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Waldböckelheim, Germany

#625 Feb 5, 2014
Sorry about that, got a phone call - so the bigger ones are good for baking things (great taste) - but the smaller ones are easy to handle, and they are already big, lots of servings to save when you cook. And the cookbook Moe posted is out of this world. xoxoxoxoxo Take care, AC, and you Larry, and everybody.

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Stuart, Florida

#626 Feb 5, 2014
Betsy wrote:
Hi Larry, like Applecake I am sure sorry to hear about the surgery, and so now are you waiting in hopsital or at home outside of the hospital? Boy, you've been through a lot. Wish you didn't have to go through yet another Operation. I hope the blood platelets improve soon so that they can tell what they have to do, and that you hear from them soon. Waiting is a terrible Thing, even in situations that do not involve illness and Hospital. Hope you don't have to have chemo again. I'll think of you, too. And I will definitely put you top of the list in my prayers. What is your favorite hymn? Then I can sing it for you.---- Did you read the post from someone who had her surgery in a Christian Hospital so that right before surgery they said prayers with her? That sounded great. That is what we need. Be sure to tell us what is going on.
I'm doing just fine, I complain and fret about everyday stuff, but my health has been just fine lately, especially my intestinal health.
I have been cooking with that slow cooker - and AC, it is a medium-sized one to small, and that is perfect for smaller households. And you know what? That is important - because the size of the inside part, the part you cook in and then remove and wash - is quite big, and because it is made of ceramic, it is heavy. And if it is too heavy (my mom has a big and heavy one) then it is hard to manoever around (she does not use hers as much).---- On the other Hand, you can bake bread and make cakes in the big ones, because you use them like a "bain marie" (i.e. you fill in water) xoxoxoxoxoxoxox betsy
I'm at home outside of the hospital I had a talk with the scheduling nurse yesterday 02/03 and she said they are still waiting on a consult from my Cancer Dr. at the VAMC in West Palm Beach, FL

also good to hear you are feeling well

God Bless All Teddy Bear Hugs from Larry

Olivet, MI

#627 Feb 19, 2014

What's new with everyone here?

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#628 Feb 21, 2014
Hi there-

Sorry I've MIA. Betsy, thanks for the info on the slow cooker. I stared at a CrockPot for 2 the other day in Target but didn't get it. I should probably go back.

Larry, did you get scheduled? How are you?

I am, for the most part, fine. However when I'm not fine, I'm really not fine. The other weekend I had a cocktail (very strong one) and ended up barfing about 25 times in the night. Even the strong cocktail didn't explain the vomit-a-thon. Sigh! I think my neurology has created a vomit pattern. So crazy. Just another bizarre gastrointestinal complaint. I'm going to go back on my saccaromyces boulardii.

Send news. xoxo

Chicago, IL

#629 Feb 22, 2014
For some reason, I think the vomiting could have been due to your stomach and/or gut not liking the alcohol and not because your gut lacked saccharomyces boulardii.

Glad to hear you're doing fine, for the most part.

Herford, Germany

#630 Feb 23, 2014
AC, you know, Lynne could be right. Our colons don't like alcohol - or rather, only various Drinks (my colon thinks Gin & Tonic, which I don't particularly like, is fine - and one certain German rosé wine grown in hills about 75 miles from here, etc.)- recently I was reading about someone who had intestinal *strictures* is that the word? what you had and what was operated on, and somehow that ballgame could be even more complex.(I just remembered, it was a story Sid Schwab the surgeon had posted in his blog)

And sometimes I think our colons are just so cranky with stuff - I had two creamy popsicles last week (not the smartest Food in the world, I admit)- and man, I had migraines that sent me spinning. Have still not recuperated.

But then I sure wonder what is going on in my head that I cannot seem to make myself eat really bland, boring food all the time - that would take care of a lot of my migraine Troubles, intestinally I am sort of skirting along okay.

I think a stiff drink would not make me puke, but it would give me one of my cinemascope-3D-smell/Vision HEADACHES, which boils down to just about the same thing. And funny, how in retrospect, the cheating is not worth it.

I cannot eat ginger, but I had kinchi recently and that was fine. Go figure.
This was not the smartest post in the world, and also not the most interersting one, but I think of everybody a lot.

AC, take good care. How much did that slow cooker cost (hopefully electric, not a crock pot that you put in the oven, or no?) they are worth it, but the best recipes seem to involve a lot of fancy seasonings .....Everybody else take care, too.

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#631 Feb 23, 2014
Yes, I think it was the alcohol too; I can't deny that. However, I had never in my life (until then) puked 25 times after one stiff drink. I think my neurology has changed since all the surgeries....I don't think it was due to lack of SB either, but I am starting up the regimen again all the same. I think it was a combination of stress and alcohol and past neurological upset.
Did you know that your gut can get migranes?

