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#126 Dec 3, 2011
buntbean wrote:
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I was using cortisone cream but I saw a corneal specialist in Boston and he said to absolutely NOT use cortisone cream on the thin skin of the eyelid. It is very dangerous and thins the skin. I will also say that I saw a different eye doctor and she said it was OK to use but she was still a student.
PLS don't use it, I used it, it killedddd the double eyelids I used to have, my eyes became smaller, I saw the skin on my eyes ripping off right before me! I quickly washed it off and the damage was done! DO NOT EVER USE IT!

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#127 Dec 3, 2011
VScotland wrote:
I have tried so many creams. I am now in my late 30's and my eyelids are going all wrinkly from steriods. However Hydrocortisone is the only cream that seems to work. If my eyelids are very itchy, red & swollen it will work almost overnight. The disadvantage is that they then get all dry and I use Avene moisturiser. It's the only cream that doesn't irritate. I can go for months with no flare up then every other week. Seems to get worse in winter, probably the cold weather. I have spoken to my gp and there seems to be no alternative. I would like to know if there is any way to reverse the wrinkly eyelids other than surgery?

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#128 Dec 9, 2011
I have been struggling for three months with this and doctors have been no help at all. I've tried vaseline for about 3 weeks which helps itching but doesn't cure it. Flourometholone which is a prescription of corticosteroid cream i tried for 2 weeks and never did anything and has all kinds of warnings about damaging eyes with prolonged usage. I tried Blephamide, another prescription (nearly cured it after 9 days but it just came right back). I tried baby wash which made it worse. I've tried neosporin, no luck. eye tea that someone gave me, nope.. warm compress made it worse. Now I just tried pasteurized cream and it made it itch like crazy. I have had bad experiences with dermatologists but I'm going to keep searching, I have no choice. This came out of nowhere and it's awful. Poor knowitallbutdon't doctors don't make things any better, and I'm tired of all these crazy home remedies that every person has a different one. Oh I also tried nivea cream per one website and that made it worse, but good on my other dry skin areas. Good luck everyone.

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#129 Dec 9, 2011
To help us in figuring this out here are my Possible causes: For 6 years my eyes have been progressively getting worse at night becoming more dry when my eyes are closed to the point i was using spit and then lots of eye drops all during the night. I then had a herpes scare and tested negative and don't seem to have real symptoms of herpes but who knows (with my acne and) with so many kinds of herpes, so i stopped doing the spit after that for months until one night i was desperate and it happened right after I did one night, but at the same time I was using eye drops (that may have lost their preservatives), so my possible initial causes are a dormant herpes virus i contracted or eye drops (i think refresh brand). But in the past 3 months without eye drops or spit you would think that this problem would have gone away. it's the craziest thing it just came out of nowhere and won't go away. Doctors refuse to test me for deficiencies and think this is simple to cure but they don't have a clue. Making an appt with another dermatologist today.

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#130 Dec 21, 2011
It's really not that hard to do some research on your own. Whether ppl. are promoting products or not is not a problem. Pharmaceuticals have just as many politics behind them. If calendula is suggested and you suspect it a lie, why not just type it in to google and read for yourself? You will find it a proven salve for conditions like eczema and psoriasis. You shouldn't wonder around wondering who's telling the truth. In the medical world there are so many types of practices, all with some good and bad elements. In addition, everyone responds differently to treatment. You have the best chance of healing when you do your own research. You will understand what your practitioner is suggesting as well as what causes your ailment. Always try to treat the cause and not the just symptom. Happy findings!

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#131 Dec 25, 2011
Generic Name: mometasone topical (moe MET a sone)
Brand Names: Elocon
What is Elocon?
Elocon is a topical (for the skin) steroid. It reduces the actions of chemicals in the body that cause inflammation, redness, and swelling.
Elocon is used to treat the inflammation and itching caused by a number of skin conditions such as allergic reactions, eczema, and psoriasis.
This definitely works. Been around a long time and wonder why no one here has ever used it.(Rx)


#132 Jan 10, 2012
For children, eyelid eczema is also common. I use warm water and moisturizer like Physiogel AI, has worked. You can read more here, hope it helps.

