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Perth, Australia

#274 Aug 13, 2013
Evelyn wrote:
I think Freederm contains coricosteriods. You need to examine the ingredients that the product has. If it does, this is nothing different from using the corticosteroid itself except that it probably comes prepackaged with some natural oils in it. But the bottom line is that you are still using corticosteroids and prolonged usage is not advised. You need to be careful in your usage of corticosteroids.
It is still best to also use natural eczema treatment methods whether it is sea salts or borage oil or neem oil or looking out for diet triggers. If anyone is interested, you can read my research reviews on some of these treatment options as well as my own eczema story here
The Organic eczema Shop has a huge range of natural and organic eczema treatments that have been tried and tested by them, as I know the lady has a daughter that had seriously extreme eczema. I love the coconut oil for in the bath and message oil for after it works extremely well. I think we are quick to try things that a Dr might give us. As long as it helps our little ones with something so uncomfortable. However I was shocked to learn what some of these products actually do and all of the side effects. I will always recommend The Organic Eczema Shop as they have some really great products, and if I can help at least one other family then that is time well spent.

Auckland, New Zealand

#275 Aug 15, 2013
Have had eczema since I was born or very young. When I was 10 I was allergy tested and have allergies to Wheat, Milk, Sugar, Yeast, Red Food Colouring- but not blue! Toothpaste with colours in it. I am also sensitive to Pine Tree Pollen, Wool, Nylon(especially wet), and just recently have noticed my hands react when at work handling alot of cardboard boxes( apparently often the glue, not the cardboard). I did the required diet when I was 10, only for 6months. However whenever I could I would binge on lollies etc. As I grew older I realised I had an immediate reaction when drinking beer -symptoms like hayfever, which I also get sometimes after eating Ice Cream. I have eaten all foods through my life, and wonder if I am alot more tolerant of the reactive ones from eating them. I now drink beer like a fish drinks water, however I know half way through my first beer if that day I shouldn't drink it, Immune System down maybe?? If I eat a bag of lollies I still get a reaction. After years of Hydrocortizone cream, times of agony, and embarrasement of my skin. I now rarely suffer that bad.

Locoid steroid cream was a godsent, and still is.
Also have used the Locoid scalp lotion in the past with great results.

Slightly colder showers - to not dry the skin out.

I moisturise routinely daily with Aqueous Cream and occasionally Emuslifying Cream.

I found if oily creams are applied while skin is aggrivated and hot it burns it to a frizzle.

It is important I think to try and find out what is causing your ezcema - food, contact with something e.g nylon, heat, sweating, chaffing, rubbing.
Clothes washing powder, soap - fragrance. Plants that you have regular contact with. Animals like cats.

You can keep trying different creams and agrrivate your skin 15 20 times a day without knowing it. Eating something (I think) takes about 3 days to cause a reaction.

I really hope this helps someone, because the stress ezcema causes( I think) helps to aggrivate it.
Steroid Cream, while not good for your skin if used recklessly. Prevents alot of stress, miscomfort, and sometimes embarrasement.

Personally, I think skin is itchy when it's trying to heal, or 90% healed.

I have also wondered if our immune systems are weaker for a couple of days after sex, leaving us more vulnerable to react to our personal allergies.

All the best, try one thing at a time or you may not know what made it go away!

Dallas, TX

#276 Aug 15, 2013
does anyone get eczema on the lips? it peels, and kinda gets rough. Is that eczema of the lips?

Auckland, New Zealand

#277 Aug 20, 2013
Chrissy wrote:
is eczema a virus? ugh, I can't stand it how it's so itchy!
I THINK eczema and rashes and even sores are itchy when they are healing.
For me, my eczema has before been very close to been healed and will then itch with heat(sweat)or be aggravated by it rubbing on something(for me, nylon).
Also, I've had extensive wrist surgery years ago and on the palm side of my wrist my scar runs from the center of my palm to half way down to my elbow. But it's only the bit of the scar just below my palm that gets incredibly itchy (when aggravated in the same way, plus stretching)- I scratch it, break the skin, when nearly healed it itches like crazy again and sometimes I end up scratching again, and the cycle continues!)
Eczema that isn't present and therefore isn't healing is (I think) skin aggravated by allergies and can fell like ants crawling under the skin, sometimes in several areas at the same time! People that haven't experienced it, don't know how lucky they are!!!
I have just realized your comment said " Can't stand the itchiness, I thought it said "can't understand the itchiness". Hahaha!!!

Auckland, New Zealand

#278 Aug 20, 2013
Chrissy wrote:
does anyone get eczema on the lips? it peels, and kinda gets rough. Is that eczema of the lips?
Use PINEWOOD brand - Emulsifying Ointment BP on your lips. The dry skin will come off and works well and quickly.

I'm not a doctor so using this product on your lips may not be medically reccommended. Works awesome though.
Is it eczema? I wouldn't think so, OR KNOW!
licking your lips nervously or windburn maybe.

