severe eczema...sorry this is sooo lo...
Matt in the UK


#24 Sep 4, 2007
I forgot to say I also take Omega 3,6 and 9 (Flaxseed, Fish and Starflower Oil) capsules every day. I think these help also. They certainly don't have bad consequences for my skin and it might just be them that are working.

I also found that any Vitamin supplement that contained Vitamin C made my skin problem worse, though now I take Sustained Release Vitamin C on it's own and that has no bad effects and does seem to help with dry skin.

Port Dickson, Malaysia

#25 Sep 6, 2007
Louise wrote:
I have used Eczecure and Champori....but works well but Eczecure manage to prevent more flare ups..worth a try
Hi Louise, Im wondering if u can let me know where to get Champori and Eczecure in KL/S'gor..
thanks a lot.
James eczema

Semenyih, Malaysia

#27 Sep 9, 2007
Can't get it in KL...only available online

Saint Petersburg, FL

#29 Apr 20, 2008
I have gone through their website, there is no proper contact info of the people who make the product. That is my first sign of something wrong. But I still went ahead and ordered the product two days back just because my two year old is suffering a lot with Eczema. After ordering the product, I sent a mail for some clarification. I did not get any feedback so far. I do not want to conclude anything so early. But at this point I am just keeping my fingers crossed. I am going to post my updates on Eczecure.

Lexington, KY

#30 Apr 26, 2008
Angie wrote:
So, this is my last resort. I don't know what to do about my eczema. Hopefully someone here has some suggestions. OK...I have always had extremely sensitive skin, allergies to dyes and perfumes. I have always used Dreft detergent or All Free and Clear, and I have always used Dove body wash for sensitive skin. A little over 2 years ago I developed this small rash on my right ankle, sort of over the bone and the top of my ankle. It was no big deal at first, but it wouldn't go away and it itched really bad so I went to see my GP. Well, he had no idea what it was and pretty much used me as a guinea pig for a YEAR before sending me to derm. I mean, he tried everything from antibiotics to anti-fungals, and topical steroids. Nothing worked, and the rash actually got worse, spreading over alot of my body (mostly my legs). So, I went to derm. They gave me a tube of clobetasol and some antibiotics and told me it was eczema. Immediately, I went to my GP, because I was set to deploy in a few days (I am in the military)and I wanted to make sure this was ok. He said yes. I didn't use the anti-biotics, but I used the clobetasol and it went away within a week. Of course, it was scarred since it had been there a year. Well, about a month later, it came back, even worse that before. Not to disgust everyone but it was oozing green and greyish fluid and if I touched it, the skin would wipe right off. So, I saw the doc who told me continue with the clobetasol (after all, my derm gave me 4 tubes to take with me in case it came back). Well, it NEVER went away and has continued to get worse. Now it was on top of my other foot, on like 3 toes on each foot, behind my knees, etc. I have seen my GP many times and have tried oral and topical steroids, anti-biotics, etc with no avail. We swabbed it and it had moderate growth of staph and Acinetobacter calcoaceticus–baumannii complex. I go to derm and he says, "Keep doing what you're doing"!!!!! Well, that made me so angry, I marched into my GP's office and demanded to be seen by a civilian derm. My new derm has been injecting me with 2 different steroids everytime I see him (so far twice, 3 weeks apart and I am set to see him again in a few weeks). It will not go away! So anyway, this is my problem...I recently found out you are only supposed to use clobetasol for 2 rounds and I used it for over 2 YEARS. Could this be why it won't go away? I have already decided that I am done with steroids, being that I have gained 50 lbs over the past 2 years (I also have asthma and must take prednisone for flare-ups, along with an inhaled steroid). Am I right to be angry at these doctors? Or is my case so severe, there's not much they can do? Does anyone have any suggestions?? I have been told alot of different things: one derm told me to not even wash it with soap, and I was thinking "GROSS!" It oozes so much, how can I go without washing it?? I went to get a skin allergy test but my asthma was so bad that day, they just had me take the blood test. My current derm wants me to have the skin test anyway, but now I am scared to do it. He says the blood test doesn't test for as many allergens and it is not as accurate as the skin test. HELP!!
Hello Angie, Sorry to hear that. I would like to bring to your attention an awesome botanical that may just be what you're looking for. How would you like to not worry about eczema? I can't make any claims that this will give you the same results as most folks but you may want to do your own due diligence and research it for yourself. It has tons of research and studies to back it up and it's 100% all natural. The botanical is called Mangosteen and you can learn more at this website it would be well worth your time I assure you. If you're at your last resort, you really need to look at the Mangosteen in a serious way.

