eczema on eyelids

Auckland, New Zealand

#148 Nov 2, 2012
Itchy, flakey, red eyelid and under eyes for 6months! Tried steroidal creams, really bad wrinkles, tried everything else....! After reading this blog tried Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream and what a miracle cream!!!!)))) almost gone in 1 week! Thanks!

San Francisco, CA

#149 Nov 4, 2012
Suki Naturals Eye Tissue Repair seems to help me. It's a salve like consistency and is very soothing. You can buy it at Whole Foods. It's not inexpensive but it lasts a long time.

I've had eczema since I was 3. Going gluten free
helped my eczema tremendously, as well as taking
probiotics, B vitamins, and enzymes. Cleaning up one's digestion can help a lot.

That being said recently my eyelid eczema flared up again out of nowhere. I'm almost positive it's something new I have introduced. I think it's a food allergy, most likely sesame seeds that were in some gluten free granola I ate.

I'm going to get tested for food allergies to identify what the culprit is. There are many different types of food allergies, immediate, delayed, and others. Many food allergy tests can test for up to 90 different foods. I'm real curious to see what my sensitivies are.

Good luck! It's no fun having itchy eyelids. I can completely relate.

San Diego, CA

#150 Nov 6, 2012
Here is a perfect example of why I believe in natural remedies and cures. When dealing with the eyes I am always wary of creams and medication. A few natural cures/remedies are discussed at I hope this is helpful.


#151 Nov 14, 2012
I brought on eczema on my eyelids accidentally after further irritating a little patch on the side of my left eye. I think the patch was from using eyecream, which was a silly idea on my part.

It looked pretty horrendous for a few days, because the eczema forced my left eyelid crease to puff out due to the redness. I look really tired all the time haha. Anyway, I started treating it with just Cetaphil cream all around the eye, and it's starting to heal up pretty well. I guess since the skin is so thin on the eyelids, the moisturiser works quicker, which is good :)

I was freaking out a lot because of my eyelids, and trying lots of drastic treatments to try and get rid of it, but I found it beneficial just to take some time out and chill. I totally understand how hard it is to relax when your eyes are on fire, but most of the time it's much worse in your head than in real life.
Margueritta 27

Pickering, Canada

#153 Jan 15, 2013
i had this problem long time ago but now it is getting worse because of the cold and dry weather.i think having carpet all over my house complicate the situation. I used to put Elocom on it (hydro cortisone)and take an antihistamine but it doesn't help anymore. My eyes look very tired ,
i have redness,flaking, swelling and itches +++
I can't handle this anymore.
What's the next step??

Singapore, Singapore

#154 Feb 3, 2013
Hi guys, I used to have it on my eyelids, I used calamine lotion, keep reputing with a tissue, everytime it dries, put another layer and left it overnight, the next day it was done the ezcema, if you scratch alot, it might be gone in 3 days, just keep reputting. It will itch like mad.

Houston, TX

#156 Feb 11, 2013
BRGB wrote:
I took your advice and used a high quality, bees wax chapstick on my eyelids and it's like a miracle!! My eyelids are nearly perfect now. Thank You so much!
<quoted text>
Amazing, the honey lip balm worked for me too! I have eczema on my eyelids, around my nose, and upper lip. It was get so dry that I would have to moisturize every 45 minutes and if I didn't, it would crack/bleed if I smiled or yawned or basically moved my face in anyway.
Anyway - Friday after work I went to CVS, go the HONEY lip balm (not the any of the others) and omg the skin on my upper lip is almost healed. It went from cracked/bleeding/raw/itchy to 90% better today (Monday). I immediately went back to CVS and bought all the Honey lip balm they had, along with some other Burt's products. I don't know who thought of putting honey lip balm on their eczema, but thank you for doing so and thank you for posting about it - without you post, I would still be raw and itching right now.

Cork, Ireland

#157 Feb 19, 2013
im so glad i found this site.. ive been suffering with this eye condition for agesss since i was a toddler and none of the doctors could ever find out what was wrong with me i also i have eczema all over my skin in between my elbows and legs . Along with eczema on my eyes i also have been diagnosed with conjunctivitis i have tried so many things to help with eczema on my eye lids but the only thing that seems to help with mine is hydrocortisyl 1% and la roche posay moisturizer all the itching and red eye has stoped.. hope this helps :)

