I've had eczema all my life. As an adult I've been suffering with very bad hand eczema, mild eczema under my eyes, and bad lip eczema. The lip eczema bothered me more than anything. It made me extremely self conscious, so I started hunting for a product that would help.
I tried all different Chapsticks and Blistex first. Then I tried Aquaphor lip repair, which helped a lot but didn't heal it or take away any of the redness.
Finally I tried Burt's Bees Honey Lip Balm, which is an all natural lip balm made with honey, coconut oil, and a few other oils and extracts. It provided instant relief, and even more importantly, it has made my bottom lip eczema go away completely, and my top lip eczema is not scaly or flaky at all and isn't nearly as red or puffy as before! I've only been using it for a week, so I can't say for sure if my top lip eczema will go away as well, but I have high hopes and at the very least it is way better! I recommend this product to anyone with lip eczema, and I am going around different eczema boards promoting it. I hope it helps you!:)