Herford, Germany

#632 Feb 24, 2014
Hi AC, yes, I think it is very possible that my gut triggers the migraines, seeing that they seem to be food-based, or rather, food-additive based. Never got a migraine from an apple or a potato .....

And that is true, if it was the stiff drink that made you puke, you'd puke once or twice, not lots and lots of times. It was Friday evening, wasn't it? Fridays I am generally really exhausted after working all week, and going out on Fridays never worked for me (I got migraines on Saturday from it)- so like you say, exhaustion.

What is the SB Regimen? Probably saccaromyces boulardi, whatever that is - and what does it do for you? And how do you do it? Maybe building up flora in your gut?

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Stuart, Florida

#633 Feb 26, 2014
AC Howdie

Larry, did you get scheduled? How are you?
not yet my platelets are to low they are 25 at this time so one of my Dr's
put me on prednisone 20mg and that makes my sugar go nuts
so once the platelets get up over 50 then will do the operation

So I hope all of my Forum friends are feeling well and no Pain

God Bless All and Teddy Bear Hugs


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#634 Mar 13, 2014
Hi all,

Our little thread hasn't been so active of late.

Betsy: The SB regimen is, as you say, saccaromyces boulardi -- which is the same as "Florastor."

I found this (very long) article on cyclic vomiting disorder:

I guess, I don't actually have that, but I think the vomiting I experienced was essentially symptomatic of that all the same. It does point to a neuropathology.

Anyway....enough about that. I haven't been vomiting lately.:-)

How is everyone feeling? Any good recipes to report? Hoping everyone is starting to experience some spring sunshine. xoxoxo ac

Herford, Germany

#635 Mar 15, 2014
AC, so good to hear from you. Really enjoyed that. Read the article. Interesting. Sounds like it is a really good Interpretation for your Nausea-puke session. I have found that pple like u who tend 2 be more underweight than us overweight chicks have that issue (more). No solution, but good to know that that explanation is out there.

Here in Germany we had a week of sun shine and warmth and now everything is in bloom - forsythia, almond blossoms, cherry blossom, magnolias, you name it. Ane explosion of Colors. Gorgeous.

This has not kept me from being terribly depressed. I feel just how I feel right before a DD flare arrives - but I have none of the symptoms except extreme fatigue. Every day. I wake up with fatigue, after 7 hours of deep sleep. So it is a real pita.-- And that makes me think of Moe and all those pple who say the greatest part of having the surgery is getting rid of that tiredness (and, as Moe once said, quite unforgettably, the "me against the world" feeling; that is what I have big time).

And I should not be quetching - I have work, piles of it if I wanted it, some of it interesting - etc.

So I am listening to Newton Faulkner and hoping that this too shall pass.
Take care guys, hugs xoxoxoxoox
NJ John

Plainsboro, NJ

#636 Mar 15, 2014
Hi Betsy - just wanted to send you some greetings - spring is almost here - and hope you are doing well. A long winter here, can't wait to get outside more.


Montréal, Canada

#637 Mar 21, 2014
Hi everybody!!!

Apparently spring is here, but I look outside and still see snow and still wear a winter jacket and boots...oh a few months I'll be complaining about the heat!

Physically, all is well (all my family included). My daughter Lili is in hockey playoffs, my son is starting swimming lessons...I guess we keep busy!

A few weeks ago I started reading The Linden Method, a document written by an anxiety sufferer meant to help us rid ourselves of our anxiety issues (big or small). Wow!! Very interesting indeed!

Take care all!


Hiddenhausen, Germany

#638 Mar 22, 2014
Hi Nat - great to hear from you! Glad you and your family are doing well. You guys sure do keep busy. Whenever I saw ice-hockey during the olympics I thought of you, I think the Canadians won, too, didn't they?----- I am now going to check out that book on Amazon. Sounds good. I can certainly use that.------ Here in Germany we've had our first "hot" spell, it was up to the low 70s and gorgeous, because everything is in bloom. colors everywhere.
Now Linden. take care everybody. Greetings from Germany where it is back to raining hard and being cold .....

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#639 Mar 25, 2014
Hi everyone,

Betsy, I'm so sorry to hear you've been feeling depressed and dealing with fatigue. It's incredibly draining to feel like that.

I wish I could say that after all my surgeries the fatigue is gone, but alas, it hasn't. Not exactly. I still get fatigued at the end of the day. And while I think my energy has certainly come back some, I can't say it's back to where I was before. But having said that, I do remember the difference after surgery and feeling like the mysterious ick had been washed out of me. The long term, low-level infections are just exhausting.

Have you gone to see a doc to see if you have an infection brewing, dear? Time to see someone when you're feeling this low. Don't wait.

xooxxo -C.

