists ingredients that are in your food and cosmetics. I have just found that 2 of the products I had been using on both my kids had ingredients that actually dry their skin out!(pinetarsal) which we were putting in the bath..meant to relieve itching and emulsifying ointment which actually contains sodium laurel sulphate, a big culprit in drying out of luck to everyone with eczema, its extreamly hard watching both my kids suffer at times. It is an ongoing battle. Its good to see people researching and not just accepting the standard cortisone, steriod and countless moisterisers from doctors. Final note, coconut oil has been of great comfort for our kids, a great moisturiser

Los Angeles, CA

#207 Sep 21, 2013
thanks i have eczema for the longest time and i'm so insecure about it.

Sidney, Canada

#209 Oct 10, 2013
Not getting to the cause. Avoid dairy, wheat, sugar. Take essential fatty acids 3,6,9,vitamin D,C,E, B's. If you're in the middle of an allergic reaction take niacin and make sure it's the flushing kind. Get the juicer out and make green drinks. Drink lots of water.

Ardsley, NY

#210 Oct 15, 2013
My 4 yr old daughter has real bad case of eczema mostly on her legs . Sometimes its worse sometimes better but lately it has been absolutely terrible I tried moisturizer,cortisone,and she's off milk corn nuts wheat what else can we do for her its hard watching her icth herself all night I need more ideas plz
Tammi Cruz

New York, NY

#211 Nov 5, 2013
Facial eczema is the worst! Try Made from Earth's Three Berry Face Serum. I used to have it all over my face, and its the only face serum that when i applied it would take away the eczema...face saver

Ahmedabad, India

#212 Nov 12, 2013
I have had atopic dermatitis since birth but it has aggravated in my adulthood. The reason could be the frequent cough and cold I keep having or the bronchitis which also aggravates the dermatitis. I am 23 right now and my face and arms have layers and layers of blemishes from dermatitis rashes. I used to use a corticosteroid for oral application on the rashes, no wonder, the rashes did go away immediately but that was a temporary cure, every winters and in peak summers, I get these rashes and I was stressed to be using steroids again and again. I was looking for a natural cure. I have found that sandalwood powder paste applied to the rashes calms them heals them to an extent. I have used it and so I can say. The other thing which has blown away my mind when I first read it was Urine Therapy. "People" say that applying urine externally on the rashes heals them. Some also drink their own urine and it has got a plenty of cures for many chronic diseases. Nevertheless, I tried it myself one day when I had the first onset of rashes. I just used some morning urine and applied it over my rashes, wherever they were, and massaged for a few seconds and then let it on to dry. Then I used aloe vera gel on my face, massaged it and that was it. The irritation that I used to have and the burning sensation in the rashes has subsided and though they have not totally disappeared, but I no longer feel the urge to itch which is probably half the battle won for atopic dermatitis people.
Can't say if it would help others but there is nothing wrong in trying it. I have tried for 3 days and applied urine 3 times a day on my rashes and when it dried out, I used aloe vera gel for a massage and nothing else. I have benefited from urine therapy, and so I am sharing it here.

Give it a try for 3-4 days atleast and then you can judge for yourself. People might mock, they would obviously do, but then they keep mocking at every other thing.. ha!

Singapore, Singapore

#214 Nov 17, 2013
Ollie wrote:
Hi All
This is my first ever posting in an excema forum because i suppose before this i didnt have anything to write about. I'm not 30 and have had excema my entire life - it's got worse and more sensitive over the years and my skin has broken doen slowly and become more sensitive and red. Ive seen all specialists under the sun and everytime asked for an 'out of the box attitude' to trying something new as i was so fed up of doctors and hospital 'specialists' saying the same old things and trying the same old treatments. Generally i feel really let down by the medical community, i have been using steroid based creams my whole life and as a result my skin has become extremely sensitive and red. Anyway, the positive:
I saw a new GP because I moved house, he luckily used to be a skin specialist. He told me about a cure that really shouldnt have traditonal link to excema but he has seen sometimes dramatic improvements in patients when they've tried it. Its anti viral drugs, mine is called Aciclovir. I take 4 a day dissolved in water, it's only been 2-3 weeks but ive seen measuredd improvements in the general ferocity of my skin. I'm hoping things will continue to improve and i suggest all of you to speak to a doctor or specialist about it. It's taken me 30 years to discover something to help me so it's obviously not a widely known treatment. It's early days in the treatment but i wish i'd found it earlier.
If you are young and reading this, try and stay away from steroid creams as much as possible - they do long term damage which is uncureable. It's a balance between healing the excema short term and dealing with any side effects i understand this. Just try and use them sparingly.
I hope this helps someone on here, any forum experts please pass on this message

the medicine you referring is for herpes treatment. is it safe fr eczema patient?

Beaverton, OR

#217 Nov 30, 2013

I'm 11 and I have eczema.

I haven't had eczema my whole life, it started when I was around 7-8 years old. The rashes are on my arms (right in the elbow crease), my legs (behind my knees), and on my wrist, on top of my hands, and has spread to my fingers.

The rashes on my arms are the worst. I wear long sleeves every day to school because I am scared people will not like me or wants to be friends with me if they see the eczema on my arms.

For a cream to help with the rashes, I 100% recommend a cream called 'CeraVe'.

I apply it every morning and night after I get out of the shower and it has helped sooo much!
Eczema Relief

Harrison, TN

#219 Dec 4, 2013
I hope you have your eczema under control. If you still need help, I suggest using Bragg's apple cider vinegar. It has to be organic and unpasturized. It has helped me and I'm only on day 2 of this plan. Mix 1-2 tbsp in a glass of water and drink it 30 minutes before each meal or 3 times a day. Also, I put the apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball and swab my eczema 3 times a day. It hurts like crazy, but it will heal your eczema. If it stings too much, you can dilute it 50/50 with water. But it will take longer to heal if you do this. When the eczema is healed, I plan on drinking ACV water every day just yo keep my eczema under control. Also, wear ONLY 100% cotton clothes, use 100% cotton sheets. At night wear 100% cotton soft long sleeve shirt and cotton gloves. I bought the gloves from CVS in the first aid isle. Drink a lot of water and eat only organic
whole foods and nothing else. I recommend washing your clothes and sheets in All Free and Clear laundry detergent. Wash your sheets at least once a week. Please try this for a week! BRAGG'S ACV is awesome!!!
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#220 Dec 10, 2013
my boy has it also.and i only found out recently dat its eczema.plz help.he has it on his neck at the back,on his arms and behind his the moment im using epizon e and a.will it help?plz help

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