The ocean did WONDERS for sons eczema!!!

United States

#23 Apr 8, 2012
I have had eczema for several years,tried many creams and lotions.2 years ago I went to Hawaii for 2 1/2 months,and my eczema cleared up totally,not to mention got rid of my husbands wart,and cleared up my son's acne.The ocean waters has healing properties.
I plan to move closer to the ocean as my eczema came back full force.

London, UK

#24 Sep 16, 2012
Just make up one teaspoon of sea salt crystals from supermarket and 1/4cup of water this makes a concentrated salt water. Dab on to eczema areas four times a day. Affected areas go red and a bit warty looking over the next couple of days and can understand why people may loose confidence here but I just kept going with it. It works

I had tried everything over the years and always found my skin flares up with contact with laundary soaps, soap, gardening etc and holidays by the beach settled it. so made my own sea salt dip

Ålborg, Denmark

#25 Nov 16, 2012
I have to admit that this is completely truth! I had also been suffering from eczema but always when I was near ocean it was totally cured. When I got home, it was bad again. Then I tried many alternaive treatments that were based on ocean water, you can read about it here: .

Hope everyone gets well!

South Africa

#26 Nov 20, 2012
My daughter is currently 2 years and suffers from minor eczema. At Port Elizabeth beach a few days i was also worried, thinking that the sea water would worsen her condition. Therefore i kept her out of the water, but after reading all your testam I'll surely take her for a dip.
Nicholas chan

Lakemba, Australia

#27 Feb 14, 2013
I have a relapse. My Aczema gone bad. I think it is due to my stress of moving and being full time to a freelancer and worrying about money, family, career etc. my rashes on my hips, butts, underarms are looking red an aggressive. I lose all my passions and my training as a marathon runner. I m starting to use some prescribed cream and not getting better. I'm living literally 5 minutes away from the beach. I should try to soak myself in sea water tomorrow. Hopefully it helps. I'm getting really depressed.
Tamara wrote:
For anyone with severe eczema that lives close to the ocean I advise you to hop right in it!! My son has been suffering from eczema from 2 weeks old on, and has SEVERE eczema, his little legs and arms are so bad that he scratches himself to blood and looks like he has lizard skin all the time. Its very heart wrenching to see him like this all the time. He has been to allergists, but tested negative for food allergens, and he has tried so many steroid creams its not even funny. We took a vacation to Port Aransas, TX and my dad told me that when he lived by the ocean a while back, that his eczema spots cleared up completely in 2 weeks after a daily visit of wading in the ocean, and told me to try and keep our son in that water as long as we could while we were there. So we tried to keep our son in the ocean as much as possible and after only 2 days in the ocean he was so noticeabley improved we couldn't believe it! His skin didn't feel rough anymore, it was almost as if it were regular! So for any of you, like me, who don't live near the ocean, you might want to check in to sea salts, or dead sea salts, or even some fish aquarium stores sell live sea water you could use in baby's bath. I know I am going to try and use this new information to see what I can't come up with and good luck to all you other sufferers!
zahi khdair

Amman, Jordan

#28 Mar 2, 2013
The Dead sea water to bathe the body and get cured of any skin diseases .
Dead Sea water baths have shown to help some children and adults diagnosed with eczema. The reason the antiseptic properties The Dead seawater has. The Dead Sea has long been popular for alleviating skin problems including eczema and the Dead Sea Water Treatments for eczema aim to:
Minimize inflammation
Minimize itching
Prevent future flare-ups

the best treatment for Eczema any one needs the dead sea water forwarded to his address ,country as i am from jordan and we provided many eczema patiens with dead sea water which they kept demanding it because it has shown great help to them below my email and cellphone number so i can provide you with all details .
zahi khdair Amman-Jordan
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Helena, MT

#29 Mar 13, 2013
Hi... I have used more "Treatment creams" and oils than I can count with no success... I have eczema from the hands all the way up the arms and shoulder blades... I have some dead sea salt, but am hesitant to use it in a bath because I have well water here in Montana, and in Washington State, it was normal water... I never had eczema until I moved here... I'm going to try it, as I have no reason not to, I just don't want it to be on my legs and back etc... I hope the dead sea salt nails it...

Strathpine, Australia

#30 May 28, 2013
Also try a vitamin D hit. You are out in the sun. Your body is taking in vitamin D. See if that helps when you get home. Yes the sea is great, can be drying. Kils off old cells and accelerates healing.


White Plains, NY

#31 Jul 20, 2013
I suffer from eczema for 13 yrs. Every time I go on vacation to the ocean the eczema on my hands clear up and my hands become soft. Someday I will move close to the ocean.

Hattiesburg, MS

#32 Jul 25, 2013
Tracy wrote:
Hey guys...I have two kids...14 and 12 and both have suffered since birth with extremely bad eczema. Head to toe for the most part. We have a salt water pool and it does not do what the ocean does...the pool contains regular salt while the ocean is dead sea salts which is a natural disinfectant and healing agent. We own a saltwater pool and it doesn't do what the ocean does...I wish it did because my children are suffering miserably. I would love to hear from anyone out there who has truly found something that worked. We don't live near the ocean so we don't have that advantage! [email protected]
Sorry to hear your salt water pool didn't work for you, but it has worked extremely well for me. My mother has a salt water pool and doesn't live too far from me. The first time I tried it my skin clear up within a couple of hours, and it stayed healthy for about a week. Now anytime it starts to pop back up I just head over and take a swim for an hour or so. Clears it up every time.