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#133 Jan 11, 2012
Still dealing with this. A dermatologist gave me prednesone and protopic. The prednesone made my skin weird easily bruised, and acne really bad. After 16 days of those treatments I got back to normal but the moment I stopped using it all, it came back right away worse then ever. I am scientifically removing everything from my life trying to figure it out. I had a crown installed, but the date of that was right after this started, but I did have a mercury filling replaced just before this started. Currently I am suspicious of this high efficiency laundry detergent I have been using. I have been using it for longer then I have had this problem but still suspicious. I'm going to sleep in a tent with an old sleeping bag to test that, and rinse my clothes many extra times. I was also suspicious of omega 3 supplements causing it. To test this I'm doing my own allergy patch test, and stop using them. I am also suspicious of a zinc supplement I tried a month or two before this happened. If only the doctors I've gone to would test me for things to help, but they don't seem to care. Like see if I have a zinc deficiency problem.
I will post back if I ever find a solution. To everyone else, my advice is to scientifically go through everything in your life to figure this out. Make notes of everything you do and your condition along with dates.

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#134 Apr 16, 2012
Dr. Hess Udder Ointment ( ) which Rite Aid and Walgreen's carries, the stuff got rid of my eczema on my eyelid and is healing the rashes I had. I first saw at a Rite Aid last year but didn't get it as I have over 25 bottles, tubes, jars, etc. of eczema, dry, and/or itchy skin hand/body lotions. I should have bought it then!

I believe Baby Ganics "Bye Bye Dry" Moisturizing Eczema Care which I found in the baby section at Walgreen's is also great.

Medicated Gold Bond and TriDerma helped with rashes in the past but didn't this time. Obviously, you have to be careful with what you put over your eye but these were for rashes.

But I've been using the Udder Ointment (it's more like a cream) over my eyelids this past weekend and the eczema is 99% gone, as are my rashes which are still red in the area but no longer bumpy!

I hope they make a shampoo for scalp ezcema. So far I can't find anything except Selsun Blue that calms the itch, not even $40 Blue Lagoon from Iceland. And it always comes right back the next day.

Good luck!

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#135 Apr 25, 2012
Choomama wrote:
For almost a year, I had an eczema on my eyelids. Skin becomes flaky, red, and super itchy. On one eye lid, the itchy area seemed to be moving from the brow to the eyelash line. On the other eye lid, the skin was swollen as well as itchy and red. In addition, I was losing an awful lot of hair and gaining substantial amount of weight. I went to see 2 GP's, 1 allergist, 2 dermatologists - no one knew how to cure it. I had been prescribed Topicort, 2 other cortisone creams, and Elidel. None of these worked. I then made up my mind and went to see a Naturopath at $84.00 per visit. After almost 4 months of very expensive treatments and no effect, I switched to acupuncture. The Chinese doctor told me that the skin condition was only a manifestation of inflamations in the immune system and hormone inbalance, which was most likely brought on by high level of stress and fatique. The acupuncture was showing a very gradual amount of improvements. To keep the eczema at bay, I must stay away from all seafood and spicy foods. Later, a friend recommended a doctor who uses electrical stimulation and acupuncture. I was very nervous at first because I've never heard of this type of treatment. But after seeing how busy he was, I decided to give it a try rather than just do an initial consultation. I'm so glad I did!! After just 2 visits, I can see a significant improvement - the swelling, itchiness and redness are almost completely gone!! Instead of scratching it ever 10 minutes or so, I noticed that I only scratched my eyes 2 twice today!! I'm really glad to have found him. I wanted to share my story with you because when I first got the eczema, I panicked and read all of your comments here and got the different creams people suggested here. To be honest, the only thing that really helped with my itchiness on the eye lids was the Burts Bees Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil. All the others just burned. But that's just me. I can't tell you how amazing it is to finally not feel so uncomfortable. If you haven't found a cure, maybe check around your area to see if anyone practices this type of advanced electro-acupuncture - it's truly a life saver!
This sounds amazing. I've been trying all kinds of creams and read very little about the immune system playing a part. I will check into finding someone in my area that does this kind of work and focus on rebuilding my immune system. Something I now see that helped me awhile back but have just now realized while reading all of these posts is that I was taking an immune builder (Shaklee's Nutriferon). I was also suffering from dry eye too. While taking Nutriferon my eyes were doing great. Now I know why and will buy more.