United States

#158 Mar 10, 2013
evay wrote:
All you guys out there, thanks for writing in on what worked for you.
Shout out especially to amb-nyc for your experiences and tips!
I've had eczema on my eye lids a couple years back. Usually, it goes away after a couple of weeks. This has been my worse episode, had crusty eye lids since June this year. I'm 30 and I live in a tropical city. Think hot & wet. Think poor air quality. I'm also prone to eye infections.
My suspected eyelid eczema triggers:
1. eyelash glue for falsies (the new ones have silicon, and I usually rash when I get in contact with silicon.)
2. big amounts of dust
3. work stress
Which treatment NEVER works for me
1. HYDROCORTISON. Between the itch and the stinging sensation, I can hardly bear either. Yes, I apply a thin sheer layer. My eczema is up to my lashline. The humidity and my oily eyelids always ensure that the hydrocort seeps to my eyes. And DAMN THESE WRINKLES at my eyes!!
What has lend relief?
1. Rinsing my eyelids and eyes with eye lotion. I use Optrex. Can be grabbed off the shelf.
2. I've started taking flax seed oil as recommendation. It's been about 10 days. The highly itchy flare-ups days have lessen.
Going ahead -->
1. I've seen 2 different GPs, and I'm trying to stall on seeing a dermatologist as the cost is exorbitant. I won't be able to get any of the prescription drugs mentioned here I think.
2. I've going to try cutting down on alcohol, meat and seafood & wheat & dairy to see if changing my diet works.
3. Will get hold of Burt's Bee Honey Lip Balm & the royal jelly eyecream
Looking to report some news.
Good luck to every one!
I am going to stop my red wine for a week & see if that helps. I was thinking there my be something related to that.

United States

#159 Mar 10, 2013
I am not sure if I have eczema, I am calling the doctor tomorrow, but everyone on this thread is describing my symptoms exactly. Last night was the worst so I tried the extra virgin olive oil & it stopped the itching immediately. That was helpful until I get to the doctor. And I am writing down all your other suggestions on here,thank you!

Mission Viejo, CA

#160 Mar 10, 2013
I just recently started having eczema flare ups all over, but the most frustrating one is on my left eyelid. I finally decided to try what I use on the rest of my body, aquaphor healing ointment. HOLY COW! It was almost disappeared within two days and I can't wear make up again without it being flaky and nasty. I just put a tiny bit on before bed.
believe in sharing

Mississauga, Canada

#161 Mar 20, 2013
I am 60 years old and this winter I had a eczema flare up in both eye lids and areas around both eyes. The affected area skin swelled up, puffy, dry, rough, crusty and red but not itchy yet. I have tried Elidel cream but did not work.

I tried Wellskin Glaxal Base Moisturizing cream. I washed my face, while still wet, applied sparingly the Glaxal Base cream on the face including eye lid area. Where possible, repeat the procedure every two hours or when the skin is try again.

At night, I put a humidifier in my bedroom. The cold air mist helped the skin to stay moist.

The Eczema flare up was gone within 48 hours.

Believe in sharing good info.

Washington, DC

#162 Mar 26, 2013
I think I have cured my eyelid eczema. I have used omega 3 oil (capsule form) and put it on my eyelids everyday for a week. I have seen significant improvements.

Sydney, Australia

#163 Apr 7, 2013
I used to have eczema on my legs and arms and started rubbing extra virgin olive oil into my skin after showering and it's gone. There's no harm in using olive oil on your face/eyelids too.
Forever Yours

United States

#164 Apr 12, 2013
Has anyone ever tried coconut oil for psoriasis ?
TM Claude

United States

#165 Apr 12, 2013
Try this formula, it really works; cured my eczema.


#166 Jun 12, 2013
The only thing that works for me and has kept my skin on my eyelids soft is Sorbalene cream from Australia. It is used in hospitals over there to treat bedsores etc and can be bought on line. My daughter lives there and discovered it

Port Pirie, Australia

#167 Jun 17, 2013
The best cream for eczema around the eyes is Robertson's Skin Repair Ointment because it is a thick ointment so it won't run into the eye when the warm temperature of the skin heats it up, like many other water based creams and lotions can. It's also a natural ointment too which is fantastic at healing eczema! I hope this helps.

Wellington, New Zealand

#168 Jun 17, 2013
I have had really bad eczema for many years now which has really been a plague to me.
But I have only started to have eczema on my eyelids for the past year.
I have struggled to keep my eyes moisturized so that it does not dry my eyes out. But sure enough every morning I wake up they are cracked and dry
I have been to the doctors many times and taken all sorts of potions and lotions, steroid creams, and yet still my eczema continued to get worse until a good friend of mine told me about a natural treatment that had worked wonders for him so he told me to give it a try, and hey what have I got to lose right I'm desperate. To read more click
Mary Kay

Wichita, KS

#169 Jun 18, 2013
I went to a Naturopathic Doctor for my eczema after years of dissatisfaction with conventional doctors. He did a stool test which revealed parasites in my intestines. He also found wheat, corn, dairy, and other food sensitivities. He put me on an herbal/natural supplement regimen to eradicate the parasites. Between that and the diet changes, my eczema has finally been improving.

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