Conyers, GA

#33 Aug 5, 2013
My two year old's skin completely cleared up after swimming in the gulf (mexico) this summer!!!!!!! 3 trips down and it cleared up every time, but returned EVERY TIME after about 24 hrs :( needless to say my husband is putting in for a transfer to be closer to the beach....why make my little one suffer when I know the cure???????

Cincinnati, OH

#34 Sep 20, 2013
I just spent one week in Hawaii. I never bathed in the ocean, I did get into the pool on our ship which I believe was salt water. I think there is something in the salt air and the warm sun as well. I usually clear up around the ocean but never as fast as I did while in Hawaii. Within 3 days my eczema was cleared up. I don't know how it works but living in Ohio I certainly don't get the benefit very often.
linda puiatti

Durham, CT

#35 Sep 21, 2013
I went to Cape Cod over the summer after having eczema on my hands for nearly a year. After 3 days it was almost gone and HERE IS THE AMAZING THEING! I didn't even go into the salt water except to walk with bare feet in the surf! Just being by the sea cured my eczema for the week we were there, though it returned just days after I got back home. I was thinking it was the rest from vacation but now that I'm researching I can definitely say that salt water AIR even helps eczema.
I am going to try dead sea salts for my bath and see how they work. Thanks everyone for confirming my suspicions, salt water air is great for eczema!

Castricum, Netherlands

#37 Feb 16, 2014
My eczema cleared up, well a few hours even, after taking Magnesium citrate supplements.
I think we're onto something, Eczema is caused by a mineral deficiancy.
Because the Ocean if full of minerals like magnesium.

United States

#39 May 18, 2014
Is this page still running? My 6 year old suffers immensely with allergies and exema.

Leland, NC

#40 May 24, 2014
john wrote:
I just tried using zest soap. For whatever reason, it go rid of over 90% of my eczema. It does not leave any film on my skin and rinses off clean.
Which type of Zest did you use? I see they make about 5 kinds now. Thanks!

West Frankfort, IL

#41 Jul 10, 2014
I just got back from a beach vacation and the eczema on my hands was much better by the end of the week. I have had it on my palms for a straight five years. I have tried everything. The ocean is the only thing that has come the closest to curing it. But, I had to come back home. I just recently bought some Himalayan salt at Walmart. I am going to try to start soaking my hands in salt baths. Or even making a salt spray and spray after every time I wash my hands. I hope it works.

Bristol, UK

#42 Jul 18, 2014
seawater does get rid of eczema....this isnt a theory, it works. I was diagnosed when I was 2 and am now 51...I have suffered all my life with chronic outbreaks and very dry skin. Stress, humidity, perfumes, creams, clorine, animal dander, you name it I break out. My parents discovered that every time we went to the beach in the summer my rash cleared up...every since then I try to get to the beach as often as I can. The seawater is full of natural healing minerals and beats anything doctors prescribe. Please try bathing in it if you can or purchase dead sea salts online and bathe in it!

Telopea, Australia

#43 Sep 28, 2014
I have really bad eczema I went to the beach today and it stung really badly but I stayed in and had a swim and I got used to it and I havent itched my legs all afternoom and night and thats really unusual for me since im always scratching so it really does work

Port Coquitlam, Canada

#44 Jan 7, 2015
helen wrote:
i have read all of your posts about the sea been good for eczema what a good idea, first thing in the morning im going to get some sea salts as i dont live near the sea. i have a 6 year old and he has had severe eczema since he was 1 year old i had to cover him in creams and bandages and you feel so helpless not been able to take it away! luckly it calmed down alot for bout year only with some patches, but recently it has came back and i know its only going to get worse. thankyou for your idea.
This isn't just an idea either... when I was young my twin and I experienced very bad eczema. She had dry eczema and I had what our doctor termed 'weeping eczema' meaning it would bleed and itch and etc. It was terrible, and all over our bodies at various times. In the summer my Dad would take us down to Spanish Banks or Stanley Park and we would play in the ocean there. After several jaunts to the ocean in the summer I remember looking down at my little legs and seeing that my eczema looked funny to me... it wasn't dry and scaly and lumpy anymore... it would be soft and whitish on the outside. I showed my Mother and she said not to worry about it. However, what I also noticed was that after a day or two these whitish scabs would begin to dry and flake off of my skin and the eczema would start to disappear gradually before my eyes. I remember joking to my Mom when I was young to 'please take me to the beach' because my eczema was driving me nuts. I don't think she paid much attention to this as she had very bad eczema herself, but I always remembered this. To this day I am positive that it was the baths in the ocean water that healed my eczema and this wasn't a one time thing either... this was consistent, go to the beach, swim in the water, eczema would heal. Also it would be healed for quite some time before coming back because of eating something like oranges or etc. Anyway I am experiencing itching like crazy right now and I thank you for mentioning this in your post as it just lit a light bulb in my head and even though it is very cold outside, I am heading for the beach... hopefully I can find one that is unpolluted. Have a good day...

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