Wetherill Park, Australia

#136 Apr 28, 2012
Hey i've had eczema since i was born so thats 16 years now. I know what works and what doesn't and ive tried everything and researched everything.

Listen to me. nothing cures eczema. doctors can prescribe you something but it doesn't work. it clears it up yes but it doesn't stop it from coming back. and eventually you get sick of going to the doctor. I am writing this because i am fed up with eczema i'd literally do anything for it to go away but that is impossible but it is possible to keep the skin in a good state which shows no signs of eczema.

Ive learnt about something called the itching cycle which means that every time you scratch your eczema to relieve the itching it leads to even more and intense itching. So make sure you don't scratch!!! i can safely say i haven't scratched my eczema for about 3 to 4 years. if you don't itch for a month or a few, you won't feel the need to scratch your skin which leaves it uniritated and looks as if you never had eczema in the first place.

If you did scratch your eczema vigorously at one stage of your life it takes many months for it to go away i would say about 6 months for mine to go away when i did and stopped scratching.

You also need motivation! My motivation was to have a healthy skin appearance because interact with girls. Eczema isn't attractive at all and when i had it in little amounts everyone used to notice wherever you have it. My peers also gave me motivation because i didn't want to have disgusting skin infront of my friends as it would make me feel self conscious. SO DON"T ITCH or it will lead to that^

Not itching your skin does help but you also need to apply sorbelene cream every day in the morning and after a shower. I have a large dispenser of sorbelene cream which i use everyday and lasts me about 6 months Eczema is very dry skin and sorbelene cream without perfume! helps relieve the skin. I was sceptical at first about this but ive been doing it for 6 years now and i am happy with the state im in.

Also you must apply sorbelene cream before sport activites. IF i didn't apply sweat or chlroine usually react with the eczema and cause it to flare. I find that applying sorbelene cream acts as a barrier and i was stoked when i learnt that i could go swimming without the fear of chlroine upsetting my eczema.

I have eczema because of my genes and i have hope that when i finish puberty the ezcema will go away as my doctor told me that is a common case and that only my mum had it when she was little up to about 19 years of age and plenty of other people have given me insight about this too. I have had ezcema in many places on my body- both on top of my wrists and on top of my hands, all around my elbows and a bit on my inner bicep, on the left of my neck, down the right side of my chin from ear to bottom of my chin, and on my eyelids and i used to have on the back of my legs.

I hope, actually i know this article i have written will help you reduce the inflamation of eczema and make your skin as if you were never cursed with eczema :)

Cannock, UK

#137 May 1, 2012
I have suffered with eczema intermittently since childhood and found Betnovate to be useless. The best prescription cream I had was Elecon or Hydrocortisone cream. For larger areas(not eyes) I yes to use white vinega at night, followed by Vit E cream after showering the next morning. Quite effective but not much good if you want a date!!!!
Good luck all
Infants Eczema wrote:
Wrinkles can be an after effect of eczema as you are constantly touching your skin and rubbing it with moisturiser etc.
There are a number of tips on my site, that work for me. Generally Betnovate works well, despite that fact you are not supposed to put it near your eyes.

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#139 Jun 24, 2012
This isnt easy at all and its harder doing it alone. It sucks feeling like you are the only one going through something and not having support.