Serowe, Botswana

#279 Aug 20, 2013
Thanks for sharing your experiences with eczema. Very helpful. i have a 4 year old son who suffers from severe eczema since he was 2 months; We have tried a lot of creams/ointments with some little improvement. The big challenge so far is that, the condition is very sturbon. you sometime think that it is diapearing only for it to come back worse than before. This result in changing of products feequently and not knowing which one is better at the end. We have obseved also that he is very allegirc to some food such as fish, eggs, cheese and pawpaw. These days, the boy shows some element of stress and keeps asking questions like; what causes this rash? when is the rashing going away? He doesnt like some lotions more especial the once with Urea because he says there cause itching and he cries a lot when applied to his body. Any advice on how to handle this emotional situation?
Roger Pace

Walla Walla, WA

#283 Oct 21, 2013
This is way insightful. I've heard about eczema treatments, and wanted to learn more about them. After seeing this and I have a much better idea of what they are exactly. Thanks for sharing!

Walla Walla, WA

#284 Apr 8, 2014
My brother has horrible eczema! He's tried a couple products and creams, but nothing seems to comfortably treat it fully. I'm looking for some of your experiences of what worked. We also may try going into a professional to get it treated.
Celine |
Alix Grace

Fredericton, Canada

#289 Jun 14, 2014
I've been using Arbonne baby products for a while with my daughter who has a lot of skin sensitivities. It has been great for her- help alleviate itching and redness. I came across a review from a blogger who says it's the best relief she has found for her eczema. I am attaching a link of a review that has a link for ordering. It's something worth trying. It works!
faissel Eczema


#290 Jul 15, 2014

Since: Sep 15

Qormi, Malta

#296 Sep 20, 2015
Hi , for any type of eczema is very fast and efficient solution :

Siloam Springs, AR

#297 Nov 3, 2015
Check out Bonnie's Botanicals on FB. Amazing testimonies from those who suffer eczema and have used RESTORE a organic balm.


Strathfield, Australia

#302 Jan 9, 2016
just a quick comment from a mother who's kid has suffered eczema .....
I started eliminating gluten from my diet around a year ago. I used to suffer reflux on a daily basis and take lots of anti-reflux medication. After going gluten free with my diet, my reflux along with other symptoms disappeared completely. I have to admit my energy levels improved amazingly, and as a consequence of my diet, I'm eating healthier now and it's all good now.
My 9 year old daughter started suffering terrible dermatitis/eczema 2 years ago which I have tried to manage with all sorts of medicated creams. Homeopaths, GPs and dermatologists have seen her without reaching any conclusion except prescribing more creams. However, I eventually realized that wasn't taking me anywhere. So I took my frustration to a new GP and asked him to order some blood tests to find out about my gluten intolerance just to confirm that I was gluten intolerant.
Following my visit to this "open-minded" GP, I mentioned to him my suspicion that my daughter may be gluten intolerant or celiac (at this point, I've already read enough paperwork and research from specialist doctors around the world). So he did, because he understood my desperation as a Mum.
In the mean time I put my daughter on a GF diet at the beginning of November 2015. After just 4 days of following the diet strictly, her skin improved dramatically, from severe eczema to a clearer skin. Still long way to go, but it seemed I was on the right track! However, her skin has continued to improve much to my relief and the whole entire family and her skin looks almost clean after 2 months.
Back to the blood tests and they arrived last week and they confirmed she is celiac. What a relief! At least I got an answer to my frustration. Being Celiac means that her life will change forever. No more normal foods loaded with gluten, no lollies, ice creams, biscuits or chocolate amongst others. These days it's easy to find these products in a healthier version, just have a look to the big supermarket chains and you'll find that the healthier food aisle is getting bigger and bigger, including all sort of healthy options for people with food intolerances.
I couldn't let this opportunity pass without recounting my personal experience on this forum. I've read about other parentsí experiences with their kids suffering, especially with skin diseases and after what I've learnt and experienced, I just want to pass the message to those who are going through the same frustrations. Best wishes in your journey.
Ana xx

Glenshaw, PA

#303 Mar 24, 2016
We didn't have much luck with it. Our favorite products are from TruKid and we've had the best luck with the Easy Eczema Therapy cream.

Since: Mar 16


#304 Mar 25, 2016
Yes, we are using Easy Eczema Wipes and it's very effective.
Ret Case

Songkhla, Thailand

#305 Apr 8, 2016
Some tips for those who want to prevent eczema:

Wash not too often with soap and water
Smear yourself after you have washed yourself
Shower or bathe no more than every other day
Use mild soap and select the products that you know are gentle on the skin
Do not be too warm indoors
Avoid substances that can irritate the skin (such as scented laundry detergent and fabric softener, jewelry, detergent, etc.)
Avoid warm clothes (you get itching when sweating)
Scratching not with nails - grease instead of the itch
read more at : category/eczema-treatment/

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