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Hamilton, OH

#21 Oct 5, 2013
Hello, I also have had what the doctors called "eczema" on my arms, hands, legs, stomach, and ALL over my face for about 2 years. I'm 29 and the doctors found it odd that I had never had this before now. I started paying attention to what I ate and found that it seemed to flare up after I ate bread. I researched and talked with my doctor and found out I have Dermatitis herpetiformis also known as Duhring's Disease which is a symptom of Celiacs disease and caused by ingesting gluten. Gluten is found in all kinds of things. Ground spices contain gluten to keep them from clumping, hand sanitizer has gluten, some makeups, Twizzlers contain gluten, things you wouldn't think had it do.... basically everything I ate and used every day was causing the rash. After eliminating gluten from my diet completely my rash has went away and I've not had any problems with it, unless I eat gluten. Even trace amounts like cooking in a pan that had previously had gluten cooked in it will cause an outbreak so you have to be VERY cautious of everything you eat. If nothing they've given you has worked, like myself, you should check into it. Hope this helps as its saved me from hopelessness!

Dubai, UAE

#22 Oct 13, 2013
ltrussell wrote:
I just came across a product that is making my skin feel great. I do not suffer from eczema but I do have a couple of friends that have children that do and use this product and the eczema is cleared up. It is all natural and not expensive. You can order it on line and it will come straight to you. If you would like more info message me back, I would love to help you.
What's the name of the product please ?
Kathy H

Hays, KS

#23 Oct 30, 2013
ltrussell wrote:
I just came across a product that is making my skin feel great. I do not suffer from eczema but I do have a couple of friends that have children that do and use this product and the eczema is cleared up. It is all natural and not expensive. You can order it on line and it will come straight to you. If you would like more info message me back, I would love to help you.
I would be very interested in the product you have discovered. I had the shot a couple days ago and have the worst RED rash ever. It is very hot to the touch and painful. I want something new to try at this point. I don't want to have the shot again.
Kathy H

Hays, KS

#24 Oct 30, 2013
Has anyone every tried Acupuncture? I am thinking of trying it. I am getting desperate at this point.

Southampton, UK

#25 Nov 12, 2013
Eczema is the premature development of skin. I can relate to the majority off you.

I am black for the record so the advice I will give, may be little help for other ethnic backgrounds.

I had a skin bacteria, blood cuts,weeping, soggy skin, sensitive skin. thick hard tough skin. itchy insomnia, I was in a vulnerable mental and physical state. The dermatologists failed to take a skin biopsy. I say they are negligent and more focused on monthly cost targets.

Tell them to bring your skin biopsy to a lab.

What helped me:

1.Polytar soap (coal based soap, hard to find in stores, only seen on ebay)

2.Activated coal drink

3.West LAb Dead Sea Salt

4. Aloe vera home made from plant,(not these westernised Holland barret devitalized drinks, believe me they are not the same)

5.Hints and tips (bitter drinks like bush tea, and aloe vera will help reduce inflammation, clean the blood, and improve skin)

What did not help: Prescribed emulsifying ointment, Paraffin, Betnovate cream, Hydrocortisone cream etc. These creams only solved the itching and appeared to improve my condition for a couple days. Afterwards my skin become much more sensitive, Too much steroid cream caused infections.

Hope this helps. Not when your eczema is active but. I do know if you go to a dermatologist and receive natural skin peels, it will help remove the dead skin layers and reduce hyperpigmentation, Glutathione pills may also help with controlling eczema and its damage caused.

Southampton, UK

#26 Nov 12, 2013
Acupuncture is great for the mind and keeping de stressed which is also another eczema "creator".
The thing which helps is having a consistently healthy lifestyle (at this point it is hard to do this without support from friends or family if you are in a state where you cannot start yourself to do these activities) "It can be done but its a lot off breakdowns and tears" sweating is key to detox
1 spin class
2 steam room (after)
3 only use soap (coal soap to wash)
4 glutathione pills
5 vitabiotics skin hair and nails.
6 exfoliate with natural biotic soaps in shops, or use sugar/dead sea salt baths. DO NOT SOAK IN HOT WATER EVEN THOUGH ITS THE CLOSEST FEELING TO THE HEAVEN -TIME YOUR BATHS, better have showers warm water. always cream after immediately. Use natural cream with the least chemicals and random names in it. simple creams (try not to use perfume, i do find it hard myself as I find unperfumated creams stink and eczema has a odour-might be my paranoia created from my eczema)
Eliminate and alcohol and other toxic drinks, reduce eating floured enhanced foods and fast food.
I havent said smoking because-although its bad, Eczema can really turn you mad! so if it helps mentally smoke legally and moderately
(Eczema sufferers need ways to slow skin growth and repair, and shed excessive skin developed see previous post for tips)
eventually people need to stop using some if these western drugs. Medicine companies entertain the idea that drugs should not be made to remove but manage and sustain conditions. i.e. they are made with the intentions of not eliminating your disease. I.e. Oxygen kills cancer, O-zone water and other treatments with oxygenating the body forcibly is not entertained, but kemo therapy is (kemo therapy kills and creates cancer (it destroys bad cells and evokes cancer in enw cells))
Hope it helps! good luck skin soldiers, Eczema can really mess up your life
Disclaimer: any advice given is subjective and I am not responsible for anything mentioned.