I just want to recommend you to check out this group where people going through Topical Steroid Withdrawal give support to each other.

If you have stopped taking steroids and your eczema, you HAVE Topical Steroid Withdrawal AKA Red Skin Syndrome. Everyone who has TSW gets cured. There is a UCLA doctor who did a study on 2000 patients. All were cured.

Check out this google group : #!forum/itsan

So much support you will find here. You will no longer feel alone.

Wellington, New Zealand

#141 Jun 29, 2012
Don't know what it is about getting eczema on your eyelids but its really annoying. I especially get it when I wake up in the morning my eyes are all dry every time. It occurs during the winter mostly so I try to keep my eyes moisturized but still doesn't help. I found a blog a while ago and had a read through some of its posts and found some great ways that help to manage your eczema. og

Worcester, UK

#142 Aug 2, 2012
I've never had eczema around my eyes before until I finished my Roaccutane treatment 2 months ago. It just appeared out of nowehere and I also have it on my chin aswell.

I also have eczema on my fingers but just recently, it has improved so much by using Hydrocortisone 1%. Definitely would recommend this product.

As for the eyes, I've been using SKINSHOP DRY EYE GEL, which has improved my condition so much. I've used HYDROCORTISONE 1%(without knowing the consequences of using this) and NELSON calendula cream(only tried it for a night) aorund my eyes and the DRY EYE GEL is by far the best product I've used. Please try it out! I was sceptical about using this but I am so happy I bought this. I know how it feels to have eczema around the eyes and I'm so glad it finally cleared up!

Only use it under the eyes and not outside the delicate eye area as it can dry out the skin. This happened to me and my skin got irritated and itchy. I've tried using Nelson's calendula cream to treat it but it didn't really help. Instead, I used CETAPHIL moisturising lotion and it has worked amazingly. I am also using CETAPHIL gentle skin cleanser which I would definitely recommend to anyone with irritated skin like me.

For anyone who is suffering it right now, please stay strong and patient. I know how it feels and I hope my skincare rountine helps you :) x

Feeding Hills, MA

#143 Aug 12, 2012
I found 2 things to help my eyelid eczema. One is to take biotin, a vitamin for skin, hair and nails. The other is acupuncture. Because I am doing both, it's hard to tell which one works best. I guess starting with the biotin is cheaper. I'm cleared up and no more steroid cream.

San Jose, CA

#144 Oct 20, 2012
I am in my early 30's and I just developed eczema on my cheeks less than 2 years ago. It runs in my family so as soon as I got my first flare up I knew exactly what it was. Just recently, about 2 weeks ago, I had my first flare up around my eyes. My allergist had recommended epiCeram for my face, but it wasn't helping around my eyes. After doing a lot of reading on the internet I decided to try some calendula cream and Burt's Bees products and they have helped so much. My eczema hasn't completely cleared up yet, but it's finally getting better and it continues to improve every day. The products I am using are California Baby Calendula Cream, Burt's Bees Repair Serum and Burt's Bees Hand Salve. I stopped using facial cleansers and just wash my face with tepid (cool-warm) water. Before bed I soak my eyes with a tepid wash cloth for about 5-10 min. Then before my skin dries I apply the repair serum. After it has soaked in, I put the hand salve over it. I always shower in the morning and as soon as I get out I apply the calendula cream and give it time to soak in, then put the hand salve over it again. I use the hand salve pretty much all day as needed. I avoid allowing my skin to dry. In addition to this, I've also made it a priority to drink AT LEAST 2 liters of pH neutral water every day. Many purified waters are highly acidic, which is bad for your system, so I always choose spring water or filtered tap water. This regiment has been working well for me and I hope someone finds this info helpful. Eczema has made me miserable so I wanted to contribute in hopes that I can help someone find relief. I truly believe that if it wasn't for people sharing their experiences online, I would have suffered for much longer and spent a fortune on doctors visits and cancer causing meds. So thank you to everyone who has shared their experiences!