Hiddenhausen, Germany

#640 Mar 25, 2014
Thanks so much for responding so kindly, AC. No, not seen a doc yet, but have been toying with the idea. It got worse over the weekend, got the bad diarrhea, and lots of pain. The pain worries me. It is now no longer just in that lower left Hand side, it stretches across my abdomen and it feels like there is fire in my intestines. I am on the old low-fibre eating routine, that helps. And I spent the day in bed on Sunday, sleeping, again and again.(In addition to which I have a double ear infection and the insides of my ears are all plugged up and I cannot hear ...) Ugh. But still, I dread seeing a doctor, always feel like I have to justify feeling bad.

Your end of the day fatigue is probably worse than it used to be, because basically eod fatigue is standard. I always liked the way Moe described the Feeling: "Me against the world". She wrote that that disappeared after her surgery, and I really could relate to that.

Thanks again, AC, will report back when I see doc.


#641 Mar 25, 2014
Hi All!

Thought everyone had deserted the We still have winter in Toronto just doesn't want to end this year. Still piles of snow and no sign of spring yet. I think it might melt by May if we are lucky!

Betsy, so sorry to hear you have not been feeling well. I hope it is not another attack coming on. Maybe the doctor can help you out with the depression. I don't like taking medication but sometimes it can help more than hurt..might be worth looking into. It can also help the anxiety and maybe help ease the pain and fatigue. It's nice that you are having such nice weather but too bad you are not really able to enjoy it.

AC..I'm glad to hear you are not vomiting any longer. That must have been awful. I hate doing that. I get lots of nausea but don't usually vomit (except last week when I had the stomach flu). How is your job going..hope that it is Ok and you are still enjoying it.

Nat, glad you and the family are well and keeping busy. Hopefully spring will arrive in Canada someday soon! I am really tired of this winter that doesn't realize it is now spring!

I have been pretty good on the DD front for the last couple of weeks but did have a major flare for several weeks prior. I think I have finally realized that I can't eat dairy in any form anymore or some of the high fodmap fruits and vegetables. I have sort of been combining SCD and low fodmap to see if there would be any improvement. I cut out dairy, peaches, apples and asparagus and found it was a big help as the pain subsided to next to nothing. I am going to start to add them back in one at a time to try and pinpoint the culprit.

Also, I have had another problem pop up...I woke up a week ago last Friday with blurry and double vision and it is still there. I had to take a sick leave from work as I can barely see my computer. I am writing this with a patch over one eye so I can see something. The double vision is in both eyes so if I cover one, I can see OK but it is really a pain. I had the stomach flu prior to it happening so not sure if it is a virus or something else that weakened the eye muscle. Had to have CT scan to rule out stroke/blood clot..which it did but now the eye doc is referring me to a neurologist to get it checked out as he said he can't do anything and doesn't know when it might go back to normal but did think it would only be temporary. It is such a drag! The stupid part is I had figured if I was going to have to take sick leave it would be because of the DD and certainly not my eyes. Not driving is also a big pain as I have to rely on other people to take me places or pay big bucks to take a taxi. Just hopes it goes back to normal soon!! The only saving grace is that I don't have the DD pain too right now..I couldn't deal with both at the same time.

Take care all!

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#642 Mar 26, 2014

What you describe very much sounds like a diverticulitis attack to me, including the depression. I do hope you will make an appointment soon. I know you've been considering the surgery for a long time. It sounds like something to talk about again with your doctor. Hang in there and remember that feeling this much in the dumps is as much a symptom of the illness as anything.

Wow. So sorry to hear about your eyes. I hope it subsides soon. I lost my eyesight after my first surgery and have had to wear glasses ever since. Pretty weird.

Work is good for me. As of next week, I will finally have ordinary health insurance again. It will be a big relief. I am able to work at home a lot of the time, and generally feel like I am in the right place. There is enough stress to make the day go by quickly but lately very little of the bad kind of interpersonal stress that can be the worst at work, so I am pleased. Thanks for asking! Hang in there. I hope that your vision returns soon. I'm sorry to hear you had a big attack recently. I'll be curious to hear how avoiding dairy and some of these high fodmap foods help.

Thinking of you both today. xoxo ac.

Since: Jun 12

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#643 Mar 26, 2014
P.S. Anne-

I've had a couple of weird rapid-onset vision issues, and of couse there 's the diver. I hope that eventually they figure out the neurology of the gut and how it connects to everything else. Because I think most of us in this situation can say with confidence that the experts don't know s@&@! But we feel the effects all over the place. It's too bizarre, but I think it's related. We just don't know how. So mysterious.


Hiddenhausen, Germany

#644 Mar 28, 2014
Hi AC, you were right, it's a full-fledged attack and the doc put me on Cipro today after blood work. At least I know why I have been so exhausted. Soon will be better. Greetings

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