Brooklyn, NY

#31 Apr 27, 2008
Like everyone thus far, I agree that steroids are a bad idea, especially considering that in the long run they damage your immune system. I had severe eczema since birth (I'm 20 now) and took a variety of cortisone creams and antibiotics. My eczema only worsened and alternative treatments like homeopathy and acupuncture were painful and flaky in my experience. Luckily I didn't give up on natural alternatives and through personal research realized that skin disorders and the stomach are closely related. I never thought my acid reflux could have any relation to eczema, but it did. I eat very healthy now and do not take any prescription meds or antacids anymore. This didn't completely drive away all of my eczema, but it certainly did make it more manageable. The earlier post has good advice - honey settles the stomach and is a natural antibiotic. So is garlic - I put raw garlic in all my food when I have flare-ups and it helps. There are plenty of natural options out there - don't give up! Let me know if you have any questions.

Chicago, IL

#32 Nov 15, 2008
My daughter who is 3 has mild eczema also i've used hydrocortizone and Aqua phore to keep her skin from getting dry. But i have heard great things about the Homeopathic medicine, it's a cream and it's called Florosone, I am willing to try it as my friend tried it on her and it worked but she can't remember where she got it. Can anyone tell me where I can buy this?

United States

#33 Nov 15, 2008
Suz, Florosone is a snake oil cream. It doesn't heal eczema or anything else. Just google it and find out. Absolutely worthless! Don't waste your money. And - don't try anything shady on your 3 years old!! Christsake.

Littlehampton, UK

#34 Nov 17, 2008
If you go to WWW.MAGICREAM123.COM

Littlehampton, UK

#35 Nov 17, 2008
Works for me and my son's Eczema
and 100% money back if you are not happy, just try it.

Tarentum, PA

#36 Nov 17, 2008
Ellen, get a job!
m jala

Mumbai, India

#37 Dec 15, 2008
as i am also suffering from eczema from last ten years it is on the both leg not covered so much space, but it is really itchy, i have tried some alopathy, hemopathy, and home made medicine it helped to some extent but i have'nt cured yet. now i wanna go for another treatment from alopathy. as nature of eczema on my legs is dry, may somebody help me to find some better doctor or institutes in delhi india so i can go there and also guide if you have any better suggestions. also answer the question can eczema be cure permantly by alopathy treatment.

Thunder Bay, Canada

#38 Jan 5, 2009
The Revitol all natural skin exfoliator is the revolutionary age-defying skin care system that peels away the ravages of time to reveal the secret of a beautiful face beautiful, healthy, radiant youthful looking skin.

Winnipeg, Canada

#39 May 14, 2010
My suggestion- go to an allergist to test for FOOD ALLERGIES. I've been misdiagnosed with 'excema' for years, tried every damn cream. I finally had enough of doctors quick cover up remedies and got tested. I'm very allergic to wheat gluten, the protein casein in dairy and egg whites. I'm now totally rash free except a few flare ups when I accidently eat the above, even in minute amounts. I'd try to cut out dairy 1st and see if there is an improvement, I get excema instantly from dairy. I also use tide free detergent, organic ( dairy/wheat free creams) and that has also helped.

Thunder Bay, Canada

#40 May 27, 2010
The quickest way to exfoliate your skin down to its the original layer would be to use the Dermasis product, they even give you a Free Trial. We suggest anyone who has any kind of problematic skin take advantage of this, you can thank us later! You can get your free trial at their official website:-->


#41 Aug 8, 2010
Ellen wrote:
Works for me and my son's Eczema
and 100% money back if you are not happy, just try it.
Apparently this contains a very strong steriod which isn't even suitable for children. You should have it tested.
Skin Deep

Redditch, UK

#42 Aug 16, 2010
Hi All,

I've had a look at that magicreme and what bothers me is that it clearly states that it is not to be used on open wounds. Well my eczema weeps and is cracked so how would that work?? Well i surpose it wouldn't would it??

Subiaco, Australia

#43 Aug 27, 2010
XMA Skin Therapy Toowoomba.Australia.

Natural active ingredients are used to make up this extreme moisturising cream. A gently formulated anti-oxidant cream that may assist in the management of eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. Helps soothe irritations and helps in the treatment of minor skin disorders such as sunburn, cuts, abrasions, burns and bruising. XMA is 100% Australian Family owned and made Natural Eczema treatment cream that has helped over 10,000 people, with their Eczema, Dermatitis and Psoriasis.
We offer a 365 Day Money Back Guarantee. Conditions apply.
Facebook: XMA Skin Therapy Toowoomba.

Carlsbad, CA

#44 Aug 29, 2010
Hi I have severe eczema too and. I think since you are oozing green stuff,(Been there..) the doc should do a culture to see if its staph. If they figure out what type of infection it is, then they will figure out the best antibiotics to treat it. Also do the skin test! It helped me so much. I also use hydrolatum. It only has like four ingredients and is so helpful. Also find a new doctor! It doesn't seem like yours is working and mine seriously saved my life. It took me several doctors to get to him though. I went to two general practitioners, an infection specialist, a dermatologist, and an allergist. FInally, I got to my current allergist and he's wonderful. So keep working on it and don't give up!

London, UK

#47 May 1, 2011
My daughter has had eczema since early weeks of birth. Been using pure products, there is a great site where I found some really good tips;

Daily baths and observing triggers have worked wonder. Also pure unrefined shea has saved our lives.

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