San Jose, CA

#145 Oct 20, 2012
Nightengale Lutz FL wrote:
NOONE has said anything about trying to clear their eczema INTERNALLY! I truly believe that is where the problem all stems from. And if you don't clear it out internally you will always have to keep applying something to the area.
Change diets to things that don't trigger the symptoms. You may have to keep a journal for a while to discover what might be triggers. Detoxify your body. There are many different mild to extreme herbal cleanses and detox formulas. I'm not going to recommend anything particular since I don't want to sound like an advertisement.
I personally have cleared up my eczema on my eyelids (I've never had it anywhere else) with an herbal internal body cleanse (pill form) I got at my local health food store, along with moisturizing my eyelids with a grape seed oil and handmade moisturizing cream I get from a local herbalist. And more important than anything else make sure you're drinking enough water for your body. So many ailments begin with the body being chronically dehydrated. Everyone needs to drink a minimum 1/2 ounce of water for every pound of body weight.(I weigh 140 lbs and drink at least 70 oz per day) And when I'm working out excessively I add to that.
Unfortunately doctors do not know enough about nutrition and well care and only receive their continuing ed through the drug reps. All they know to do is to cover up symptoms not to cure. Until more people push for their doctors to do more integrated medicine nothing will change.
Good luck everyone.
I totally agree with you about doing personal investigation about what is causing your eczema. I went to an allergist and found out that I have several allergies (food and environmental). I have been avoiding the foods I'm allergic to, but I still get flare ups. I do notice that when I'm eating a lot of processed foods, I tend to break out more, but I have never found myself to break out immediately after eating any specific type of processed food. It's difficult to troubleshoot because I know I also have several environmental allergies. I dust my home as often as possible and my husband and I have already agreed to have our heating ducts cleaned before it gets cold and we need to turn on the central heat. I would say my diet is probably better than the average American, but I can definitely improve it. I stopped drinking soda about 2 years ago (with the exception of special occasions) and I eat a lot of lentils, quinoa, vegetables and drink green smoothies. I do find that when I am eating well, my skin feels better and my digestive system feels better. Unfortunately, my busy life occasionally leads me to eat processed foods. Any time I have visited my physician, allergist or dermatologist, the only answers they ever have are corticosteroid creams, so I've given up on them. My dermatologist actually told me that my diet does not affect my skin...I refused to see her ever again! I don't want to rely on any products to have healthy skin, but I did find some that have helped to relieve my symptoms so I shared my experience. Finding the internal cause is time consuming and even when you do find it, your body takes time to heal. Getting relief from the symptoms in the meantime is helpful while trying to isolate the cause. I do not work for Burt's Bees or California Baby, but I am thankful to everyone who specifically named what products they used because finding the one that works for you is a long process of trial and error. I have also tried products by Cetaphil, Aveeno, others from California Baby, hydrocortisone, benadryl cream, desonide from my doc...but the three I mentioned in my earlier post are the first three I found a noticeable improvement with. It may not work for everyone, it could help even just one other person out there. There is nothing wrong with giving personal recommendations...we do it all the time by word of mouth with friends and family. The internet is no different, IMHO.

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#146 Oct 30, 2012
Has anyone suffer emotional stress, anxiety mood disorders? Learn to relax. take deep breaths in and breathe out slowly. I know that if things are hectic,stressful or emotional that my excema comes back on my eyes. Also going to the tropics eg Hawaii stopped my excema too. Must be the humidity and a bit of relaxation. Heaters and fires are BAD for excema skin too as the air dries out. 1000mg omega fish oil tablets 3 times a day helps with skin moisture too. Wrapping wounds in plastic wrap that you cover food with helps also and cool cloth to calm skin. Hope it helps.
Lisa J Faith

Brookfield, Australia

#147 Nov 1, 2012
I use a humectant based moisture Mist. It is extremely gentle, I spray it on rather than rub it in and the humectant draws moisture out of the air into the skin. Hope this helps.

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