Singapore, Singapore

#27 Nov 14, 2013
can you give me the website for ordering the product. my son has severe eczema.
ltrussell wrote:
I just came across a product that is making my skin feel great. I do not suffer from eczema but I do have a couple of friends that have children that do and use this product and the eczema is cleared up. It is all natural and not expensive. You can order it on line and it will come straight to you. If you would like more info message me back, I would love to help you.

Jupiter, FL

#29 Nov 24, 2013
I have hand eczema but start to come out different places on my body. I had cortisone shut worked for me 2 weeks and start to come back. So I saw this " call QUICK RELIEF" see on TV pills say in 3 months healing you from system any type of eczema!please let me know if any one know about this natural herb pills! please let me know!!

Bryan, TX

#31 Feb 5, 2014
Faith wrote:
<quoted text>
What's the name of the product please ?
whats the name of the product?

Hays, KS

#32 Feb 5, 2014
I have been battling eczema too! I am 61 years old and just started having problems with it. I have had 2 of the steroid shots. I had a very bad allergic reaction to them. The whole front of my body was one giant flaming red rash. Very painful. After talking to a friend who is an herbalist and people who run an herbal shop I have learned that Eczema starts within your body. I have been doing everything as natural as possibel to detox my body. I drink several glasses of water everyday that is infused with apples, cinnamon and lemon. I drink Red Clover Tea. It detoxes also. I eat grapefruit everyday and the juice from fresh grapefruit detoxes your liver. I use Coconut oil on my hands (that is where I have the worst eczema) and also Vitamin E every morning and every night before bed. I also use Aquafor throughout the day after the coconut oil. It has been helping so much. It is a not stop process that I have to keep up with every day, BUT I do believe that do all the research you can and detox all you can! You have to fight this from with in! It is not a topical problem.

Yarmouth, Canada

#33 Feb 28, 2014
Had an injection of Kenalog 40 for inflammed knee bursa.How long does it take to work and how long before I can have another injection?

Las Vegas, NV

#34 Mar 1, 2014
Look up a booket by Jeff T Bowles on results of Using high doses of Vit D3. Most of the symptons described here are curable through high dose Vit D3.

United States

#35 Apr 3, 2014
I have gotten extreme eczema on my hands. So bad it gets cracked and infected and puss drips off my hands when I make a fist. Large pieces of skin peel off in flakes.
A dermatologist saved me. Kenalog shot and then Clobetasol Propionate lotion. Its very strong lotion and I believe it contains a steroid. It thins the skin also so apply only to rash area. Its $400 a bottle with out insurance but my last bottle lasted two years. I tried so many things. I am so thankful to not be hiding my hands and able to sleep without waking up to me itching my hands in my sleep. Not sure if it is safe for use on the face.

Amarillo, TX

#38 Apr 26, 2014
I had a Kenalog shot a few weeks ago for an upper respiratory infection, since then I've woke up every morning with something wrong my lips have swollen up and I have had hives from what I'm understanding it's side effects of the kenalog not very happy about this

Tyler, TX

#39 May 18, 2014
Tim wrote:
I have had facial eczema for 5 years now and Iím 20. I have tried every kind of treatment. Elidel/protopic never worked, PUVA light therapy would work for a day than it would come back twice as hard, Prednisone is a joke since I can only get small doses at a time, I tried diet changes and that never worked. I still use hydrocortisone steroids and they work for a while than it comes right back and I get to have spider veins that need to get burned off. I have a clean house; I have even moved to see if there was some kind of mold and no luck. Recently I took a kenalog shot in my butt and that was the most amazing thing ever. It worked for about 5 months than my eczema came back. Since the wait is 6 months for each shot, itís still better than nothing. I got another one recently, and itís only been 2 months now and it seems like its wearing off. I was counting on this lasting through the summer so I could enjoy me turning 21, but instead I want to roll over and die. I just stay at home making excuses for me not being able to work and I think I am going to have to quit even though I love my job. This is the worst thing that has ever happened to me. People keep trying these natural cures, but I have fallen for too many of those and they just fail over and over again.
Iím at the point where I donít care what I take, even meth, if it were too work, I would do it. I donít care if I lose 20 years of my life, itís better than living 20 extra in hell. Iím almost thinking of a way I can make my own kenalog injection and just taking it every few months. Itís my body; I should have the right to do what I want to it. There is no more hope. I simply cannot function like this and I think somethingís going to happen.
I just wanted to check to see if anyone here has taken the steroid injection and how long it lasted for them; any response would be greatly appreciated.
The steroid injection really helped lasts about 5 to 6 months..I highly recommend it....keep the faith

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