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I am new to Atopic Dermatitis/Eczema - Need Help, Advice

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#1 Jun 28, 2010
I am SO relieved to have found this message board this morning! I was just diagnosed last week with atopic dermatitis, which likely occurred following a staph infection I got in May. The staph infection was a direct result of having facial laser resurfacing done WITH NO ANTIBIOTIC given beforehand! I have been through almost 2 months of health issues, and am now facing this: a total body rash that seems to march forward daily. I was given a Kenalog shot on Friday, and a prescription for Fluocinonide cream that I apply twice a day. But I wonder "How bad can it get?" Does atopic dermatitis ever affect the internal organs (heart, lungs, stomach, colon)? If anyone has any insight to share on this, I'd be very, very thankful. I am lost in a sea of total uncertainty right now. Even my derm doc says there is no predicting whether my condition will last days, weeks or even months. Please help.

Petersham, Australia

#3 Jan 7, 2011
Read "a healthy skin diet" I used to have very bad atopic eczema, steroid creams have a lot of problems, it causes osteoporosis and long term thinning of the skin which starts a very deadly cycle.

Trust me on this one and get that book.

Bogotá, Colombia

#4 Jan 11, 2011
No, those conditions are limited to the SKIN only. What I can give you are home remedies to help treat it until your doctor gives you something stronger if necessary:

- Take 4 cups of oatmeal (powdered is best) and mix it with warm bathwater, soak for about 15 mins, rinse with more warm water and pat yourself dry (dont rub!).

- Make a paste out of oatmeal and warm water, leave it on until it dries then wash off

- Leave raw honey on affected areas for 20 minutes then rinse off with warm water

- Take natural supplements like fish oil, vitamin E, and vitamin C

- Keep your skin moisturized, use creams with blueberry or licorice extract

- Cut out or reduce milk, eggs, peanuts, sugar and spicy foods from your diet

- Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day and shower after you sweat

- Don't scratch! It may cause infection and make it worse. If you scratch while asleep then wear cotton gloves

- Keep your nails short and rounded so you dont puncture the skin if you do scratch

- Dust and dust mites can worsen eczema, so keep your room clean and change bedclothes regulary

- Stay calm. Stress is a common eczema trigger, so try to avoid situations that make you tense.

If you're interested in other home, natural and other medical treatments then check out this site:

And I highly recommend this e-book, it tells you how to treat eczema in "3 simple steps", if you're interested then you can get it here:

Hope I helped!:)

United States

#5 Jan 12, 2011
I thought I'd get back with a long-overdue update! The Kenalog shot and prescription Fluocinonide cream did absolutely nothing even after 4 days.

So I returned to my derm doc, he took a biopsy of the rash area and put me on Prednisone for 2 weeks (gradually diminishing dosage). IT WORKED LIKE A MIRACLE.

My doc said the biopsy showed I had "spongiform eczema" - never heard of it! But it was clearly my immune system that was completely out of whack from that staph infection.

After about 4 days on Prednisone, my rash was gone on my back and scalp; by 8 days it was gone on my thighs and groin; by 14 days it was ALL GONE, but oddly enough, even as it diminished in one spot, it sprouted on my shins and tops of feet. Anyway I'm cured! Hallelujia.
Carol Reed

Unalaska, AK

#7 Feb 18, 2013
I started ten months ago with my immune system basically crashing due to ten years of way to much personal stress. It started with Candida in my internal organs and then to staff (MRSA) where I had to be hospitalized and could not walk for two weeks from the staff entering in to my feet. Then the staff helped towards Spongioform Dermatitus. My feet were so swollen and rash, scab filled, it was the worst case the hospital had ever seen and they put me on stroids (Prednisone) for a month after dong a thorough biopsy. I had exfoliating skin all over my body, my scalp, my underarms, inner thighs, almost everywhere. I could hardly walk on my feet for several weeks and sometimes had to crawl to the bathroom just to go pee in the night my feet hurt so much and were so tender. My doctor also suggested to change my diet with a diet called the "Elimination Diet" as my monosites in my blood levels was double what they should be and they thought I may also have acute eczema from food allergies. I have been off of steroids for four days and my feet are regressing back again so I have to see a specialist to get this to heal. Thank you for your suggestions. It seems like what I an seeing we all have in common is a tendency for our immune system to crash and staff as precursers to this disease which makes me feel good that there are common elements. i think "diet" and "stress" may also have a lot to do with it as well.

Newton-le-willows, UK

#8 Feb 23, 2013
i have always had Eczma and had given up hope of ever gettin rid of it or even keeping it under control after 20 yrs however i recently found a miracle cure that after having red itchy and painful skin all over my body for months 2 weeks after using this cream it is mostly gone with just pink skin that occasionally itches in the places that were the worst. If you want to try it for yourself go to purepotions.biz and try skin solutions. You won't be sorry

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